Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Little Samosa

Late this week I had an airport meeting in the Northwest.  I could have flown up that morning and back that evening, but I had a major incentive to come up the night before.  It was to connect with a guy who has become a fuck buddy over the past two years:  he's East Indian (well, India-Indian, South Asian, and other appropriate monikers) and cute as a bug's ear. Since my last visit he periodically taps me a message on a4a asking when I'll return.  So, I wrote and indicated if he'd be available I'd fly up Thursday night.  He indicated that he would, so I booked a hotel room.

It began as a maintainence fuck:  I was horny/he was horny.  We both wanted to get off; he came to my hotel and we did the deed.  I was astonished that we ended up playing bareback:  this is a guy who is parsimonious in speech, but as nature led its course I found myself easing up into him bare.  Little was said other than for him to respond "outside" when I asked where he wanted me to cum.  Last spring after connecting several times we passed a corner when he asked me not to pull out.  After I came, this man of few words asked "when are you moving to Seattle?"  I was touched as I recognized what this meant and he wrapped his arms around me to kiss, and remained in bed spooning, long after we'd both shot our loads.

He is a good, but not remarkable, looking man.  Evidently in his late 30's, he has a head full of ringlets, carmel skin, and an amazing taut ass that looks like cantaloupe halved:  it just begs you to stick your tongue up it.  Compact:  5' 7", ~ 140 lb.  He loves to make out, but more so after you've rimmed him for awhile.  You really don't know how much he's enjoying it as you later discern he's totally inside his head while you are pleasuring him (and yourself) focusing on how good he's feeling.  I have learned the subtleties of his sighing, an occasional moan, and his forceful thrusts back as you are pushing deep inside him.  user Pic 1

As usual, we got right to business this visit, I met him in a robe, he stripped, grasped my cock as we made out, and moments later he was lying face down on the bed awaiting my tongue.  It was actually disconcerting:  he was making no noise and I needed signals he was enjoying it (I refrain from asking if the guy is enjoying it, as that is an incredible buzz kill.  If you can't figure that out, it's clearly not working.  However, I do periodically check in to make sure the bottom isn't in pain or getting sore: I need the bottom to be undulating in pleasure in order for me to shoot my load.)  I alternated between eating his ass and popping my cock head into his hole and rolling him over to make out.   My boy was clearly enjoying it, revealed by a big grin.  I could just feel my cock grow harder and  knew I needed him on his back.  He lifted his legs, I pushed in, and we passionately kissed while I sawed in and out of him.  Something about kissing while fucking is the trigger for me.  He'd had his eyes closed but as my load built and started to pulse into him he opened them very wide and we kissed.

Afterwards we spooned, made out, and went back and forth with him sucking me, me sucking him, and him on his hands and knees over my cock while I tongued fucked him.  He was soon on his stomach thrusting back to get my cock as far up him as possible moaning "come on baby" "come on baby!".  We kept at it for twenty minutes and took various breaks.  He sucked me vigorously for a long time  and then said "I want to see you cum".  I said "I will but it takes awhile to let go of another load."  He was surprised that I'd already cum, but I mentioned he'd opened his eyes widely when I did:  apparently his subsconscience at work.   He didn't want to cum till I'd shot another load, so we alternated between him sucking me and my stroking while we made out:  as I felt my cum rising he pushed me back and licked up the load as I shot it and then kissed me:  sweet.  He then worked his rod hard until I saw a large thick load pulsing out and then running down his shaft, pooling in his pubes:  the white cum contrasted beautifully with his dark skin and inky hair.   I leaned over, licked his cock head, and we kissed again.

This guy is methodical and corporate:  having cum he was soon up, washing up in the bathroom, and pulling on his jockies.  Again, little conversation, aside from "when are you coming back?  make sure to contact me."  Then a chaste kiss and he was out the door.   Two hours had flown.  The evening was still relatively early but I was more than sated and had a great night's sleep.

Friday, June 15, 2012

the Key to a Bottom

Hooked up with fiftyish silver daddy today who I have been back and forth with over the past year via Craig's List ads.  He is divorced and now lives with his new girlfriend.   Fit, a gym devotee: a semi-retired professional  (lucky bastard) so he can host.  I had the time this morning and drove over to his place: immaculate, so (in touch with my Asian side) I immediately removed my sandals entering his house.

He led me into a pristine guest bedroom; no preliminaries, he started to pull his clothes off.  I said, "you are task oriented!" which caused him to pause and ask if I wanted to sit down first and chat.  I just laughed and said I guessed he had determined I'd work out.

This is a man of few words, which is fine, but some preliminaries are in order.  It was kind of perfunctory kissing (albeit, tongue kissing at least).  He was freshly showered, so no musk and I had no attraction to his pits.  Beginning to find this work I went down to his cock (he'd been sucking mine and was damned good) but it remained softish.  I asked if he was okay and he indicated he was nervous and hadn't done this in a long time.  Ready to chalk this up as a mistake I gave it a last try and asked him to roll over and started to eat his ass.  Suddenly the picture went from black and white to color.  The man had a voice!  He was grunting and groaning in great pleasure, reaching back to pull his cheeks apart, shoving back against my tongue and moaning.  After a long period of getting him dialated he rolled onto his back and pulled me to him to mouth kiss.  Okay, I'd discovered how to unlock this man's inhibitions.

Have you ever noticed how eating a guy's ass changes him into a different person?  He's not at all shy about groaning and sighing and letting you know he's vulnerable, and open, and loving it.  And, suddenly they remember (or learn how) to KISS.  And, the next thing they want is the real thing up their asses.

I thought this was going to be a cautious, reserved guy.  I then teased his hole with my cock head and let him take the action:  grinding, pushing back:  I could tell he was into it from the verbal feedback.  However, not wanting to push the envelope, I pulled back several times and went back to eating his ass  After three times the man pushed back until I was well past his spincter and he was clearly impaling himself on my cock.  Moaning "big cock! fuck me!" I had a green light, but reached for some lube since he indicated it had been a long time.  I rolled him over and sucked his cock as I lubed and finger fucked him before rolling him back onto his stomach and easing in and sliding up until my balls were outside his ass.

It was excellent, but for some reason I cautioned myself "don't under any circumstances pull out".  We kept at it for a long time and he asked for "my juice" saying "I want you to breed my ass."  Now this was a guy I expected to demand a condom and then to pull away saying he couldn't take it.  Not only were we fucking bare but suddenly he wanted a load in him.  Well, it wasn't hard to comply/he was tight, knew how to clench, and it felt great; I started to spurt into him and he pushed back hard and clamped his ass as hard as he could, excited that my load was in him.  He kept pushing back and did his best to keep me hard after I'd cum and to keep fucking him.  I did, but knew I'd need to pull out and at least 15 minutes before I'd be able to build up another load.  So I gave it a few more minutes of back and forth as he was loving it, but I knew it was time to ease out.  When I did I knew why instinct had earlier told me not to pull out.  I did my best to roll over and keep my cock off the sheets (though they now had lots of lube all over them) and jumped up to use the shower; sending hm to his guest bath.  It was, however, "all good" as they say.

As I was toweling off he was there standing grinning; a different man than I'd met.  A little shell of reserve had returned, but the afterglow was evident, as well as his familarity in being with the man who'd just bred him.  It was sweet.  We kissed at the door and he told me the best times --when the girlfriend was sure to be long away-- to return. I was glowing.

Reflecting on the experience, I realized it was all about eating his ass.  By eating his ass he figured I was safe:  I was demonstrating trust in him by taking a risk; I was doing something really really taboo; and I clearly wanted to make him feel great.  He wanted to bottom but at the moment I was eating his ass he was in control, he was the "top" so to speak.  It was "even".  And, it made him secure to have me do what he really wanted:  to fuck him bare and to give him my load.  I trusted him and so he trusted me.  We'd established more before that with the standard "when were you last tested" and marital status questions.  However, they were simply the foundation for possible trust.  Once those were confirmed it was my tongue in his ass that changed everything.  I'm glad I trusted him and he trusted me.  When I returned home he'd sent me a calendar outline of his availability.  Woo hoo!

Breaking in a Virgin

Tonight I connected with a businessman visiting out of town from Texas.  Miracle of all miracles, we connected through Craig's List (a posting that didn't get flagged by a declined suitor...)  This fellow posted me several times throughout the day and just before I was supposed to meet him he indicated co-workers were staying on the same property and he wasn't going to be available.  I figured that it went with the territory through CL connections and decided to do something "productive".  But then I got a message right afterwards saying that he'd ditched the co-workers and to come to his hotel, fortunately a hop, skip, and jump from my house.

I arrived and asked him if it was going to work for him.  Nice enough fellow:  a firm but noteworthy belly (good), nice sized dick (better), and hairy (hot.)  I asked him if he kissed and he indicated "not really" and then gave me a cursory peck on the lips; this was immediately after he said he was normally a quick cummer so that he'd had a few beers to slow himself down.  At this point I was imagining a max of 30 minutes.

While I started to suck him to get him to relax (but, had to keep pulling off so that he wouldn't cum), he was seriously into sucking my cock and was excellent.  He had it all the way down his throat much of the time.  Since I couldn't work his cock (remembering that when the bottom cums the show is over) I suggested he get on his hands and knees and plant his ass over my face.  The minute my tongue went there the guy was hooked.  He was very considerate and kept sucking my cock but he clearly just wanted to savor having his ass eaten.

He told me he wanted to get fucked but hadn't had a cock up his ass before; swell, I thought.  Mine is not the cock for a virgin; having had guys whine it was too big I figured this was going to end the minute I tried to get it in.  I continued eating his ass and then started some teasing of his crack and hole with the head of my cock.  The man was reduced to jelly:  he was pushing back against my cock and it was going partially in; I pulled off several times to rim him some more, and he was loving it.  The next thing I know is that the man who doesn't kiss was rolling on top of me to passionately French kiss.  He sucked my tongue and plunged his into my mouth.  I just layed there and enjoyed the passion.

He suggested a condom, but I wanted to keep the action going.  I got some lube and started to finger fuck him.  He rolled on his side and throated my cock while I loosened him with my fingers.  On his side he was pulling me down to kiss him and I could smell the manmusk he was working up; I pushed his arm back and beared my face in his pit between making out with him.

Next he was on his stomach with me teasing him again:  this man loved feeling the heat of my cock against his hole and was pushing back against it.  I made it clear I wasn't pushing into him, but soon after I felt my cock three quarters of the way inside him and him gasping how great it felt.  Soon he was pulling off and wanting a condom, which was totally cool

I rolled the condom on and fucked him lying on his stomach; he was panting "fuck me, FUCK me!" It was nice but he wanted to be on his back.  I was trying to take it easy and to be as gentle as possible, but this guy wanted pistoning.  On his back he kept pulling me forward to passionately French when not demanding I fuck him.  Up till this point I'd managed to keep him from stroking, but as I massaged his prostrate he was fighting to stroke his cock.  I released his hands and he furiously stroked while I moved in and out of him.  While I kept waiting for him to say it hurt, instead he kept groaning how great it felt.  The next thing I felt something warm hit my face; the next shot went over his head (no b.s.) and he spurted healthy ribbons that caked the hair on his chest.  I eased out and told  him to enjoy the afterglow (he was worried about me getting off.)

As it was I never did cum, but I had a damned good time.  While spent he threw his leg over my thigh and stroked me while making casual conversation.  He was enjoying the man2man touch and while done wasn't in a hurry to pull on shorts and usher me out.  He kept telling me how great it was, which pleased and surprised me as I was worried about hurting him and killing his interest in anal.  Apparently not:  I think I converted him to a bottom for sure.  And I found, again, that I don't need to cum to have an "orgasmic experience."

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more eye candy: at ease

this picture was a while back; like 30 lb ago, cleaning up after a session

Sexy Salvadoran

Okay, the alliteration is cheesy, but I couldn't resist it.  I thought it an apt title for a post about an incredibly hot Central American guy with whom I have connected.  He is very conveniently located in the next town (~3 miles from my place) and traveling to him involves absolutely no freeway traffic:  woo hoo!

He came on to me several months ago on a4a and was pretty persistent.  For some reason it was one of those extremely rare days when I was leaving the office on time (i.e. the alleged time a person who works an 8 hour day would leave, as opposed to the typical 10 hours I am compelled to put in:  salaried employee = wage slave.)  Also I didn't need to be home or to act "normal" when I walked in the door (of course the dog with his NASA like nose always knows...)

I arrived at his place, which is as cute as a bug's ear:  a tiny, but pristine studio, with the requisite Nor Cal granite counter tops, but also amazing other attention to detail (e.g. perfectly matched crown molding, built in ledges...)   He is a minimalist, but everything is extremely fine, like 4000 thread count sheets and very handsome furniture.  Also, he is neat as a pin. (Okay guys, I know you don't give a shit about his place.  What about his dick?!)

In person he is strikingly handsome and 40; I kind of wondered why I was there, but did the math:  he had to be a bottom with a very serious itch and I do have a big cock that is prominently pictured in my profiles.  My profile also conveys that I recognize it isn't the pen, but it's the penmanship:  bottoms love that I have both (ahem.)  Additionally, he must have a thing for silver daddy bearish guys (which I have found is often true of Latin guys:  good for me, as I find them incredibly hot overall.)  Suffice it to say that we had great sex and kept at it for nearly two hours.  I was a little blown away that we both went to bareback with little hesitation (the cursory housekeeping answers about status and last test were dispensed with quickly.  The only hestitation I had was based on his working in San Franscisco, but I also recognize that men in SF value their lives no less than others elsewhere.)  He did insist, however, that I pull out to cum.

Since then our planets haven't been in the same orbit.  As a professional wage slave my hours are 8 to 5 (read:  7:30 to 6, typically, with a quick lunch gobbled at my desk.)  He works at a hotel in the city and has seemingly random hours, but is now 3 to 11 p.m. (well past both my bedtime and any likelihood of getting out.)  However, I am off this week, and alone, so I advised him I was available.  I have wondered if I am his emergency fuck if he needs his itch scratched and all else fails.  We'd discussed possibly Saturday morning, but he didn't respond to eithe email or text till 10:45 and had to be at the airport at noon.  I chalked up our earlier connection to a "one afternoon stand."

Bit ;ast night I was pissing away time on line and ready to hit the sack (11:30 p.m. and I'd managed to stay up as I am on vacation.)  Then I heard the ring from a4a:  it was my Latin friend saying he was home and asking me over. I responded I was beat and we'd best wait till the next day.  He understood.  However, I remained up for another half hour and was feeling surprisingly awake (i.e. I got horned thinking about it.)  I wrote him and indicated I had gotten a second wind.  After 30 more minutes he wrote back and said he was still up for it.  I NEVER go out this late but thought life is full of missed opportunites.  I slid on my sandals, grabbed the lube and got in the car.

Now while there are no highways to his place, this IS Nor Cal, and I was struck by the absence of traffic to his house.  I flew there.  However, I was in the pitch black on a Sunday night (or Monday morning, depending on your perspective) in a suburban neighborhood.  I'd only been there once before, in daylight, and I couldn't read a single effing house number.  I found myself in the yard of what I thought was the main house to which his carriage house was attached.  I couldn't find a way in; so I texted him.  No lights were on:  he texted back that he was coming out; waiting I texted WHEN?  He indicated he was there, but I couldn't see him.  Then I heard a whistle:  wrong house.  Damned lucky the owners hadn't called the police.

He was standing there in jammers and no shirt.  He defines fine:  broad shoulders, tapered waist. a full head of inky black hair, five o'clock shadow, slight accent to his perfect English.  We got inside and I again noted his  brilliant white teeth, perfect complexion, and golden skin:  woof.  He deep kissed me,  pulled off the jammers and there again was the bubble butt you could bounce a quarter off, and his semi-flaccid, hooded cock.  As I peeled off my clothes we were making out and I noted his body temperature is several degrees warmer than usual, adding to the experience of pressing against his silky skin. He throated my cock, and then I sucked him hard and rolled him onto his stomach and tongue fucked his hole forever.  Then I teased him with my cockhead, but he caught it and pushed back and purred as it slid up inside him.  No lube, just spit and he was plenty moist.

We moved around; him on his stomach, his side, straddling me, but then with him on his back.  Much of the time he had his eyes closed, which typically bugs me. On his back he opened them and we made eye contact and made out while I pushed in and pulled back.  He started to jerk his cock furiously and I had to pull his hand off several times telling him not to cum.  I asked him where he wanted me to cum and again he said "outside".  But as we both got close he asked me if I was ready to cum and about to spurt himself he told me to keep it inside him:  he wanted to feel it.  It was one of those highly unlikely situations where as I started to shoot I could feel him gasping and saw ropes of cum in his treasure trail and oozing out of his cockhead.  It was "intense".

He got towels and we wiped up and he was soon in briefs.  But he was very chatty, and I felt badly because it was 1:45 and I wanted to head home.  He's quite engaging and is a man of depth, and was clearly in the mood for company and conversation.  However, I needed to head home.

Hopefully three months won't transpire again before next time.  However, reflecting on each time has been sort of surrealistic.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

the importance of cleaning out

Well, I had an experience that mirrored that of some of Rob the Breeder's escapades today.  A guy came onto me from a4a; nice looking and a hungry bottom.  He lives north east of here, so it involved a trek, but he was anxious to bottom, insisted he was neg and recently tested, and wanted it bare if I was neg.  Slut that I am I jumped in the car.

When I arrived at his place the alarm bells started to go off.  Dark, crappy, dirty basement studio apartment and while a nice looking guy, laconic and not alot in the way of social skills.  I took it slow and he noted I wasn't anxious to get comfortable.  I indicated that I needed to adjust my eyes first.  The place was a mess:  a cigarette smoker, an empty beer can on the coffee table, a huge partially finished bottle of Sprite on the table, and an empty pizza box visible on what looked like an equally untidy kitchen.  I was debating saying it wasn't going to work, but sat down.  He started to peel off his clothes and I liked what I saw.  I said to him,"let me check you out" figuring that I'd leave if I saw anything like warts or discolorations.  He has a buzzed body with a nice growth on it (very hot) and long dense hair in his pits (woof!)  His soft cock looked pristine and I got him to roll over, pulled his cheeks apart and his ass looked spotless.  So I figured, I drove the distance, what the hell.

The guy was totally passive, which doesn't work for me typically.  He immediately started sucking my cock, but his remained soft.  I tried stroking it, his nipples are not hot wired.  Great I thought...this is going to be bad news.  Anxious for some response I rolled him on his stomach and started eating his ass:  finally some reaction but very quiet moaning. 

Click on the image to close

I teased his ass with my cock which he loved; I rolled him onto his back and he was now rock hard.  I sucked his cock and balls and he was really into it, but kept his eyes firmly closed, which bugs me. I pushed back his arms and munched on his pits:  one consolation, he had some nice manmusk going.  Finally I decided to get the show on the road.  I pushed him over on to his stomach, teased his hole with my cock head and slowly eased it in; while it was sliding up into him and he was enjoying it he was also supertight.  I asked how long it had been since his last time and he indicated a couple of months.  I eased out, grabbed some lube I brought (he had astroglide, which is like using dishsoap) and lubed us both and slid into him.  I wrapped my arms around him and got a good rhythm going; we were both really enjoying it.  After awhile he said "there's water left over from the enema; I need to get rid of it".  I eased out and then realized it was pretty gross.  My olafactory senses are keen and I suddenly wanted to jump in the shower, quickly, but he went into the bathroom, threw me a washcloth, and was in there for a period of time.   Yuck. 

When he came out I said I needed to rinse off; he showed me the shower.  I asked if he was done and he said yes, and I asked if he was "done done".  He said yes, he was worried about his girlfriend dropping over.  I jumped in the shower and thoroughly scrubbed my cock and balls and beard, and then jumped out.

Neither of us had cum, and I figured it was one of those ill matched episodes that both guys think will work out for the moment but doesn't.  He asked me when I was dressing, however, if I could ever host because he'd really like to get together again in a more relaxed place:  go figure. Definitely an ego stroke for me.   I picked up my lube and said it wouldn't be good for the girlfriend to find.  He indicated she knew he likes guys and sometimes likes three ways.  Not my thing by any means, but it did suggest he might be a little safer than I initially thought.  That and my figuring out that he was divorced; when I asked I learned he has two children.  He was pleased when I asked if he was a musician because amidst the clutter I noted several guitars (he's an amatur.)

Perhaps if I'd cum I'd feel differently, but probably not.  I always like the perogative of declining rather than being declined (don't we all) but the dirty butt was a definite buzz kill and  prevented any chance I'd host.  While I understand how the body works, I can't usually get past how grossed out I am by a dirty ass.  Accidents happen, but a dirty ass is like a highway accident.

visual enhancement

as I slowly learn how to use this blog feature it has occurred to me that is is pretty devoid of visual enhancements.  Of course, I am a discreet guy.  But  I thought another shot of my cock might appeal to potential followers

Saturday, June 9, 2012

the Craig's List dilemma

I am off for a few days and, finding a4a a virtual desert today (it typically is in your home area:  the guys are looking for something new as they've all sized each other up eons ago.)  Manhunt is even worse (both, however, are a god send when you are traveling.)  Everyone on men4sexnow is from about 20 miles away, and I typically get an uneasy vibe from most of those guys.  So, I invited the frustration of posting on Craig's List.

Now I have connected with great guys over the years through CL.  But, it's definitely like gold mining.  And, you have to be prepared to piss away alot of time (though there are those rare occasions when you have fifteen hot leads in 20 minutes and then are trying to do fast math to figure out who to pursue/choose.) Typically, however, you have guys coming on to you:  you ask for a pic, they don't have one.  You indicate you are a top and they are tops.  You indicate you can't host and they ask you if you can host.  You indicate you want to fuck and they only want oral.  Yawn.  And then you are interested, they express further interest and then they freeze when you ask for an address, or get you almost to the point when you are ready to leave and then it is a 20 minute hiatus before another response and they aren't available.  Craig's List epitomizes email ping-pong.

I realize that alot of this has to do with guys shopping around and weighing the relative merit of the offers:  been there, done that.    The best time is a weekday morning, or just before lunch.  You have the guys with the day off looking to connect early in the morning so that after they get their itch scratched they can progress with something more productive the rest of the day; others are looking for a "nooner".  However, all too many are game playing freaks:  some realize they are game playing and are intentional about being pricks but too many don't realize that they are doing it.  They are getting some sick vicarious thrill:   they have absolutely no intention of real physical contact and are engaging in a perverted version of cybersex:  where the guy who actually wants to get his rocks off is the victim.

This morning I invited this abuse (again).  And, to add to the joy in the middle of it some lunatic flagged me.  This has happened before (actually several times) and I suspect that it is the same creep who recognizes my cock pic and was probably someone I wasn't interested in connecting with a while ago.  Unrequitted lust is apparently hard for some to deal with.  

Also today I had another guy, who if his pics are actually his, is my wet dream.  He begged me to "pick him".  He's allegedly in downtown Oakland (parking?  hassle?  safety?) and when I inquired about parking  and then asked for a street address --after taking long intervals to respond-- finally wrote me that "this is too much work"  after giving me a vague idea where lives; his last message indicated he was going to the beach.  Well, excuse me.  I usually try to be expeditious but I am looking at sucking a stranger's dick and eating and fucking his ass:  a minimal amount of due diligence is in order (I didn't ask his favorite color, food, or fantasy, for example.  An address I can map out I thought was a reasonable request in order to accomplish the task at hand.)

The best, however, is when you find someone on CL who you can then place with his a4a or manhunt ad.  Then you have a better idea whether he is genuine (and honest.)  But, that is the topic for another posting (disturbing inconsistencies between individuals' postings on various sites.)

I possibly have something lined up for tomorrow and something else on Monday.  I have several guys anxious to suck my cock but I am just in the mood for more today (and nearly everyday.)  I like the whole experience:  oral leading up to pushing into the guy, wrapping your arms around him and making out or sucking his neck while pushing into him and pleasuring him with your cockhead rubbing his prostate.  Lying back and getting done isn't fully satisfying, and mutual sucking, while visually pleasing, is distracting (focusing on trying to get him off and savoring his dick, you really can't fully enjoy him sucking YOUR dick.)

Sigh.   I think I am going to beat off and get productive.  Carpe diem gents.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boy Butt

I was recently on a trip to So Cal, so while there I put out that I was  "ready for now" on a4a.  It was just an overnight program; I'd been checking out profiles while still in the Oakland airport and imagined it could be one of those dry nights, which are always frustrating when you are staying at a hotel and can host and seemingly have access to an endless supply of fresh towels and the neighbors don't know you have company.

Shortly after checking in a young guy checked me out on line and sent me a few compliments.  I don't usually consider younger guys and this guy was 27.  He contacted me on his mobile; by the time I got into responding he claimed he'd driven home and was not sure he wanted to go out again.  The messages started like ping pong; next he needed to take a shower, yadda yadda yadda.  I'd had enough bullshit and sent him my cell number and wrote if you are for real either call or text me, and then I went to catch a bite to eat, but left the site open.  I was out for an hour and came back and found a message from him.  My interest was cool; I was getting messages from other guys on Silverdaddies as well as a4a.  However, this kid did rouse my attention by saying he loved to feel a daddy shooting a load into his ass.   I again wrote, if you are serious, come over and told him my hotel (but didn't give him a room number.)  He wrote he still needed to take a shower.  By this time it was 8:30 and I'd checked in three hours earlier.  I wrote back, "hope you have had fun tonight:  good luck".  A guy in his 40s, from whom I got a very good vibe, had approached me on SD and wanted to hook up.  I gave that guy my room number and arranged for him to come over.  I then noticed a message from the boy on a4a but ignored it.

The 40 something guy texted me when he was 10 minutes away.  About 5 minutes later my phone rang, but it was a different area code.  I answered it and it was the boy saying he was driving down.  I told him I was meeting a friend for a drink and needed to see whether I could cancel.  I was immensely relieved I hadn't shared my room number! (God looks after fools and small children...)  I collected my thoughts and called the kid back and said "where are you?"  He indicated that he was outside the hotel and I said "I couldn't cancel; my pal is en route."  The boy was disappointed, but probably realized he should have confirmed first.

When the guy from SD arrived he was cute and hot.  Divorced, hunky, relatively new to mansex.  Had a great natural man-musk (but made the mistake of antiperspirant: damn!)  We made out (not a great kisser) and his cock remained semi-hard despite my oral skills.  I thought this might be a bust, and told him to roll over and started to eat his ass which made him turn into an animal:  grunting and pushing back.  He really was into ass play; after I had him good and wet I teased his hole with my cock:  he just shoved back and then I found myself deep inside him.  He was loving it.

He was into dirty talk and wanted to know if I wanted to cum in "his pussy" and to make him wet.  While I really did want to he was play acting and definitely didn't want me to cum while fucking.  We moved around alot and he loved straddling me and fucking himself with my cock.  It was good but I wanted to cum.  He wasn't much of a cuddler, and wasn't into stroking off. It was nearly 10:30 and he was fading; meantime a message came in on my cell, which I figured was a vendor.  He washed up, dressed and took off.  I then looked at my phone and saw it was the boy who indicated he was still in the area.  I called and the kid said "you're kidding me!  I am back home now."   While I felt badly I said, well I am game if you are/he responded that he probably should come back because he was horny and needed it.  He did text me a snarky message and I figured he'd never show.  I washed the other guy's musk out of my beard and got into bed (where the other guy's musk lingered and keep me aroused.)  I turned out the light figuring the kid was angry and wanted to blow me off.  I then heard a loud knock on the door.  There was the boy:  5' 7", cute, toned, and pouting.  He pushed past me and walked in, shrugging his shoulders.  I walked over, put my arms around him and pulled him to me and started to kiss him.  He melted. 

He was next peeling off his clothes and grasping my cock.  I pushed him back onto the bed and we made out and I explored him with my tongue:  he was panting "oh daddy, oh daddy!"  I sucked his cock (hard, long, and low hanging balls; an incredible contrast with the other guy.) Click on the image to close

The boy is Latino, a cute bubble ass, and smooth except for a sprinkling of coarse hair on his thighs.  I wanted to eat him up and tried.user Pic 1

 I had my tongue deep inside him and he wanted my cock badly.  I eased it into him and we both groaned while I slowly slid up into him.  Now this is a short guy and I was DEEP in him; he was loving it.  I soon found myself on my back with him riding my cock, squeeling with pleasure:  it was clearly well beyond his inner spincter.  He was really verbal when the head of my cock pushed his prostate and I kept it there.  This was incredible sex.  I moved him around to fuck him on his back, his side, and his stomach again.  Finally I decided I needed to cum and figured I would try for a second load later.  I decided to focus on getting off and the boy knew I was close, he encourage me to make his pussy mine and now, after hours of fucking, I knew it would be a serious load.   He could feel me spurting into him, and while it sounds exaggerated it had to be over six serious spurts and we could both feel my cock throbbing afterwards:  while I was cumming the boy pushed back and clamped down.  He was sighing "it is so wet daddy!"  I normally don't role play but this was hot and the kid really wanted me to be his daddy, so I went along.  I was able to get past the awkwardness:  if it would keep this hot guy naked with my dick up his ass I was all for it.

I softened and slowly slid out and we made out.  We were pretty passionate as we cuddled and I soon got hard again and we both wanted my cock back in him. He was wet with my cum and it felt nice and silky as my cock slid back and forth in it, while he cried "push your load deep inside me daddy!" I got my rhythm and after a while I felt my second load building:  the kid was astonished when he felt me cum again and, while my second load is typically insignificant, this one was above average.  He fingered his hole and kept talking about how wet it was.

At that point I rolled over and it was past 1; I needed to be up at 6 but really wanted the kid to spend the night.  But, I thought with my brain instead of my cock.  He showered up and regretfully left.  We made out at the door.  The next morning I found a valentine from him on the a4a site; later I got a text.

It was amazing; I guess it might be a good thing he's in So Cal, otherwise it would have the potential for getting out of hand.  We both, however, are looking forward to my next trip.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


It had been almost two months since I last saw him.  This is the man with whom I'd want to settle down if I was single.  When I first met him he was in circulation, but he got snapped up.  Fortunately for me, they have a progressive relationship.  And, his meeting his partner resulted in him moving to California; I'd first met him during a business trip to St. Louis.

We met throught a4a:  my first night of a five day trip.  We did the message ping pong thing and I invited him over.  When he walked in the room I was incredibly psyched and thinking it might be too good asked "is this going to work for you?"  Apparently I was his daddy bear wet dream as we just jumped on each other and started making out.  I knew this was going to be intense because he was sweating and had strong man musk, which if the right chemistry keeps me raging hard.  It went from there to hours of sucking, rimming and bare fucking.  I asked him to sleep over and we spent the next four nights fucking and he drove me to the airport Sunday morning.  While we stayed in contact I imagined it was one of those great singular experiences you have to savor as isolated.  And then, he moved to Sonoma County.  While not next door it's closer than St. Louis and we've hooked up three times since.  The first time he drove down here and left with three loads in his ass (which I later learned his partner felched out.) 

At the end of this week I was up in Napa for business and extended my trip to see him.  While they have a progressive relationship sleepovers are taboo.  However, I got to spend alot of quality time with him.

When he arrived at my hotel I assumed we were heading out to dinner.  But we started to make out and I got rock hard:  this guy has huge tongue that I love buried in my mouth.  As we sucked face he groped my cock and I fingered the crack of his ass.  He bent over the bed and pulled his cargo shorts down and lined my cock head up with his ass.  I pushed in and while the warm soft grip was awesome, I had to eat his ass first.  I pulled out and got on my knees to rim him.  Mancub has incredible personal hygiene (meticulously groomed finger and toe nails, devoted to using a pumice stone on his get the picture.)  He shaves around his hole till it's smooth (like his balls) and cleans out so that he's immaculate.  His rose bud is truly pink and inviting.  I tongue fucked him as long as he'd let me, but he wanted my cock in him, he wanted it deep and he wanted to be bred.  My cub had a powerful itch. 

I don't cum quickly (well I don't allow myself to usually...)  While we didn't exchange words I knew he needed my load and my cock wasn't willing to give it up quickly.  It wasn't my usual marathon fuck (knowing we had hours to go) but it took 20 minutes for me to give it up.  Normally I am not verbal, but this was total sensory stimulation for both of us:  I found myself grunting and groaning with pleasure and instead of my characteristic silent focus on shooting, I found myself fully savoring it with grunts of pleasure.  Mancub used his ass muscles to squeeze my cock hard and to milk out every possible drop.  Then he clenched down to keep it deep in him.  I think he succeeded because he goes commando and I didn't note any wet spots on this shorts when we headed to dinner.

It's the duality of our personalities when we are together is interesting.  When we aren't fucking we simply enjoy each other's company, discussing politics, movies, music, books, food, and laughing at ironic things.  He's sweet, smart, interesting, and just nice.  However, we both completely change into pretty primal beings when we are naked.  He gets off on my fetish with his armpits and now wants to make out with me when my beard and stache are full of his scent:  he knows I will spew my load if my face is buried in his armpit pit, so he rolls on his side and lifts his arm back when we both want me to cum, and I alternate between making out with him and sucking his pit.  We both shocked ourselves when I wanted him to cum in my mouth and then we insisted on sharing it and both swallowing.  Neither of us had snowballed before, but it's now part of our routine.   I find myself eating his ass after I fuck him to keep him moist for encores, but we've also gotten to the stage where we don't use lube but only spit.  It feels great, but my cock was sore Saturday morning:  I can only imagine how his ass felt (well, arguing allergies he decided to fuck when we got together for breakfast on Saturday morning after our Friday night encore.  I suspect his hole was in recovery mode.)

I don't know how long this will last; I really enjoy him, the sex is unmatched, and I let myself totally go when I am with him:  I have no inhibitions and feel as if I have escaped the life I know for a few hours.  Perhaps it's a good thing that he isn't closer or this might get out of hand.  I certainly can't imagine getting too much of him.