Saturday, August 3, 2013

Encore with the Alpha Dog

Last weekend I was back up in the Northwest, so I'd contacted the Alpha Dog* in advance. (Scroll to earlier blogs to learn who he is, though in the sidebar he's one of my most popular posts.)  When I was there in the spring our schedules didn't sync; he said he wasn't available, I made plans (non-sexual) and then he became available and was agitated that I couldn't switch my plans.  Sigh.  I assumed that it was over, but gave it a stab and he enthusiastically responded he'd do his best.  He did better.

I'd saved my load (amazing self restraint as I typically rub one out when I wake up) and had been checking out the eye candy on the various sites to keep my options open should he not be able to show (he's married, and though dependable, can't confirm with absolute certainty.)  Checking into my hotel I touched base with him and periodically throughout the day he gave me updates conveying it was pretty certain he'd be there. 

He works in catering and keeps nocturnal hours, so it was surprising that he was available late afternoon, which was a relief.  I've dragged the next day sleep deprived after rolling around with him till 2 a.m. on previous trips when I had to get up early in the morning.  However, you've got to have priorities and when it comes to this guy I can easily sacrifice sleep -- afterwards -- but I want to be fully energized when he's there.

This time he actually showed up early.  He was dressed in black head to foot and reeked of restaurant food and, knowing that he stunk, he quickly stripped to jump into the shower.  When he arrived he was like a coiled spring (as usual) and his intense blue eyes reminded me of a husky.  It was weird to see him in daylight:  he has a totally shaved head and a full, thick beard, which combined with his muscular body and tendency not to blink would make the average guy move across the street if encountering him.

Naked he is a joy for the eyes:  just enough fur but not too much, yet it covers his bod (a nice hairy ass) cut/defined muscles everywhere.  While I am not a fan of ink, his tattoos just reinforce his macho image.  So when he pulls my head to his to intensely kiss me I keep wondering "what is it that I do for this guy?"  I know I have a big dick and know how to skillfully deploy it, but this guy finds me a major turn on.  Well, just my dumb luck I guess.

Once out of the shower he got straight to business and after some passionate making out and stroking he soon when down on my cock with gusto.  But we both knew it was just holding off what he was there for:  he wanted me to fuck him long and hard.

When we first again hooking up, years ago, it was condoms only.  I just remember one day, after numerous hook ups he invited me, in his macho no bullshit way invited me to enter him raw, provided I didn't cum in him.  However, after I'd moved away and several subsequent hotel assignations when I didn't cum (truth be told, because I'd fucked someone else earlier in the day as well as the fact that knowing I couldn't cum in him kept the switch from flipping in my brain) he insisted that I not not cum.  We both knew what that meant.

I soon pulled him off my cock and after sucking him and mouthing his balls I rolled him over to eat his ass.  He has a furry hard ass you could bounce a quarter off and amazing man musk that I love having saturate my beard and stache.  I got my tongue seriously into his ass and then lifted up and started to rub my cock up and down his now slick crack and to massage his hole with my head:  he pushed back with affirmation and it popped in.  I pulled out, ate him some more and repeated.  Then I got the lube and pushed deep into him and wrapped my arms around his thick muscular torso.  It was one of those moments when you think you are dreaming but decide to just give in and savor the moment and to stop questioning it.  He was grunting with pleasure and curling his head back to kiss and I was enjoying my chest and belly pressed against his muscular back as much as my cock thrusting in and out of his then tight hole.  If he's telling the truth he rarely gets fucked and I am pretty confident I am the only guy he let's bareback him.

After a while he wanted to control the action.  Well, he'd been at work and as a married guy doesn't have a douche shower attachment so I was prepared for the inevitable; and made him stay on his stomach while I cleaned up.  He jumped up and washed himself off, and then lubed my cock and his ass and straddled me.

Having a guy ride me is not my favorite position (most bottoms seem to love it) but I am okay with it if they can rise up a bit so I can thrust back.  (I hate it when the guy sits on you and you are pinned to the mattress.)  He was working with me, so I was able to thrust up as he was pushing down and we were both loving it.  He kept referring to how amazing it was and my cock felt great being massaged by his velvety tight ass in addition to the visual stimulation of his hard body riding me and big dick, fully engorged, flopping on my stomach.  I remembered that he had held off from cumming for at least a week before I arrived last time (so apparently his wife isn't getting it regularly, poor thing) and imagined another big load.  This time without touching himself it spewed out and it was huge.  It splattered across my chest and down my side and felt nice and warm and the room now smelled spunky.

Macho he is, but an asshole he's not, so he wanted me to get off.  We've gotten to a point where he can get fucked after cumming (I'd warned him before it wouldn't work if he came first, and I was right, but the last two times he's gotten past the soreness.)  He wanted to know what position I wanted and directed him to get on his side and to pull his thigh up after some more clean up.

I love fucking a guy on his side as you get incredibly deep into him and can simultaneously make out.  He was a trooper as I kept at it for awhile, but he was also enjoying it, and then I felt my orgasm come on, and it was a series of spurts.  A stillness then came over him; I could tell he was factoring that he'd again let me breed him.  In the past, post condoms, he'd wanted me to breed him but said "I would but know you've got a boy in every port."  I didn't deny it, but I do try to play smart.

We laid together and engaged in some cursory chit chat, but he wanted to clean up and head out.  It was the usual hook up plan v. reality:  he'd wanted to fuck for 2+ hours straight and to shoot a couple of loads when we made the arrangements.  Once we both shot our loads it was the guy thing of wanting to move on.

It was a great time and I wrote back to him and he responded echoing my thanks.  We'll probably reconnect when I am there, but hopefully at night.  It seems to stoke his libido more when he doesn't have to go home to a full evening with his wife.