Friday, March 29, 2013

Stealthing the Giant

Okay, that is an admittedly provocative title for an entry.  And, it's probably inaccurate.  Stealthing, as I understand it, involves intent.  I thought I had an invitation to cum in the guy...but the gory details will follow...

So, last weekend, following my hook up with the once long lost bear, just after he was safely out the door I went to my open laptop, where I was logged into various sites and I had a message from a guy staying at a nearby swank hotel (to which I could walk if I wanted to/granted, about 2 miles and crossing a freeway.)  He was direct and to the point:  he wanted to get fucked.  Now some details:  6' 4", slim, and dirty blonde, mid-30s.  Okay, even though I'd just shot a load my cock tends to be greedy and, as we know, a hard dick has no conscience.  And, I had never been naked before with anyone that tall.

He indicated that he needed to go to Walgreens to get supplies to clean out and that he's buzz me back when he returned.  Well I went about mundane straightening up at home expecting flake potential but then, sure enough, he buzzed me back and said he'd be ready and gave me the room number.

I headed over with alacrity, but it is one of those tedious hotels with valet parking only.  I wasn't into coming downstairs and hour later and getting the once over by the valet ("must have been a nooner") so I looked for street parking/a tad tedious in that area.  But, soon I was soon in the elevator headed to his room.

He is very tall, but was quick to get to business and bending over to kiss I soon lost sense of his height.  I was focused on his amazingly muscled calves (this guy must live on the stair master and treadmill) and he was in gym shorts and a grey athletic shirt, an outfit that pushes my buttons. However, he had an incredibly "Nancy" voice, which was a seemingly interesting contradiction emanating from this macho looking giant.

Soon my shorts were down and he was on his knees nursing on my cock/he was slurping and grunting with satisfaction.  I pulled him up and slipped his down.  He has a nice meaty one:  not as long as mine, but thicker and one of those cocks you simply enjoy holding in your hand -- nice helf (sp) and spongy and warm.  I enjoyed sucking him as well and despite it's girth got it down my throat.   But he wanted to get to the main course -- and got no argument from me.

He asked what position and I said I wanted him on his stomach because I wanted to eat his ass, which was nice.  Once I got him naked I found that besides the broad shoulders and amazing calves he actually has a flabby tummy (interesting/not unattractive/clearly selective exercise.)  He loved getting his ass eaten, of course, and pulled his cheeks apart and pushed back as hard as he could on my tongue.  I got him slick with spit and teased his hole and despite the condoms and lube on the night stand he was pushing back and soon opened up to me and I found my cock sliding into him and his steady thrust backward pulling me into him, without the slightest hesitation/in fact nothing but ongoing affirmative sighing,and breathing coming out of him, and murmurs of how great it felt.  I commenced fucking him and was thoroughly enjoying it.

His ass felt great and my mind let me know my cock could deliver it's second load in 70 minutes at any time, no problem.  So I was holding back but enjoying it/my cock was throbbing with pleasure and my balls were in sync with it.  He was anxious to switch positions so he could stroke off while I fucked him, but I asked if we could stay with him on his stomach for a bit as it felt great.  I started to slow my thrusts and he asked why, to which I responded "because I am holding back and don't want to cum" and he said "why are you holding back?"  Well, I took that as a green light and started to grind into him and to let it spew.  Again he asked to change positions and I said "well, after I cum, okay?" to which he responded "well not in me!"  Define mixed signals and at that point I was pulsing and at least three spurts had shot into him. 

Well by then what was done was done.  I didn't want to freak him out though, so I immediately pulled out and made a point of gasping and heavy breathing as if I was only then just cumming.  And, cum was still shooting out (fortunately I'd already shot another load earlier or he might have immediately felt it inside him.)  Divulging that he had most of load in him wouldn't have changed a thing other than to serve as a buzz kill and to make him worry.

 I was on my knees straddling him and he rolled over onto his back.  He said "now that it's out you can put it back in me."  ?!  I am confounded by guys who don't want you to cum in them, but immediately after you do want your hard bare cock back inside them so that they can stroke off.  I mean, there is still cum in the shaft at that point guys!   Usually there is still cum in it until it gets soft and I take a leak afterwards!  Oh well, whatever.  His asking for that substantially reduced any angst I had felt about cumming in him. 

With my cock back in him (which felt nice...) he had his long legs in the air and vigorously stroked himself and  soon shot a nice load across his stomach.  He sighed, smiled, and quickly said in a chipper voice "want to shower?"  Okay, clearly no afterglow with this guy.  How do you spell trick?

I took him up on the offer (so dogs and cats wouldn't end up following me) and was soon after walking through the lobby noting it was about 45 minutes after I'd arrived.  Talk about task oriented.  He was visiting from Phoenix and this was clearly a maintainence call but, to paraphrase Bob Seeger,  he used me and I used him and we both got what wanted.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing the Instrument

This morning I connected with the long lost bear I reconnected with recently and as we had sex it occurred to me that it was like playing an instrument.

He's incredibly passionate and as we got naked, the sex was spontaneous and natural.  Frankly this is a guy I could just make out with for hours.  But, as we were making out it got frenzied; the kissing was cranking us up and as I was lying on top of him with my stiff cock pressed under his balls I was thrusting seeking to connect my cock's head with his hole and he thrust up and wrapped his legs around me hungry to get it.

The kissing progressed to lots of oral:  from the start I was squeezing, pinching and lightly chewing on his nipples, which made him crazy and inspired me further.  When we were making out the usual eyes are bigger than my plate thoughts occurred (sure, I could keep up for at least two hours/this was probably going to be two loads/that I'd rim him again after cumming/that I'd swallow his load after shooting the second into him.)  These thoughts were sustaining me as I licked down to his cock and gave him an incredible (he said modestly) blow job.   Hs cock is thin enough that I had no trouble throating it.  While in the various profiles he claims to be 8", he's not as long as I am so throating him was pretty easy for me (I think I am 7.5" but bottoms have insisted it's longer/whatever, it does the trick...pardon the pun.)   I was definitely working his flute (to sustain the instrument analogy) and eliciting the desired responses from him --grunts and moans of pleasure/thrashing--that urged me on as I worked the piss slit with the tip of my tongue and sloppily sucked the head while simultaneously working below it with one hand while lightly stroking his taint and balls with the fingers of the other hand.  I guess that could have been akin to playing the piano/I was definitely playing him.

I licked south to his hole and then flipped him over and devoted alot of attention to tonguing his anus.  Of course this had him going and, bringing to mind another instrument, he was as tight as a drum.  I kept at it a l o n g time and thought I had him totally relaxed.  However, penetrating him and then then holding still and waiting for him to adjust and then working three inches in, and again holding still for him to adjust, and then pulling back just a bit and working him gradually with the three inches I then, at that point, was feeling my cock was the bow and was the violin.  It was at that moment, as I was trying to get him relaxed and to accept my cock so that we could get into a rhythm that I thought to myself "this is like playing an instrument."  (Full disclosure, the only musical instrument I have ever played was the violin.)

Like last time he really had trouble taking me:  he wanted it and was good with using spit, but at a certain point we both decided lube was in order.  When I used it I slid right into him (I was out of Wet and he brought that nasty Astroglide) but as I slid into him and started to fuck him I was noting his eyes squeezed shut in apparent discomfort.  So I held still and eventually eased out.  He indicated that it was burning and he thought it was the lube as it didn't feel like that before (of course, he'd only had ~ 3" in him.)  I was mellow and after he finished spasming, gently rolled him over onto his stomach.

I think he was nervous I was going to try to just push back inside him. But I pulled his cheeks apart and started to delicately rim him some more and I could hear him exhale with mixed relief, surprise, and pleasure.  I kept it up for a long time until I knew he was relaxed, and then lined my cock up against his hole again and eased in:  stopping at one inch/moving forward and stopping at three inches/then pushing forward till he had about six inches.  His breathing conveyed he was then okay and ready and--perhaps--enjoying it.  But at that point I was enjoying it and I wanted to get off.  It was feeling just right and I realized if I wanted to I could cum right away.  I was starting to get into a nice rhythm and wanted to savor the fuck but then discerned he was ready to seize up again and beg me to pull out.  So I concentrated on enjoying the thrusting and to let it go.

Again I eased out and I don't know if he knew whether I'd shot my load.  I think his ass was still spasming a bit and I gave him a moment to just lie there and to relax, leisurely sucking on one of his nipples and gently squeezing the others.  However,  his cock had never gotten soft and in fact had a nice big pearl of precum dripping out of its slit.   So I eased down and sucked him into my mouth.  I wanted him to feel good and decided I was going to get him off with my mouth.  So I focused on hand and mouth action, sucking and stroking him and massaging his balls.  Eventually I was able to work the magic and his legs stiffened, his body writhed, and he thrashed.  Then his head slammed against the pillow and I finally felt him pulse into my mouth (thank God/my jaw was getting sore.)  It was a huge load and while I'd imagined wanting it when we started, for some reason I didn't want to swallow then.   When I'd been rimming him he said he wanted to make out after I finished/he wasn't encouraging me to make out with him after he came in my mouth, so it didn't inspire me to swallow and, instead, I grabbed a hand towel and spit into it. (Weird how moods swing.)

Afterwards he was clearly experiencing some cardiovascular rushes.  He kept saying "sorry" and I was encouraging him to lie back and enjoy the afterglow.  It's natural to feel like that as a good orgasm can be an out of body experience.  I was glad to have gotten him there as he clearly hadn't enjoyed the fucking.  His squeezebox clearly needs more regular maintenance.  Hopefully he'll hire me as his tuner.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Like a Rabbit

Today was a lazy day off and, of course, I was logged into the various sites.  I even put an ad on Craig's List inviting a typical array of lunes and flakes to respond, which was just inviting frustration.  (My fav is when you specify that they should include a pic 90% don't, and then have the nerve to ask you for a face pic.  And, then when you indicated you can't host they get into message ping/pong and then ask "can ya host".  There is no accounting for intelligence.)

Well, a married guy who I have had random hook ups with appeared on line.  He'd changed his profile but included the same mouth watering butt pic in his new profile, so there was no question that it was him.

 I tapped him a hello and invited him over.  He was hung up, and then wrote me it was no go as his wife was going out and he had to mind his daughter.  Fair enough.

Then a few minutes later I heard the laptop ding:  he indicated that we could connect in his garage for a quicky as his daughter was down at a friend's playing.  I was hesitant (a. because I'd rubbed two out today; b.  because I wasn't enthralled by the garage scene.)  Some context here:  a couple of years ago he'd come on to me and was super persistent and I was super horny and met him in his garage.  It was tacky, slutty, and actually a good if brief time.  He actually had me inside the house and I have had him over here.  These have been very brief, task oriented occasions.  No kissing, he isn't interested in being rimmed or being sucked (damn shame, he has a beautiful cock,  about a half inch longer and a half inch thicker than mine.)

Now this is a pretty hot youngish guy (probably 30; nice fine blonde fur across his ass, 6' 1" and about 190.  Good looking/and a dirty blonde.)  And, as you can see, he has a great ass.  Too bad he doesn't kiss and is laconic/a tad socially awkward.  But he loves to get fucked.  And, interestingly enough we've always fucked bare, though I'd never cum in him.   He always cums while being fucked; when he was here and in the spare bedroom I could actually hear his load splatter on the carpet, which was actually pretty hot.

I decided to succumb and said I'd be over.  He was jumping in the shower.  As I was about to leave he wrote and said the daughter had come home/cancelled plans.  Okay, I could get some stuff done I thought.  Then, 15 minutes later the laptop dinged again:  he wrote back he was all cleaned out and horny as hell and perhaps we could pull off a quicky after all.  I declined saying the last thing I wanted to do was to be busted by his child.  A few minutes later he wrote back that she'd returned to the friend's house.  I thought, what the hell/it would be quick.

Now I questioned being able to cum:  in more relaxed situations I have had trouble cumming even when barebacking lately (however, I was also being pressured to give up a load, which jammed my head/yes I will actually write some entries about this as previously promised.)  But I was looking forward to my bare cock in his bare ass again.  Some people's temperature runs a little higher and this guy is among them; his ass is sort of like a moist, tight electric blanket around my cock.

I got there and was led into the garage and said "here we are again."  He paused and then laughed (score) but soon pulled my shorts down and started to suck my cock with gusto; and it felt great.  All too soon he was squeezing lube across my cock, dropped his gym shorts and was presenting his ass to be entered.

A number of things here:  I had my shorts around my ankles, limiting my mobility (I considered taking them off, but thought better of the idea in case rapid escape was needed) and I don't like fucking standing up.  But as I penetrated him I was reminded how good his ass feels/he was pushing back but I was doing the fucking and we were both enjoying it.  I was astonished as I could feel the switch flip and he was grunting with satisfaction; I thought I noticed something and momentarily wondered if he'd cum on the floor (I later found out he had.)  But he was enjoying it and kept urging me on; I asked him if he wanted it and he said yes, and I let it go and he pushed back.

As he pulled off my cock he turned around and had a washcloth in his hands and was very carefully wiping my dick dry:  for a macho/I just want to get my ass fucked sort of guy it was actually touching.   I did the math and knew to pull up my pants and to say adios, noting "now that I've scratched that itch for you, you'll be able to concentrate.)

Summary:  I came in him; came mostly clothed (except for the critical part) came standing up, came after having cum two other times today, and came in about seven minutes of fucking.  Woah!  Clearly all psychological...  As I walked to my car, to quote a sage "I felt as light as a feather..."  It was definitely rabbit-like, but then it is spring and Easter is just around the corner.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Riding the Wave

So I was on line today and noted that a local guy had checked out my profile, and that I'd listed him as a friend.  So looking at the buddy information my memory was refreshed:  both his name, and his mobile were listed.  Added good luck was that I found him on line.

I was pretty confident this was a guy I'd hooked up with three years ago.  He came over for what we both thought would be a task oriented maintainence hook up.  Instead we spent the afternoon in bed having earth shaking sex.  He indicated at the time that he rarely hooked up; after he left he vanished until today. 

At first he didn't seem to remember me/I have him a few cues, but also my memory was a bit rusty.  I was thinking that perhaps this wasn't a guy I'd actually connected with, but instead one who'd shared his contact information for a possible future connection.  But then he unlocked his face pic and I knew I had the right guy.

We were doing the message ping pong but the responses weren't delayed/they were immediate, so it was clear we were both serious about reconnecting.  I still don't think he fully remembered and then I gave him a call, which blew him away.  Suddenly it all came back to him.  He couldn't host, and based on our previous connection I trusted him to offer to do so.  We'd both barebacked the last time and we both had been consistently tested and established that was where we wanted to go again. He said he'd be over in 30 minutes.

When he walked in he looked older and a bit heavier, but wears it well/he's nice on the eyes.  5' 11" and a bear/goatee and a head full of thick silver hair.  Once we got into the bedroom and embraced all the sensory memories started flooding back.  He is incredibly passionate.

Some people are simply amazing kissers:  they seem to have bigger, more responsive tongues and are more persistent in probing your mouth, knowing just when to withdraw enough to have their tongues connect with yours, and to nonverbally invite you to fully explore their mouths.  I guess the term is sucking face, but it's great when it's totally unconscious and it's simply your libido giving the direction.  We both got lost in making out and our throbbing hardons were pretty much a secondary consideration.  It took a concerted effort to move south.  This is a guy I could easily spend hours in bed with, but today I need to get some stuff done (I am typing his while eating lunch.) 

His body is what I like:  fleshy over muscle, broad shoulder, and hairy with a nice gut that conveys being in his 50's, not slovenly overindulgence.  He's meaty and wears it well.  He has a coat of wiry silver hair across his body, ice blue eyes reminiscent of a husky, and a nice long thick cock and low hanging balls.

With a couple of recent bare hook ups I'd had trouble getting to the finish line (both regulars urging me to cum/I hate being nagged for my load and I think familiarity can be a buzz kill:  the subject for an entry or two to come/as opposed to cum...ahem.)  My cock was throbbing, but I also knew it would need sustained attention lest the buzz wear off and the fucking become an effort.    But I discovered how sensitive his nipples were, and while he's showered within the last 45 minutes I noted some pleasant manmusk emanating from his pits.  He was going wild as I nibbled on his nips and then licked back to his pits.  He was grasping the back of my head to passionately kiss each time I'd completed one of those journeys.

Finally I wanted to get to his cock, and having located his switch kept one hand pinching a nipple while I sucked his cock and stroked his balls with the other hand.  I soon had him thrashing/I was contemplating taking his load in my mouth, but know most bottoms seize up after cumming and can't be entered, so I backed off.  His cock is almost as long as mine, but has a tapered head and is about an inch thinner, so it was perfect for sucking/I could fully throat it and just barely not gag.  He returned the favor (but did gag, but his watering eyes conveyed satisfaction he'd done it) and then I pushed him onto his stomach.

It was a pleasure to eat his hairy ass, and as his pits promised he had great manmusk going there as well.  I was enjoying it saturating my beard (I think he was enjoying my beard as well as my tongue up there) and he was thrashing and then working to make sure that his calves were connecting with mine to assure maximum body contact.   Oh it was nice.

Some guys have an anus you can suck:  this was one of them.  Not just an opening to explore and pass with your tongue, but an entrance you can wrap your lips around and suck.  Again, I was enjoying this and could have kept at it for 30 minutes, but I wanted to sustain the attention of Mr. Hard On and assure that I'd achieve something, besides fucking him, today.  So I spit more saliva on him and rubbed his entrance with the head of my cock but no go.  His ass was like Fort Knox; it was totally locked up.  I pulled off and rimmed him for awhile and tried again/I breached the fortress, but he started to whimper with pain.  I pulled back and we got into some mutual sucking and making out again.   He straddled me and got about 3 inches in and then withdrew with reluctant defeat.

I was mellow, rolled him on to his stomach, massaged his back, resumed eating his ass with intention, and worked his nipples  Then I could feel him beginning to yield.  I lined up and very very very patiently applied gradual pressure and felt it pop in/he warned me to just hold it:  I held myself up by my hands and waited for him to push back; a few more inches went in; he started to spasm, I eased out and ate his hole some more and then resumed.  At that point I was fine with us just rolling onto our backs and stroking off, but this time it went in; I held still, he moved back; I held still; he pushed back and then I started working him very  very gradually with three then four inches.  By this point his body yielded and I pushed it all into him.

His body language was indicating this was a sweet/sour moment for him.  He was enjoying it/yet also uncomfortable.  But he started to push back and murmurred, I like being filled with you.   His body was throbbing and spasming and he was pushing back against my pelvis so I got the cue to ride the wave. I started to gently fuck him.  Now his ass felt great, and I knew I could cum; the questions were:  the risk of transcending my optimal point of stimulation (and not being able to leisurely ejaculate) or whether he'd give up because it was too much unfamiliar stimulation (it clearly had been a long time since he's last been fucked) and he was getting sore.  I gave Mr. Hard On the aokay to spew his load/ so after a brief period of fine feeling fucking (about 10 minutes) I get it go.  At first I don't know if he knew I'd cum, but shortly thereafter he must have felt the warmth and acknowledged it while I eased out.

We were really comfortable with each other and we  got on our backs and made out and then he started to furiously stroke his cock, which had never gotten soft during any of this.  I was past wanting him to cum in my mouth, but I started to suck his nipples and to work his balls; he kept pushing my hand south and then I realized he wanted me to figure his hole while he stroked.  I did that, pinched his nipples and pulled his mouth to mine and then he started to spasm and shot an amazing load all over his chest with a noteworthy amount puddling on the sheets.  This boy had really needed that itch to be scratched!

After he came we caught up.  He's a sweet guy; single but lives with his family, which cramps his social life.  After the blood returned to his head he was able to get up and to dress and get on with his day as well.  I am just hoping it isn't three years before I see him again.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cumming in the Condom

I have been derelict in reporting, but had a couple of less than satisfying encounters to relate.   When I work up the energy I'll chronicle them properly.  However, this past Sunday marked a pleasant milestone of sorts.

I wasn't expecting to have the day free and had just gotten in late the night before from a trip, so I woke up horned.  While I read the paper and vegged I was logged in to the usual sites and had a few nibbles/I'd rubbed one out the morning and was imaging rubbing out another.  But then a somewhat older guy from Sacramento started flirting with me; his profile looked vaguely familiar.  I soon learned he was in the area on business and staying at a nearby Hilton.  The time between the messages became more prolonged and his responses were more tentative.  It was then late afternoon and I made it clear that it if was going to happen it needed to happen then and that it would be less than an hour and to give me his room number.  I got it and responded I'd be there in 15 minutes.

It always makes me feel particularly slutty to hook up with a guy in a hotel just a few miles from my house.  With some relief I cleared the lobby without running into anyone I knew (it's also always interesting trying to inconspicuously navigate the hotel lobby to locate the resident elevators.)  Anyway, moments after parking I was at his room. 

When he opened the door he wasn't at all what I expected:  sort of a blue collar sort of professional guy (I am guessing construction or sales of some sort.)  He is broad shouldered, with defined biceps and pecs, and the well deserved hard gut of a strong man in his late 50s.  Nice, amiable, but macho:  a man's man.  A full shock of thick, combed back white hair (sort of like a crysthanthum) and white hair across his whole body.  After an awkward initial handshake I pulled him to me and we started to make out.  He groped me and I slid my hands down his shorts and squeezed his hairy ass, explored his crack and probed his hole.  I pulled down his shorts and found he had a fat but remarkably short cock.  I started to suck it and and understood why this guy wanted to bottom (I later found out that he's's hard to imagine him topping women or men.)

He soon had my pants off and was really enjoying my cock.  But I didn't have alot of time (and I don't particularly like standing up to get sucked.)  So I led him to the bed and pushed him onto his stomach.  The time was running out of my hour glass and it was time to take charge. 

I started to eat his ass, and while he had just showered he had serious manmusk going there.  It was really really turning me on and I was thoroughly enjoying eating him and his grunts were affirming.  I raised up and started to tease his hole with my cock and he was pushing back and I was a couple of inches in him and he was groaning in lots of pleasure.  Not wanting to freak him out I eased out and started to rim him again and then resumed.

He was loving my cock in him and was pushing back; he had at least 4 inches inside him and we were getting into a slight groove.  Catching himself he asked if I had a condom; I said yes but pulled out and started to eat him again and then tease him again.  He thrust back and 5 inches were in him and he kept pushing back and then caught himself again and said "let's use a condom".  I was cool with that and lubed him, my cock and amply lubed the condom before easing into him.

At that point I imagined it would be some cursory, dull thrusting on my part before I pulled out in frustration.  However, it was feeling really good and his man musk was making it all click in my head.  I have figured that olafactory stimulation plays a huge role in whether I get off and his musk saturating in my beard and mustache was enabling me to totally get into the scene.  Amazingly I could feel my load rising and let it happen and was amazed to feel it spew into the condom.   I was savoring that nice burning afterglow when the cum has worked up your shaft and the ache you feel when your balls have emptied.  I was done but he was still enjoying getting fucked, though he realized from the change in rhythm I'd cum.  So for a few minutes more I half heartedly fucked him and then protested I wanted to make sure I secured the condom so I grasped it at the root of my cock, eased out, jumped up, and flushed it.

Kudos to him/for a guy who claimed not to have been fucked in over a year he was well cleaned out.  I was in a business like mood and I think he was relieved that I was "chop/chop" about needing to get dressed and leave.  It was evident he was processing what he'd actually done so it was a great time to go.

As I walked out to my car I had some pep in my step.  Not only had I had a great orgasm, I'd cum while wearing a condom, something I'd given up believing would ever happen again.  The irony was that I'd had a couple of recent barebacking experiences where I'd had trouble cumming.  Which proves to me it's all about whether you are feeling pressured or not, and how many senses are being stimulated.