Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bronco Encore

As luck would have it, the short, buff, Latino colt gave me a call yesterday at noon to ask if I could come over again.  In terms of too much information, I was checking out some porn and ready to take matters into hand when he called.  His timing was optimal in terms of my horniness, but not in  terms of my schedule:  I had a work commitment:   needed to get a hair cut;  needed to get dressed up; needed to get into my office early to prepare some notes.  But instead thinking with my then hard dick, I put it back in my pants and agreed to come right over to his place, advising him that I only had an hour.

I quickly showered and then flew like a bat at of hell over to his place, reigning terror among the leisure class drivers as I wove through traffic.  When I arrived he was standing in his sweats saying he'd not had a chance to clean up (read:  out)  yet and maybe we should try for another day.  I was not going take no for an answer after the aggravation of getting there and told him to clean up then as I didn't know if I could come back.  So, he vanished in the bathroom for 10 minutes bordering on eternity as I paced his little bungalow and wondered whether I was simply nuts and should just head home/I had a full afternoon ahead and his failure to prep earlier was cutting into the time I didn't have.

Finally he emerged from the bathroom; he was starting to fuck around with the tv set and the fan when I got directive.   This might be some seemingly muscular, macho piece of trouble, but I recognized he wanted me to be his daddy, and sons take direction from daddies.  So I got him on the bed and we got into some hot oral action and making out.  His nice uncut 6" got fully engorged and I wished I had more time to fully savor it but did give him some quality oral.  I asked him to straddle me and he said "all you want is my ass"; I responded that I eventually wanted to get into it, but wanted to enjoy the journey getting there.  There was a bit of the jumping up and down to get water, and to adjust the fan stuff from the other day and I told him he was hyper.  Despite the language barrier/this guy's English is functional, working class English, clearly he'd been told that before.  He eyed the attic where the sling was located and I made it clear I had no time for that.

It became clear that what he wanted most was to be held and loved.  I was forceful about making out instead of pecking, and he was getting into it:  more tongue than lip.  I rolled him onto his stomach and entered him and he bucked and thrashed and was vocally enjoying it.  However, it was hot and humid, I was "hearing" the clock ticking, and further distracted by his moving around.  I found myself growing soft and slipping out. 

He didn't realize that it was starting to not work for me; I was determined, however, to get off.  So I pushed him on to his side and made out with him as I stroked his dick and he worked mine.  I had to direct him to work the head of my cock, and he grasped our two cocks together to stroke them as we made out: now  this was working for me as my cock got fully hard again and he was totally into it.  By that point I'd decided to stop waiting for signs of what he wanted for direction and to simply do what would be sure to get me off.  I rolled him on his side again, fucked him for awhile, but got soft as I wasn't getting enough friction coming from him, and we got on our sides again.  But it clicked again: I got totally hard and rolled him on his stomach, pushed in, and got a nice rhythm going, directing him to fuck me back with his ass.  My cock was feeling good and I could feel my load building:  no time for prolonging  this today but he was sighing and moaning how good Daddy's fucking was making his ass feel; flipping his legs up, then down and wrapping his calves around mine so our feet was touching (which I LOVE.)  I felt it coming but as I promised him, I pulled out  in time to shoot and a small pool of my cum puddled in the middle of his back (nice visual:  broad shoulders, tapered waist, hard ass, with cum glistening on his back.)  There was some distraction locating a towel to wipe him off and then I said "we've got to get you off", but he shook his head.  I realized then that the whole point of his inviting me over was for him to get his Daddy off.  He recognized I needed to get rolling and had only limited time.

Soon he's moving, so he told me we needed to work in some more sex there before he moved as he was going to become a good boy for a long time (he's moving in with his sister and won't be able to have company.)  We'll see.  However, it is nice to be able to enjoy a hot, firm stud like him.

Just over an hour had passed and I sprinted to the car and blazed a trail home.  I actually had time to shower again, dress up, and made it to the barber, who noted I was sweating and asked "did you really just eat lunch?" as it wasn't that hot out.  Wow, I thought, is the fact that I just fucked someone that physically obvious?  I laughed and told him "yeah, unfortunately."  Got to maintain that choir boy image.  And, I arrived at work with ample time and then resumed my regular, staid, existence.