Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kiwi Smoothie

Yesterday I had a date to connect with a local silver cub.  We've had a couple of near misses since Christmas:  a couple of times when he flaked, and a couple of issues that required me to cancel at the last minute.  After not having seen him for awhile, and having been abstinent while I've been sick the past two weeks, I was really looking forward to our hooking up.

However, I had a suspicion he'd flake:  he'd written confirming the prior two days, and then that morning and afternoon I didn't hear anything.  I arranged to leave work early and arrived at his house and was left standing on the sidewalk.  Texting him he apologized saying he's emailed me (apparently after I left work) and that his brother had been visiting and they were at dinner.  Okay, once burned your fault, twice burned mine (Voltaire.)  I was fried, but not surprised.

I headed home and got back on line.  Now the young dude from New Zealand has been texting me regularly for the past two weeks.  It was interesting/after our last connecting he dropped off the radar screen and then sporatically responded.  The past couple of weeks his live in girlfriend has been out of town and my boy has had a fierce itch he's wanted scratched.  However, I was sick and not in the mood (or even able) to help him out.  Well, yesterday I was both ready and able, so I tapped him a message on a4a.  He responded and said he needed to clean up and would come over.

For nearly two weeks I have had a serious cold (aka the flu) and have been taking cold medicine.  One type has pseudoepedrine (sp?) that nasty crap they use in speed.  I hate it but it does dry you out like nothing else and my doctor prescribes it.  However, it is better than salt peter in killing a hard on.  Actually for me any cold medicine messes with my libido.  I might get hard, but it leaves me so that I can't cum.  Usually it requires more than a week to clear the crap out of my system.  It's frustrating as hell.

Yesterday  I was feeling about a 1000% better, but did need to use nose spray, and had last used cold medicine Sunday.  I was horny as hell, and when the boy arrived I had no issues getting hard as a rock.

He makes me smile.  When he arrived he was formal in his Brit-like way (shook my hand/heartily said "it's good to see you.")  He doesn't kiss, which adds a weird formality to it all.  So we awkwardly headed to the guest room and started to peel off clothes.

My boy was anxious to start sucking my cock, and he dropped to his knees and started to give me incredible head.  It was great but we both wanted to get to the main course.  It was awkward as there was no hugging, no mutual groping, making out, stroking. 

He was splayed on the mattress sucking me and I reached across him to reach under his briefs to slide my finger down his crack and to probe his ass with a finger.  I needed to direct him to pull the briefs off and to straddle the mattress so I could rim him.

Now this guy is hot in many ways.  He's ordinary/not good looking.  But he has a short, powerful body.  Broad shoulders, a tapered waist.  But his figure is one that comes from hard work and possibly sport/not gym built.  He's hunky in the old fashioned way.  I started to eat his ass and was really loving it, and for a man of few words this guy was being pretty vocal about liking my tongue up his butt.  I was really into it but knew he wanted me in him, and I wanted in as well.

I teased him with my cock and he was incredibly hungry for it and pushed back and I was in him.  He felt like he was already lubed (he wasn't) but it was soft, and wet, tight, and smooth. We got into an incredibly nice groove fucking.  And, he was really loving it and giving me ongoing encouragement:  "big cock" "thick cock" "I love feeling full with your big cock".  He was pushing back to meet my thrusts and grunting with pleasure:  it was fine.  

But I worried about getting there, and while it felt good, the head of my cock wasn't tingling.  The head of my cock needs to start humming for me to spew my load and it wasn't happening.  The fucking cold medicine was exacting it's revenge.

Now the irony here was that it had been more than eight days since I'd cum last.  So I was imaging an amazing load.  And this guy wanted it, and started calling for me to give him my sperm, moaning how he looked forward to feeling me shoot it into his ass.

I eased out and tried to stroke off on his ass.  What was hot was that he was holding his ass cheeks apart hungry for me to shoot it on his hole.  He wanted me to cum on his hole and then to fuck it into him.  And, his hole was so hot looking/pink and dialated and ready.  I stroked and stroked but it wasn't happening.  Several times I pushed back into him and couldn't shoot it in him, and eased out and stroked again, but again was frustrated.  He was really patient and genuinely enjoying the fucking.  But we both gave up in frustration.

He was decent about it.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to cum (a sadly small dick/the girlfriend must not know better, but uncut, which is hot...)  He indicated he'd gotten what he came for, but I was really frustrated.  But, after he got home he tapped me a message about what a great fucking I'd given him and how he wanted me to give him a facial when we get together next.

After he left I logged into a good flick and got to stroking and then, finally, a load spewed.  Wasted in some respects, but at least it still works!  God I hate fucking colds!