Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Hot Slab of Man

Today I assumed was going to be a rub one out day.  I was alone, but hadn't planned ahead.  Holiday weeks are typically slim pickings; everyone is busy.

Well, I had this message on a4a from some guy who'd been (apparently) lusting after me (read:  my cock) for over two years.  He's married, and could host.  He had a serious itch he wantedClick on the image to close me to scratch.

Okay, this guy is apparently 60 (you'd never guess it) but hot.  He's honest:  he stated that his cock is 5" (it is. and surrounded by a lovely, dense, bush of pubes.  It's also uncut.)  He told me he was psyched he might actually get my cock which he'd been hungry for. Well talk about ego boost!

It took seemingly forever to get to his house at the far end of the next town.  No highway connection, just densely packed local roads.  Too many rights and lefts (I got lost en route home.)  But I arrived.

He was giddy that I was there.  And this dude looks no older than 48/hardly 60.  He's a passionate kisser and I was able to run my fingers down his crack while we embraced (he was going commando) while he groped the cock he hoped to meet.  (Later he remarked, you always get to play with this? <my cock>.  I assured him I take it with me wherever I go.)  I liked the kissing; the dude is cute, and passionate.  But he eventually pulled off and said "let's go upstairs."  How could I refuse?

Okay, as he stripped I was again thinking "how am I so lucky?"  Defined pecs; defined biceps (this guy is fucking 60!)  Washboard stomach.  Small cock but hot.  He warned me he'd cum at the drop of a hat.  He was very anxious to suck my cock, and he was damn good.  He kept sucking my nipples (which does zero for me) but I didn't have the heart to tell him that doesn't do it for me; he was too fucking psyched.  He pulled off and told me how much he wanted my cock in his ass, and that he was likely to hold off from a spastic orgasm if I was inside him.

Well, I needed to eat that ass.  And what a lovely ass (I still have its musk in my stache and beard),  I really worked it:  nice/defined but relatively flat.  He was in heaven; so was I.  I had my tongue as far in him as I could get it.  I had him first on his back with his legs pulled up; then on his knees.  I asked him to go flat and then he spurted his load (I reached under him and grasped his dick and then licked my fingers.  I didn't want to freak him out but I definitely wanted a taste, and it was good...) 

I worried it might be done, but went back to his ass and started to rim him some more; he was so psyched.  And then I started to massage his crack and hole with my cock head.  He was growling with pleasure.  After a while he asked for a condom; I resumed alternating between eating him and teasing him.  Eventually I was about 2 inches into him as we both pretended  I hadn't penetrated him.  But he again asked for a condom and I rolled over and got my lube (Wet as opposed to the nasty Astroglide he had, and Magnum Trojans I carry.  Circulation is important to me...)  I wet myself, the inside of the condom, and lubed his ass/he begged me to finger him.

Soon I was inside him.  Bareback sex has nearly ruined condom sex for me; I could barely feel anything.  But I was loving his body; I was loving him thrusting back; I was loving his legs thrusting up and back down thrashing in pleasure; I was lovely wrapping my arms around his chest and entwining my fingers in his callused hard working hands.

I encouraged him to straddle me after I'd gotten him on his back and fucked and made out with him on his back (his legs were soon tired.)  As we dismounted the condom was nasty; he didn't freak.  We grabbed a towel, wiped off, I donned a new condom. He rode me and stroked off a second load.  It was hot (I never got to suck his dick, which was disappointing.)  He was spent; I encouraged him to dismount.  But this guy isn't an asshole.  Besides his offering me a glass of wine or something to drink about 47 times, he was also worried about my getting off.  I asked him if he was done when he was done, and he said yes.  I said, okay, but asked him to lie next to me.  And he leaned over and kissed me.  And I said "this is what I meant" and made out with him/this hot hot man, this passionate macho stud was banquet enough.  I didn't need to bareback and breed his hole.  It was enough to explore his fine body and to pleasure him.  As we kissed my load shot out of my cock up to my nipples.  He was impressed/I felt good/it was nice.

He was cool, but I knew he needed me to go (his wife couldn't have been too long away.)  We kissed several times; I talked about reconnecting, which he's indirectly approached after shooting his second load.  I indicated I'd be willing to host; he perked up/surprised.  We kissed more passionately and I left with the promise and intention of this happening again.  I like this man.