Sunday, October 27, 2013


So many things to chronicle.  However, I need to be inspired to write and have been negligent because, post coitus, I get otherwise occupied.

This past week was up north on business and received a growlr message while out and about on appointments.  This was a hairy bear, a type that always pushes my buttons.  When I got the message I was about an hour south of my hotel, but I had the afternoon off and was up for action.  This guy was aggressive and sent several messages; I was a bit blown away that he wanted to bottom and then, in the midst of the message ping pong, wanted to know if I'd breed him.  (At that point I hadn't cum in two days and was ready to hump a fence post.)

Something seemed vaguely familiar about this guy and, I'd gone through the back and forth about status (and, later in the week had a rapid test with negative results/despite my trepidation following the last "false positive" mind fuck rapid test experience.  The clinician was this very cool, businesslike black woman who was devoid of drama and refrained from pop psychology, which was refreshing.  She is also one of the few people to ever draw my blood and do so in rapid fire fashion and not leave a mark.  I complimented her on how good she was at what she does.  But here I am digressing, yet again...)

So this dude said he was neg and wanted to be bred, and was thrilled that I had a two day load I needed to expel from my bluing balls.

When he arrived at my room I immediately recognized him.  We'd played in the spring (it was right after I downloaded the growlr app, in fact.)  We'd had uninhibited sex (this guy is a real pig) but I remembered he'd wanted to know my schedule and to attempt to fit into every spare moment of free time I had, and then he totally flaked when I'd reserved time because friends of his had "dropped in on him."  (I was frustrated less not to have the sex than to piss away time when I could have been doing other neat things on that trip.) 

Before he'd arrived I'd asked him if he was cleaned out (earlier in the week I'd connected with a nurse, who was "cleaned out" and as I was fucking him could feel some residue water inside him and had my sheets festooned with coffee colored stains, that I ended up scrubbing out with a washcloth to later sleep in a damp bed; grrr.)   He assured me he was, though he'd been out and about running errands (so I did the math and this dude probably cleans out before running around, just in case he gets lucky.)

Well, he's tall, chunky, and hairy and super passionate.  While I like manscent, he wasn't musky but seemed pretty gamey, which I don't find very appealing (meditate on the difference.)  An unathletic guy, he arrived in those silky, nylon basketball shorts and was going commando (!)  which were red, with a clashing top another shade of red, and red basketball sneakers (not because he shoots hoops.)  He looked sweaty and frankly I was imagining the image of him walking through the lobby of the swank boutique hotel in which I regularly stay (can you spell trick?)

I was super horny, he was super passionate, and he was in a feline, tomcat sort of power bottom mood.  He did ask  if I was versatile and seemed disappointed when I indicated I only top (he has a thick, veiny, 5.5" cock.  Frankly I wasn't able to easily visualize him as a top.)

The making out did get me super cranked, and we got into mutual sucking and his cock was spewing a  steady stream of very good tasting precum.  He was anxious to get fucked and I gave him a brief rimming; he was seemingly clean but not in a good musky or sweaty fashion, but definitely gamey, making me want to get to fucking right away (normally I can rim a guy for a good 15 to 20 minutes; I love to eat a nice, clean, musky ass and I particularly like to drive a guy nuts doing so, making him thrash and beg for me to finally stop and to fuck him.  This wasn't one of those occasions...)

He loved it when I pushed in, but asked me to take it slow.  He has a nice warm, silky ass and is a responsive bottom (read, experience.)  However, as we began to fuck he kept asking me questions:  how long was I going to be in town; what was I doing each of the days; when did I have more free time to fuck him; what was I doing that evening;  could he sleep over during my stay;  how often did I come to town; would I like him to be my fuck buddy during those visits; did I have regular fuck buddies at home?)  I just wanted to savor the fuck and regretted not having a pair of socks handy to stuff in his mouth.  Other than the incessant and tedious questions it was a great fuck, and he was soon getting my load.  I don't emote when I cum; I thrust really deep and stiffen fully enjoying feeling the cum spurt out of my cock.  He asked "are you cumming?" and later said it was highly unusual because he could feel a warm, wet sensation that he didn't notice when getting bred.  (Too much information: at that point I was envisioning him being the Whore of Babylon and Typhoid Mary combined; it wasn't conducive to a relaxed sexual experience.)

I was in one of my jump out of the planes mood (when you only then start searching for the parachute cord) and we got into some hot oral (he's a live one and eagerly wanted to suck me after I'd pulled my damp dick out his ass) and, due to his tasty precum I wanted his load.  It was okay and we both snowballed and I spit most of it into his mouth.  He accurately called me a dirty old man; normally I am not that uninhibited, but I was definitely in a mood.

Eventually I was back in him, but realized it was going to take some time for me to work up another load.  He persuaded me to pull out because he wanted to be able to take me again the next day; remarking "you are really big and I will get too sore otherwise."  Fair enough.  However, he started to nag me about sleeping over (I made it clear that I do not want someone sleeping over when I need to get up for work in the morning; I am task oriented and don't want anyone messing with my routine.  He kept assuring me he'd be out of the way and would just leave after I'd taken off; right/ I want to leave some hook up alone in my room with my stuff?)  He kept asking how often I visited, could I visit more often, and telling me how incredibly handsome I am, and other bullshit.    Now this is a bear who is nice on the eyes (but would look better after a long shower, a shave, and with his hair combed) but it was bordering on him asking to pick out china patterns for Christ's sake.

We got back into some mutual oral (which shut him up) and took another load in my mouth, which I promptly spit into his.  However, when I went to rim him some more with the intention of more fucking, his butt wasn't giving off an engaging aroma.  I checked my cock and the sheets and both were clean, but the odor was reminiscent of a sewer grate (warning! warning! warning!)  I refrained.

Eventually we were on our backs stroking and I spewed another load; he didn't lean over to lap it up (perhaps I was expected to direct him?)  I wasn't heart broken, but it was an odd disconnect in the midst of the other piggy stuff (he'd been asking me if I'd pee in his mouth some time and fill him up; I have never gone there, actually...)

Well I was done and was going to a wine tasting and wanted him gone.  He asked me about that evening and I'd indicated I had plans (like getting to bed at a decent hour so that I could work the next day.)  He was very needy and talked about us getting together each of the rest of the days of my visit so that he could get as much of my cock as possible.   Hmmm.  There were other guys I wanted to be with and I wasn't going to commit to that.

Interestingly he didn't press me the rest of the week (maybe it's only when he's naked his does this shit and it's part of his fantasy?  If so he ought to abandon it; it's tedious and alienating.) But he was anxious to get together Friday, and after my plans had fallen through I was game, though I had a martini before dinner, and combined with a glass of wine I wanted to zonk out after a brutal day of appointments; he hadn't responded by 9:30 and then the next morning I found a message on my phone "probably after 11 pm".  I'd been sawing logs for a bit by that point (yes gents, you know you are an adult when you actually choose to go to sleep before 10 pm on a Friday night...)

The next morning he wanted to get together but I was meeting a friend for brunch, then he was working at 2 but would come over at noon, but was still at brunch with his friends at 12:30...yawn.

Well he scratched an itch (actually I scratched his) but no chance of picking out china patterns here.  Frankly I don't think there's going to be an encore.   I don't know that he's an intentional liar but he's certainly somewhat delusional.