Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breeding the Alpha Dog

Saturday night was so fine that I wasn't in a rush to write this.  And, it was hard to imagine that it followed such an incredible afternoon with my fb from India.  We'll see if I get through this chronicle installation in one sitting.  I want to assure that I do it justice.

So, the drop dead gorgeous jock, muscular hunk who I fucked in the fall, my regular fb when I lived in the region, was psyched that I was returning to town and we committed to reconnecting last Saturday night during my overnight in town.  I anticipated possible flake potential as he is married.  However, he was pretty anxious to reconnect and even considered skipping work to assure more quality time with me.

I'd been with my Indian pal earlier (preceding entry) so it was good that I had time to recharge my batteries.  So, I had a leisurely dinner with a pal and then retired to my room.  The stud works in hotel catering, so he gets off late.  He indicated 10:30, but I realized that was optimistic.  So, I texted him and then took a nap. As it was, he showed an hour later, which was serendipity as the 40 winks had me ready and raring.

There was a light but determined knock at the door and I sprung up to let him in; he was full of the energy of finding a parking spot, walking to the hotel, navigating the lobby, and finding my room.   I could see him suddenly escape his detachment:  he looked at me, embraced me and started to passionately kiss.  It was fine.

Then we broke apart.  He was smelling like stale food, which was nasty; he had on the same outfit as when we last connected, which must be his wash and wear wardrobe for entering the kitchen before changing.  Anyway, he announced he needed to shower (good) and headed to the bathroom to strip.  However, once naked he bolted out of the bathroom, pulled my robe open, and started to hungrily suck my cock.  Then he looked up, satisfied but not sated, and headed back to the shower to clean up. 

The door was ajar and I could see him in the mirror; this guy has 1% body fat; you could bounce a quarter off him.  Besides his cut pecs, his small bubble ass is dwarfed by huge muscular thighs.  And, his thick cock was now engorged with anticipation.  He's about an inch shorter but an inch thicker than me.

After he rinsed the grease off he bounded back into the room and passionately embraced me.  We just stood there sucking face as he started to grope me and to work my hard cock.  I dropped to my knees and started to suck him.  While he's not as long as me the fucking thing is thick and I was borderline gagging taking him to my throat.  Normally he's not too demonstrative when I give him head, but he was loving it.

But I wanted to get horizontal and pushed him onto the bed.  It still marvels me that this gorgeous muscular stud gets passive for me.  He has that macho shaved head, serious tattoos on his defined arms, and a gorgeous full beard.  That night, however, I was focused on his intense, sky blue eyes.  He was starting into mine with intent and not blinking.  I had his total attention and he was 100% into me. 

I pushed him onto his stomach and feasted on his ass.  He was clean but he had nice man musk going there. It nourished and sustained me; my beard and stache became saturated with his odor;  I could have easily kept at it for longer than the 15 minutes I gave it.  But it was late, we were both horny and we both wanted my cock deep in his ass.  I licked up and down his crack after I'd finished rimming him, spit into my hand to wet my cock, and started to tease and attempt to push into him.

He was tight/very very tight.  We kept trying and then I grabbed the lube and lubed his ass and my cock:  he was still tight.  It took careful lining up of my cock and his hole and patient but persistent pushing from me and yielding from him before it popped in to penetrate him.  I realized I needed to take it slow and, relieved I was in, he murmurred he hadn't been fucked since I last fucked him in October.

I started to move about 4 inches in and out of him, but he relaxed, yielded, and wanted it all and wanted it deep.  It felt great.  We got into a groove and as he begged for me to deep dick him I got him on his side and directed him to pull his thigh up.  Then we enjoyed maximum penetration.  I pulled his arm up and ate his pit and he started to moan with great pleasure; I worked from his nipples to his pit and started to reduce him to jelly.

He was starting intensely in my eyes.  As I plunged into him and pulled back we both passionately kissed; when we weren't kissing he pulled his head back to maintain uninterrupted eye contact with me.  He growled "you didn't cum last time.  I want you to cum this time.  Don't not cum."  I was pistoning in and out of him, but knew he was reluctant to let me cum in him since he's married/it's a barrier we'd never crossed.  I was sighing and enjoying his ass, but holding back in my mind; he didn't give me a green light to breed him.  But he kept starting at me and repeated, enunciating more slowly and firmly  when I said he was getting me close, "don't not cum".  I asked, "do you want me to pull out?"  He repeated "DON'T NOT CUM."  He was staring at me with passion and intent; I stared back and we both knew what he meant: my load started to spew into him.  He didn't stop looking in my eyes.  My eyes let him know he was getting my load shot from my bare cock into his bare ass and his eyes let me know he knew and invited it.  I'd crossed the line he wanted me to cross.  His look of determination and, satisfaction, confirmed it was a line he'd always wanted me to cross.

I rarely emote but this felt good psychologically as well as physically. I sighed and gasped with the pain pleasure of a great orgasm.  He felt every throb of my pulsing cock and when it was done he smiled and quietly noted "it feels alot warmer down there."  We resumed kissing.  It was sweet as well as intense.

He rolled onto his back; unfortunately I popped out and the effects of  how deep I'd been were noticeable.  I cautioned him to lift his ass and wait and I washed off and wiped him/I then encouraged him to take a quick rinse.  Fortunately the bed wasn't ruined.

The moment seemed to have passed; he returned to bed and got me hardish, but not steel hard again.  But hard enough for him to straddle me, to push it in and to impale himself, and for him to gyrate on it as he stroked off.  He had an amazing orgasm; it kept spurting onto my stomach and thigh and I felt the warm wetness dripping off my side.  Eventually he went to grab a towel and to wipe the himself and he bed; later I still noted a signficant puddle of his gelatinous dna on the mattress.  He shared he'd refrained from cumming the moment I advised him I'd be in town seven days before.  It was impressive.

He laid back, embraced me and lightly stroked me with his fingers as we caught up and bullshitted.  I still find it hard to find that this fine stud finds me his wet dream.  Eventually I encouraged him to robe up and head out. He's married, it was late, I needed to sleep and I didn[t want him to get in trouble.  But I could easily spend a weekend in bed with this stud.  After he left it all seemed like a fine dream, a wet dream.  But, it was real.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


A cameo appearance up in the Northwest and just connected with my Indian FB (actually I hate to hyphenate people:  he's my fb who is from India.)  I haven't seen him since October and it was sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling then and was sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzling just now.

Well, actually it wasn't sizzling.  It was just great passionate sex.  He is an interesting man.  When he arrives he's always shy-formal.  However, once we start kissing then he completely changes.  Today he was hungrily groping me minutes in my hotel room.  We both like making out (actually I think he likes it best) and just stood there for a long time hugging and sucking face.  However, I had my hand inside his pants and my finger was probing his crack while he was massaging my hard on in my jeans.  We awkwardly started to strip, but once I got his pants past his thighs I dropped to my knees and started to suck him/it was good to listen to him sigh in pleasure, as he's usually exclusively a submissive bottom.  He smelled strongly of some fragrance when we made out, but his cock was naturally musky.  I later figured out he must have used a sandalwood scented shampoo/his body was pleasantly fragrance free.

He's cute in that once he's naked he always dives for the bed and pulls the covers back jumps in and pulls them up.  He was careful to pull back my side so I could joint him.  The minute I did he pulled me into his arms and we were entwined.

Actually most of what we did was to get entwined.  We made out for a really long time and I simultaneously massaged his back when we weren't mutually groping and stroking the other's cock.  It was nice and mellow.  But I wanted to eat that melon ass of his and finally got him to roll over.  I gave it alot of attention and then kissed my way up his back and started to rub the head of my cock against his hole.  Well he was hungry and pushed back till the head was in, but he was also incredibly tight.  After several times entering him I knew it needed some lube and when I reentered he thrust back to take it. 

He kept murmurring "yes baby, yes baby, fuck me deep!"  And he started to ask for my load.  Now typically that makes me crazy (a subsequent entry about reconnecting with the Arab will discuss that vexation) but today it was working:  I knew it was going to happen and decided to give it up relatively early (I'd been fucking him for a good ten minutes, but cumming that fast is pretty rabbit like for me.)  After I spurted and he thrust back he wanted me to stay in him, which felt good, but I wanted to get comfortable, so I manuvered us so we were on our sides and I had my arms wrapped around him and he grasped both my hands.  It was really comfortable and super relaxing and I went into a zone; he kept thrusting back to keep my cock in him, but eventually it softened a bit and gradually eased out/I could almost hear a pop when it finally came out of him (he was tight.) 

I drifted off and was napping and so was he.  I don't know when we both woke up but it was awhile and perhaps I woke him with my hardening cock.  He grasped it and guided it back into him, but immediately wanted me to cum again.  Okay gents:  that's not how it works.  I probably could have given him another load if we'd kept fucking for awhile (and he wasn't continually urging me to cum) but he soon felt sore.  We made out and got into some frottage and he tried to take it in him a couple of more times, but he was too sore.  Frustratingly he kept asking for my load and then the pressure was on, which meant it wouldn't happen.

Finally I wanted him to cum but he kept insisting I cum first.  After my stroking for awhile I started to really suck and to nibble on his nipples (I don't think I ever knew he liked them bitten.) Then he got rock hard and started to vigorously stroke.  He was soon spewing a nice load and then started to insist I cum.  I tried using his cum as lube to jack off (hot, but it didn't do the trick) and then leaned over, sucked his still wet cock (yum) and then got him on his hands and knees in front of me and ate his ass while I stroked.  The scene was hot but Mr. Happy wasn't giving up his load.  Finally I admitted defeat and said it wasn't going to happen. 

He's an interesting guy in that you can see the switch go off/I knew he was mentally detached at that point and invited him to shower off.  Next thing I knew he was dressed, pecked me on the lips and said he'd see me in the spring.  After he left my cock softened and an amazing about of precum dripped out.  I didn't stroke off as I have another commitment on this evening's dance card.  It was probably serendipity that I didn't cum; hopefully I will later tonight :-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Return of the Silver Cub

Well, despite it being Presidents' Day, I had to work.  A frentic Monday it was but then, late morning I heard my phone bleep.  And there was a message from the Silver Cub, wanting to know if I had the day off.  I texted him I'd be available about 5:30 ; waited 10 minutes, and then deciding I wanted to know gave him a call.  He was pleasant, had just gotten out of the shower and was clearly feeling horny and wanting immediate gratification.  He replied he wasn't sure about 5:30 but would let me know.  I wasn't holding my breath; but then 2 hours later he texted he'd be free and was looking forward to seeing me.

"Lucky me" I sarcastically thought after the many recent close calls.  But I recalled the two times I'd connected with him being nice, sustaining my interest in a repeat.  When I got there, however, I wasn't feeling at all snarky.  He's cute, and he's nice, and he's a serious horn dog in a low key fashion.

He'd just gotten out of the shower again (shades of Pontius Pilate) and led me to the bedroom and had his clothes off in a millisecond.  As I'd come from work I had to peel off the jacket, the tie, the dress shirt, yadda yadda yadda.  He was reclining on the bed as I did and he looked sensual and scruptious.  While he's got an average to smaller cock, he has a huge ball sack and untrimmed pubes which are a nice contrast against his pink skin.  And, he has great legs and thighs:  woof.  I was really thinking how much I was looking forward to sucking and rimming his sweet bubble butt.

But, we began with me lying on top of him; he grasped my cock and placed it under his balls, and we made out while I sawed between his thighs and teased his hole.  He's a great kisser:  he has a lovely beard, and soft lips, and a big tongue.  Damn/I wasn't in any hurry to move on; but he was:  he wanted to suck my cock and went at it with gusto and then rolled onto his side and inched back and placed my cock against his hole/he was really hungry for it.  He told me he hadn't been fucked since I was with him last, which would mean a two month hiatus.

I pushed him onto his stomach though and started to eat his ass; he was clearly enjoying it but was relatively quiet.  But I had to suck his cock as well, so I rolled him onto his back and started to suck him while fingering his ass/the soft sighs were pretty damned audible and increased in frequency.  I moved to his balls and was really enjoying it.

However, he wanted me in, so I rolled him on his stomach, initially tried to push in and then grabbed the lube.  He was amazingly tight, so I just penetrated him and held still:  he started to sigh and to push back on me; I just eased in a little, but he kept pushing back wanting it as deep in him as possible.

It felt great, but not expecting to hook up I'd stroked off when I woke up.  And, my skin has been pretty dry with battling the cold, and my hands have been rough and my cock was pretty chafed and I've been spanking the monkey the past two days since the Beefy guy encounter.  I was grateful for the moisture of the lube, but I could see that getting to the finish wasn't a given/the pleasure was offset with some soreness and the head wasn't entirely feeling it.

He was loving the fucking, and I was loving giving it to him.  His soft moans were incredible encouragement/he was letting me know what was feeling good and encouraging me as I pulled back or sped it, or pulled back to just give him a few steady inches in and out.  I looked at the clock and I was in him only about 16 minutes after arriving, but we kept steadily at it for an hour.  He was on his back with his legs on my shoulders (very hot/muscular hairy calves and thighs and simply beautiful feet:  damn.  I found myself caressing and kissing them while pistoning in an out) and he said "I can never know when you are ready to cum, but I want to watch your face again while you do."   Well the pressure was on and I didn't know it was going to happen, so I explained I'd need to take a break.

Well I eased out and we made out and got into some mutual stroking.  And, I went back to sucking his cock and then he took me in his mouth -- it usually turns my crank when a guy sucks me after I've been fucking him and this guy is amazing, but it wasn't going there.

He was incredibly patient and worked the head of my cock while we made out, and we went back and forth --me back in him/us mutual stroking and sucking.  Still we were really enjoying it and very relaxed with each other.  Then he said he'd like to try stroking off while I fucked him and worked his prostate, so he got on his back and invited me to push back in/ He added "you can still fuck me after I cum:  I know I'll be comfortable."  Well, it was pretty hot, and I got my cock head so it was in the precise spot to massage his prostate and he was groaning and stroking vigorously and then started to spasm and cum spewed a load into the hair on his stomach.  I waited till he'd finished throbbing and gave him some short, slow post orgasm jabs that he was loved.  And then I eased out and, to his surprise, leaned down and sucked his cum wet cock into my mouth and then licked up his load from his stomach, rolled him off and spit most on his hole and some into my hand to lube my cock, and pushed back into him.

The scene got very hot/the kinkiness of using his load as lube was turning us both on and I was grinding into him and there was plenty of friction, but he was being affirmative and my cock wasn't feeling chafed/I could feel it all clicking and then I thrust deep into him as I came.  He pushed back hard and we held still and he noted "I can really feel your cock throbbing."  We were both very satisfied to have gotten there and he encouraged me to just lie on him for awhile as it grew soft.  But I stayed into him and pulled him onto his side and spooned with him while stroking his chest.  It was fine.

Well, we'd been at it an hour and a half at that point and I needed to get home and to eat and enjoy some evening.  So I dressed, we kissed, and he walked me to the door saying "I'll see you again soon."  Damn, I hope so.  He's sexy as hell and I want to arrange something on a morning I save my load/then maybe he'll get two.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big and Beefy

Well, the silver cub is off my dance card.  So, after standing me up the other night he wrote and said let's connect Saturday.  So, this morning I woke up and had an email saying that he'd completely forgotten about today.  Tired of the bullshit I gave him a call and he picked up.   It's a great day and he wants to go for a hike and possibly out for some beers afterwards.  Fair enough.  Said he'll text me at 3 whether we'll connect at 5.  Since that is less likely than a meteor shower (especially after yesterday) I am not planning on it.  Btw, it was in the low 70s here yesterday and lots of hunky college guys were walking around in just shorts; it was super distracting and I got incredibly randy.  So I woke up horny enough to hump a telephone pole.

So I logged into MH and a4a.  Mancub is back in the area and wants to hook up, but he drops in and out of contact.  However, this guy in Oakland who's been checking me out for the past couple of months messaged me first thing and wanted to hook up.

He's an interesting sort:  represents himself as a pig and as a fat guy.  He is big (5' 9"/240) but he's also muscular and his big belly is solid. 
 And, he unlooked his face pics and is handsome in a distinguished way that totally contradicts his pig description.  Plays safe but likes piss, to eat cum, and to get fisted (okay, seems there is some contradiction at work there.)  Well he wanted to know if I'd host and, while I rarely do, I had a good vibe and invited him over.  I told him I wanted to pass on the piss and fisting.  Frankly I just don't get fisting but there are lots (most?) fetishes that I can't wrap my head around.

Despite the distance he was here lickity split (damn/those are unintentional and incredibly cheesy metaphors.)  He has a odd manner about him and initially I was a little concerned that it wasn't going to be great chemistry.  He's pretty reserved:  one of the sorts that stares without blinking and doesn't say much.  Damn good looking though and a great deep bedroom baritone voice.  Before I knew it he was standing before me naked. I gave him a kiss (he'd confirmed he did) but this guy isn't into passionate sex.  As soon as I got my jeans off he was on his knees and giving me serious head/it felt great but he was here for two things:  to get fucked and to eat my load.

His body as a nice light covering of hair, front and back.  His ass (which he kept referring to as his fat ass) is a great bubble butt covered with fur.    He was soon straddling the bed and asked me if "this is what you've wanted?"   Well, it sure was and I was on my knees and rimming him.  A hairy ass provides great contrast with a nice soft smooth hole.   However, I hadn't rimmed him long before he was looking to get fucked.  Before we got there I pushed him back and went down on him.  Alas:  (a) not alot there (b) shaved pubes.  He also didn't get very hard/he needed a cock in his ass to get totally aroused.

I got both of us horizonal on the bed and started to rub my cock up and down his crack and to tease his hole.  He asked if I wanted to get a condom and I said I wanted to tease him some first.  I rubbed my cockhead against his hole and got into a rhythm of pressing forward and pulling back.  He was loving it and soon the head was inside him and I was giving him short jabs/he asked for some lube and I took that as a green light and lubed his ass and my shaft as eased into him and began some slow fucking.  After a few minutes he rolled onto his side; I asked if he was okay and he said yes, but he wanted a condom.  Fair enough.

Well once I donned a rubber he was into getting fucked:  hard.  And he wanted it faster and harder, and standing up, and doggie, and straddling the bed.  Frankly it wasn't great sex from my cock's perspective, so I tried to get my imagination into the scene and was focusing on this hot dude who wanted "his pussy stretched" who wanted me to give him "a sloppy loose hole."  I was enjoying his body and periodically he was flexing his biceps (impressive/a tad weird.)  Okay, I've got to admit, after a short while I was getting pretty bored with it all.  It wasn't passionate and I wasn't totally into it.  However, I was trying really hard to appreciate the moment for what it was worth.

The deep fucking (really deep) resulted in debris/fortunately just the tip, which made wearing a condom a plus.  And, in between condoms he was anxious to drop down and suck me some more.  We ended with him staddling me, which actually was somewhat comfortable and was giving him the deep deep penetration he was seeking.  But when he pulled off we were on the third of three condoms.  I pulled it off and he was anxious to get my load.

Okay, rhetorical question:  why do guys assume you can cum on demand?  I need to work up to cumming, so I pushed him on his back and started thrust my cock under his balls and started to saw back and forth.  But, I was lined up with his hole and massaging it with my cock and with him totally dialated it was going in (finally I was enjoying it.)  He was too/I think he was concerned about how much and letting go.  He encouraged me to stroke off into his mouth but I rolled him on to his stomach and lubed his crack and hole and ran my cock up and down it; soon I was on my elbows with my cock against his hole and easing about 2-3" in and out of him/he was liking it and being affirmative.  I kept at it for awhile, but didn't want to jam his head or push my luck with a muscular hunk.  So I rolled over onto my back.

He gave me great head (though I almost never cum while getting sucked) and then while I was stroking he laid next to me and started to suck my balls.  It was actually pretty nice, and then he laid on his side and made out with me a bit.  But he sprung up and started to use two hands to stroke my cock and then it clicked and I came amazingly fast and he swooped down to take my load and then bent over to kiss me and snowball (he had some of my load coating the side of his face which was hot.) Soon he was standing next to the bed and with my face on the side of the mattress he stroked off and pushed his cock into my mouth (alas, a negligible load.)

Well, there was no after glow.  Mission accomplished.  He was soon dressed, asked to wash his hands, and was at the door.  He's actually got a droll sense of humor and I suspect he's very cerebral. I appreciated him coming over, and he definitely is a hot hunk of man but not my idea of good sex.  I don't see an encore in the future.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kiwi Smoothie

Yesterday I had a date to connect with a local silver cub.  We've had a couple of near misses since Christmas:  a couple of times when he flaked, and a couple of issues that required me to cancel at the last minute.  After not having seen him for awhile, and having been abstinent while I've been sick the past two weeks, I was really looking forward to our hooking up.

However, I had a suspicion he'd flake:  he'd written confirming the prior two days, and then that morning and afternoon I didn't hear anything.  I arranged to leave work early and arrived at his house and was left standing on the sidewalk.  Texting him he apologized saying he's emailed me (apparently after I left work) and that his brother had been visiting and they were at dinner.  Okay, once burned your fault, twice burned mine (Voltaire.)  I was fried, but not surprised.

I headed home and got back on line.  Now the young dude from New Zealand has been texting me regularly for the past two weeks.  It was interesting/after our last connecting he dropped off the radar screen and then sporatically responded.  The past couple of weeks his live in girlfriend has been out of town and my boy has had a fierce itch he's wanted scratched.  However, I was sick and not in the mood (or even able) to help him out.  Well, yesterday I was both ready and able, so I tapped him a message on a4a.  He responded and said he needed to clean up and would come over.

For nearly two weeks I have had a serious cold (aka the flu) and have been taking cold medicine.  One type has pseudoepedrine (sp?) that nasty crap they use in speed.  I hate it but it does dry you out like nothing else and my doctor prescribes it.  However, it is better than salt peter in killing a hard on.  Actually for me any cold medicine messes with my libido.  I might get hard, but it leaves me so that I can't cum.  Usually it requires more than a week to clear the crap out of my system.  It's frustrating as hell.

Yesterday  I was feeling about a 1000% better, but did need to use nose spray, and had last used cold medicine Sunday.  I was horny as hell, and when the boy arrived I had no issues getting hard as a rock.

He makes me smile.  When he arrived he was formal in his Brit-like way (shook my hand/heartily said "it's good to see you.")  He doesn't kiss, which adds a weird formality to it all.  So we awkwardly headed to the guest room and started to peel off clothes.

My boy was anxious to start sucking my cock, and he dropped to his knees and started to give me incredible head.  It was great but we both wanted to get to the main course.  It was awkward as there was no hugging, no mutual groping, making out, stroking. 

He was splayed on the mattress sucking me and I reached across him to reach under his briefs to slide my finger down his crack and to probe his ass with a finger.  I needed to direct him to pull the briefs off and to straddle the mattress so I could rim him.

Now this guy is hot in many ways.  He's ordinary/not good looking.  But he has a short, powerful body.  Broad shoulders, a tapered waist.  But his figure is one that comes from hard work and possibly sport/not gym built.  He's hunky in the old fashioned way.  I started to eat his ass and was really loving it, and for a man of few words this guy was being pretty vocal about liking my tongue up his butt.  I was really into it but knew he wanted me in him, and I wanted in as well.

I teased him with my cock and he was incredibly hungry for it and pushed back and I was in him.  He felt like he was already lubed (he wasn't) but it was soft, and wet, tight, and smooth. We got into an incredibly nice groove fucking.  And, he was really loving it and giving me ongoing encouragement:  "big cock" "thick cock" "I love feeling full with your big cock".  He was pushing back to meet my thrusts and grunting with pleasure:  it was fine.  

But I worried about getting there, and while it felt good, the head of my cock wasn't tingling.  The head of my cock needs to start humming for me to spew my load and it wasn't happening.  The fucking cold medicine was exacting it's revenge.

Now the irony here was that it had been more than eight days since I'd cum last.  So I was imaging an amazing load.  And this guy wanted it, and started calling for me to give him my sperm, moaning how he looked forward to feeling me shoot it into his ass.

I eased out and tried to stroke off on his ass.  What was hot was that he was holding his ass cheeks apart hungry for me to shoot it on his hole.  He wanted me to cum on his hole and then to fuck it into him.  And, his hole was so hot looking/pink and dialated and ready.  I stroked and stroked but it wasn't happening.  Several times I pushed back into him and couldn't shoot it in him, and eased out and stroked again, but again was frustrated.  He was really patient and genuinely enjoying the fucking.  But we both gave up in frustration.

He was decent about it.  Unfortunately, he didn't want to cum (a sadly small dick/the girlfriend must not know better, but uncut, which is hot...)  He indicated he'd gotten what he came for, but I was really frustrated.  But, after he got home he tapped me a message about what a great fucking I'd given him and how he wanted me to give him a facial when we get together next.

After he left I logged into a good flick and got to stroking and then, finally, a load spewed.  Wasted in some respects, but at least it still works!  God I hate fucking colds!

Monday, February 4, 2013

worth it

Well in immediately preceding posts I mentioned that my boy in So Cal was being squirrelly and irratically communicative when I was down south after we'd planned to connect for several weeks.  I don't know what was up his ass (I know what wasn't) but then later in the week he'd indicated he'd been ill.  My assumption was that he was certainly on the mend when I was down there, which was making me assume he was blowing me off.  Apparently, however, he'd only gotten sick later that week (not explaining his noncommunication earlier in the week.)  Anyway, after he'd indicated he wasn't up to connecting Friday night, then on Saturday, after my having booked a second night there, he responded that afternoon to indicate he was still sick.

I was incredulous and we shot some messages back and forth.  He indicated he'd come by that night but was worried about getting me sick.  As I now sit here and type this, while sick as a dog, the question arises:  "was it worth it?"  Well, considering I probably won't see him again till June, the answer is "for sure."  However, this is day four for me of this fucking cold and I feel like 10 miles of bad road.  Another case where Murphy's Law is operative.  Actually it's ironic that I am writing this up now as I am taking that nasty cold stuff that both dries you up and kills any chance of a hard on (or at least an orgasm.)  However, I have the time now and I have been derelict in writing this update.

When he arrived at my hotel room he did look awfully cute:  baseball cap with a hoodie over it, scarf artistically tied around his neck (a bit of style to contrast with his "boy" attire.)  As he peeled off the layers I was amused:  under the hooded sweatshirt a number of teeshirts/apparently he doesn't usually need anything warmer.  Tres So Cal late 20s.

He announced we'd have to confine ourselves to minimal kissing as he was concerned about getting me sick.  But we both were just too into it and quickly abandoned that thought as we passionately made out at the start and then throughout his visit.   And, he wasn't drippy or gross and didn't cough much, so it seemed benign.  Of course, I now recognize that once he got naked I was just thinking with my dick.

This guy has the most incredibly lovely skin: pale carmel, taut, firm,  and he's slim as a whippet, though when he gets hard (he had no trouble) it's hard to imagine how he stands up.  He has formidable cock with a lovely foreskin that is an absolute pleasure to suck.  user Pic 1But once he gets naked my boy wants me in him as soon as possible.

I devoted alot of time to his lovely ass and he slobbered on my cock for a long time to get it wet to help me get in; his saliva was running down my balls.  He really wanted to be on his back so he could stare in my eyes and we could make out, but we started with him on his stomach and spent alot of time fucking doggie (which is alot more work for me, but I was determined that he'd enjoy every moment of the ride.)   He was also amazing that night in terms of clamping down on my cock with all his ability as I pulled back after thrusting up into him.  His gut control was impressive. Midway though, since I still (then) had command of my olfactory senses (which are usually pretty keen) I realized he hadn't managed to flush everything out before coming over.    I didn't make a big deal of it, but when he realized it he jumped up and darted in the bathroom (with bottle of Scout method?) and did some more maintenance and I jumped up and scoured my operative parts (it wasn't bad at all.)  However, at that point, other than kissing, oral was out.

We did end up using some lube but after the deep dicking he wanted only about 4 to 5 inches of it at a time/he was really into my massaging his prostate with my cock head and was pretty vocal.  It was kind of funny as he switched from clinical to pig talk:  "I want your semen Daddy; I want you to shoot your sperm inside me.!"  and then "do you like my pussy Daddy?"   I had him on his back at that point and the friction was just right and with him clamping down on the head as it gently massaged in and out of him I felt it come on. While this might sound ridiculous, his eyes really did widen as I was coming and he again exclaimed how wet it was and that apparently it was spillling out if him.

After that we cuddled and chatted  with his head tucked under my chin, and then resumed but a second load wasn't in the offing.  It was late, I was tired, he wasn't feeling 100% (or even 90%) and while I gave it a stab (sorry, I couldn't resist) we both weren't willing to summon up that much energy.  He asked when I was checking out the next day and said he'd try to come over in the morning, but I knew it was an empty promise.  While we'd originally planned for him to stay over he advised me I wouldn't get any sleep as he'd probably be up hawking all night (he'd at that point gotten up to hawk into the sink a couple of times, which is gross, but he did it in such a discreet fashion, being careful to close the door and later apologize, that it was almost endearing.)  He dressed and gave me a peck at the door along with one of his adorable grins.   I am really looking forward to getting over this nasty cold, but I am also really looking forward to heading south again and reconnecting with him in a few months.