Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breeding My Boy

Tuesday I flew to LA for a meeting that required me to stay overnight.  While my boy lives further south, like the last trip, he was willing to make the drive an hour north.  I ended my meeting and it was a half hour before he was due to arrive, which allowed me to get comfortable and to refreshen up. 

Where I was staying required me to go outside to let him in; the temperature had dropped in So Cal and all the natives were decked out like Eskimos.  I found him in the parking lot in a hoodie and shivering and was amazed at how young he looked (the guy is 29.)  As we got into my room the hood came off and we started to make out; I no longer felt like a cradle robber/ he has the face of a young man.

As he peeled off his clothes I was again struck by how boyish he looks:  tiny chest, tiny nipples, but firm muscular thigh and calves.  I got naked and embraced him again with my hard cock poking underneath his balls and grazing his ass.  He immediately started to coo with little anxious, enthusiastic whimpers.  He wanted me in him; he wanted to get fucked, and he wanted to get fucked right away.

I knew that I  was going to give him two loads, but I wasn't in a hurry to do so, but I also knew he wanted me in him.  We got on the bed and the one thing that seemed to appease him was making out.  He's very passionate and loves his daddy and kept murmurring to that effect alternating with ongoing whimpers of pleasure and need.  While the daddy/son bit doesn't really do a thing for me (actually I have to transcend it in my head) I roll with it because this guy is so hot and sweet.  And, it is an amazing ego rush that this guy seems to think I am the sexiest guy going, but I am not under any illusions.  I think it's called having a big dick and knowing how to deploy it to reduce a guy to a quivering mass of plasma undulating in pleasure.  That's the challenge; that's the fun; cumming is just the icing on the cake.

It was a typical scene and I spent alot of time eating his ass; while I sucked him he didn't get hard:  this made me recognize he really needed to get fucked and wouldn't get hard until I was in him.  So I renewed eating his ass, but it was clear he wasn't really going to get into it until I pushed in.

His ass is amazing:  a small, tight, taut, bubble butt:  a thumbnail of it would be the textbook illustration of the perfect ass.  Again, lying on his stomach he looks about 12 years younger than he is; this guy has the body of a boy (though nice course hair on his thighs and pubes, and dense, but short hair in his pits.)  I got his ass really wet with spit and rubbed my cock head around his hole and he took the first chance to thrust backwards and pull me into him. 
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It felt great; it was one of those situations when we started to fuck that  I knew I could cum right away but my cock felt so good that I didn't want to take a break until I'd fucked him for awhile, and I knew if I blew my load I'd need a hiatus.  While I can stay hard, the sensation doesn't remain in my cock head unless I take a break.  I knew I'd want to keep at it. 

We were doing fine with spit at first, but when he suggested some lube I eased out and just started to eat his ass some more; he got it and kept spitting in his hand and applying it to his ass as I reentered.  While my favorite position is with the guy on his stomach and side, he really wanted to be on his back so he could look in my eyes and we could make out.  We both got totally lost in the experience and my mind wasn't wandering at all:  I was totally present and fucking him was all I was thinking about.  It was great but I knew he wanted the load and I also knew I'd want to spoon with him for awhile to work up another.  So, I let it go:  though I don't emote (not a yeller or screamer here, and not inclined toward dramatics/I focus my energy on my cock and balls) he knew it was cumming just as I knew it was coming and his eyes widened;  he could feel me grow harder; he could tell from the change in thrusts, and he felt the load pulsing into him.  With real excitement he noted:  you're still cumming!  I can feel it throbbing!  (so could I, and it was nice.)

He then murmurred "you made me yours Dad!  I want to have your baby." (okay, that made me mentally throw up in my mouth a bit, but I rolled with it.  This is his role play fantasy and he's a nice guy and great sex, so I didn't say anything.)  We did spoon and cuddle and make out and stroke each other.  He kept remarking:  I smell your sperm/it's leaking out of me,and would reach back and place his finger against his hole and then suck the cum off his finger.

I pushed into him again so he could stroke off/ he remarked "using your cum as lube; it feels soooo good!" and  vigorously beat his cock and shot a load across his stomach and chest.  I bent down and licked it up and kissed him/he sheepishly smiled and said "I don't like my own" and looked astonished as I spit it into my hand, rubbed it on his hole and then fucked it into him.  I remarked "you'll get three loads tonight" and while surprised he really got into it.

As we continued to fuck he started to whisper "I want another load!  I want you to breed me again with your sperm!"  Normally that would jam my head by adding pressure, but he wasn't insistent, it was more of a need-- gentle encouragement and my brain went with it.  He literally seemed to coax the load out and again he knew it as it was spurting noting with pleasure "it's really wet."

We snuggled and caught up a bit, and I half way thought he'd spend the night (fortunately he didn't as I had to get up at 5:30 for an 8:30 flight.)  He rinsed off and dressed, but we both are looking forward to next weekend when I'll be in in his neck of the woods two nights and he will stay over.  It staggers the imagination.