Saturday, August 31, 2013

Latin Double Header

This week found me traveling in the Southwest.  One weekday I had to work in the mid-evening, but the day was relatively open.  During this stop I found myself bombarded by messages appearing on the my iphone from the various sites (it is odd how different major cities can be; in some you get no bites and then in others you are besieged.)  Anyway, there were lots of tempting overtures.

It was early and the hotel needed folks to check out before I could get a room, so I stationed myself in the restaurant and pondered the options.  Then, finally, a room opened.  I was dead dog tired and really needed a nap (a brutally early flight) and most of these guys were at work.  However, one Latin, who was pretty persistent was in the area and ready to come over during his lunch break.  The rest wanted me to commit and then kept pushing the time back.  Since I'd gone through some cock teasing on line the night before and hadn't jerked off I wanted to get off then and there.

An incredible muscular older hunk wanted to nail me down, but kept hedging about when he could close his office, etc.  Another mid 40s guy, short, but quite cute, wanted to meet mid afternoon.  The young Latino wanted then; in an uncharacteristically impetuous move I gave him my room number.  So while the two others kept prevaricating on line I heard a knock on the door: the young Latin guy.

He walked in with a shy smile.  Tall, very thin, pube stache and chick teaser (if I were his consultant I'd advise him to shave and refrain from the pomade.)  Not exactly my style, but pleasant and eager.  He sat on the bed and momentarily seemed to be doing some math and then casually started to strip.  I was just in a robe and he stood up, opened it, grasped my cock and pulled me to him and fell back on the bed.

A great kisser and totally uninhibited.  He had a smallish cock (especially since he's 6'+) but really low hanging balls that were nice to fondle.
He rolled down and started sucking my cock and after savoring it allowed me to roll him on to his stomach and I went at his ass.  His cock never got really hard, though I worked my index finger under its hood while tonguing his hole and getting it really wet.
I got his hole really wet and then straddled him and started to rub my cock up and down his crack.  The moment it reached his hole he pushed back and grunted affirmatively as it began to penetrate him; we worked together as I eased in and he thrust back.  It was warm and tight and with his being whippet thin I was soon deep up inside him.
We were both enjoying this; he was purring with pleasure as I thrust in and pulled back and stretched his tight hole with my cock's big head; it felt great as there was pleasant resistance as he was taut.  It was feeling really good and I murmured in his ear he was going to make me cum. He growled "shoot that load deep in me."  This was and wasn't surprising; his profile started with "safe sex" but that is pretty standard from negative bare bottoms who really just want to find a negative guy to fuck them.  I got the vibe it was going to be raw from the minute he got in the room, but didn't assume he'd want me to shoot in him.  I decided not to prolong it; if he was game there was the opportunity for a second load but I wanted to let it go and feeling me stiffen he pushed back hard and clamped down as I started to spurt.
I softened a bit and eased out and saw that my cock was streaked with brown so I pushed him flat again and told him I needed to wash up but I'd be back. When I came out of the bathroom he was grinning but pulling on his shorts.  This was a definite nooner and apparently he was going back to work.  He'd been there about 35 minutes; sort of a fast food experience but I'd gotten off.  He's a true bottom in that he didn't care that he hadn't.
Well two other guys were trying to tie me down for an assignation and knowing that these things often flake if not immediate I agreed to get back to them after I got 20 winks.  I could hear a chorus of beeps on my phone and laptop while dozing, and then I was fully awakened by a high maintenance asshole from my office calling about something of marginal importance.  In the meantime the muscle bear had written that he needed to cancel because an important client wanted to meet and he couldn't close his office (yeah, the check's in the mail...)  Another guy who'd been courting me did want to meet.  However, I called him and the conversation was...odd.  Thinking with just my dick I gave him my room number.
A knock occurred about 20 minutes later.  This short, cute, troubled looking creature entered, and told me that he had his dog in the car and that this probably wouldn't work.  Almost speechless, I said fine and then watched him struggle to bolt out the now locked door (he was stymied by the latch.)  In retrospect it was funny but at the time it was so odd my head was jammed for a bit, but I think we were both immensely relieved that nothing occurred.
So, I had a late afternoon and early evening business engagement and after I returned to my room logged back on line.  Interestingly I had a number of bites, but knew that any likelihood of connecting was slim as it was a weekday evening.  Guys like to pretend they'll come over and then bail, protesting that they need to get up early.  The whole time you imagine that they were engaging in one handed typing.
Anyway, this one Latino guy was serious and persistent.  Fortunately I had a late morning the next day (though I've been known to be groggy from choosing late night sex over a full night's sleep) so I was game.  He was even flexible enough for me to order a quick bite through room service which gave him enough time to clean up (actually clean out, as it was.) 
He described himself as short and average; a scuffy Latino guy appeared at my door with a pierced eyebrow.  "Okay, you invited him" I thought.  He entered and was reserved and looked hesitant awaiting my review.  I smiled and hugged him and he pulled me back and started to kiss.  This guy was passionate and on fire.
We were both soon naked and he really was into making out and to chewing on my mustache and beard (both of which I've allowed to grow out a lot lately.)  He isn't ""average:  he's broad shouldered and muscular, but muscles built through construction, not a gym membership.  His hands were hard and calloused, all of which made his vulnerability and passion more sexy. Essentially a short, solid, strong fireplug:  Woof.  He went nuts when I started to lick the inside of his ear.  Unlike other guys he wasn't very verbal or into grunting or purring; his fluctuations in breathing, however, spoke volumes and gave me all the direction I needed.
He loved my cock and gave it serious attention; I could tell it was much bigger than he'd expected and that he was factoring how deep it would go (this guy is 5' 4".)  He throated it and got me seriously wet and then obediently rolled over when I wanted to rim him. I worked his hole and from the accelerated intake of breath and exhaling I knew it was working, especially when I had my tongue deep inside him. 
I started to massage his hole with my cock head and there was no question he wanted it bare.  He pushed back and tried to pull me in, but it was clear he was too tight.  No words were spoken and I worried about breaking the spell when I said "let me use some lube".  This was another "safe sex only" profile, and I anticipated him demanding a condom, but he quietly waited for me to apply some lube eagerly accepted me slipping in to him.
This was simply a great fuck:  he totally surrendered to me and bent his head back in rapture hungry to kiss while feeling me spread him open.  (Also, this guy truly is an amazing kisser; thick big tongue, soft lips, and ravenous.)  He pushed back with every thrust of mine forward; it was so damn good and my cock was singing with pleasure.  I wanted to cum (we'd been fucking awhile) and he asked me to hold off, but I said I'd be good for another load and he fully surrendered as I pumped it into him, pushing back and wanted to be firmly held till I grew soft.  We rolled onto our sides and chatted and got to know each other (wow, as I typed that line I realized how ironic hook up sex is...) 
He is divorced and wouldn't and probably couldn't admit that he just simply prefers men.  He gave off a shy awkwardness that was incredibly endearing, especially from a hard bodied, hard working, serious man.  He reached back and groped me and I lightly caressed his body and soon I was back in him with his insisting on my fucking him hard and fast and pushing as deep into him as I could get (his thigh was pulled up, my balls were against his hole, and I had long before felt the curve in his intestines yield as I pushed past it-- I was definitely deep in him.)  He gets major points for cleanliness as each time I pulled out I expected at least the head to be dirty and it was totally clean.  I'd been ingenuous before, however; I knew then that the likelihood I'd shoot another load into him was slim (though I came close a number of times.)  Frankly, if he's had some manscent it would have happened, but he was squeaky clean everywhere.
We laid side by side and made out and stroked and then I told him I wanted his load.  That made him super hot and he stood next to the bed and fed his cock into my mouth.  I then felt my load rising and shot it moments before he gave me his.  I know this sounds like stroke fiction, but his load actually was sweet in flavor.  He was thrilled I took it and quickly bent down to kiss me. 
Afterwards we cuddled for awhile and then he asked to shower.  It was closing on one a.m. and he had to be had work at 9.   Once clean he quickly and quietly dressed and as we walked to the door he pulled me to him, kissed, and said "send me a text once in awhile."  We both realized there was serious chemistry at work but that sadly this was probably a one time hook up.  I was pretty touched by him; he is great sex and a genuinely lovely guy.  Yes, I am definitely going to keep in touch with him.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Island Bear

I was traveling in the South recently and while in the airport had checked into one of the sites on my phone.  Seconds later I got a message that caused my cognitive dissonance to kick in.  I recognized the guy but the place was totally wrong (and it was my first trip to this part of the South.)

His message was "I can't believe you are here!  Do you remember me?"

Of course I remembered him.

We've had sex many many many times when I was on other business trips.  He was a regular in fact for many years.

He's originally from Hawaii and is a solid, athletic young bear, who on the islands is defined as "local" meaning he's a mix of several Pacific Rim ethnicities.  He's typically Hawaiian though.  A lovely guy who seems sweet and innocent dressed.  However, get him naked and he's a pretty passionate animal who wants to get fucked as long as you can stay hard. 

When we first met it was shy and somewhat awkward, but he's nice (I think I am too) and we enjoyed each other's company after we'd both cum; I guess that's a pretty good barometer.  We'd fuck, shower up, go out and have dinner, and come back to my room to fuck some more.  At least once he slept over (however, other times he declined because his former boyfriend was working at the hotel where I was staying, which made me feel like a voyeur staring at him at checkout without the guy having any suspicion what I knew about him.)

Whenever I was in the area I'd look for him, but if I changed my profile location he'd immediately hit me up the moment he saw me on line.  We connected several times a year and at a certain point, when I rarely barebacked, he grasped my bare cock and linked it to his hole and then encouraged me to nut in him when felt my cock get harder recognizing I was close to cumming.  He was the first guy I met who called his hole his "pussy" which was pretty hysterical coming out of this broad shouldered, muscular hunk.

Well, I'd forgotten that he'd moved to the Southeast, but it had been easily four years since I'd last seen him.  He was curious whether I'd be interested in connecting again (duh) and as luck would have it I had the afternoon free before an early evening work engagement.  Well, he wanted me to fuck him in the afternoon and later after my engagement; I'd normally not invite anyone to hang in my room while I wasn't there, but I totally trust this guy.   Apparently he's way into me as he drove nearly 60 miles to come to my hotel.

It was as good as I remembered.  We were totally comfortable and relaxed with each other and after lots of making out and mutual sucking and my devoting lots of time to rimming him (my tongue got a major work out) I started to fuck him.  He was pretty tight as it had been a while since he was last fucked but we went at it for a long time and he pushed back and clamped down with enthusiasm as I came.   He told me he was looking forward to lying around the rest of the afternoon with my load in his hole.

He straddled me to stroke off and shot an amazing load:  I was in my post orgasm "I don't feel like it in my mouth" mentality, though I'd wanted his load before cumming (weird psyche) but later we made out, he sucked my dick (it incredibly turns me on when a guy sucks me after I pull out of him) I ate his ass and fucked him some more but couldn't cum (I needed time to recharge the battery and, quite frankly, he was now pretty loosened up.)  He begged me to stroke off and to cum in his mouth and I told him I wanted his first; it was nice to taste and swallow a load again and without asking he pulled me to him to make out after he shot in my mouth.

Well I had to shower and suit up for work and it was kind of weird to leave him in my room but he hung out, got some dinner and was lying there naked when I returned.  I laughed and said "honey, I'm home!"

We got back to it and I fucked him again for a long time but my balls just wouldn't give up another load through fucking and he actually did start to get sore, so we finished by stroking off again.

It was sweet and quite the surprise but a little melancholy; I doubt I'll be back in that region and it reminded me how much pleasure we've brought each other over the years.  But I sure did enjoy it.  He's amazing sex.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Arrogant" Jock

I have been traveling a lot lately and have a few adventures to share.  However, I was also in the South and was reminded of the Promiscuous Top's entries in that the men were very into flirting and then didn't come through.  Though, in all fairness, I was only free late at night and I was looking to connect weeknights. Yet, message ping pong is tedious and I can't stand being jerked around.  In many cases I suspect the guy had his cock in his hand and was working it while typing with no intention of going anywhere.

During an overnight in Austin, however, a guy came on to me that afternoon.  His pics were buff, "Jock" was part of his on line title, and I was above his age ceiling and his requisite muscle and body fat specifications.  I pointed this out when he messaged me.  But, he persisted, though I found the arrogant tone and qualifications largely a turn off.  As it ended up we were staying in the same hotel (this has happened to me twice in the last couple of months, interestingly enough.  And it wasn't like we were at the same conference/I wasn't at a conference in fact, but he was...)  Well late afternoon it didn't seem it was going anywhere and I had to work that evening.  So off I went and when I returned and logged back in he was still there. He hit me up again and I reminded him I didn't meet his specs and that it wasn't a match.  But oddly he was persistent; obviously he hadn't gotten any.  We exchanged face pics and while I wasn't entirely feeling it -- I too was horny --so I listed my room number in a message, but then someone else I was chatting up with whom I was truly simpatico wanted to connect so I quickly deleted the message (note gents:  messages on a4a aren't deleted if the guy has checked he wants them to go to his email account) and was chatting up the other guy to come over.   Then I heard a knock at the door/the jock was there.  (Nope, whew, I hadn't given the other guy my location; God looks out after children and fools.)

The Jock is Latino, and swarthy handsome.  Ironically from San Diego (most of the guys I seriously chatted up during my travels weren't from the South, they were visitors, but that squares with my Southern experiences.) When he entered he was passionate and wanted to kiss (didn't square with the machismo bullshit he was putting out on line.)  When he stripped it was clear he is fine:  serious cut pecs, nice defined biceps.  Saves his body (damn) but nice dense pits.  Taut muscular thighs and calves/clearly devoted to the gym, which when I discovered his vulnerability, and his being 5' 8", I fully understood.

We got into some seriously passionate sex.  He really wanted to make out and is excellent at sucking face.  He also devoted serious attention to my cock.  Eventually I had to pull him off and to explore his:  uncut (I love that Latins leave their boys intact) about 5-6" but beautifully shaped.  I rolled him on to his stomach and really got into his beautiful bubble butt. I kept at it for a long time and rubbed my cock up and down his crack and massaged his hole with my head and partially penetrated him; he clearly wanted it bare but insisted that it was condom time.  I suited up and went in/since he's short and buff I was seriously deep and he was loving it.

I sucked the back of his neck and licked out his ears while I pistoned in and out and he bent his head back to passionately kiss me and then grabbed my hand and sucked on my thumb while I continued to fuck him.  It was sweet and tender and totally out of sync with the bullshit he'd been spewing on line.

He wanted to sit on it and as I pulled out I immediately smelled trouble/ it wasn't gross, but he needed to go clean up (interestingly guys who insist on condoms more often than not don't know how to thoroughly clean out/which makes condoms a plus in such occasions.)  However, we went back and forth in various positions but I knew I wasn't going to cum in the condom.

We ended up lying side by side making out and stroking off; he shot a nice load and was excited when he saw me give up mine.  But then the switch went off.  He was up, wiped up, and was quickly getting dressed.  I figured he was now into an "I am an Hombre" role.  However, he wasn't, actually.  He asked and was disappointed to learn that I was only there for the night, sincerely hugged me and gave me a big kiss before he left.  The tenderness and vulnerability were touching and he was totally hot.  Too bad he feels the need to maintain that veneer because his sensitivity only enhances his beauty.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Screeching in the Next Room

This past weekend I was traveling and had a long ass drive from one city to another.  Fortunately, my destination was a lovely art deco boutique hotel with 9000 count cotton sheets, spa like toiletries, and a truly superb restaurant.  My previous appointments had sucked me dry (in the pejorative sense) and combined with the drive I was dog tired when I arrived.  I had a drink in the bar, two glasses of wine with an excellent meal, and was out cold by 8:30.

Now I'd had various leads on the Iphone and internet apps and was definitely interested in utilizing the room to its fullest capacity.  But I threw in the towel after dinner and zonked out (truth be told, I'd played both late afternoon and late evening the day I wasn't too melancholy figuring I'd gotten my fill the day before.)

I curled into a fetal position and savored the down pillows and indulgent linens and was out.  My body was loving the rest and it was sweet.

Perhaps around midnight or a tad earlier I was awakened by people entering the neighboring room.  I wasn't fully awakened but was aware of noise.  After a while I heard what I thought was a baby crying and thought "swell".  If I'd been fully awake I'd have really been puzzled as this is a pretty hip, chic place and not where you'd bring an infant; I can't imagine the hotel carries optional cribs.  It's a place where you occasionally see beautiful, conspicuously successful young couples having wedding receptions (one trip I was fried when I couldn't go to the restaurant because it was closed for a wedding and I had to eat in the bar as I'd flown in and lacked wheels...but I digress.)

Well I managed to ignore the "baby" and drifted off again into a deep sleep.  Then at 2:30 I was awakened by crying again and it was pretty loud but staccato shreeks.  Okay, I was pretty sure this wasn't a baby, it sounded like a woman's voice and I did the math and figured it out.  My suspicions were confirmed when I heard a baritone response; apparently the dude was then delivering his load into her.  However, drama queen that she was I was treated to ongoing loud moaning in what was apparently the afterglow.  I was totally awake at this point.

I've had vocal sex but not at plaster cracking volume.  This is a hotel with thick plaster walls and to hear voices that clear means the person is being super loud, and I quickly concluded with intention.  She wanted the neighboring rooms to hear that they were fucking with gusto and how her stud was pushing all her buttons.  Glad they were enjoying themselves, but they also were getting off on being audible (?) exhibitionists.  At first I thought it was funny, but then it kept up (round three) and I couldn't sleep.

Well rather than just dwelling on being grumpy I decided to log on.  First I thought I'd find a nice fuck flick and rub one out, but I logged into a couple of hook up sites and this hot looking guy started to chat me up.  Nice defined bod:  broad shoulders, tapered waist, cut pecs, nice fur accenting it, and just a tad soft in the belly.  Add a full beard:  yum.  One pic had him in a harness which isn't my speed and was the only discordant note as I am risk adverse. 

He wanted to get fucked and professed to be near by and cleaned out.  The conversation started to progress.  My only reluctance is that it is a hotel with a key operated elevator, meaning I'd have to get dressed, go downstairs and greet him next to the front desk (where the elevator doors open.)  At 3 a.m./like us both screaming out:  we just connected on line, he's a trick and we're going up to fuck.

Well, overcoming my prudishness, I decided fuck it (pardon the pun) after dragging things out a bit.  He said he would be right back on but needed to take a leak.  And then, while his profile remained open, he vanished.  I was pissed as he'd come on pretty strong and was allegedly close by. He'd admitted, however, that he'd come back from the bars after being out with friends.

About 40 minutes passed and I wrote him "hope you found what you were looking for" and was really to log off.  Then I heard a ping and he wrote back with abject apologies; he'd nodded off on the couch and if I was still interested would be there in 20.  At that point it was 4 a.m. (the love birds had taken a hiatus from their mating.)  But true to his word he appeared in less than 20.  When I alighted in the lobby he was standing next to the doors; God was smiling on us; the front desk staff had flaked and was in the back room.  Sweet.

He is seriously good looking and I thought that I was lucky it was late and he'd returned home with an itch he needed to have scratched by a big cock.  We got to my room and he started to silently and awkwardly strip, but then he wrapped his arms around me and started to make out.  I could taste the stale beer but it wasn't bad and he was hot.  He dropped to his knees and started to give my cock devoted attention, but made it clear he was there to get fucked.  So after sucking him a bit I pushed him face down on the bed and ate his ass.  After a short time he said that he needed to get fucked and I teased his hole with my head and he pushed back and pulled me in and then growled "I want your seed, I want you to shoot your load into me and to breed me."

Now he has a nice hot hole (temperature wise) and a fine hairy body, and had some nice manscent going.  I decided to not try to prolong it, despite how sweet it was (and it did feel really nice pushing my cock in and pulling back and feeling him grip me and sigh and grunt in pleasure) and I decided to let it go when I felt my load starting to rise.  It was a nice orgasm; the spurts were long and satisfying and he new I was cumming when he felt me stiffen further and my cock starting to throb.  He was pushing back and grunting "give me that load".  After a while I eased out, he rolled onto his side to lick my cock off, and then was up gathering his clothes.  Fair enough, it was then closing on 5:00 a.m.  As he left he encouraged me to look him up when I was in town next.  I surely will.  A task oriented occasion:  task accomplished/move on.

I rinsed and jumped back in bed, pleased to have cum, pleased not to have been leered at by the front desk staff, and pleased that we didn't disturb the neighboring rooms considering how late it all was.  He wrote back when I woke up and wanted to know if we could go for an encore, but I had to work and had an afternoon flight.  I was kicking myself as I would have gladly slept with this guy and we could have fucked when we woke up.

A few hours later I was packing, suited up and headed downstairs with the Sunday paper to enjoy an excellent breakfast.  It was all very civilized. I returned to my room to brush my teeth and grab my suit case and then I heard a familiar sound "uh, uh, uh, UH!  Uh, Uh, UHHHH". Enough was enough, someone had to do something.  I slammed my hand against the wall and yelled "you're being fucking tacky, you WANT to be heard!"  I am all for people enjoying sex (I certainly do) but I don't think you should make others unwilling participants.  The frenzied wailing immediately ceased.  I felt a tiny bit like a shit, but then as I was opening the door I heard something else:  there was a knock on their door and they were freaked out/it was housekeeping wanting to clean their room (it was 11 a.m.)  Righteous coitus interruptus!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Late Night Performance

During a recent sojourn in LA I hooked up with an actor.  I had no idea he was an actor when we first started to communicate, and he's not someone readily identifiable (read famous.)  It was only after we curled together, both wet with cum, that I learned this and a few other things about him.  It is interesting that some times I like the guy a hell of a lot more after sex, when we both let go and share personal information.  I used to be super evasive about personal facts, but if a guy trusts you to put your bare cock in his ass I think he's entitled to some reciprocal trust, even if it's just sharing some of who you are.

We'd connected on line via one of the sites and then migrated to text.  He was at work during the day; I was off during the day but had an early evening engagement.  It progressed (regressed?) to tedious ping pong.   I indicated I didn't know if he was interested and he indignantly replied he was very interested and would connect with me late that night.  Uh huh.

Well I got back from my engagement a tad early and had a text from him asking if I had gotten back yet.  I responded and then he indicated a. he'd just been near my hotel but had just gotten home b.  he wondered if I was tired.  I responded that it sounded like he was tired and that I wouldn't be heart broken if he didn't want to come over.  He indicated he wasn't sure about anal, hadn't showered since the afternoon, might just want some oral to which I responded, "you indicated that you like to bottom and I suspect you'll want to get fucked when you meet my cock, so you should probably clean out. " He demurred.  I indicated that perhaps we should just move on that life is "full of missed opportunities."  He asked if he could call, and I said "of course" (duh, you have my cell number bendeho) and when he spoke to me his batteries recharged (he later said talking to me made him super hard/guys tell me I have a sexy voice, but I don't think so.  Once in college I had an RD tell me that men wouldn't take me seriously because of my voice, which was clearly code for "you sound like a faggot."  Apparently I don't sound like a faggot as I've learned many years later, despite not being a macho man, but I also don't sound like James Earl Jones.)  Learning I was leaving the next morning he said "I'll be right over."

While waiting I packed, prepped (hand towel and lube on the night table; condoms in the drawer of the night table if he insisted) and grabbed a novel I was reading.  Soon I heard a mild tap on the door.

He is scruffy, and a bit chunky, both of which I like.  When he shed his clothes I found he was hairy but not too hairy, which I also like.  Dense pubes in his pits, which as regular readers know, I love.  And he had some nice manfunk in those pits, not rancid but "manly."  Otherwise little odor, including his balls.

This guy was seriously into making out, which I love.  Lots of sucking on each others' lips and tongues and exploration of each others' mouths.  Nice.  Then he went to my cock, to which he devoted tender attention.  Then I pushed him back onto the bed and focused on his genitals.  Mmmm, mmm.

A nice cut dick, almost as big as mine, nice low hanging balls, and a nice hairy hole.   I licked him like he was my new born calf and got him all slicked with my spit and crazied by the stimulation.  I was worried about his ass, but it had no unpleasant odor and seemed totally clean, so I dove in with my tongue.  He was pulling his cheeks apart and gasping and groaning.  I knew what was next.  Getting on my knees I straddled him and rubbed my cock up and down his now drenched crack.  As I massaged his hole with my cock head he pushed back -- all the invitation I needed.  I applied pressure, he gave an affirming grunt, and I pushed in a little bit more.  He was making it clear it as aokay.

I decided we'd both enjoy it more with lube and pulled out to grab it, but was concerned that my cock would be nasty:  it wasn't/completely debris and odor free.  I lubed us both up and eased in and gradually slip deep inside him.  We started a rhythm and he murmured "no cumming". I said "I won't come in you" and with a no nonsense look in his eyes and tone he said "I know you won't".

Well it progressed to a lot of thrashing about and switching of positions.  He wanted to straddle me (like all bottoms) and I reluctantly pulled out and was again totally clean, and remarked with surprise.  He said "well I did shower this afternoon."  Guess this guy flushes out when he showers.  Lucky me.

We made out throughout it; I think we both enjoyed the kissing as much, perhaps more, than the fucking.  I wanted his load; he wanted us to cum together.   I knew if we came together I'd never lick up his load:  I only want the other guy's cum before I cum.  After I shoot any appetite for his load vanishes.  This rule applied again.  We laid next to each other, pressed side by side, and stroked off.  I shot first, which thrilled him.  I enjoyed watching him cum across his hairy stomach and wished I was still interested in licking it up.  But, the moment had passed.

Post orgasm he was quite chatty and alpha; we ended up having more than a mutual interest in cock in common.  It was nice.  He went to the bathroom to wipe off and came back to lie next to me.  After I cum I remain hard for a long time (but can't cum for another 30 minutes, typically) and he remarked about it, but I'd relaxed a bit when he returned.  He turned to me and started to make out with me and to play with my balls and he started to get hard.  But it was late and we both knew we needed to call it a night.

He's interested in an encore and I have his number.  I get down to LA a few times a year.  I hope to share another encounter with him soon.  Perhaps I'll be savoring the taste of his cum in the future.

p.s. what is the deal with blogger anyway?  I have 706 followers on tumblr after joining in April; after 14 months I have 58 followers here.  I don't get why guys are so reluctant to follow each other here; I follow a wide array of blogs.  Strange.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Encore with the Alpha Dog

Last weekend I was back up in the Northwest, so I'd contacted the Alpha Dog* in advance. (Scroll to earlier blogs to learn who he is, though in the sidebar he's one of my most popular posts.)  When I was there in the spring our schedules didn't sync; he said he wasn't available, I made plans (non-sexual) and then he became available and was agitated that I couldn't switch my plans.  Sigh.  I assumed that it was over, but gave it a stab and he enthusiastically responded he'd do his best.  He did better.

I'd saved my load (amazing self restraint as I typically rub one out when I wake up) and had been checking out the eye candy on the various sites to keep my options open should he not be able to show (he's married, and though dependable, can't confirm with absolute certainty.)  Checking into my hotel I touched base with him and periodically throughout the day he gave me updates conveying it was pretty certain he'd be there. 

He works in catering and keeps nocturnal hours, so it was surprising that he was available late afternoon, which was a relief.  I've dragged the next day sleep deprived after rolling around with him till 2 a.m. on previous trips when I had to get up early in the morning.  However, you've got to have priorities and when it comes to this guy I can easily sacrifice sleep -- afterwards -- but I want to be fully energized when he's there.

This time he actually showed up early.  He was dressed in black head to foot and reeked of restaurant food and, knowing that he stunk, he quickly stripped to jump into the shower.  When he arrived he was like a coiled spring (as usual) and his intense blue eyes reminded me of a husky.  It was weird to see him in daylight:  he has a totally shaved head and a full, thick beard, which combined with his muscular body and tendency not to blink would make the average guy move across the street if encountering him.

Naked he is a joy for the eyes:  just enough fur but not too much, yet it covers his bod (a nice hairy ass) cut/defined muscles everywhere.  While I am not a fan of ink, his tattoos just reinforce his macho image.  So when he pulls my head to his to intensely kiss me I keep wondering "what is it that I do for this guy?"  I know I have a big dick and know how to skillfully deploy it, but this guy finds me a major turn on.  Well, just my dumb luck I guess.

Once out of the shower he got straight to business and after some passionate making out and stroking he soon when down on my cock with gusto.  But we both knew it was just holding off what he was there for:  he wanted me to fuck him long and hard.

When we first again hooking up, years ago, it was condoms only.  I just remember one day, after numerous hook ups he invited me, in his macho no bullshit way invited me to enter him raw, provided I didn't cum in him.  However, after I'd moved away and several subsequent hotel assignations when I didn't cum (truth be told, because I'd fucked someone else earlier in the day as well as the fact that knowing I couldn't cum in him kept the switch from flipping in my brain) he insisted that I not not cum.  We both knew what that meant.

I soon pulled him off my cock and after sucking him and mouthing his balls I rolled him over to eat his ass.  He has a furry hard ass you could bounce a quarter off and amazing man musk that I love having saturate my beard and stache.  I got my tongue seriously into his ass and then lifted up and started to rub my cock up and down his now slick crack and to massage his hole with my head:  he pushed back with affirmation and it popped in.  I pulled out, ate him some more and repeated.  Then I got the lube and pushed deep into him and wrapped my arms around his thick muscular torso.  It was one of those moments when you think you are dreaming but decide to just give in and savor the moment and to stop questioning it.  He was grunting with pleasure and curling his head back to kiss and I was enjoying my chest and belly pressed against his muscular back as much as my cock thrusting in and out of his then tight hole.  If he's telling the truth he rarely gets fucked and I am pretty confident I am the only guy he let's bareback him.

After a while he wanted to control the action.  Well, he'd been at work and as a married guy doesn't have a douche shower attachment so I was prepared for the inevitable; and made him stay on his stomach while I cleaned up.  He jumped up and washed himself off, and then lubed my cock and his ass and straddled me.

Having a guy ride me is not my favorite position (most bottoms seem to love it) but I am okay with it if they can rise up a bit so I can thrust back.  (I hate it when the guy sits on you and you are pinned to the mattress.)  He was working with me, so I was able to thrust up as he was pushing down and we were both loving it.  He kept referring to how amazing it was and my cock felt great being massaged by his velvety tight ass in addition to the visual stimulation of his hard body riding me and big dick, fully engorged, flopping on my stomach.  I remembered that he had held off from cumming for at least a week before I arrived last time (so apparently his wife isn't getting it regularly, poor thing) and imagined another big load.  This time without touching himself it spewed out and it was huge.  It splattered across my chest and down my side and felt nice and warm and the room now smelled spunky.

Macho he is, but an asshole he's not, so he wanted me to get off.  We've gotten to a point where he can get fucked after cumming (I'd warned him before it wouldn't work if he came first, and I was right, but the last two times he's gotten past the soreness.)  He wanted to know what position I wanted and directed him to get on his side and to pull his thigh up after some more clean up.

I love fucking a guy on his side as you get incredibly deep into him and can simultaneously make out.  He was a trooper as I kept at it for awhile, but he was also enjoying it, and then I felt my orgasm come on, and it was a series of spurts.  A stillness then came over him; I could tell he was factoring that he'd again let me breed him.  In the past, post condoms, he'd wanted me to breed him but said "I would but know you've got a boy in every port."  I didn't deny it, but I do try to play smart.

We laid together and engaged in some cursory chit chat, but he wanted to clean up and head out.  It was the usual hook up plan v. reality:  he'd wanted to fuck for 2+ hours straight and to shoot a couple of loads when we made the arrangements.  Once we both shot our loads it was the guy thing of wanting to move on.

It was a great time and I wrote back to him and he responded echoing my thanks.  We'll probably reconnect when I am there, but hopefully at night.  It seems to stoke his libido more when he doesn't have to go home to a full evening with his wife.