Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kiwi Boy Butt

This morning I was just vegging on the couch; scanning the Sunday New York Times drinking coffee, and slowly waking up.  I did (as my followers will have noted) tap a blog entry for yesterday's session with the Arab.  But, knowing I'd be free to roam later this afternoon I logged into a4a and other sites (men4sex now seems to be a virtual desert.  They need to recognize that their revenue comes from their advertisers and not to have all kinds of roadblocks to those who don't subscribe/they are bending over a dollar to pick up a dime.  But, yet again, I digress...)

Early afternoon I had this guy come on to me:  31, 220 lb; 5' 9" but allegedly a 32" waist (seemed unlikely, and later the evidence suggested 34 or 35).  He listed negative, but also "anything goes."

He was pretty persistent, but couldn't host (said he had a partner) but wanted to get fucked and was willing to consider getting fucked in the back of his truck.  I don't take such risks:  about 11 years ago I traded blow jobs with a bottom in a Tully's parking lot, and when I walked to my car realized that a girl and her boyfriend had been watching retrospect I was lucky that was all that happened.)

I decided to be bold and said "I gather you like skin to skin action".  He responded if I was neg I could pork him for as long as I liked and blow inside.  Hmmm.  Was this too good to be true?  I indicated I'd be free after 3:30 and he said he'd log back in around 3ish. 

When I found him back on line he was mobile. He indicated he hadn't had a chance to clean out and asked if I'd want to wear a "dom" (condom.)  I said I'd be willing to wipe off, but might have issues cumming or staying hard if I wore one.  I also wasn't up for that to be the outcome after alot of message ping pong.  He was okay with that, but not with kissing.  I soon found that he lives remarkably close to me and, uncharacteristically, I invited him over, stressing it would need to be quick.

Well, he is 5' 9" and chunky over muscle.  He arrived and was very macho/chewing gum, feigning insouciance.  He doesn't like to kiss (currently) probably because the partner is a girl.  He took off his shorts and his cock appeared to be really small; he said he'd have to work up to it getting hard.  I quickly noted an accent and found out he's from New Zealand.

He advised me he'd only done this twice before (!) and hoped I'd go at it slowly.  I asked if he was okay with the whole situation and he assured me yes, that he loves the feel of a cock up his ass.

I bent down to start sucking him to get him relaxed and while uncut, he was definitely gamey down there, but not in a good way.  I  knew I wasn't going to put my tongue near his balls or further south and pulled off quickly (now that I think about it, he might have fucked the girlfriend following his last shower.)  He assured me that next time he'll take the time to rinse out so I can eat his ass (apparently he hasn't been rimmed before/ well friend, you're going to need to get down there fresh first, and to consider kissing to get rimmed.)  He also assured me that he might kiss in subsequent hook ups.  His dick got harder, but he's no more than 5".

I got him to take his shirt off, and he has a nice fan of light hair on his shoulders and big nipples.  He clearly has played sports:  broad shoulders and an okay ass.  I decided this was going to be a quick hump and dump, so I got out the Wet and lubed his ass (I wasn't going to stick my finger in though), lubed my cock, and started to tease his ass with cock head.  He was more than ready and pushed back.

His body temperature was really warm:  a much warmer ass than most guys, and he was nice and tight.  I took it slow but he was soon pushing back against me, however, when I got him on his side and pushed up he yelped a couple of times (I had breached the second spincter.)  I focused on giving him three to four inches which he liked, unless he was pushing back and controlling the action when he was pretty much getting the whole thing.  He was clearly enjoying it/but not very verbal.

It felt great and I was ready to let go most of the time I was fucking him, but I also wanted to savor it and he seemed to be enjoying it/I periodically checked in to see if he was getting sore and he said no.   However, I also recognize that I am either going to cum after 10 minutes or it's going to be more like 30.  He wanted to move around a bit and I could tell wanted to try other positions, but I wasn't pullling out under any circumstances, since he hadn't cleaned out first. Also, I had other stuff to get done and wasn't up for a marathon/he was also allegedly on a shopping trip to Target.

While fucking he kept saying he'd like to come back, and emphasized how close we live to each other.  He asked if I liked boy bottoms and I replied I liked bottoms period, but boy bottoms were hot. He responded that he liked daddies (lucky me.)

Finally I decided to let it go, and when he sensed it was spurting he pushed his ass back against me hard, and asked me to keep thrusting deep into him; this is a wild one, despite the low key manner.  I could tell this guy wanted a nice warm load deep in him, and he got one.  He clearly loved the feeling.

His phone had gone off a couple of times since he'd arrived; I asked if he wanted to clean up (when I pulled out my cock was dirty, but not gross) and he declined, saying he'd clean up at home, but I carefully wiped his ass with a towel.

He was out the door shortly, and I quickly got a response on a4a saying "thank you very much".  Well it was fine, and he will more than do for when I quickly need to scratch that itch (unless he ends up learning how to be passionate, and then he could be fine.)

Mission Accomplished (with just spit)

Well,  made a maintenance visit to the Arab yesterday.  Actually, it was a maintenance visit in many respects:  even if I am not super horny, I want to take advantage of opportunities when we are both free to maintain the relationship.  He's too hot a fuck buddy to allow to move on, so I want to keep him satisfied.

When I walked in I almost started laughing:  Breeding Ian Jay was again playing (this time with the scene of the hot dad Derek and Ian.)  It occurred to me that perhaps I should get him another TIM cd for Christmas.  He was lying back and stroking when I walked in (fortunately his heating is working again) and he jumped up to embrace me and thrust his tongue in my mouth/I reached down and grasped his hard cock.  We were both making out for a long time and then he started to anxiously start pulling on my belt, and zipper.  I didn't want to spoil his fun, but I really really prefer to strip myself (e.g. remove watch, neck chain,'s all less awkward.)  My cock was soon in his mouth.

We eventually got to the bed and made out for awhile.  I worked south to his cock and gave him a serious blowjob.  I knew it was working because he was thrashing and pinching his nips:  I wanted to see if I could get him to cum in my mouth, but feared he wouldn't be able to get fucked afterwards.  So, after savoring it I worked south to his balls and hole; his legs were quickly on my shoulders, but I pushed him onto his stomach and got into it.

Well previous readers know my style.  I worked it for a long time while he pulled his cheeks apart and I started to suck on it to get it as wet as possible.  I got on my knees, straddled him and started to tease his ass and to ease in; he spit in his hand to get his hole wetter, so I pulled out and spit as much as I could into his hole and remounted him.  Unlike in the past after the first three inches glided into him.

It was feeling really good, and feeling really really good really quickly.  Holding off in the morning certainly helped.  We were both grunting in alot of pleasure.  He said "keep fucking me and use your cum as lube:  cum and keep fucking me with that big cock!" and I decided to just let it go and simultaneously it started to spurt.  He got really excited, describing how it felt to feel my cock spasm and how much cum he felt.   I laid on top of him for awhile and then we rolled on to our sides and I slid out (unusual, but it was the angle.)  He stroked and quickly shot a big load. 

He told me he'd had insomnia the night before and was really tired and needed to take a nap as he was due at work at 5 pm/I can take a cue and realized it was time to get out of his hair, though I was more than ready for round two.

As I dressed he shared he'll be on the east coast later this week for Thanksgiving (figures, I have a few days off) so I was glad to have stopped by.  A week or two and I'll be horny for him again.  However, this was definitely a wham bam occasion.  I was back in my car driving away after about 45 minutes.  My visits to him are beginning to sound like the RawTop's hook ups.