Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Cum in Me!

I had an overnight trip out of town and an important business meeting Monday.  My flight was late afternoon and I was due in around 7 p.m.   While I had the opportunity to sleep in; I also needed to be prepped and sharp for my early afternoon meeting.  So, I imagined the likelihood of hooking up was slim and perhaps unwise.

However, I still think largely with my cock, so I updated my a4a and MH profiles to indicate I'd be in town and able to host.  The night before I left (Saturday) I had a number of guys come on to me, hot and anxious to get laid.  But, it was a Saturday night.  Their "ardor" cooled at the possibility of a Sunday night hook up.  As luck would have it my flight was delayed, I arrived hungry, and needed to get a bite to eat when I got settled.  So, it was about 9:30 and the guys in whom I was interested who had earlier wanted to hook up now thought it was too late (actually it was for me as well) but a number flirted and suggested the possibility of hooking up on Monday (several more wanted to know how long I'd be in town, and seemed disappointed I'd be gone the following afternoon.)

I was beat and threw in the towel and, alone, hit the sack.  But getting up early the next morning I logged on as one dude on MH, who's sent me about 20 messages there and had texted me said he wanted to hook up early that morning:  FLAKE (but no surprise there.)  But on a4a another guy came on pretty aggressively, despite my saying I only had an hour and needed it to be quick.  I made it clear he'd need to be cleaned out and out in an hour.  Next thing I knew he said he'd be there in 20 minutes.

Mid 50s; tall, fleshy but wears it well.  A great kisser and we soon were naked and fell on to the bed.  I was task oriented and was soon sucking his cock and then eating his ass.  His cock was about 6" but thick.  He loved being rimmed and soon I was teasing his ass.  While I teased him I slightly penetrated him throughout (I was in about 2") and he started to murmur he wanted a condom.  I pulled off several times to rim him some more and resumed.  Not being a creep, I didn't shove in, but this guy clearly wanted just that.  However, as he protested more about needing a condom I pulled out, rolled over, and pulled him on top of me.  He was straddling my coc, and suddenly jumped up to grab a condom.

I'd figured, in advance, that this was going to be condom time. Doing the math, I figured I wouldn't cum.  I had to explain to the guy not to just roll the condom on to me, but to lube my cock first and then to put some lube inside the condom (my class in condom 101.)  However, I decided to make the best of it: soon I was in him, and his being tight combined with a well lubed condom was making my cock sing (albeit, a faint, and somewhat off key song.)  But my balls were in harmony with my cock and I was thinking this might happen.  But every time I was getting into the groove the dude had to switch positions (grrr.)   And then, he said "just don't cum in me" (meaning, don't cum into the condom covering your cock while you are fucking me.)  Well, fuck that!

It might have happened after 40 minutes or so, but I was getting frustrated and didn't have the desire or time to turn this into a morning. The second time he admonished me "just don't cum in me" I rolled over onto my side, pulled off the condom and said "I want to cum."   So I put up with some cursory kissing (the buzz was killed and the kissing was no longer connected to the experience for me.)  I was now into a mechanical jerk off in and effort to eject the guy from my room. So, dutifully my cock gave up it's load and then he was inspired to cum.  Yawn.  I quickly said "would you like to shower?"

After he dressed and left (he was a bit chatty and I sped up the conversation and nicely, but firmly, ushered him out of the room) but the entire occasion was pretty flat.  It confirmed my transcendent belief that if you can't do something well then don't do it at all.