Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sticky Rice

My Filipino boy contacted me Saturday just as I was heading out the door for another assignation.  Frankly, I'd much rather have spent extended quality time in bed with him but he has room mates and our relationship has always been one of whether they are away and he can host or whether I can host (more the former than the latter.)  It's weird:  this is a guy in his 30s and he rents from a gay couple but can't host.  I suspect it is a matter of not wanting them to be aware of his n/s sexual life than their putting the kabbosh on him having company but you never know.  (Years ago I used to hook up with a guy who rented from a Lesbian couple and he seemed to regularly bottom for the 7th Fleet, but the lay out of his room, adjacent to the front door and a bathroom might have facilitated that as it was less intrusive.  Also he had much more of an "I don't give a shit" attitude.  It worked for me; I never saw them and we had extended passionate sex and I could thoroughly clean up afterwards, assuring that dogs and cats didn't follow me home.)

Well, as I indicated in the preceding blog, after fucking the guy I was with earlier that morning, and his revving me up to straddle me so that he could rub one out, I was cranked to drop a second load.  So I got home and my Filipino friend wanted to blow me.  He had messed up his leg and said he couldn't get fucked; while I don't like to travel just to get blown (among other things, I like interactive sex rather than to passively get served) I was horny and hadn't connected with him in a long time and he was offering to host.  So, I jumped in the car and headed over.

His roomies (read:  owners of the house in which he rents a room) weren't due home for hours.  So I dutifully followed to his room, we embraced, and both began to strip.  I think we both, subconsciously, knew this wasn't going to be just a blow job.

We both embraced and made out.  I fulfill a daddy thing for him, but he doesn't usually get into that role play until I am fucking him (thank God.)  Up until then it's just two guys enjoying mansex, which is where it lives for me.  It was good to be back with him.  He's a nice looking guy, and when he strips he reveals nice cut pecs, a tapered waist, and a fine bubble butt.  His skin is light tan, and he's smooth except for some major scars from surgery (I have refrained from asking/I suspect his appendix, but I wonder whether the surgery was outside the US or when he was much younger as US medicine doesn't leave a guy that scarred, typically.  My Indian fb in the Northwest also has significant surgical scars and they are surely from surgery back home in India.  Probably neither of these guys is in a hurry to sunbathe next to the pool as a result; not that they are disturbing, but that they invite inquiries from socially clueless assholes.  But, I digress.)

As we made out I licked down to his cock:  it's small, but perfectly shaped.  It is easy to throat; actually too easy, which makes it disappointing.  The reward comes from listening to him sigh in incredible pleasure when I work it.  As I sucked it I worked one of his highly sensitive nipples, and spit on my thumb and massaged his hole with it.  He was in hog heaven.

He chowed down on my cock, but I noticed the Gun Oil on his night table;  I curled up with him and maneuvered him on his side, being sensitive of his injured leg, and placed my engorged cock between his thighs with my cockhead resting on his hole, while I worked his nipples and sucked the back his neck.  There was no resistance; quite the opposite.  We both knew where this was going.  He started to whimper in need and I knew better than to ask permission.  I grabbed the Gun Oil, lubed my cock, his hole, and his cock, and pressed against him. He responded by thrusting back against my cock.  Not acknowledging we were going to fuck he pressed back seeking to let me in/I pushed forward with a hunger to get in; I heard him hiss with satisfaction as I broke through.

This isn't how we typically fuck.  He likes to be on his back, with his legs in the air, for me to press my cock against his hole and to wait until it dialates and lets me push in.  Then he wants me to stay still and his cock literally pulls me into him.

Well, it clearly wasn't going to happen that way.  He couldn't lift both legs in the air, much less wrap them around me.  He was in apparent discomfort on his side.  I couldn't get deep enough inside him to satisfy me (frankly I was surprised that we'd gotten that far, as his tolerance for discomfort is low.)  However, he was anxious to be fucked by me, it had been a long time since we fucked last, and he was determined to make it work.  We both knew this without any conversation.

It wasn't entirely what either of us wanted.  I couldn't eat his ass as he hadn't prepped; he couldn't suck me after I pushed in for the same reason.  It was spontaneous and we both knew it.  But he wanted to be fucked and he wanted my load as well, so he gritted his teeth and thrust down and I had about 5 inches of my cock in him and I started to fuck.

Sideways fucking (both guys on their sides) is great for porn, and is okay as part of the soup to nuts (pardon the pun) m2m sexual experience.  But, it usually doesn't give me the friction I need to spew my load.  But we were both into it; neither one of us gave a damn that it was dirty sex (as he hadn't flushed out) and we both were determined.  I was astonished that it was giving me the right vibe as I'd shot only 2 hours before.  The switch flipped and I was feeling it and he was grunting with pleasure.

And then, we heard the door open and close.

I had no idea what to expect, but felt like a teenager again waiting to be busted by the parents.  He looked at me and hissed to keep fucking him.  My thought was "what the fuck?" (ahem) might as well drop a load.

He pushed down/more of my cock was engulfed by his juicy tight ass; it felt good; it felt good to be with a guy I find hot and who I wanted to breed . He growled:  "Am I your boy?"  "Prove it!"  "Make me your boy!!!"  "I want your seed, daddy!"  And then, I gave it to him. 

As I shot he asked if I came and then demanded that I keep fucking him.  The angle of our bodies was terrible, but I did so, almost slipping out several times, but he started to furiously stroke and soon a ribbon of white cum was streaming across his tan stomach and chest.

There was no time for afterglow.  We needed to figure out an exit plan for me.  I eased out, avoiding his ivory bedspread, and luckily found a hand towel next to the bed.  There was some debris, but it wasn't major, and I wasn't confronted by a stench, so it was alright.

Like mice, we both got dressed (fortunately he had a movie playing that provided white noise) and he on his bum leg scoped out the house and then silently led me downstairs (and, in touch with my Asian side, I kept my sandals off, making me more cat like as I walked.)   The house mates were other wise disposed and he pretended to get his mail and I scooted out.

It was a pure maintenance visit; not at all nourishing, and my noodle clearly was sticky and needed a good rinsing as I drove home.  But, I made him my boy once again, which was what he needed, and I wanted..