Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Low Hangers

After a long time planning to connect this weekend during my sojourn in Orange County, my Latino boy suddenly became incommunicative.  This was weird as he'd driven an hour north to connect with me the week before.  It was strange:  I texted him and also had messaged him on a4a and got no responses; after I'd decided to write him off I suddenly started to get some sporatic messages.  My bs and flake sensors were on high alert.  I didn't know what was going on in his head, but after having booked an additional night at a hotel and delaying my flight home I was pretty fried.

As our planned date approached I was advised he'd gotten sick (one of the three great lies...) I asked whether that meant he wouldn't recover before weekend's end and was given minimal information, but exchanging messages the night before I flew down he indicated that he should be okay when I visited.  However, I arrived on Friday for my meeting, and had no communication.  When I checked in to my hotel I texted him, but didn't hear back.  I decided that was bullshit and logged on to MH and a4a.  I soon had a number of bites from hungry Orange County bottoms.

This one guy claimed to be 41 but had great stats and was a bottom with a tasty looking cock shot and other yummy pics.  He hit me up on IM and was pretty damned persistent.  I figured it was better to go with the bird in hand and invited him over and gave him my room number.  Of course, right after that my boy decided to text back "he was home and watching tv."  Uh, huh.  Well tough shit I thought.  I responded:  "will you be up for playing tomorrow?" and got an affirmative.

So the MH bottom arrived.  The vibe was a bit odd; he is probably 51, not 41, but sinewy and attractivish.  I had trouble understanding him and thought he was an immigrant, but he was just mumbling and I had to ask him "what?!" several times, which was tedious.  He was clearly pretty nervous and socially awkward (he stuck his hand out to shake mine when he arrived/I almost advised him this wasn't a job interview, that instead I expected to fuck his ass...)

He wasn't nervous about sucking my cock though; he was grunting in serious appreciation about how this was just what he needed.  He was giving me excellent head (not a great kisser, more pecking than anything else.)  His enjoying my cock with gusto, as well as his clear talent for fellatio, was making my cock and brain sing, but I wanted his ass.  He'd listed that he was muscular on his profile and he is: taut all over, flat stomach, and very smooth except dense pubes, dense pits, and very hairy low hanging balls.

I got into sucking his cock, which he mildly got into but this guy is a confirmed bottom.   He has amazing low hanging balls that are a real joy to hold and suck, and two amazingly perfect egg shaped sacks/his balls are his best feature. What made him go nuts, however, was when I started to eat his ass.  He got very loud and vocal (but monosyllabic, just appreciative and encouraging grunts) and it was a real pleasure to eat his tiny, very hard firm ass.  I began to tease it with my cock head and he was loving it.  But as I put pressure on his rosebud he immediately asked for a condom.

At the outset I thought this would be a condom hook up and had them on the nightstand.  But we'd just gotten started and I knew I wasn't going to get off in a condom.  So I wanted to prolong the foreplay.  I pulled back and started to eat his ass more, which made him nuts, then teased his ass.  His groaning and moaning affirmed he was loving it and he was clearly in ecstacy when I pushed my cockhead against his hole.  I went back and forth with him asking for the condom, me eating his ass and rubbing his anus with my cock head and his asking for a condom.  I finally thought enough and pushed in a bit.  He was squirming with great pleasure but then said, let's use some massage oil.

Now my thought was that everyone knows oil will ruin a condom.  So I thought he was looking for some alibi for an eventually raw cock in his hole.  I went with it for awhile and slid my cock up and down his asscheeks, teased his hole, partially entered --inserting about 4 inches, yadda yadda yadda.  He then insisted on a condom and I put one on, carefully lubing him, my shaft, and the inside and outside of the condom.

Well the minute I started to push in he was squirming away/the condom was clearly making it uncomfortable for him.  But we played his way.  I got up in him but not all the way and as I pushed in he squirmed up the head till his head was firmly against the wall; it was clear his bod wasn't enjoying the friction of the wrinkled latex.  I tried to get him back in the middle of the bed, but again he retreated to the end of the bed with his head against the wall.  Then he insisted on my standing and attempting to fuck him, but was scooting up on the bed to get away from my cock.  I told him the position wasn't working and I was getting soft.

I pulled off the condom and laid back on the bed and said "let's just stroke for awhile".  We did, but very soon after I'd gotten hard again he was straddling me, lining my bare cock against his hole and impaled himself on it and slid it up deep inside him.  He gave a cursory inquiry "you're clean, right?" and getting an affirmative assured me he was as well, with the the caution "just don't cum in me."  He then began to vigorously fuck himself with my raw cock.

It was okay.  Eventually I got him on his stomach and then knees and we fucked doggie, but he kept retreating.  At that point I wanted it over and him gone.  I was glad to have gotten in him bare,which felt 9 zillion percent better (that is redundant:  it felt period) but all the moving around wasn't working for me.

I found myself on my back again and he was riding my shaft like a pogo stick and vigorously stroking his cock and I soon felt his spooge spurting all over my chest.  That was somewhat pleasant.  To his credit he was then anxious to get me off.   However, I don't respond well to it being yanked, and the switch doesn't go off unless I don't feel rushed and there is some passion at play.   I was laboring under his feeling the need to see me cum and I finally just said "it's okay; I don't need to get off guy."

He was up and dressing shortly "needed to pic his sister up at the airport" (now that's a new one) and gave me a chaste peck was out the door.  Whew!  What vindicated the whole thing was getting  him him bare/if it had been an entirely wrapped event I would have been pissed.  However, when he was leaving he emphasized that I should let him know when I was back in town (right.)

Of course,  I needed to be up at 6 a.m. and then every bottom in Orange County wanted to come over to get fucked.  Life is full of missed opportunities.

Postscript:  I logged into MH the next night and he was messaging me how great the night before was and asking if he could come back over.  But, by that time I was pretty certain my boy was coming over and there was no chance that wouldn't be great.  So I put him on the back burner and said maybe I'd be free later.  He was game for midnight, but my boy left at 1 a.m.  But a description of that encounter will constitute the next entry to this chronicle.