Saturday, March 16, 2013

Like a Rabbit

Today was a lazy day off and, of course, I was logged into the various sites.  I even put an ad on Craig's List inviting a typical array of lunes and flakes to respond, which was just inviting frustration.  (My fav is when you specify that they should include a pic 90% don't, and then have the nerve to ask you for a face pic.  And, then when you indicated you can't host they get into message ping/pong and then ask "can ya host".  There is no accounting for intelligence.)

Well, a married guy who I have had random hook ups with appeared on line.  He'd changed his profile but included the same mouth watering butt pic in his new profile, so there was no question that it was him.

 I tapped him a hello and invited him over.  He was hung up, and then wrote me it was no go as his wife was going out and he had to mind his daughter.  Fair enough.

Then a few minutes later I heard the laptop ding:  he indicated that we could connect in his garage for a quicky as his daughter was down at a friend's playing.  I was hesitant (a. because I'd rubbed two out today; b.  because I wasn't enthralled by the garage scene.)  Some context here:  a couple of years ago he'd come on to me and was super persistent and I was super horny and met him in his garage.  It was tacky, slutty, and actually a good if brief time.  He actually had me inside the house and I have had him over here.  These have been very brief, task oriented occasions.  No kissing, he isn't interested in being rimmed or being sucked (damn shame, he has a beautiful cock,  about a half inch longer and a half inch thicker than mine.)

Now this is a pretty hot youngish guy (probably 30; nice fine blonde fur across his ass, 6' 1" and about 190.  Good looking/and a dirty blonde.)  And, as you can see, he has a great ass.  Too bad he doesn't kiss and is laconic/a tad socially awkward.  But he loves to get fucked.  And, interestingly enough we've always fucked bare, though I'd never cum in him.   He always cums while being fucked; when he was here and in the spare bedroom I could actually hear his load splatter on the carpet, which was actually pretty hot.

I decided to succumb and said I'd be over.  He was jumping in the shower.  As I was about to leave he wrote and said the daughter had come home/cancelled plans.  Okay, I could get some stuff done I thought.  Then, 15 minutes later the laptop dinged again:  he wrote back he was all cleaned out and horny as hell and perhaps we could pull off a quicky after all.  I declined saying the last thing I wanted to do was to be busted by his child.  A few minutes later he wrote back that she'd returned to the friend's house.  I thought, what the hell/it would be quick.

Now I questioned being able to cum:  in more relaxed situations I have had trouble cumming even when barebacking lately (however, I was also being pressured to give up a load, which jammed my head/yes I will actually write some entries about this as previously promised.)  But I was looking forward to my bare cock in his bare ass again.  Some people's temperature runs a little higher and this guy is among them; his ass is sort of like a moist, tight electric blanket around my cock.

I got there and was led into the garage and said "here we are again."  He paused and then laughed (score) but soon pulled my shorts down and started to suck my cock with gusto; and it felt great.  All too soon he was squeezing lube across my cock, dropped his gym shorts and was presenting his ass to be entered.

A number of things here:  I had my shorts around my ankles, limiting my mobility (I considered taking them off, but thought better of the idea in case rapid escape was needed) and I don't like fucking standing up.  But as I penetrated him I was reminded how good his ass feels/he was pushing back but I was doing the fucking and we were both enjoying it.  I was astonished as I could feel the switch flip and he was grunting with satisfaction; I thought I noticed something and momentarily wondered if he'd cum on the floor (I later found out he had.)  But he was enjoying it and kept urging me on; I asked him if he wanted it and he said yes, and I let it go and he pushed back.

As he pulled off my cock he turned around and had a washcloth in his hands and was very carefully wiping my dick dry:  for a macho/I just want to get my ass fucked sort of guy it was actually touching.   I did the math and knew to pull up my pants and to say adios, noting "now that I've scratched that itch for you, you'll be able to concentrate.)

Summary:  I came in him; came mostly clothed (except for the critical part) came standing up, came after having cum two other times today, and came in about seven minutes of fucking.  Woah!  Clearly all psychological...  As I walked to my car, to quote a sage "I felt as light as a feather..."  It was definitely rabbit-like, but then it is spring and Easter is just around the corner.