Monday, October 7, 2013


Well les balls and Mr. Cock are in dialog once again, to my immense relief (and release...)  On Friday night I hooked up with a guy (to be discussed in another entry) and my cock head and balls agreed to spew a load into him.

Saturday, before I headed home I hooked up with two guys I'd played with throughout the week.  Early afternoon I connected with the short, smooth, muscle bear (kind of weird to be calling a smooth guy a bear, but that's what he is, besides having a body you could bounce a quarter off.)

After making out and giving his ass a good eating, I eased in and decided to dispense with the acrobatics and to give him a traditional, all about me, fuck.  I wrapped my arms around him and got into some serious rhythmic thrusting for a long long time.  Didn't change position, didn't ease him onto his side, just pushed him flat and wrapped my arms around him and focused on the old in/out. 

Actually it wasn't just about me; he was loving it as confirmed by him moaning and continually grunting "fuck me" "Fuck me" "fuck Me" "FUCK ME".  We were rubbing our feet together and my cock began to sing enjoying his warm silky smoothness as I thrust back and forth stretching him open.  It felt great and like it would happen, but the switch wasn't flipping.  So, I did what usually works when I feel over stimulated:  I eased out and we cuddled and made out for awhile.  Then I pushed him flat and resumed; that did the trick and after some more steady fucking for awhile I felt the connection and a noteworthy load spewed up out of me and into him.  He clamped down hard and squeezed me for all he was worth (fortunately his guts aren't as muscular as his bod or he'd have crushed my cock.)  I laid on top of him and grew soft and it eased out. 

We then rolled onto our sides and cuddled some more, and then spooned and I grew hard again.  He pushed me flat and straddled me and taking me all in started to vigorously stroke and spewed his load, some of it shooting past my head and audibly making a splatting sound when it hit the pillow.  I scooped up what was on my chest and licked my fingers, and then urged him up to let me suck his softening cock.  He dove down to make out with me; after all these years we finally figured out that we both like to snowball.  It was a hot way to end, as I probably won't see him again for a year.   He's fun:  upbeat, cheerful, and is totally into no strings sex.  While he packs some serious meat he refers to my cock as "the monster."  He's partnered and I am guessing he's the top in that relationship and reserves my visits to explore his bottom side.

Well, in true slut mode, I had a date with the German that evening.   I knew I wasn't cumming in him (he was going through angst about barebacking, though came back twice for more...)  He arrived and, towering over me, began to make out with me.  After he was naked and we were rolling around in bed and making out for awhile longer I remembered he'd said he wasn't into kissing before we connected.  He was sure converted now.  At one point I said, I am going to push you out of your comfort zone and pushed my tongue into his mouth.  He is into kissing, but the tongue part isn't quite there yet.  Since he's been partnered for over 20 years this perplexes me; he's clearly into sex.  Kissing is such a fundamental part of the experience for me I can't figure out guys who don't.

His manscent was certainly pushing my buttons and we rolled around and I worked his ultrasensitive nipples and ate his ass and then, adding some lube, eased into him.  It's obvious bottoming isn't his usual role, but he was making up for lost time the three occasions we got together this week.  While he liked being fucked laying flat, he needed regular breaks (I was being super patient; I wouldn't classify what we were doing as fucking as there was damned little thrusting going on, more like easing back and forth but it felt soft, warm, tight, and nice.)  As soon as I was out of him though he was rolling around and getting on his knees to straddle me; he loved sliding down and riding it at his tempo.  He began to furiously fist his cock and then started to spew:  shot one hit me directly in the face, shot two went over my head and went splat against the pillow:  deja vu!  The rest dumped on my chest.  He apologized for hitting my face (why apologize?  it was hot and a compliment that he was that jazzed.)  I wiped up a small amount from the side of my eye and tasted it. However, I realized he'd freak if I licked up the rest, though I did go down on him again after awhile.  He had no problem with our embracing and rolling around and both getting covered with his cum though.

We kept at it for 2 1/2 hours and he came three times.  He kept playing with my cock, and really wanted me to cum on his chest, as I hadn't cum the previous two nights he visited (he came three times each time, and after the first night was so wound up that he beat off a fourth time when he got home.  He has amazing balls.)  He was playing a lot with my cock (I need to tutor guys though:  a.  don't roughly fist it/duh, it's sensitive.  b.  work the head gents, not the root.  Stimulating the head results in orgasm.

It wasn't happening and I knew he was disappointed, so I directed him to get on his knees in front of me and I started to seriously eat his ass and stroked my cock.  The fact that I was rimming this incredibly hot hairy guy was in my head as I stroked and my balls got into the mental image and cooperated and I spewed my load.  While it wasn't on his chest, he was very pleased to see me shoot.

We cuddled and I fell into a sound sleep with my arms wrapped around his warm hairy chest and drinking in his manscent.  He had to wake me up after a while to leave.

I would have liked to have taken the pillow with me (at least the pillow case) but I'd surely get a bill from the hotel.  However, I enjoyed the added auditory sensation.