Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Arrogant" Jock

I have been traveling a lot lately and have a few adventures to share.  However, I was also in the South and was reminded of the Promiscuous Top's entries in that the men were very into flirting and then didn't come through.  Though, in all fairness, I was only free late at night and I was looking to connect weeknights. Yet, message ping pong is tedious and I can't stand being jerked around.  In many cases I suspect the guy had his cock in his hand and was working it while typing with no intention of going anywhere.

During an overnight in Austin, however, a guy came on to me that afternoon.  His pics were buff, "Jock" was part of his on line title, and I was above his age ceiling and his requisite muscle and body fat specifications.  I pointed this out when he messaged me.  But, he persisted, though I found the arrogant tone and qualifications largely a turn off.  As it ended up we were staying in the same hotel (this has happened to me twice in the last couple of months, interestingly enough.  And it wasn't like we were at the same conference/I wasn't at a conference in fact, but he was...)  Well late afternoon it didn't seem it was going anywhere and I had to work that evening.  So off I went and when I returned and logged back in he was still there. He hit me up again and I reminded him I didn't meet his specs and that it wasn't a match.  But oddly he was persistent; obviously he hadn't gotten any.  We exchanged face pics and while I wasn't entirely feeling it -- I too was horny --so I listed my room number in a message, but then someone else I was chatting up with whom I was truly simpatico wanted to connect so I quickly deleted the message (note gents:  messages on a4a aren't deleted if the guy has checked he wants them to go to his email account) and was chatting up the other guy to come over.   Then I heard a knock at the door/the jock was there.  (Nope, whew, I hadn't given the other guy my location; God looks out after children and fools.)

The Jock is Latino, and swarthy handsome.  Ironically from San Diego (most of the guys I seriously chatted up during my travels weren't from the South, they were visitors, but that squares with my Southern experiences.) When he entered he was passionate and wanted to kiss (didn't square with the machismo bullshit he was putting out on line.)  When he stripped it was clear he is fine:  serious cut pecs, nice defined biceps.  Saves his body (damn) but nice dense pits.  Taut muscular thighs and calves/clearly devoted to the gym, which when I discovered his vulnerability, and his being 5' 8", I fully understood.

We got into some seriously passionate sex.  He really wanted to make out and is excellent at sucking face.  He also devoted serious attention to my cock.  Eventually I had to pull him off and to explore his:  uncut (I love that Latins leave their boys intact) about 5-6" but beautifully shaped.  I rolled him on to his stomach and really got into his beautiful bubble butt. I kept at it for a long time and rubbed my cock up and down his crack and massaged his hole with my head and partially penetrated him; he clearly wanted it bare but insisted that it was condom time.  I suited up and went in/since he's short and buff I was seriously deep and he was loving it.

I sucked the back of his neck and licked out his ears while I pistoned in and out and he bent his head back to passionately kiss me and then grabbed my hand and sucked on my thumb while I continued to fuck him.  It was sweet and tender and totally out of sync with the bullshit he'd been spewing on line.

He wanted to sit on it and as I pulled out I immediately smelled trouble/ it wasn't gross, but he needed to go clean up (interestingly guys who insist on condoms more often than not don't know how to thoroughly clean out/which makes condoms a plus in such occasions.)  However, we went back and forth in various positions but I knew I wasn't going to cum in the condom.

We ended up lying side by side making out and stroking off; he shot a nice load and was excited when he saw me give up mine.  But then the switch went off.  He was up, wiped up, and was quickly getting dressed.  I figured he was now into an "I am an Hombre" role.  However, he wasn't, actually.  He asked and was disappointed to learn that I was only there for the night, sincerely hugged me and gave me a big kiss before he left.  The tenderness and vulnerability were touching and he was totally hot.  Too bad he feels the need to maintain that veneer because his sensitivity only enhances his beauty.