Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Ah, there were a number of titles for this entry that went through my mind:  quickie; nooner, but I settled on Juicy.  I reconnected with the Mancub (sorry, you will need to scroll through previous entries to learn who he is.)  We haven't connected in a long time; he's repartnered and lives in the City and I simply don't find occasion to go into the metropolis proper that often, and our solar systems haven't been in sync.

He wrote me last week about possibly connecting and, as luck would have it, I had an appointment in the City today.  He was psyched, but gave me his address with the caveat that I text him in advance as he wanted to be assured we wouldn't be interrupted.  I went to my appointment and he texted "what's up?" and then a regretful "I was called into work at 1."  I looked at my watch and it was 11 a.m.; I checked gps to see how far away he was (2.4 miles) and responded:  "how about a quickie?"  He responded "hurry."

I arrived and was immediately psyched:  he pushes all my buttons:  cute, hairy, sweet, and fleshy on top of muscle.  Did I mention the guy has a distinct body odor that makes me hard as a rock? 

We stared to make out at the door:  he has a large, thick, juicy tongue and it was difficult to pull away to peel off clothes to get naked.  It's fall; I was at a work engagement -- many frustrating layers that I kept peeling off to toss on his couch.  He was easy to strip:  seeing his half dollar sized nipples and fleshy hairy chest made me gasp with lust.  We grasped each other as we made out and I was enjoying the heft of his significant cock.  My sense is that I am one of the few guys who fucks him as he's at least as big as me, and I bent down to suck his cock and his aroma drove me nuts.  He was nonverbally communicating we didn't have time and was task oriented:  he'd already sprayed Gunoil into his hand and lubed himself and me and straddled the bed to present his ass.  Still, I bent over and started to eat it (how does he get it squeaky clean, yet produce manmusk that makes me crazy?) and was immediately frustrated that there was no time for me to properly rim him and suck his dick.  Damn.

I know, you have no sympathy.  You shouldn't.  This hunk was bent over and begging for my cock, and I was able to press in and then ease all of it in lickity split:  no whining about taking it slow, or that it was too big, or that I needed to slow down.  Instead he was nagging me to push in deeper, to fuck him faster and harder.  God it was good.

This guy as a nice moist, warm ass and knows how to squeeze down and push back to fuck you back.  He was in a sweat to get bred and I was getting worried about being able to produce since he was clamoring for my load.  I found myself growing softer and while he was grunting with pleasure I wasn't delivering the fuck for which I am known.  I eased out and rolled him onto his side to make out with him; it immediately made me as hard as possible.   This guy is my wet dream.

I was conscious that time was running out of the hour glass and he ready wanted to be bred:  he wanted to feel my load slowly descending and dripping out of him (he goes commando, so wrap your head around that) and I was becoming convinced it wouldn't happen.  Now trust me, it was an awesome fuck:  I love hugging this stud, and his butt is amazing:  he is a responsive bottom who knows how to deploy his ass to milk his top's cock.  Then it suddenly connected:  my head was singing and I kept thrusting and he was growling:  give me your cum and then feeling the change in my body language knew he was getting it:  he started to grin and yelled "shove it up there, deep up there!  Give me all that load!" I felt him thrusting his body back hard against my pelvis and clamping his body down as he said "I want every drop!:  And then we were still:  I held him and he savored my arms wrapped around him; my hard but softening cock deep in his ass, our damp sweaty bodies pressed together.  And then we felt my cock slackening, beginning to retreat and it popping out of his ass (I am a grower, not a shower...)  We both sighed with disappointment; it was out, we were time compressed, and we both wanted to continue.

Uncharacteristically he was standing, moments later, to bring me a warm washcloth to wipe up (he's always absolutely clean; I was mopping off his sweat and the gun oil, essentially.)  And then we were  getting dressed and making chit chat.  We were working together:  neither wanted it over, but we are pals and I was helping him and he was helping me; none of this was articulated.

We pecked at the door and he said "I'll let you know about this weekend" when we are planning an extended visit when I hope he'll shoot in my mouth and that we can snowball, along with leisurely enjoying each other.  We have incredible chemistry:  the first time we connected I asked him to spend the night (he did) and then we spent the next four together.  When we connect we go at it for hours, but also we enjoy just talking and going out to share meals.  He's more than a fuck buddy:  smart, cute, hot, interesting, and a pig!  Woof!!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend. This afternoon I was extremely mellow crossing back across the bridge and was in a very zen mood in the office.  My balls were pleasantly drained and I was feeling very gratified.  Hopefully more to come.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


So many things to chronicle.  However, I need to be inspired to write and have been negligent because, post coitus, I get otherwise occupied.

This past week was up north on business and received a growlr message while out and about on appointments.  This was a hairy bear, a type that always pushes my buttons.  When I got the message I was about an hour south of my hotel, but I had the afternoon off and was up for action.  This guy was aggressive and sent several messages; I was a bit blown away that he wanted to bottom and then, in the midst of the message ping pong, wanted to know if I'd breed him.  (At that point I hadn't cum in two days and was ready to hump a fence post.)

Something seemed vaguely familiar about this guy and, I'd gone through the back and forth about status (and, later in the week had a rapid test with negative results/despite my trepidation following the last "false positive" mind fuck rapid test experience.  The clinician was this very cool, businesslike black woman who was devoid of drama and refrained from pop psychology, which was refreshing.  She is also one of the few people to ever draw my blood and do so in rapid fire fashion and not leave a mark.  I complimented her on how good she was at what she does.  But here I am digressing, yet again...)

So this dude said he was neg and wanted to be bred, and was thrilled that I had a two day load I needed to expel from my bluing balls.

When he arrived at my room I immediately recognized him.  We'd played in the spring (it was right after I downloaded the growlr app, in fact.)  We'd had uninhibited sex (this guy is a real pig) but I remembered he'd wanted to know my schedule and to attempt to fit into every spare moment of free time I had, and then he totally flaked when I'd reserved time because friends of his had "dropped in on him."  (I was frustrated less not to have the sex than to piss away time when I could have been doing other neat things on that trip.) 

Before he'd arrived I'd asked him if he was cleaned out (earlier in the week I'd connected with a nurse, who was "cleaned out" and as I was fucking him could feel some residue water inside him and had my sheets festooned with coffee colored stains, that I ended up scrubbing out with a washcloth to later sleep in a damp bed; grrr.)   He assured me he was, though he'd been out and about running errands (so I did the math and this dude probably cleans out before running around, just in case he gets lucky.)

Well, he's tall, chunky, and hairy and super passionate.  While I like manscent, he wasn't musky but seemed pretty gamey, which I don't find very appealing (meditate on the difference.)  An unathletic guy, he arrived in those silky, nylon basketball shorts and was going commando (!)  which were red, with a clashing top another shade of red, and red basketball sneakers (not because he shoots hoops.)  He looked sweaty and frankly I was imagining the image of him walking through the lobby of the swank boutique hotel in which I regularly stay (can you spell trick?)

I was super horny, he was super passionate, and he was in a feline, tomcat sort of power bottom mood.  He did ask  if I was versatile and seemed disappointed when I indicated I only top (he has a thick, veiny, 5.5" cock.  Frankly I wasn't able to easily visualize him as a top.)

The making out did get me super cranked, and we got into mutual sucking and his cock was spewing a  steady stream of very good tasting precum.  He was anxious to get fucked and I gave him a brief rimming; he was seemingly clean but not in a good musky or sweaty fashion, but definitely gamey, making me want to get to fucking right away (normally I can rim a guy for a good 15 to 20 minutes; I love to eat a nice, clean, musky ass and I particularly like to drive a guy nuts doing so, making him thrash and beg for me to finally stop and to fuck him.  This wasn't one of those occasions...)

He loved it when I pushed in, but asked me to take it slow.  He has a nice warm, silky ass and is a responsive bottom (read, experience.)  However, as we began to fuck he kept asking me questions:  how long was I going to be in town; what was I doing each of the days; when did I have more free time to fuck him; what was I doing that evening;  could he sleep over during my stay;  how often did I come to town; would I like him to be my fuck buddy during those visits; did I have regular fuck buddies at home?)  I just wanted to savor the fuck and regretted not having a pair of socks handy to stuff in his mouth.  Other than the incessant and tedious questions it was a great fuck, and he was soon getting my load.  I don't emote when I cum; I thrust really deep and stiffen fully enjoying feeling the cum spurt out of my cock.  He asked "are you cumming?" and later said it was highly unusual because he could feel a warm, wet sensation that he didn't notice when getting bred.  (Too much information: at that point I was envisioning him being the Whore of Babylon and Typhoid Mary combined; it wasn't conducive to a relaxed sexual experience.)

I was in one of my jump out of the planes mood (when you only then start searching for the parachute cord) and we got into some hot oral (he's a live one and eagerly wanted to suck me after I'd pulled my damp dick out his ass) and, due to his tasty precum I wanted his load.  It was okay and we both snowballed and I spit most of it into his mouth.  He accurately called me a dirty old man; normally I am not that uninhibited, but I was definitely in a mood.

Eventually I was back in him, but realized it was going to take some time for me to work up another load.  He persuaded me to pull out because he wanted to be able to take me again the next day; remarking "you are really big and I will get too sore otherwise."  Fair enough.  However, he started to nag me about sleeping over (I made it clear that I do not want someone sleeping over when I need to get up for work in the morning; I am task oriented and don't want anyone messing with my routine.  He kept assuring me he'd be out of the way and would just leave after I'd taken off; right/ I want to leave some hook up alone in my room with my stuff?)  He kept asking how often I visited, could I visit more often, and telling me how incredibly handsome I am, and other bullshit.    Now this is a bear who is nice on the eyes (but would look better after a long shower, a shave, and with his hair combed) but it was bordering on him asking to pick out china patterns for Christ's sake.

We got back into some mutual oral (which shut him up) and took another load in my mouth, which I promptly spit into his.  However, when I went to rim him some more with the intention of more fucking, his butt wasn't giving off an engaging aroma.  I checked my cock and the sheets and both were clean, but the odor was reminiscent of a sewer grate (warning! warning! warning!)  I refrained.

Eventually we were on our backs stroking and I spewed another load; he didn't lean over to lap it up (perhaps I was expected to direct him?)  I wasn't heart broken, but it was an odd disconnect in the midst of the other piggy stuff (he'd been asking me if I'd pee in his mouth some time and fill him up; I have never gone there, actually...)

Well I was done and was going to a wine tasting and wanted him gone.  He asked me about that evening and I'd indicated I had plans (like getting to bed at a decent hour so that I could work the next day.)  He was very needy and talked about us getting together each of the rest of the days of my visit so that he could get as much of my cock as possible.   Hmmm.  There were other guys I wanted to be with and I wasn't going to commit to that.

Interestingly he didn't press me the rest of the week (maybe it's only when he's naked his does this shit and it's part of his fantasy?  If so he ought to abandon it; it's tedious and alienating.) But he was anxious to get together Friday, and after my plans had fallen through I was game, though I had a martini before dinner, and combined with a glass of wine I wanted to zonk out after a brutal day of appointments; he hadn't responded by 9:30 and then the next morning I found a message on my phone "probably after 11 pm".  I'd been sawing logs for a bit by that point (yes gents, you know you are an adult when you actually choose to go to sleep before 10 pm on a Friday night...)

The next morning he wanted to get together but I was meeting a friend for brunch, then he was working at 2 but would come over at noon, but was still at brunch with his friends at 12:30...yawn.

Well he scratched an itch (actually I scratched his) but no chance of picking out china patterns here.  Frankly I don't think there's going to be an encore.   I don't know that he's an intentional liar but he's certainly somewhat delusional.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mud Ass

I heard the expression mud ass first on the Dave Chappelle show.  Little did I know I'd become more intimately acquainted with that phrase in subsequent years (pardon the pun.)

On my last trip after the "dork" wasn't able to join me I was wound up and wanted to fuck something fierce.  So after a lot of on line ping pong this guy from about 40 minutes came on to me.  He was incredulous that I wasn't available the next day (I had to work and also, unknown to him, had two other guys lined up) and was flying home on Sunday.  So he regretfully indicated that we'd have to hook up my next visit.  I responded I was sorry he wasn't available then.  He wrote back:  call me now/I'm on call and I'll say I got called in.  I played along; he is apparently married.

I was intrigued because as we first exchanged messages he asked if I fucked bare; I was direct but indicated I was cautious.   That was all he needed to read.  I indicated he should clean out at home, and he responded he'd need to at my hotel.  Okay:  I wasn't thrilled about that, but he was interested.

When he arrived he looked to be a solid middle class middle aged guy.  Hardly the slut he seemed on line, but then I have learned not to judge books  by their covers (people initially think I am very conservative and reserved.  Good; I don't like to show my hand.)  Well he went into the bathroom and, leaving the door open, started to prep. That grossed me out; I figured locker room type of behavior and that he'd probably been  military; maybe still was.  Unceremonially he threw the Fleet bottle into the trash where it loudly rattled.  I really didn't want to get that involved in him flushing out.  He flushed and then walked out in a mock leopard jockstrap (which was pretty ludicrous.)  I suggested he jump into the shower; I wasn't convinced a purge was equivalent to getting clean.

Fortunately he took a seemingly eternal shower, which reassured me.  Then he returned in the ridiculous jock strap, which he fortunately soon took off.  We made out a bit and then I went down on him.  He was wired for sound because as I gave him head and simultaneously stroked his rod he started to thrash and I could feel his balls throb as he erupted in orgasm.  I took it in my mouth and he was lying back anxiously waiting with his mouth open to snowball.  Okay, this was a live one.

Soon I had him on his ass and it seemed and smelled clean so I started to eat him; shortly afterward I was pushing against his hole and in him.  He grunted with pleasure and thrust back and we got into a nice rhythm.

Now this was while I was still sick and my cock and balls weren't communicating; but that night they were in harmony again.  And his ass felt good; too good.  Silky even; too good.  I thought, I've been down this road before and I don't think this is just the lube.  And then my olafactory senses kicked in; not good; I partially withdrew and saw a serious mess.  I very very carefully disengaged myself and got up; made sure he didn't move; grabbed a towel and advised him he needed to get back in the shower.  I cleaned myself at the sink and it was a major project.  Having changed diapers I am logical about these things, but was frustrated.  This guy clearly didn't do an effective job (like lying on the floor to administer the purge so that it totally worked.  Okay, too much information here.)

He exited the shower and started to get dressed, but my greedy side kicked in.  I'd almost cum and I wanted to do so, so I asked if he wanted to give it another shot.  He did.  We went at it again and this guy wanted a hard fast fuck full of deep thrusts.  Then deja vu.  I directed him back to the shower; we were burning through towels. 

Round three and I was seeing light at the end of the tunnel and my load rose and spurted out.  Good thing; not as bad as before but this was the end of my towels as I sent him back into the shower.  Miraculously we hadn't destroyed the bed; still I left housekeeping a big tip the next day for contending with the mountain of distressed towels.  The event was psychically as well as physically dirty; I've been lucky but this really grossed me out.  I mean, occasionally you get a skid mark; we know how the machinery works, but this was just plain nasty.

Well I played with three regulars after who know how to clean out (the Filipino boy said he flushed out five times, just to be sure.)  But I am traveling again and this gorgeous Mexican American kid came on to me.

He's come on to me before but the distance wasn't realistic.  Tonight I am in his home town and he was persistent.  I was just into reading (well, who am I kidding; I was also logged into the sites) and he really wanted to connect.  He's fresh and damned nice on the eyes so I said yes (actually I had two young Latino guys hitting on me simultaneously but I got a better vibe from this guy and he was the older of the two, being in his late 20s.)

Anyway, he wanted to come straight over and shower here.  Having been recently around that block I made it clear that I wanted him to prep at home and to totally flush out.  We made a date but I was concerned because he was giving himself about 40 minutes to prep and I know it usually takes longer.

Well he arrived and is a fucking  beautiful man.  Man was he hungry for it; this boy had a serious itch he needed to get scratched.  Taller than me, but when his shorts came down I was surprised by his small cock:  it is gorgeous but about 5" and probably 3.5 around.  Uncut though, beautifully shaped and carmel colored (actually he's all carmel colored with thick wavy hair and long eyelashes and a very nice bod.)

He was shy about kissing at first but once he saw my cock he wanted to kiss.  We made out, I sucked his dick a bit (which wasn't his need or interest) and ate his ass.  It was all good.  Then he pushed back as I rubbed his ass with my cockhead and impaled himself.  All good; we was crying out with need but I wanted to prolong this and got him on his hands and knees sucking me while I ate his ass.
Soon he was straddling me and sliding down on my cock and gasping with desire.

Well he wanted a fast rough fuck and it was good, but I got him on his stomach, which worked fine, and then he wanted it doggie style.  It was feeling great (this guy was another safe sex guy who put it in bare and never talked condom; he wanted my load in fact.)    He has a nice fine ass, and a nice fine bod and it was sweet. I was in deep; and then my olafactory senses kicked in and I smelled trouble.  Deja vu.

I carefully disengaged and made sure he didn't violate the sheets.  Then we both headed to the bathroom and cleaned up.  He wanted at it again; I should have called it quits then, but the greed kicked in.  I started fucking him again, but intellectually I should have known it would quickly end up gross.  However, he didn't "give a shit" (ahem) and while I fucked his increasingly dirty ass and he furiously beat off.  He collapsed on the towel I'd fortunately put under him and then I saw it was a train wreck.  I jumped up and went into the bathroom; I advised him to shower up.

Well he took a long leisurely time, and came out and then grabbed his shorts and said he'd love to do it again and was sorry he hadn't taken longer to clean out following a volleyball game. He begged me to keep his phone number and said he was sore but really anxious to play again.  So the guy is clueless. I hadn't cum and was both pissed he wasn't at least offering to somehow get me off, and relieved as the experience left mewanting me to get rid of him.  The guy simply didn't know better; he wasn't attempting to be an asshole though he was succeeding.  I guess he figured I got to fuck him bareback and that I'd gotten my share (and, maybe he thought I came, but I suspect that was an after thought.)

At least the bed sheets are unmarked and I still have clean sheets for the morning.  However, hereafter I am going to be damned careful when someone isn't prepped and wants to come over in 30 minutes.  It's just not worth it.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Well les balls and Mr. Cock are in dialog once again, to my immense relief (and release...)  On Friday night I hooked up with a guy (to be discussed in another entry) and my cock head and balls agreed to spew a load into him.

Saturday, before I headed home I hooked up with two guys I'd played with throughout the week.  Early afternoon I connected with the short, smooth, muscle bear (kind of weird to be calling a smooth guy a bear, but that's what he is, besides having a body you could bounce a quarter off.)

After making out and giving his ass a good eating, I eased in and decided to dispense with the acrobatics and to give him a traditional, all about me, fuck.  I wrapped my arms around him and got into some serious rhythmic thrusting for a long long time.  Didn't change position, didn't ease him onto his side, just pushed him flat and wrapped my arms around him and focused on the old in/out. 

Actually it wasn't just about me; he was loving it as confirmed by him moaning and continually grunting "fuck me" "Fuck me" "fuck Me" "FUCK ME".  We were rubbing our feet together and my cock began to sing enjoying his warm silky smoothness as I thrust back and forth stretching him open.  It felt great and like it would happen, but the switch wasn't flipping.  So, I did what usually works when I feel over stimulated:  I eased out and we cuddled and made out for awhile.  Then I pushed him flat and resumed; that did the trick and after some more steady fucking for awhile I felt the connection and a noteworthy load spewed up out of me and into him.  He clamped down hard and squeezed me for all he was worth (fortunately his guts aren't as muscular as his bod or he'd have crushed my cock.)  I laid on top of him and grew soft and it eased out. 

We then rolled onto our sides and cuddled some more, and then spooned and I grew hard again.  He pushed me flat and straddled me and taking me all in started to vigorously stroke and spewed his load, some of it shooting past my head and audibly making a splatting sound when it hit the pillow.  I scooped up what was on my chest and licked my fingers, and then urged him up to let me suck his softening cock.  He dove down to make out with me; after all these years we finally figured out that we both like to snowball.  It was a hot way to end, as I probably won't see him again for a year.   He's fun:  upbeat, cheerful, and is totally into no strings sex.  While he packs some serious meat he refers to my cock as "the monster."  He's partnered and I am guessing he's the top in that relationship and reserves my visits to explore his bottom side.

Well, in true slut mode, I had a date with the German that evening.   I knew I wasn't cumming in him (he was going through angst about barebacking, though came back twice for more...)  He arrived and, towering over me, began to make out with me.  After he was naked and we were rolling around in bed and making out for awhile longer I remembered he'd said he wasn't into kissing before we connected.  He was sure converted now.  At one point I said, I am going to push you out of your comfort zone and pushed my tongue into his mouth.  He is into kissing, but the tongue part isn't quite there yet.  Since he's been partnered for over 20 years this perplexes me; he's clearly into sex.  Kissing is such a fundamental part of the experience for me I can't figure out guys who don't.

His manscent was certainly pushing my buttons and we rolled around and I worked his ultrasensitive nipples and ate his ass and then, adding some lube, eased into him.  It's obvious bottoming isn't his usual role, but he was making up for lost time the three occasions we got together this week.  While he liked being fucked laying flat, he needed regular breaks (I was being super patient; I wouldn't classify what we were doing as fucking as there was damned little thrusting going on, more like easing back and forth but it felt soft, warm, tight, and nice.)  As soon as I was out of him though he was rolling around and getting on his knees to straddle me; he loved sliding down and riding it at his tempo.  He began to furiously fist his cock and then started to spew:  shot one hit me directly in the face, shot two went over my head and went splat against the pillow:  deja vu!  The rest dumped on my chest.  He apologized for hitting my face (why apologize?  it was hot and a compliment that he was that jazzed.)  I wiped up a small amount from the side of my eye and tasted it. However, I realized he'd freak if I licked up the rest, though I did go down on him again after awhile.  He had no problem with our embracing and rolling around and both getting covered with his cum though.

We kept at it for 2 1/2 hours and he came three times.  He kept playing with my cock, and really wanted me to cum on his chest, as I hadn't cum the previous two nights he visited (he came three times each time, and after the first night was so wound up that he beat off a fourth time when he got home.  He has amazing balls.)  He was playing a lot with my cock (I need to tutor guys though:  a.  don't roughly fist it/duh, it's sensitive.  b.  work the head gents, not the root.  Stimulating the head results in orgasm.

It wasn't happening and I knew he was disappointed, so I directed him to get on his knees in front of me and I started to seriously eat his ass and stroked my cock.  The fact that I was rimming this incredibly hot hairy guy was in my head as I stroked and my balls got into the mental image and cooperated and I spewed my load.  While it wasn't on his chest, he was very pleased to see me shoot.

We cuddled and I fell into a sound sleep with my arms wrapped around his warm hairy chest and drinking in his manscent.  He had to wake me up after a while to leave.

I would have liked to have taken the pillow with me (at least the pillow case) but I'd surely get a bill from the hotel.  However, I enjoyed the added auditory sensation.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Growing up on the East Coast I was tangentially familiar with Yiddish and always knew that putz was the inverse of schmuck.  Putz has a dismissive connotation because it means small dick as opposed to the big, pulsing, self absorbed, angry for action image of a schmuck for which you have begrudging respect.  I'd also always heard that dork was synonymous with small dicked, but my quick web search hasn't confirmed that yet so far.

On business trips for the past three years this chunky, muscular guy has come on to me.  However, his schedule has never synched with mine so, before this week, we never connected.  This trip the guy found me on line and was specific.  Smooth, but muscular with padding:  I like the latter part so I set up a date.  During the appointed time, however, he was running late, didn't know where my hotel was (you map that out in advance dude) and the like.  I had to work the following morning, it was passing 8 p.m., I had gone to dinner early and rushed, and I was reading flake.  But then I heard a light tap at the door and there he was.

This fellow is definitely built, but chunky:  Japanese American:  picture a slimmed down sumo wrestler.  Shaved head, serious shoulders and thick neck and cut pecs, but with a rounded tummy.  Smooth all over (except for the long, black, straight, thick inky pubes that I had found typical of Asian American guys with whom I have played.  I find their pubic hair particularly hot.  With this fellow I discovered the pubes later.)

A strong, shy, socially awkward fellow who met me with an uncertain smile, was clearly relieved when I grinned back and put my arms around him.  He practically purred and was very into making out; I never thought I'd get him to move he was enjoying kissing so much.  But I snuck my hand under his shirt and was exploring that muscular torso and pulling his shirt off.  Nice, somewhat sensitive nipples:  this guy was, however, simply enjoying being touched period.

He was wowed as he got my pants open and explored my junk; I started to pull his shorts down and he embarrassedly said "I'm not the most endowed man."

Now, I know the stereotype of short cocked Asians is bullshit.  First, I have fucked a lot of them, and they have always had decent sized cocks/overall the guys I have been with have been in the 5 to 7 inch range, but I have also played with guys who have long thick ones.  Logic tells us that the stereotype can't be true with their being 1.2 billion Chinese alone.  Asian women surely like cock as much as gay men (well, almost as much...no one enjoys cock as much as a gay dude.)  However, this guy appeared to have no cock at all:  I saw only a cock head sticking out of his torso/no bullshit.

I thought, oh wow, this is a mess.  Well, I figured he might be a great bottom (he'd come to get fucked, but also gave me a laundry list of caveats about his being tight, my taking it slow, his not getting fucked often...)  I know knew why he didn't get fucked often:  I imagine he gets little (pardon the pun) action.

Well, my determination kicked in:  I'd conquer this (less than) a mountain.  I'd get him hard/it surely had to get a lot longer. He had to be a grower not a shower.

Alas, at full mast he's three inches and narrow.  Poor thing.  I got into this pop psychology thing and imagined that's why this shy, soft spoken, seemingly insecure (who wouldn't be insecure with that shrimp?) guy had gotten seriously into lifting.  Without question he is big, muscular, and strong.  No one would imagine what was under his shorts looking at him.  You'd think he was packing 9 based on his bod.

I stroked and sucked and tried to work my magic:  he thrashed and sighed.  It was clearly a charity case for me at that point.  Frustrated I rolled him over onto his stomach and started to eat his ass.  Then things changed.

A very nice ass, it was fun to eat.  It was clear this boy hasn't been eaten much and he was in ecstasy.  Besides his ass tasting good (Boy Scout points for a very clean ass, but in terms of positive stereotypes, Asian Americans are usually squeaky clean).  I got up after getting him super relaxed and slack and rubbed my cock up and down his crack, connected with his hole and very gradually pressed against him:  pop/penetration.  Stayed there.  Slowly inched into him.  Then he asked if I had a condom.


Well I eased out, ate him some more, and we made out and rolled around, rubbed against each other, and I encouraged him to straddle me.  My hard cock was pressing against his ass, and he lifted, directed the cock head against his hole, and slowly impaled himself and slid down it.  I just layed there and waited for him.  I could feel his guts adjusting around it; small spasms; his heart beat through his intestines.  And he slowly lifted himself up and then slid down again.  I let him direct the action.  Eventually I thrust up with my thighs; he got the message and lifted up a bit so I could do the thrusting.  He looked like a five year old with an ice cream cone.  He clearly had no interest in a condom now and never mentioned one again; in fact every time I was out of him he was anxious to get my raw cock back up his bare hole as soon as possible.

Eventually I got him on his stomach and took it slow but fucked him flat, doggie, on his side.  We rolled around and explored a variety of positions, taking breaks to make out, lick, and stroke.  It was nice and my cock felt great taking it's time slowly stretching his smooth, tight, silky hole.  He commented "wow; it feels great and doesn't hurt at all!  I've never felt like this before!  You are so considerate and take your time; no other guy has been like this."

Well this brought out my compassion (and some irritation.)  I was determined to make this wonderful for him and periodically eased out to eat his hole for a long time, took breaks for long, languid making out, and massaged his little button (read cockhead) throughout.  The irritation was over guys who had just used the poor dude, hurting him and leaving him sore.  Jesus; I don't just want to use a guy as a receptacle.  Sex should be interaction and you want your partner to be enjoying it as much as you are; to me its two guys striving to bring the greatest pleasure to the other and majorly getting off in the process.

It was warm, comfortable, and very nice.  I knew he'd freak if I shot in him and my balls were still defying Mr. Cock (last night they weren't/to be described in a subsequent entry) so I eased out and said I wanted him to get off.  His little cock was throbbing at its full three inches and he was stroking (it looked like he was pounding his torso with his fist, actually) and then the copious amounts of cum I expected were saturating his dense pubes (btw, he has an enormous ball sack:  all his dna focused on the balls I guess.)

We cuddled and enjoyed the afterglow; he wanted to stay but I had to work and he had a 40 minute drive.  He reluctantly dressed and hugged and kissed me at the door and asked "when's next time?"

Last night we were supposed to get together and I was astonished that he cancelled:  he had to work late in his family business and I was not into playing at midnight:  today is Saturday and I wanted to sleep in but also to get a decent night's sleep as I am going to kick this last bit of lingering cold.  I am sorry that it looks like we won't reconnect because he is so sweet and the sex was so warm and intimate, and I'd like to see this guy have another good time with someone who isn't an asshole just out to get off.  Hopefully next trip we'll reconnect. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pungent Deutsch

Traveling again, and I do have several adventures on which to catch up.  I have given up on trying to chronicle everything here, so I guess it's just a matter of distinctive experiences and my mood at the time whether I will tap out gory details here.

Last week I ended up succumbing to the inevitable cold I get each fall traveling.  Inevitable because flying is traveling in a pretty disgusting tin can in the sky where people hack and cough and the nasties get in the moist air and swarm around and make more nasties and then settle into your lungs.  Anyway, I was apparently coming down with it when I was with the boy (and hope he didn't catch it) because when I got home it hit me between the eyes and while I had to drag myself into work.  I threw the towel in early a couple of afternoons and headed home to zonk out like Rip Van Winkle:  12+ hours at a time.  I doubted whether I'd be able to make this trip but managed to rebound somewhat and am feeling much better, besides an occasional cough or trickle down my throat. 

Okay you are asking, what the hell does this have to do with leaving pecker tracks?  Well, I was taking cold medicine with that crap pseudoephedrine in it, which I hate, but it dries you out.  How it affects me is that it prevents me from cumming for at least a week after I use it/my body apparently retains the shit.  Anyway, any type of cold also affects my ability to shoot; I can still get hard as a rock and drip loads of precum, but the balls will not listen to Mr. Cock.  It's very frustrating!

So this trip I did score with a long standing fuck buddy, so far twice, and we had marathon raw sex.  He's an insatiable bottom and hot:  solid muscle and smooth all over (largely Polynesian) with an enormous cock.  He had no trouble shooting, especially when I got him on his back to fuck him while he stroked off (he almost had a seizure when I pulled out to suck his cum dripping cock and then wrapped a muscular paw behind my neck to pull his mouth to mine to make out.  Score.)  But, despite my fucking him from every angle for going on 2 hours (this isn't internet bullshit, it's real.  Actually I did wear the skin down on the underside of my cock, which made it pretty sensitive) I couldn't make the switch flip.  While he enjoyed getting drilled open (and we have set another date for before I head home) he was also frustrated because he likes to feel me spurt in him and to feel it slowly drip out as he's driving home.  Yesterday he gave it his damnest and sucked me for a long time with the hope of coaxing a load out (truth told, it is rare to never that I can cum getting sucked, except for Mr. Molson on the last trip.)

While I really enjoy sex with him, we've been fucking off and on for six years when I visit.  And, he's smooth, and I recognize I am cranked by hairy guys.  And, while his ass works up some nice musk, he's otherwise devoid of odor (actually he spends over an hour flushing out before he comes here to bottom:  you could store food in his ass, it's that clean.)

I did, after an eternity of jerking, manage to coax out a load the night before, which assured me it wasn't broken.  And, knowing that I imagined I'd passed a corner yesterday (but did periodically cough and had the occasional nasal drip.) So I employed pop psychology and thought that perhaps familiarity was breeding contempt (oh man, double entrendre and possible mixed metaphor there/borderline cheesy.)  And I thought that a hairy Caucasian might just be the trick to getting the lava flowing again.

This hot (from my lens) hairy, bearded white dude, middle aged, has been coming on to me for a couple of days and I decided to invite him to my room.   During the preliminary hook up ping pong of messages I admitted my fetish for armpits and manscent (okay guys, for those reading "freak" I simply like an undeodorized guy who regularly showers.  I prefer a man's scent, not that of Safeguard or Irish Spring.)  He duly noted it and left off the Right Guard when he biked over.  Actually the ride made him pretty pungent, which surprised me as he indicated needing to shower before making the trek.  When I greeted him at the door his strong manscent hit me before we embraced.

He arrived grinning like a school boy and had a decided accent.  I was cool and didn't immediately inquire but when I had him naked I did ask:  I'd assumed he was South African or Dutch, but instead he's German.

A nice bod:  middle aged padding, but solid underneath and very very furry.  Extremely sensitive nipples which made it oh so fun to venture back to them and listen to him gasp, and it was fun to feel him clamp down on me every time I worked them while fucking him.

He advised me that he wasn't much of a kisser, but said he was a sucker for a beard and would give it his best shot.  Well, he was giving it a shot long before he got his clothes off.  We apparently both majorly pushed each others' buttons.

Much of the time we simply enjoyed hugging and stroking and nuzzling.  He went down on me and I savored his rod (uncut in the European tradition.)  As I savored probing with my finger under his foreskin it occurred to me that Europeans often have serious body odor.  Why I thought?  I mean I know that they aren't as soap obsessed as we are, and that they aren't into deodorant overall, but the guy had just come out of the shower.  I've gotten down with white Americans after a run and the most they smell is a bit salty.   Go figure.  Anyway, it worked for me and while stroking, and licking, I was burrowing into his arm pits and getting my beard saturated with his musk, which in no way deterred him from making out.

After a while I did roll him over and sent him into orbit eating his ass.  He's partnered (a man) and the sex has largely dried up at home (apparently a random three way on occasion) and this guy needed a tune up.  He indicated that he hadn't bottomed in eons, and was nervous about my taking it slow.  After I finished with his ass (which, btw, was devoid of any musk whatsoever, interestingly enough) I started to massage his hole with my head and pressing against it both felt it easily slipping in and him pushing back.  I gave him only a few inches at a time, and then reached for the lube so he'd enjoy it.  Soon I was all the way in, and after a minute or two he was asking for condom. I gradually withdrew and said we should just continue to explore without one and I was good without fucking.

Well, he was seriously wound up by then and while we rolled around and stroked and rubbed and licked, he was soon straddling me and, grasping my dick, lining it against his hole and impaling himself on it.  He rode it like a pogo stick for a bit and then asked for a condom again.  I pulled out and said I'd like to just explore without fucking.

After awhile we were spooning, and he was pushing his hole against my cock and pulling it into him.  Okay you can write the next couple of sentences:  asked for condom, I said no thanks, let's just stroke/lick/suck.

Well the boy was hungry and I did roll on a condom, knowing I'd never cum.  However, there were moments when I thought I would with it on; I'd definitely known I could cum (then) when I started fucking him without one at first.

After a while I got tired of sawing in and out of him; he was loving it, but all I was getting out of it was the satisfaction of seeing his eyes bulge and listening to him gasp and groan.  There was the challenge of skillfully working the dude to give him the maximum pleasure without any discomfort.  But I eventually pulled out and peeled off the condom; which he looked at longingly and with some disappointment.

Moments later he was straddling me, my bare cock was in him at his direction and I was thrusting upward.  As he was getting into it he called for a condom again.  Yawn.  This went on several times; the guy was loving getting fucked bare.  At one point he begged me to put on a condom so that I'd fuck him and shoot inside him, but I knew we were past the point where I'd cum.   Too much stimulation, too much delayed gratification.  While my cock was dripping with clear ooze imy balls were saying a firm "no way."  So I asked him what he wanted. He was stradding my legs moments later and stroking off and left a nice stream across my chest and stomach.  I didn't dare taste it as I knew he'd freak out.

We cuddled and spooned and enjoyed the afterglow.  I stayed hard as a rock (illness never affects my ability to get hard) and he was loving my cock pressing against his ass.  Yeah, you guessed it, it was soon, condomless, and in his ass again.   We rolled around and made out and sucked each others' rods and he was soon on his back pulling me into him and firmly rubbing his cock and shooting another load.

His German determination wouldn't let him give up on my cumming.  I finally grew soft, prompting him to play with it again (I could hear my balls saying "give up already, we aren't surrendering."  He tried and tried, but somehow he ended up on his back again, with me thrusting in and out and shot load three (I was impressed/ he was in a daze.  He protested that his goal had been to get me off, but a hard dick has a mind of it's own, eh?)

It was hot sex and I really enjoyed him.  Cumming is just the icing on the cake (quite the metaphor, I know) and I do like icing a lot, but I truly enjoyed sucking and licking, and fucking, as well as smelling the dude.  It was better than fine, it was sweet. 

We both had to work and he very reluctantly got up and dressed.  His partner is out of town and he really wants to play again; he has plans tonight and noted his ass needed to recover, but he'll be back tomorrow night.  Maybe my balls will cooperate.