Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rubbed Raw

Earlier this week I hooked up with the older cub guy again.  He's incredibly sweet and cute:  he gives off really positive energy.  Unfortunately he's typically only available on weekdays, which is a drag as I have to hightail it from work to his place and only have limited time before I need to be home.

For a guy who claims to have only been fucked a few times before me (okay, this guy is 51 and gay/what's the likelihood of that unless he's been a top?) he loves getting fucked. 

I really love his body.  He has thick muscular calves and thighs covered with wiry hair (sort of like a terrier.)  This time he was really anxious to get fucked and rolled over when we got on the bed and pushed his back against me.  I usually don't want to rush the bottom, but it was definitely working for me, so went to town and gave him a fine rim job (sweet, tight, cute little ass) and grabbed the Wet and slowly slid into him.  Well, my boy for an alleged relative novice was thrusting back against me and taking it all with gusto/he was loving it and I got him on his side with his thigh pushed up against his chest and I was balls deep/he had it all

Now stupidly --again-- I'd beaten off that morning, and I was tired that afternoon, so my cum didn't seem to be perculating.  However, when I only have limited time (and he has a fucking grandfather clock that was reminding me every 15 minutes how much time had passed) I start to feel like I am making a deadline, instead of fully savoring the experience and allowing my orgasm to arise spontaneously.  But, I started to get my rhythm and I was ready for it to build and shoot and then his fucking heating system went on and a vent blew hot air directly on me for five minutes.  Weird as that sounds, it blew my concentration and frustrated as hell I eased out and said I needed a break. 

We both cuddled and made out, me stroking him while he stroked me, and then he went down on me.  Now the kinky side of me is seriously turned on by a bottom who doesn't hestitate to suck my cock after it's just been in his ass (even better if he sucks it right after I've shot into his ass.) Now, when we first connected via CL he approached me to suck and was hesitant about bottoming.  And, with my being focused on topping him he'd really never gone down on me much.  Well, I then discovered that this guy can really suck!  Damn it was good, and I normally don't care much for being sucked, but this man has serious talent at it.   He was really savoring my cock and working my balls.  It was pretty obvious to me that I could cum lying back, but I let him know I now wanted to be back inside him.  I could see his ambivalence as he reluctantly stopped sucking me; he goes to sucking like a fish to water.  I could see him doing the math:  take his load into my mouth or my ass?

What was also great (besides the kink element that stoked my libido) was that he'd sucked all the lube off my cock.  When I went back into him there wasn't alot of moisture and there was serious skin to skin friction.  He was grunting with serious pleasure though, and I was loving it, but I worried about him getting sore.  However, from the feedback it didn't sound like he cared/he was getting what he wanted and seemed to be in hog heaven.  And then all the pieces of the puzzle came together and I started to spurt, causing him to growl "a silent cummer, huh?  Well I know because I can feel it!" and he thrust his ass back against me hard.  It was fine.

Well, the sand was running out of my hour glass, so I showered, and reluctantly left.  I am hoping we get to connect again soon as I am off till the 2nd (woo hoo!)  He indicated he'd be free Monday, so I might just have to run out and get some stocking stuffers that morning (stuff his stocking/okay cheesy, but I couldn't resist.)  This marked our third hook up/if we connect on Monday I think we are in the fuck buddy category.