Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unrequitted Lust and Crossing Another Boundary

Well, the Arab begged off today because he's sniffly and coming down with something.  The Mexican guy to the north, however, has unleashed his obnoxiousness full force and yesterday and today I was subjected to a torrent of begging and abuse.  I am really close to blocking him.  It defies understanding how he thinks that approach will make me want to drive up and fuck him.  (Gee, a hardon might be needed for that; ero if you find someone repellent you won't be up to the job, for a multitude of reasons.)   And, an older gent who I'd fucked a couple of times has resumed approaching me despite my ongoing lack of interest in an encore.

Yet, I was horny as a 3 balled tom cat and wanting some ass badly.  Actually, I really wanted to suck a nice cock for awhile also.  To curl up with another guy and to make out and to have some passionate oral and to give him a plowing.  I logged into Manhunt and to a4a and had a guy come on to me from Oakland, but that's like descending into Dante's Inferno to get laid.  I always feel like a heel but I asked a number of questions about neighborhood and parking (survival is a basic instinct) and while the neighborhood sounded okay, it wasn't one whose name I immediately recognized:  one can never be too safe in Oakland, and he lost interest (fair enough.)  On a lark I logged into bbrt and suddenly had a bite in the next town.

I'd never hooked up with someone on bbrt before (at least, not through the site.  I was actually pissed to read someone's profile on there as being poz after he'd listed himself as neg on a4a; I have noticed more than a few guys doing that.  What's with the inconsistency, if you're going to be an asshole you should be a consistent one.  Do they assume that other guys don't have profiles on both sites?  I'd eaten and then barebacked the guy I'd found was poz, but when I read his profile I'd already been tested a couple of times.  Still, it chapped my butt.)

The guy who came on to me indicated he could host now.  His profile read "ask me" under status.  I did and he indicated he was last tested neg in March/I assumed if he was lying he's offer a more recent date.  I factored that he is a top/versatile and that I was only going to top and decided to take the plunge.

Murphy's law kicked in:  he wanted me to come 20 minutes later; I then neglected an essential part of the directions and had to drive home to write them down again.  I arrived in a run down at the heels neighborhood; not one that made me afraid to get out of my car, but one that resulted in my being fully alert.

When he ushered me in he was hyper and in a mood.  He was irritated about my arriving late; he was irritated that a friend was now going to come over in an hour; he wanted us to go into the spare bedroom so the upstairs neighbors wouldn't hear us.  I quickly concluded that the out of town roomate must be his partner as there were two bedrooms (I was reassured by how clean and tidy everything was, and the furnishings were nice.)  He did seem very agitated though, and when I asked if he was okay he got grumpy and said "why are you asking me that?  If you aren't cool with this then go.."  My caution radar was on, but I figured I'd give it a shot.  He then pulled his shorts down and said "this is what I've got.  Want it?" 

He is a dark skinned Latino with wiry body hair and he has a perfect bubble butt.  He plays competitive baseball and has zero body fat.  I got him to get everything off but his jock.  He logged into a Treasure Island flick  and kept staring at it, and wanted me to face fuck him based on one scene, and then later to replicate a scene when fucking him.

Points for the fact that he kisses, and relatively well.  His profile says he's 5' 9", but I think more like 5' 7".  His dick did come out of the jock and is a nice size and uncut, though I only sucked on it a short while.  He loved having his ass eaten, but was hyperactive, and kept moving around and pushing back against my tongue. His nipples were amazingly long, leading me to believe he uses clamps or something; he liked having them worked hard.  Not a great looking guy, but a great body overall.

I was soon inside him; something weird was that he was spraying poppers into a sock like thing and sucking on them; it was obsessive.  If he hadn't managed to get hard I'd swear he was speeding/maybe he was. 

His ass was amazing; I slid right in and he was tight and it felt great.  Being amazingly sinewy and shorter I know it was way up inside him.  He is the type that likes it doggy style, though we moved around alot.  Every time I was getting into a groove he wanted to change positions.  From the minute I went in it felt so good that I was ready to cum, but I held back.  After awhile I thought I should just let it go and get out.

He wanted to know if I was close and I admitted I was; he said "let me see if I can get you to come" and started to fuck me back with his ass.  It actually felt great and I let go.  However, he wouldn't stop and I needed to pull out.  He laid on his back and panted with pleasure.  He offered to let me clean up in the bathroom (there were next to no lights on in the place, which drove me nuts.)  I grabbed my stuff, washed off my cock and got dressed, and went back into the spare bedroom to say goodbye.  He seemed astonished that I was leaving (great as his ass was, I wasn't up for more of the manic behavior.  At that point I was thinking, go while the going is good.)

As I left the bedroom he was super paranoid about being seen by his neighbors; he must be cheating on the boyfriend is all I could think.  Walking down the sidewalk to my car I glanced at my watch:  I'd been there about 40 minutes; it was like one of the vignettes that RawTop writes.

Addendum:  the Mexican guy just wrote me a fuck you and the horse you rode in on message.  Told me I was rude and ugly; the irony actually makes me laugh.  This was after hysterical messages a couple of days ago about my not writing him, after he'd written preceding messages about wanting to be left alone.  In retrospect I guess I should have simply written him and told him that I didn't enjoy the sex with him at all. Alas, subtlety doesn't seem to win any points.  Perhaps it's kinder just to say you really don't enjoy sex with the guy...