Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Little Samosa

Late this week I had an airport meeting in the Northwest.  I could have flown up that morning and back that evening, but I had a major incentive to come up the night before.  It was to connect with a guy who has become a fuck buddy over the past two years:  he's East Indian (well, India-Indian, South Asian, and other appropriate monikers) and cute as a bug's ear. Since my last visit he periodically taps me a message on a4a asking when I'll return.  So, I wrote and indicated if he'd be available I'd fly up Thursday night.  He indicated that he would, so I booked a hotel room.

It began as a maintainence fuck:  I was horny/he was horny.  We both wanted to get off; he came to my hotel and we did the deed.  I was astonished that we ended up playing bareback:  this is a guy who is parsimonious in speech, but as nature led its course I found myself easing up into him bare.  Little was said other than for him to respond "outside" when I asked where he wanted me to cum.  Last spring after connecting several times we passed a corner when he asked me not to pull out.  After I came, this man of few words asked "when are you moving to Seattle?"  I was touched as I recognized what this meant and he wrapped his arms around me to kiss, and remained in bed spooning, long after we'd both shot our loads.

He is a good, but not remarkable, looking man.  Evidently in his late 30's, he has a head full of ringlets, carmel skin, and an amazing taut ass that looks like cantaloupe halved:  it just begs you to stick your tongue up it.  Compact:  5' 7", ~ 140 lb.  He loves to make out, but more so after you've rimmed him for awhile.  You really don't know how much he's enjoying it as you later discern he's totally inside his head while you are pleasuring him (and yourself) focusing on how good he's feeling.  I have learned the subtleties of his sighing, an occasional moan, and his forceful thrusts back as you are pushing deep inside him.  user Pic 1

As usual, we got right to business this visit, I met him in a robe, he stripped, grasped my cock as we made out, and moments later he was lying face down on the bed awaiting my tongue.  It was actually disconcerting:  he was making no noise and I needed signals he was enjoying it (I refrain from asking if the guy is enjoying it, as that is an incredible buzz kill.  If you can't figure that out, it's clearly not working.  However, I do periodically check in to make sure the bottom isn't in pain or getting sore: I need the bottom to be undulating in pleasure in order for me to shoot my load.)  I alternated between eating his ass and popping my cock head into his hole and rolling him over to make out.   My boy was clearly enjoying it, revealed by a big grin.  I could just feel my cock grow harder and  knew I needed him on his back.  He lifted his legs, I pushed in, and we passionately kissed while I sawed in and out of him.  Something about kissing while fucking is the trigger for me.  He'd had his eyes closed but as my load built and started to pulse into him he opened them very wide and we kissed.

Afterwards we spooned, made out, and went back and forth with him sucking me, me sucking him, and him on his hands and knees over my cock while I tongued fucked him.  He was soon on his stomach thrusting back to get my cock as far up him as possible moaning "come on baby" "come on baby!".  We kept at it for twenty minutes and took various breaks.  He sucked me vigorously for a long time  and then said "I want to see you cum".  I said "I will but it takes awhile to let go of another load."  He was surprised that I'd already cum, but I mentioned he'd opened his eyes widely when I did:  apparently his subsconscience at work.   He didn't want to cum till I'd shot another load, so we alternated between him sucking me and my stroking while we made out:  as I felt my cum rising he pushed me back and licked up the load as I shot it and then kissed me:  sweet.  He then worked his rod hard until I saw a large thick load pulsing out and then running down his shaft, pooling in his pubes:  the white cum contrasted beautifully with his dark skin and inky hair.   I leaned over, licked his cock head, and we kissed again.

This guy is methodical and corporate:  having cum he was soon up, washing up in the bathroom, and pulling on his jockies.  Again, little conversation, aside from "when are you coming back?  make sure to contact me."  Then a chaste kiss and he was out the door.   Two hours had flown.  The evening was still relatively early but I was more than sated and had a great night's sleep.