Monday, July 9, 2012

Intense Fuck

Well, today I unleashed my inhibitions.  I posted an ad on CL and, wonder of all wonders, some idiot didn't flag it (last time I got a valentine calling me an old fart by the moron who flagged me.  The moron must have been busy this morning...)  Well, I had a series of extremely hot prospects.

I started this enterprise assuming I'd get flagged (no one from a4a was biting) and then a host of extremely attractive prospects sent messages:  they knew to send pics, they were attractive, and many could host.  Unfortunately, typically those who can host are in Oakland or SF, which is frustrating for both of us.

Anyway I had a non-sexual meeting at noon, so that sort of cramped things.  However, the first responder, and the one with the most colorful responses (read: graphic) was pretty persistent.  And, he later indicated he was neg, though I fully recognize that can be totally bullshit (though, I try to ask the question in a manner that invites someone poz to affirm that.)  Mr. Hotstuff, besides sending hot pics after setting up a potential date tomorrow, begged for the opportunity to come out and at least give me a blow job.  Slut that I am, I was charmed and suggested a local motel.   The dude agreed to come out.  I jumped in the shower, and while grooming was astonished when I got a call 20 minutes later:  he was at the motel and hot to trot.  While he checked in I drove over to meet him.

Now I won't paste his face  pic, this is an incredibly hot looking guy.  Early 40's, beginning to grey a little, and simply hot.  Unfortunately, a small cock (5" max) but a delightful ass that begged to be eaten (again look above, and salivate!)  He was in a red jock and insisted on undressing me (sweet, but a bit tiresome).  He was anxious to give me a blow job and was damned good at it.  Fortunately, he wanted to get on the bed.

This was incredibly passionate mansex.  He loved making out (incredible tongue, very loving) loved sucking my cock, and went nuts when I ate his ass.  An incredible ass, and recognizing he has hot wired nips I squeezed them while I ate him:  he let up a steady stream of moaning and encouragement.  We switched off with me eating his ass, him sucking me, us in a serious 69 position (me sucking his ass instead of his cock) and making out.  He cautioned me at the outset not to play with his cock too much as once he cums the game is over (eventually I did get the jock off and licked up the major amount of precum cascading out of his cock when I started fucking him.)

I got his ass really wet and sloppy rimming it, and then teased his ass with the head; I was soon in him.  He grunted in major pleasure:  this guy was incredibly verbal and asked me if daddy liked his pussy. Trust me, I did.  It was moist and he knew how to use his ass to clench and to then loosen up.  It was an incredible fuck.  He was really worried about pleasing me, but was truly into being fucked and wanted to be bred. Throughout the session me maintained steady, intense eye contact with me.

This was too good to rush and I knew he was a pig.  I eased out and ate his ass which made him nuts;  he wanted to suck my cock after I'd been fucking him, which I asked him to do, and then made sure to make out with him.  He was in hog heaven.  He straddled me dripping precum:  I wiped it up with my fingers and both ate it and fed some of it to him.  He told me next time he's going to fill me with water so I can piss inside of him/this guy is wild.

I didn't want to give it up early, but he wanted at least two load in the two hours we had. Finally I let go and he went nuts:  he clenched my cock with his guts and moaned it was growing fatter as I spurted into him.  He insisted I lie on him to decompress, but once it eased out he was on my cock to suck it.

This was a case where I totally let go:  I totally got into it.  I started to rim him after I fucked him.  He loved it.  We made out afterwards:  he was totally into sucking my cock and telling me he could taste my cum on it.

We went back to fucking:  it was nice and silky fucking his hole after I'd cum in it.  Also, I could definitely smell the cum when I pulled out to periodically rim him.  He definitely wanted to please me and was begging me to breed him again (I need at least 30 minutes after cumming once to cum again.)  He has an incredible ass and alternated between clenching down (moaning he was trying to shut me out but that my cock couldn't be stopped) and letting his ass go slack.  I gave up on cumming again, and pulled out and he gave me a serious blow job.  However, I wanted to try to breed him again and kept rolling him on to his stomach and pushing into him again:  several times getting close, but not being able to cross the threshold..  Then finally I felt it rising.  As I spurted into him he went nuts:  he moaned "I can feel it throbbing".  It was and, despite being sore from nearly two hours, another load pulsed into him.

We were both past our deadines; the sand had run out of my hour glass.  I wanted him to cum.  Unfortunately I was past my piggy phase:  intially I wanted him to cum in my mouth; now I just wanted him to cum (if I start out wanting the guy to shoot in my mouth I usually find that after I cum that desire to swallow his load as evaporated.)  He straddled my cock and sat on it again (amazingly it stayed hard) and demanded I seriously work his nipples so he'd feel them tomorrow, while he stroked off.  Finally he started to cum:  a dribble at first and then it shot across my chest so that it was dripping off my side.  He was hyperventating (I cum quietly and intensely, but not with that passion...)

It was piggy, it was intense, it was passionate, it was sweet.  It was a great two hours.  We're supposed to be on again for tomorrow (how his hole would allow it is a mystery for me; my cock was getting sore.)  He asked me at a point what I was doing.  I responded "making you my fuck buddy".  I hope I succeeded.