Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well after a hiatus since Christmas my Filipino American friend and I connected again last week.  We've been in parallel solar systems the past few months and, despite good intentions were only able to align again this past Monday.  He has assigned himself a Asian stereotype moniker and I have more generously paraphrased it as "rice cake."

I had the day off and when I woke up remembered that Mondays are one his standard days off/for me it was an anomoly.  So, when I woke up I tapped him a message and was amazed by how fast he responded and that he was available; it defined serendipity.   He wanted to come over immediately; I held him off arguing I needed some coffee and to wake up reading the paper.  Being fully alert does enhance sex.

Well he was over in about 90 minutes.  He is cute, but shy and a bit withdrawn fully clothed.  He tried to break the tension with off key jokes that fall flat, but the effort is endearing.  However, we were soon making out and he was groping me and on his knees throating my cock.  He's got a cute, but small, cock.  While I enjoy pushing his buttons, sucking him doesn't do alot for me, other than making him squirm while I work his head with the tip of my tongue while tweaking his nipples. 

What I really wanted was to get at his ass.  This guy is 5' 7" and 138 lb and has an adorable tight little ass that begs to be rimmed.  His physiology alone allows you to do things to him with your tongue beyond what you can do to others.  (Essentially to get your tongue deep deep inside him and to genuinely tongue fuck him.)  I kept at it and had him panting, but he was hungry for the main course. 

Now the size of my cock is substantially multiplied when playing with a guy this size.  Patience was key after gradually penetrating him and then patiently waiting for his body to suck my cock into him.  It is critical not to move and to allow him to adjust, both mentally and physically, to the serious stretching he's experiencing.  He'd forgotten how big I am, and I needed to just hold myself up by my hands and wait for him to let me know he was ready.  He then got this hard look in his eyes and started to shove back and then demanded that I fuck him. 

While I was fucking him he asked if I'd make him my boy (again.)  And when I said yes, he said "how?"  I said I'd make him mine by breeding him.  He turned into a power bottom and was shoving up as I thrust down and demanded that I breed him, that I mark him as mine.   I don't emote, but it came on and I could feel the pleasant burn as the load moved up out of my cock.  Noting my change in thrusting and breathing he sharply asked "are you cumming?"  "Well then fuck me HARD!"

My load was out, but not being an asshole I kept thrusting and he started to frantically work his cock and quickly (thankfully) shot his load.  I laid on him and then my cock relaxed a bit and popped out.  At that point the switch flipped and the mood changed.  He asked "can I shower?" and rolled out from under me and headed to the bathroom while I studied his seriously cute buns scurrying out of the room.

It was pleasant, but it was a maintenance fuck for us and pretty business like.  He was soon dressed, pecked me at the door and let me know he'd keep in touch.

Since then I've gotten a number of "I can't wait till we do it again Daddy messages."  His roomates are traveling in a couple of weeks so I am looking forward to reconnecting with him again soon.