Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cumming in the Condom

I have been derelict in reporting, but had a couple of less than satisfying encounters to relate.   When I work up the energy I'll chronicle them properly.  However, this past Sunday marked a pleasant milestone of sorts.

I wasn't expecting to have the day free and had just gotten in late the night before from a trip, so I woke up horned.  While I read the paper and vegged I was logged in to the usual sites and had a few nibbles/I'd rubbed one out the morning and was imaging rubbing out another.  But then a somewhat older guy from Sacramento started flirting with me; his profile looked vaguely familiar.  I soon learned he was in the area on business and staying at a nearby Hilton.  The time between the messages became more prolonged and his responses were more tentative.  It was then late afternoon and I made it clear that it if was going to happen it needed to happen then and that it would be less than an hour and to give me his room number.  I got it and responded I'd be there in 15 minutes.

It always makes me feel particularly slutty to hook up with a guy in a hotel just a few miles from my house.  With some relief I cleared the lobby without running into anyone I knew (it's also always interesting trying to inconspicuously navigate the hotel lobby to locate the resident elevators.)  Anyway, moments after parking I was at his room. 

When he opened the door he wasn't at all what I expected:  sort of a blue collar sort of professional guy (I am guessing construction or sales of some sort.)  He is broad shouldered, with defined biceps and pecs, and the well deserved hard gut of a strong man in his late 50s.  Nice, amiable, but macho:  a man's man.  A full shock of thick, combed back white hair (sort of like a crysthanthum) and white hair across his whole body.  After an awkward initial handshake I pulled him to me and we started to make out.  He groped me and I slid my hands down his shorts and squeezed his hairy ass, explored his crack and probed his hole.  I pulled down his shorts and found he had a fat but remarkably short cock.  I started to suck it and and understood why this guy wanted to bottom (I later found out that he's's hard to imagine him topping women or men.)

He soon had my pants off and was really enjoying my cock.  But I didn't have alot of time (and I don't particularly like standing up to get sucked.)  So I led him to the bed and pushed him onto his stomach.  The time was running out of my hour glass and it was time to take charge. 

I started to eat his ass, and while he had just showered he had serious manmusk going there.  It was really really turning me on and I was thoroughly enjoying eating him and his grunts were affirming.  I raised up and started to tease his hole with my cock and he was pushing back and I was a couple of inches in him and he was groaning in lots of pleasure.  Not wanting to freak him out I eased out and started to rim him again and then resumed.

He was loving my cock in him and was pushing back; he had at least 4 inches inside him and we were getting into a slight groove.  Catching himself he asked if I had a condom; I said yes but pulled out and started to eat him again and then tease him again.  He thrust back and 5 inches were in him and he kept pushing back and then caught himself again and said "let's use a condom".  I was cool with that and lubed him, my cock and amply lubed the condom before easing into him.

At that point I imagined it would be some cursory, dull thrusting on my part before I pulled out in frustration.  However, it was feeling really good and his man musk was making it all click in my head.  I have figured that olafactory stimulation plays a huge role in whether I get off and his musk saturating in my beard and mustache was enabling me to totally get into the scene.  Amazingly I could feel my load rising and let it happen and was amazed to feel it spew into the condom.   I was savoring that nice burning afterglow when the cum has worked up your shaft and the ache you feel when your balls have emptied.  I was done but he was still enjoying getting fucked, though he realized from the change in rhythm I'd cum.  So for a few minutes more I half heartedly fucked him and then protested I wanted to make sure I secured the condom so I grasped it at the root of my cock, eased out, jumped up, and flushed it.

Kudos to him/for a guy who claimed not to have been fucked in over a year he was well cleaned out.  I was in a business like mood and I think he was relieved that I was "chop/chop" about needing to get dressed and leave.  It was evident he was processing what he'd actually done so it was a great time to go.

As I walked out to my car I had some pep in my step.  Not only had I had a great orgasm, I'd cum while wearing a condom, something I'd given up believing would ever happen again.  The irony was that I'd had a couple of recent barebacking experiences where I'd had trouble cumming.  Which proves to me it's all about whether you are feeling pressured or not, and how many senses are being stimulated.