Friday, November 9, 2012

Nothing Beats It

After a long hiatus, last night the Piano Man and I connected at a local motel.  We usually connect there; it's a modest and some what sad place.  It's clean, and safe, but the mattresses are thin and rump sprung, and there are no clocks.  We've had to roll over and grab cell phones to figure outwhat time it is/ how long we've been at it.

We've exchanged messages through MH and a4a since we last connected in July.  He's been traveling/I've been traveling.  When we've mutually been home our mutual opportunities haven't been in the same orbit.  But, finally they were.

When I arrived he was already ready: he'd cleaned out (some more) and was standing in his underwear when I walked in.  We embraced, groped each other, and started to make out.  It was fun and awkward as I tried to strip.  It is interesting as you stand there, hard and panting and making out and wondering who is going to make the first move to the bed:  I ended up pushing him onto it.  And he was anxious to have my hungry body on top of his urgent with my lust.

Okay, this is beginning to sound like a romance novel.  So, after a couple of month hiatus I started to reacquaint myself with his bod.  What struck me was that as a scholar and academic, this guy had serious manscent.  But, it wasn't coming from his pits, but instead from his ass, cock and balls, which I discovered when I went there to start to suck his cock.

Again, I was struck by how fucking thick this guy's cock is:  it's easily as thick as it is long (because, it's not that long, but it is fat as hell:  easily 6 1/2" thick.)  Fortunately, I managed to get it down my throat.  Frankly, its a pretty ugly dick, as dicks go, but it is impressive:   a huge head, and dripping precum.  And, fortunately, he doesn't manscape.  He has the hair there that nature gave him, there and everywhere else, which is nice.

Well, we got there.  I sucked him, he sucked me, I ate his ass, and then went in.  He begged for some lube, but it went in easily with spit.  However, I didn't want him needing me to pull out, so I used a minimal amount of lube (I was also imaging him wanting a break, him wanting to suck me, me wanting to eat his ass some more...)  We assumed the regular positions:  him doggy, flat on his stomach, on his side, straddling me.  I saved getting him on his back hoping to later lose a second load.

It took a long time  (part of it due to the fact he was warm as hell and sweating like a pig), but I eventually felt it spew into him:  he knew it, despite the fact that I am not vocal (the screaming, moaning stuff is mostly theatre in my opinion/I focus on my cock and shooting my load, not on making noise.) It was intimate (duh) and nice:  he was glad to feel  me let it go and he clamped down on me to squeeze it into him.  We spooned and enjoyed the afterglow, and I grew slack and fell out of him.

We resumed making out, and as I was in the post orgasm zone I distractedly stroked his cock and balls.  I always feel shitty and selfish after I cum because I simply want to enjoy my own pleasure and not worry about the bottom.  But, fair is fair.   And, I like him and enjoyed his excitement as he darted his tongue in and out of my mouth and his hunger for  me to get hard again.  Soon his head was between my thighs.

It's interesting because sucking me hasn't been a huge part of our encounters (I've been anxious to fuck him) but his MH and a4a profiles stress sucking prior to getting fucked.  Well, he was hungry to suck my cock and I experienced all of his skill. My cock wasn't feeling getting hard again, but he had it up and throbbing in no time.  And, it felt great.  I actually wasn't feeling up for a second round after I shot (I was exhausted from staying up for the election results the previous night) but he had me hard and wanting in him again. 

We tried with him on his back, but his ass wasn't having it.  He kept spasming, and I went in several times and he kept using poppers (and turned beat red and was panting like he's have a heart attack:  that shit is clearly bad for you.  I was wondering what I'd do if he had a heart attack at one point.)  We tried several times and he finally apologized that he simply couldn't keep going (full disclosure: I take a  l o n g time to cum,  l o n g e r when I came once before.)  I eased out and he was back down on my cock.

Okay, he's clearly an incredible cock sucker, but I don't like it too wet.  I let him have his fun, but he was waiting for my load and it wasn't cumming.  So I pushed him back to make out and worked it myself (you clearly know your own dick.)  It took awhile but I felt it rising and he was on it in a second wanting the load.  This was a new side of him:  it was great, but my cock was super sensitive with the second load.  He's not an idiot though and knew to pull his mouth off.

We embraced while he stroked off and he spewed a big, thick load.  Before I came I wanted his load  in my mouth, however, once I shot it seemed gross (it's always that way/I want the guy's load, and enjoy swallowing it, unless I have cum, and then I just want him to shoot it on his chest.)  He collapsed against the pillows, looked at me and said "nothing beats it, does it?"

Well, it was good, but it wasn't stellar.  I then looked at my watch and freaked:  we'd been at it well over two hours.  It was time for me to shower (so that dogs and cats wouldn't follow me) and to head home. 

I want to connect with him again, but I need to have a full night's sleep and probably need to let it build up for a couple of days to work up a serious fever to fuck.