Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big Belly/Tiny Ass

Well, I fell off the wagon yesterday after connecting with a single bear on Growlr who lives nearby work.  He didn't have alot of pics on his profile--other than a nice butt shot-- but clearly was hairy and a bear, both of which I like, and was pretty anxious to bottom.

When I arrived he had just stepped out of the shower, and greeted me at the door with a towel wrapped around his waist.  I was struck by his protruding hairy stomach, not one that has dropped or sags, just big and full and round, on a youngish fairly short guy with pretty small, taut ass cheeks.

He was pretty passionate, but needs to be sent to kissing school (I find it frustrating when guys dart their tongues in and out of your mouth in the guise of kissing:  just relax, open your mouth, press it to mine and let nature take over!)  Soon he was on my cock and was kind of mechanically going up and down it sucking (again, relax, explore, take your time!)

I decided I needed to provide the direction and pushed him on to his back; unfortunately he never got totally hard (he was very into it, but I have found this to happen on big guys who are total bottoms.)  He was pretty responsive as I sucked his cock and balls trying to get them hard, but the closest he got to really hard was after being rimmed and fucked for awhile.)  Soon I rolled him on to his stomach and started to give him serious rimming/while he'd been pretty vocal (earlier I was wondering if it was forced when sucking him as his cock stayed flaccid, and he'd been vocal when I sucked his nipples, but when I pointed out mine weren't sensitive he said his weren't very either --huh?)  I knew he meant it when I was rimming him and kept at it for a long time.  He greedily pulled his ass cheeks apart and thrust back to get my tongue in deeper.

After awhile I started to tease his hole with my cock head and it was clear from his pushing back that he wanted it bare and he wanted it immediately, but he was quick to grab for the lube observing "I'll need it; you're a big boy!"

He loved getting fucked and I was enjoying it, but he advised me he's given to anal orgasms, which cause him to spasm (with pleasure) and to squeeze out the guy's cock, and require a short break before going back in.  We weren't at it long when this happened just as he described, though it was seconds before --at his urging-- my cock was back inside him.  It was definitely different, and a rhythm that required adjustment, but I was getting a groove on.  He was urging me on, panting about how great my cock felt deep inside him (we moved around still he was getting maximum penetration on his side, but he gets major points for really liking lying on his stomach while I drilled him.)  He was into dirty talk and kept asking me if I liked his ass and it if was tight enough for me, and if he was squeezing my cock hard enough.  I responded I was going to make it mine/after we'd been at it and I was really enjoying it and after having been squeezed out and reentering three times I was just about to blow my load, when he said "just don't cum in me."  Good timing as I immediately pulled out my cock as it was about to spurt and shot on his back (he asked how I was doing and didn't realize I'd just shot on his back, saying "I'm totally focused on how my ass feels.")

Lying there he said "I hope you can cum again" and urged me to push back into him.  (Okay, this is where I don't get the logic:  don't cum in me! -- though your precum oozing bare cock has just been fucking me for awhile--and then when you do cum, while your cock is still hard and has cum residue in the shaft --push back into me.../I guess it's all psychological solace.)

I like a break after I cum, but this guy was really enjoy bottoming and I wanted him to have some fun and to hopefully get off also.   But, while I might be hard, when I resume fucking immediately after cumming it's just a dull, yet okay, sensation for my cock.  My pleasure at that point was coming from pushing his buttons.  We tried his straddling me to stroke off (his cock was "hardish" at that point) but his stomach made that a challenging and awkward position for him.  He stood spread eagled against the bed while I stood behind him grasping his hips to fuck him (which I actually was enjoying, though standing up sex isn't a fav for me) and we also fucked on the bed doggy while he worked his cock.

Eventually I needed a break/it was getting pretty mechanical for me and my cock wasn't feeling pleasantly stimulated.  He resumed sucking me (and was mellower and doing a nice job) and we made out (again, mellower/less manic and vastly more enjoyable) while he stroked my shaft.  He was hungry to have me back in him though, and we had several sessions where he spasmed and moaned with pleasure from anal orgasms.  This was the first time I'd been with a guy who reacted like this. 

After another oral and stroke break I was feeling some friction and stimulation again and pushed back into him, and noticing that some musk was arising from his pits (it was a warm afternoon) I pushed his arm back, pressed my face into a pit and inhaled as my cock was thrusting against the walls of his soft, warm, moist ass:  then the switch flipped. I quietly kept fucking as I felt a load rising from my balls, and without any announcement discretely pulled out to shoot on his thigh.

We'd established that he wasn't going to cum (he noted sometimes he can't and other times he hits the ceiling) and after a civilized hiatus I asked if I could wash up.

It was  a pleasant time, and he's certainly conveniently close for an after work maintenance fuck, but it wasn't the comprehensive type experience I typically find fully satisfying.  Not sure if I see an encore in the works.