Monday, September 2, 2013


Currently I am waiting for the plumber to arrive.  He's most guys' wet dream:  about 5' 9", broad shouldered, muscular, tapered waist, head crowned with chestnut ringlets, long eyelashes, a broad and warming smile of perfectly even white teeth.  Recently he's grown a beard that frames his face and draws out his eyes like the matting on a print.  By mid-afternoon he's got some serious manscent going.  However, straight as an arrow (married/two kids and not at all ambivalent.)  Nothing is perfect; however, contemplating his arrival has put me in a reflective mood. 

I've been increasingly less committed to updating this chronicle but, frankly, I wonder whether anyone beyond a small number of followers even reads it, since it doesn't include pics or links to xtube vids of me fucking someone.  Perhaps I just need to consider it a diary that I've chosen to put out for public (albeit, anonymous) viewing by the rare, random person who likes reading about other guys' sexcapades.  But, it is amazing that after 4 months my tumblr blog is approaching 1000 followers, and this one has maxed at 61, with barely double digit views each day.  I don't get it as I follow a number of blogs though view are well written or even particularly interesting.

Anyway, the plumber hunk is here and while he works (and, hopefully leaves some hunkaroma in the bathroom where he's laboring) I'll tap out some reflections on nurses with whom I've connected.  I thought to do this after my latest hook up with a nurse when up in the Northwest on business last month.

I've hooked up with him before and chronicled at least one of our encounters when I was less than pleased by his failure to speak with an "inside" voice in the hallway when leaving my room after midnight (the encounter wasn't entirely nourishing, which admittedly made me even less tolerant than usual.  I figured that was more than enough to decline future overtures, but he's pretty persistent and on subsequent trips he's caught me at weak moments.

What is interesting is that without flinching this guy wanted me to fuck him bare, with the caveat that I not cum in him.  Now as a nurse he should know that my not cumming is --at best--marginally safer if I am fucking him bare (considering that I am oozing precum throughout.)  However, he is a passionate and responsive bottom and it feeds my ego when I have a bottom rooting me on I plow his hole with my big cock (okay, there was a mixed metaphor there.)

During the encore visits he's started off by hitting on me by asking that "this time it needs to be condoms" and when he senses the diminishing interest reflected by my responses he offers to play bare.  Most recently he didn't even suggest the condom condition.  He found me on line (hours after I'd bred the Alpha Dog) and when I wasn't super horny, but his willingness to be there in 30 minutes pushed me into agreeing.

It was great sex; he's kind of doughy but in a good way.  It was the standard him sucking me and me eating his ass; he's actually taller than me but has a sad small cock that offers no challenge and doesn't inspire you to want to suck it (bigger than a Vienna sausage but considerably smaller than a hot dog.)  Eating him makes him writhe in pleasure, so that's great and once I push in he wants it hard and fast.  We kept at and he got sore, but since I'd been close several times I insisted that he let me fuck him till I came; I pulled out just as it was firing, so he was relieved to feel my load spurt on his cheeks.  However, he went to the bathroom and was embarrassed to say "we'd made a mess" since he'd rushed to get there in record time.  I looked at the bed and in the ambient light only saw a faint dark streak, so concluded he was a pretty immaculate guy who was mortified.  That night I slept on the other side of the bed but in the full sunlight when I woke up realized the sheets looked like a battlefield,  prompting me to jump up and take a scalding bath (okay, probably TMI.)

Deciding to write about that experience here I thought how interesting that a nurse is willing to fuck an infrequent trick bare, and then remembered that, interestingly the two other nurses I've fucked also wanted it bare, which surprised me.  Both were guys I connected with years ago and for me, then, to bareback was something I rarely did and worried about long after (clearly not during as I went there.)

Both of the other nurses are Latino and built; one built like a brick shithouse.  He's Cuban American and incredibly muscular, cut, meaty:  a definite muscle bear, who is a serious athlete (baseball as well as other sports) and very very mellow; like being in the company of a Labrador Retriever who talks (and is smooth other than a fine coating of chest hair defining his pecs and dense pubes.)  I don't know how it got there but the two times we connected there was no discussion of wearing a condom and somehow the first time he persuaded me that was how we wanted to play.  What I remember was how intense it was wrapping my arm around this solid, big, muscular man and having him sighing with pleasure as I spread him open and spurted my load into him.   My trepidation was clearly overcome by my thought that he knew the risk and was making an educated decision (which is naïve, as if health care practitioners don't take risks like other people.  However, he is incredibly grounded in other ways.)

The other nurse who comes to mind (I am imagining that these aren't the only two nurses, and have been come on to many times by other male nurses) is from Peru and damned hot, and cute in an endearing way.  When I was hesitant to abandon the condom his response was "I trust you".  Again, I figured that this guy deals with the consequences of such decisions all the time so that this probably involves less risk than I might otherwise invite.

We were regular fuck buddies for about two years and fell out of touch.  He is totally smooth, and very muscular (but obsessed with his appearance and has had tummy tucks--twice!) with a huge cock, but an insatiable bottom (though I see him listed in his profile as a top now, though there wasn't an iota of top in him while I was fucking him, or after I came and he insisted on straddling my still hard cock to ride it while jerking off.)  I think we fell out of touch has his obsession with a perfect body intensified (he also had a straight couple as roommates, so I couldn't go over unless they weren't there, which usually meant Monday through Friday when I'd normally be at work...the challenges of assignations!)  In recent years he has approached me a couple of times, but wanted immediate gratification when I couldn't abruptly change plans.  Too bad as he's an intense kisser and sweet, as well as endowed with an amazing ass with a powerful grip.

Well, the plumber is long gone and these ruminations are coming to an end.  I'll see if I can sustain the momentum to continue to blog, but I kind of feel like I am putting notes in a bottle and throwing them out to sea.