Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dirty Married Butt

The second installment of my slutty Saturday here.

Well, today after I'd connected with the Piano Man I found a message from today's Man Number Two who had responded last week to my CL ad, almost simultaneous with a message from Man Number Three.  So I scanned my email and was reminded of last week's message ping pong with him.
The title of the response was "vgl bottom here". Frankly the "vgl" always annoys me; describing yourself as "very good looking" is arrogant and conveys a sort of macho swagger I find tiring. Let me figure out if you are good looking or not; good looking is pretty relative. However, when I went through the messages I also found he'd included a body pic:

He added that he was 5' 11", 155 lb. and muscular.  The pic definitely looked hot.  So I thought, what the heck but responded I was more of a silver daddy and not muscular or buff.   He was okay with that.  Being a bottom he liked my description and, quite frankly, it appeared that primarily he wanted to feel my big cock up his ass.
Last week he'd indicated we could meet at a rental property of his sister's in a blue collar town to the north.  It's an okayish town, one I don't troll too often, so I was moderately interested.  However, he then wrote back that he couldn't get the keys, and I forgot about him entirely.
Today he wrote and indicated he had the keys to a place in a toney town just next door.  I knew exactly where he meant and it is about 15 minutes away.  So I was totally cool with it. He wanted to meet at a church parking lot and to have me follow him.  While I figured there was flake potential, at least I'd be in a nice area and able to come back home quickly if he didn't show.
However, he did arrive.  When he pulled in I thought he looked older than the 43 he described.  Greying at the temples and, unshaven, his stubble was grey also.  He does look sinewy, but I wouldn't call him vgl at all.  Wiry hair, combed back and receding, large glasses.  He looks okay, but not distinguished. You wouldn't lust after him seeing him walking down the street.  But he does have a nice smile.  Clearly a professional type in a the North Face sort of way, down to the black VW Fox he was driving.  I imagine he skis regularly.
Well I followed him to an empty condo; it was weird as he was nervous about our being seen by the neighbors in the adjacent units, though the likelihood seemed slim.  He shared that he was married and discreet.  I'd imagined that based on his arrangements for where we were hooking up.
He stripped and definitely does have a fine bod; he clearly spends alot of time in the gym and looks like he might swim as well.  Zero body fat; a tiny tight little butt.  His bod, for sure, is vgl, though he added at least an inch to his height in his description.  He has a nice cock, but while well shaped it appeared pretty small.  However, it definitely grew to nice size when engorged.
It was awkward and weird to stand in an empty, carpeted bedroom and to mutually stroke.  But I was there in a "why the heck not try it mood" with low expectations. We held our cocks together and got into some mutual stroking and he knelt down and sucked mine and I sucked his.  Again, the shape of his is great.  Then I asked him if he liked to get rimmed; he seemed surprised that I asked, and responded "sure if you like to do that".  I almost laughed; the attitude was almost as if he was doing me a favor.
Well he was showered and his anus was clean and I ate his ass and he was clearly enjoying it.   I pulled off and the next thing I knew he was straddling me and taking it up his ass, which astonished me.  I figured this was going to be a wrapped experience and had condoms in  my jeans.  However, I was psyched that instead this would be skin to skin.  I knew he wasn't that wet, and he was grimacing as he pushed down; fortunately I had brought lube as well, which I fished out of my pants.  Still he was tight as hell and grimaced as he skewered himself with my cock, moaning "you're really big".  However, he loved it and was riding up and down it like a pogo stick.  His face went from grimacing in pain to pleasure:  he was stretched now and the big head was massaging his guts nicely.
It was okay, but being straddled is not my favorite position and doesn't allow me to do the fucking, so I asked if he'd like to try getting on his knees.  I also know the other guy ultimately enjoys it more when I am in control of the action.  Well that required pulling out of him and my olafactory senses immediately went on alert:  he's gotten my cock dirty and it smelled; however the dude also had it all inside him and his ass is pretty small, so I'd surely passed the second sphincter.  He jumped up and ran into the bathroom and found toilet paper and I wiped a bit off; I assumed that would end it, but he wanted me back in, and stood while I pushed into him.   It was awkward fucking him standing and I recommended he put his hands against the wall, but he was worried about marks so, connected, we hobbled together into the adjacent bathroom.
His ass felt nice, but this wasn't satisfying and it was just plain sleazy and weird. However, I felt like I could cum, and when I asked him where he wanted me to, he indicated the sink.  He started to vigorously work his cock and then I saw him spew an amazing amount of cum into the sink we were leaning against.  My cock had come out and it was really pretty gross; we could both smell the stink and he was doing alot of wiping of his ass and I was wiping off my shit covered cock.  I asked if there was any soap and he remembered some downstairs in the kitchen, but needed to get dressed (the shades were up) to get it.  Fortunately there were paper towels and hand soap, so I was able to clean up a little.  However, I never got off/he wasn't being a prick, but considering how dirty he got me it was logical that we both just wanted to move on.
When I got home I tapped him a response saying he had a nice cock and a nice ass and that, perhaps, I'd host him some time.  (I figure he's married, discreet, and sane, so a reasonable risk.  Also, I'd enjoy fucking him in a bed and savoring it, with towels and soap and water readily at hand in case he ended up dirty.  However, this is the downside of playing with married or usually "straight" bottoms; they think shoving a finger up there while showering will do the job sufficiently.  Perhaps it might if they are bottoming for an average sized cock, but mine is long and this guy wanted it as deep as possible  (hint married men:  Fleet enema/disposable --she'll never know.)  He wrote back complimenting my dick (aw shucks partner, that's so sweet of you...) and saying he'd gladly like to do it again.  We'll see.  I must admit I liked the bod and would like to get horizontal in some proper furniture (read:  a bed) and to give him a proper fuck. Who knows, maybe he'd take the load.