Friday, June 15, 2012

the Key to a Bottom

Hooked up with fiftyish silver daddy today who I have been back and forth with over the past year via Craig's List ads.  He is divorced and now lives with his new girlfriend.   Fit, a gym devotee: a semi-retired professional  (lucky bastard) so he can host.  I had the time this morning and drove over to his place: immaculate, so (in touch with my Asian side) I immediately removed my sandals entering his house.

He led me into a pristine guest bedroom; no preliminaries, he started to pull his clothes off.  I said, "you are task oriented!" which caused him to pause and ask if I wanted to sit down first and chat.  I just laughed and said I guessed he had determined I'd work out.

This is a man of few words, which is fine, but some preliminaries are in order.  It was kind of perfunctory kissing (albeit, tongue kissing at least).  He was freshly showered, so no musk and I had no attraction to his pits.  Beginning to find this work I went down to his cock (he'd been sucking mine and was damned good) but it remained softish.  I asked if he was okay and he indicated he was nervous and hadn't done this in a long time.  Ready to chalk this up as a mistake I gave it a last try and asked him to roll over and started to eat his ass.  Suddenly the picture went from black and white to color.  The man had a voice!  He was grunting and groaning in great pleasure, reaching back to pull his cheeks apart, shoving back against my tongue and moaning.  After a long period of getting him dialated he rolled onto his back and pulled me to him to mouth kiss.  Okay, I'd discovered how to unlock this man's inhibitions.

Have you ever noticed how eating a guy's ass changes him into a different person?  He's not at all shy about groaning and sighing and letting you know he's vulnerable, and open, and loving it.  And, suddenly they remember (or learn how) to KISS.  And, the next thing they want is the real thing up their asses.

I thought this was going to be a cautious, reserved guy.  I then teased his hole with my cock head and let him take the action:  grinding, pushing back:  I could tell he was into it from the verbal feedback.  However, not wanting to push the envelope, I pulled back several times and went back to eating his ass  After three times the man pushed back until I was well past his spincter and he was clearly impaling himself on my cock.  Moaning "big cock! fuck me!" I had a green light, but reached for some lube since he indicated it had been a long time.  I rolled him over and sucked his cock as I lubed and finger fucked him before rolling him back onto his stomach and easing in and sliding up until my balls were outside his ass.

It was excellent, but for some reason I cautioned myself "don't under any circumstances pull out".  We kept at it for a long time and he asked for "my juice" saying "I want you to breed my ass."  Now this was a guy I expected to demand a condom and then to pull away saying he couldn't take it.  Not only were we fucking bare but suddenly he wanted a load in him.  Well, it wasn't hard to comply/he was tight, knew how to clench, and it felt great; I started to spurt into him and he pushed back hard and clamped his ass as hard as he could, excited that my load was in him.  He kept pushing back and did his best to keep me hard after I'd cum and to keep fucking him.  I did, but knew I'd need to pull out and at least 15 minutes before I'd be able to build up another load.  So I gave it a few more minutes of back and forth as he was loving it, but I knew it was time to ease out.  When I did I knew why instinct had earlier told me not to pull out.  I did my best to roll over and keep my cock off the sheets (though they now had lots of lube all over them) and jumped up to use the shower; sending hm to his guest bath.  It was, however, "all good" as they say.

As I was toweling off he was there standing grinning; a different man than I'd met.  A little shell of reserve had returned, but the afterglow was evident, as well as his familarity in being with the man who'd just bred him.  It was sweet.  We kissed at the door and he told me the best times --when the girlfriend was sure to be long away-- to return. I was glowing.

Reflecting on the experience, I realized it was all about eating his ass.  By eating his ass he figured I was safe:  I was demonstrating trust in him by taking a risk; I was doing something really really taboo; and I clearly wanted to make him feel great.  He wanted to bottom but at the moment I was eating his ass he was in control, he was the "top" so to speak.  It was "even".  And, it made him secure to have me do what he really wanted:  to fuck him bare and to give him my load.  I trusted him and so he trusted me.  We'd established more before that with the standard "when were you last tested" and marital status questions.  However, they were simply the foundation for possible trust.  Once those were confirmed it was my tongue in his ass that changed everything.  I'm glad I trusted him and he trusted me.  When I returned home he'd sent me a calendar outline of his availability.  Woo hoo!

Breaking in a Virgin

Tonight I connected with a businessman visiting out of town from Texas.  Miracle of all miracles, we connected through Craig's List (a posting that didn't get flagged by a declined suitor...)  This fellow posted me several times throughout the day and just before I was supposed to meet him he indicated co-workers were staying on the same property and he wasn't going to be available.  I figured that it went with the territory through CL connections and decided to do something "productive".  But then I got a message right afterwards saying that he'd ditched the co-workers and to come to his hotel, fortunately a hop, skip, and jump from my house.

I arrived and asked him if it was going to work for him.  Nice enough fellow:  a firm but noteworthy belly (good), nice sized dick (better), and hairy (hot.)  I asked him if he kissed and he indicated "not really" and then gave me a cursory peck on the lips; this was immediately after he said he was normally a quick cummer so that he'd had a few beers to slow himself down.  At this point I was imagining a max of 30 minutes.

While I started to suck him to get him to relax (but, had to keep pulling off so that he wouldn't cum), he was seriously into sucking my cock and was excellent.  He had it all the way down his throat much of the time.  Since I couldn't work his cock (remembering that when the bottom cums the show is over) I suggested he get on his hands and knees and plant his ass over my face.  The minute my tongue went there the guy was hooked.  He was very considerate and kept sucking my cock but he clearly just wanted to savor having his ass eaten.

He told me he wanted to get fucked but hadn't had a cock up his ass before; swell, I thought.  Mine is not the cock for a virgin; having had guys whine it was too big I figured this was going to end the minute I tried to get it in.  I continued eating his ass and then started some teasing of his crack and hole with the head of my cock.  The man was reduced to jelly:  he was pushing back against my cock and it was going partially in; I pulled off several times to rim him some more, and he was loving it.  The next thing I know is that the man who doesn't kiss was rolling on top of me to passionately French kiss.  He sucked my tongue and plunged his into my mouth.  I just layed there and enjoyed the passion.

He suggested a condom, but I wanted to keep the action going.  I got some lube and started to finger fuck him.  He rolled on his side and throated my cock while I loosened him with my fingers.  On his side he was pulling me down to kiss him and I could smell the manmusk he was working up; I pushed his arm back and beared my face in his pit between making out with him.

Next he was on his stomach with me teasing him again:  this man loved feeling the heat of my cock against his hole and was pushing back against it.  I made it clear I wasn't pushing into him, but soon after I felt my cock three quarters of the way inside him and him gasping how great it felt.  Soon he was pulling off and wanting a condom, which was totally cool

I rolled the condom on and fucked him lying on his stomach; he was panting "fuck me, FUCK me!" It was nice but he wanted to be on his back.  I was trying to take it easy and to be as gentle as possible, but this guy wanted pistoning.  On his back he kept pulling me forward to passionately French when not demanding I fuck him.  Up till this point I'd managed to keep him from stroking, but as I massaged his prostrate he was fighting to stroke his cock.  I released his hands and he furiously stroked while I moved in and out of him.  While I kept waiting for him to say it hurt, instead he kept groaning how great it felt.  The next thing I felt something warm hit my face; the next shot went over his head (no b.s.) and he spurted healthy ribbons that caked the hair on his chest.  I eased out and told  him to enjoy the afterglow (he was worried about me getting off.)

As it was I never did cum, but I had a damned good time.  While spent he threw his leg over my thigh and stroked me while making casual conversation.  He was enjoying the man2man touch and while done wasn't in a hurry to pull on shorts and usher me out.  He kept telling me how great it was, which pleased and surprised me as I was worried about hurting him and killing his interest in anal.  Apparently not:  I think I converted him to a bottom for sure.  And I found, again, that I don't need to cum to have an "orgasmic experience."