Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whippet Thin

Arrived at my hotel after a five hour flight on Saturday and, horny as hell, tuned into a4a.  It was midday, and got a few bites, but not as many as late afternoon or early evening bring.  But, one guy checked me out and I liked his jock shot, and wrote back "nice sling shot".  And then the ball started .Click on the image to close
to roll.  He was actually pretty aggressive and gave me his phone number.  We got down to the brass tacks on the phone; he was at a friend's house nearby, but was cleaned out and ready and needed to have his itch scratched.  So, I allowed my dick to think for me and gave him my room number.

He arrived, and I was surprised by how thin he is:  6' 1" and 140 lb.  Thin, thin arms, and a bony chest and tiny bony ass.  A good looking guy with a full trimmed beard.  Southern, with that droll characteristic sarcasm and understatement.  He entered the room and quickly got to business stripping. He was wearing jock type underwear and pulled them off, displaying a nice, average sized unit.  He was soon bending over mine and looked up and said "your ruler is defective; this is well over 7.5" long".  I responded with a trite "better to underpromise and over deliver."

This guy is an excellent kisser and is incredibly responsive.  Nice long hair in his pits, and a nice dusting across his chest and legs; you'd think an otter if he wasn't so incredibly thin.  He'd done a nice job cleaning out and it was a pleasure to give his furry ass a thorough rimming.  I took my time and then rubbed my cock up and down his crack and found him impaling his ass on it; I pushed slightly into him and asked if it was okay; he responded "it feels great". I responded that I meant okay/okay.  He replied, "yeah, I get tested frequently" and with that I pushed all my cock into him and listened to him hiss and sigh and moan with pleasure and the ride began. 

I love a responsive bottom and moved this guy into every conceivable position (when he rode it I found it uncomfortable as the guy is so fucking thin and bony; I soon pushed him onto his back.) With him being so thin I knew my cock was well beyond the second ring and he was getting an amazingly deep fuck; he knew it too and periodically checked to be sure that he was still clean (he was), so I took breaks to ease out and to rim him more (and he knew to keep making out afterwards, one of my rules...)  He was one of those bottoms whose eyes half roll back in his head.  He wanted it rough at times, so I gave him a series of long full shaft pistons followed by slight jabs at the entrance to his hole, followed by unexpected rapid thrusts all the way into him.

Finally I got him on his back and he growled "breed me.  I want to feel that big cock of yours breed this ass."  He stared in my eyes with a steel blue sex intoxicated stare and I let him have it.  As he felt it he bore down hard squeezing my cock.  I gradually eased out.  He was surprisingly passionate and rested in my arms before I pushed back in so that he could stroke himself off.

We both could have kept at it for much longer; I'd made up a dinner appointment before he arrived so that I could get rid of him when I felt the need.  Unfortunately, I would have liked to have given him another load or two, but he was meeting a pal to go to a concert (as it was I made him late.)  He's indicated he might be free again for the remainder of the week I'm here.  I am hoping so; he is truly excellent sex.