Monday, May 27, 2013

Magic F Stick

This morning I reconnected with a tall, handsome bear with whom I had amazing sex on three occasions this winter.  Since then we our orbits haven't been in sync:  the days I am typically available he's been tied up (figuratively,  not that way) and he gets home from work well after I am comfortably ensconced for the evening.

We keep an eye on each other from the various sites since we last hooked up and have had some near misses.  This morning we were going to connect really early, but then I was tied up till late morning and he had early afternoon plans.  It looked like it was going to be a bust (he said he might be finished up late afternoon, but I know how that usually works out) but I messaged him and asked if he was up for a quicky.  There was a little message ping pong and then he said okay (part of it was his worry whether at the last minute he'd have enough time to clean out.)  I myself was still funky from a day of serious gardening; he told me to just drive over but I decided that while it was wholesome honest dirt it was more tolerable, but jumped in the shower for a quick rinse.  (Later I found out he was hoping that I was a bit musky as he has a thing for pits as well:  great minds think alike...)

He's a passionate bear, and when I arrived he was really into making out (which we do best lying down as he's 4" taller than me.)  We were really savoring it and he noted "I don't know how to speed it up since you and I have had so much time before."  That was for sure as I'd been there for three hours each time before (and the first time I gave him three loads.)

As we got naked and horizontal he warned me that he didn't know how it would go as I was the last one to fuck him.  Shit, that was three months ago!  This boy needed a tune up badly.

Well despite his warning me he was tight I knew I was going to get in, but wanted him to be totally relaxed, so I rolled him onto his back and as we made out I massaged the underside of his cock with a finger until he was steel hard and then proceeded to give him serious head, deploying every trick in my repertoire.  I was rewarded with him thrashing and moaning in pleasure and then rolled him onto his stomach to start eating his ass.  So after awhile I'd reduced him to jelly and started to rub my cock up and down his crack.  He complained that I was teasing him when I knew how much his ass wanted it and he started to moan as my head pressed against his hole.  He decided he wanted it with just spit, but he was super tight and as I went in I figured I'd loose the epidermis on my dick if we didn't use some lube.  It felt good then but I anticipated major sore cock potential.

He buys Gun Oil, which I love:  just a little bit and you slide right in.  As soon as I penetrated him I knew I could cum quickly, but since we didn't have all morning I wanted to hold back for awhile from giving up my load.

It is really fun to fuck a guy who loves to be fucked and who wants it as deep as you can thrust it, and as hard and as fast.  I usually am not into fast (I am more into technique and moving from flat to right then the guy's left side so that I can really stretch him open) but can vary.  This was the complete opposite of a guy who I fucked a couple of days ago who decided I was too thick and could only take about 3 inches in short tiring jabs(a weird story to be chronicled another time.)  Today my bear was really loud and telling me how much he'd missed my fuck stick, that it was magic, that it was my magic fuck stick.

Soon he was begging for my load.  He was loud, we were both really sweating, and I had an eye on the clock knowing he was on a short time frame.  So I began to worry that my ability to cum had passed (I like affirmation, but when a guy is really loud I find it distracting and it breaks my concentration.  And, when I have been fucking for awhile to bring back that ready to cum sensation requires my being singularly focused.)  Nonetheless I was really enjoying the fuck:  it's comfortable being with him and flat out fun, and he's hot and his ass is amazing.  Suddenly the feeling came on as he'd started another refrain of coaxing my load to spurt.  It was great that he knew from my cock's throbbing that I was giving it up and he shoved back hard and clamped down saying he wanted every drop and that he was going to keep it in him for the rest of the day.

I was ready to get out of his hair as the sand was almost out of the hour glass, but he urged me to lie on his back and stay in him.  As it was, I'd managed to fuck him for 20 minutes (yes, I can go a long time...and this was rushing it.)  I eased out and rolled onto my side and we enjoyed a couple of minutes of afterglow, but while he said his pals could wait I didn't want to mess up the rest of his day.

So I was slipping on my tee shirt and shorts and we kissed at the door and I headed out.   It had been 45 minutes, yet it didn't feel rushed.  But we both want to keep at it all morning or all afternoon (or both) next time so that he can really polish my fuck stick.