Sunday, September 22, 2013

Canadian Bacon

This past week found me up north in Canada and while I was busy, I did manage to work in some m2m time.  Two of the adventures were less than satisfying (and one wasn't an adventure but just plain weird; they'll be grist for another entry.)  Here I'd like to talk about two hours of mind blowing sex.

This stud came on to me and I do mean stud.  Very muscular and cut; as it was probably -2% body fat.  Shaved head, clean shaven, and manscapes as I found out as he has a nice dusting of hair but define stubble across his bod.  He must take hours evening it out, but he does have an incredible body.

He sent me a message written in the pig talk dialect:  apparently usually a top but wanted to get fucked and I inferred (correctly) he wanted to suck cock and to swallow the guy's load.  I was skeptical because Mr. Gym Rat and I are not a match in that respect.  And, the pig talk was a bit too Brad McGuire for me.  But I also realize that my cock makes a hungry hole drool.  So we set up a date.

I was busy with work engagements, came back and got a couple of delay messages:  still out drinking; at home cleaning out.  I was assuming this meant flaking as it was 11 pm but then I heard a tap at the door. 

When I opened it this gorgeous grinning guy was standing there; his smile was so warm and genuine I couldn't believe it.  He was wearing a nylon Nike long sleeve tee and the guy simply has an amazing body.  I expected him to say it wasn't a match and he was heading out.  Instead, he pulled me to him and started to make out.  And he was insatiable; he was loving making out and couldn't get enough of it.  I was wearing a robe and he shyly parted it and started to delicately explore the goods.  I decided it was time to get that Nike tee over his head and OMG, just gorgeous.

Now Mr. Stud had no attitude:  zero.  None of the "I am beautiful and have a bod you can bounce a quarter off of" (you can.)  Sweet, nice, and very appreciative of being touched and very very responsive.  His nipples are super sensitive, but he kept pulling me back to making out.  This guy defines passionate.  What was icing on the cake was the rich Canadian lilt in his accent.  Definitely the Molson man (who now, apparently, hangs at the gym.)

All I was getting was affirmation from this muscle God; he followed instruction well and his pits were undeodorized (but being squeaky clean in a macho way, despite our going at it for two hours his aroma was faint at best.  I'd like to go at them after his morning work out.)  It was a lot of groaning and sighing and moaning in an endearing but macho way.  He was hot but he was fun; extremely good natured and sweet. 

He went for the prize and gave me a nice, wet, sloppy blow job and I could tell he has achieved his goal of throating it from the repeated satisfying gagging noses when I saw his lips buried in my pubes and felt them getting drenched with his spit.

But I wanted at his bod and he was quick to do whatever I asked.   I started to work his shaft (shorter than mine but a beautiful shape and heft) and he was clearly loving it but pulled me off and said he hadn't cum in a couple of days and wanted to wait until after I'd fucked him for awhile. So, needing no further invitation, I rolled him onto his stomach and started to feast on his ass.

I don't know if anyone has serviced Mr. Stud properly before.  But his ass was a definite feast and I kept at it a genuinely long time, taking breaks to lick his taint and balls and then to suck his hole before pushing my tongue back in.  He was pretty vocal and then apologized for being too loud (he really wasn't, but this guy is a class act.)  I rolled him over and worked around his cock with my tongue and licked up to his nipples and played with his balls.  My goal was to make him crazy with lust and I was succeeding.

After awhile I got him flat on his stomach again and after leaving him wet with my spit started to massage his crack with my cock; when the head met his hole he was dialated and pushed back to meet me and it immediately yielded and sucked me in.  I wrapped my arms around him, sucked the back of his neck, started to massage his nipples and very gradually fed it into him.  He responded with several spastic shaking spells of pleasure and soon he had it all.  I pulled back slowly and finding his prostate was careful to pause and to give it short persistent jabs.  If this boy ever tops its a puzzle because he was a total bottom.  He couldn't get enough of it.

Well the Invisibleman decided he needed to graduate from the introductory to the 300 Level course.  He had some semi seizures as I made him roll onto his side and pull this thigh up for deeper penetration (I realized the soreness potential and kept it to a minimum.) But we did it all; the corkscrew fuck, short gentle jabs followed by random unannounced thrusts, him legs up on his back with his eyes bulging each time I thrust deep.  He then said at a certain point:  "we didn't discuss this; I am gathering you haven't got a condom on."  I ignored the question and continued and he nonverbally responded by pushing back to my thrusts and murmuring, "keep fucking me, don't stop."  (Later on he did ask me not to shoot in him, which put my balls on almost permanent hold.)

After the don't cum inside me direction my head changed.  I'd been imagining how to make sure I gave him a second load after the first and that clearly wasn't going to happen.  But, exploring this dude's fine bod and making out with him was banquet enough; cumming would only be the icing on the cake.  So I eased out and said I needed a bit of a break.  He started to ask me how he could please me (Jesus dude, you don't realize you are?)  He loved it, but was concerned that I was doing all the work (it was hardly work; I was a man with mission.)  As I pulled out he was worried about whether he was clean enough and bent down to sniff my cock and pleased with what he found grunted out an yum and swallowed my dick (God I love it when you pull out of a guy and he immediately goes down on you again.)  To show I wasn't an asshole I pulled him to me and we made out which made his eyes sparkle (yes, this man actually exists. This wasn't a stroke dream.)

We spooned and made out, but each time we did he grasped my cock and held it against his hole while he pushed back and pulled me in; if we just took a break of any sort he wanted my cock planted in him. 

This seriously went on for 2 hours; I had to have fucked him minimally 90 minutes of the 120 (probably because I hadn't cum.)  But it was getting late and I wanted to cum and let him know it.  I asked him where he wanted me to cum (he wasn't there yet, alas) and after initially asking where I wanted to cum (I knew I'd shatter the moment if I was candid and  said in his ass) I turned it on him and asked his fantasy.  He wanted it in his mouth and went down on me and started to give me some more sloppy head.  Now that normally doesn't work for me (I like it tight, and I like my head steadily massaged) but the whole scene and that it was this amazing wet dream sucking me that I felt the switch flip and my load rise.  Well, Mr. Molson was grunting and sucking with gusto; he'd gotten his dream.  He bent to kiss me and was surprised and jazzed that I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue in. 

Then I returned the favor, grasping his shaft hard with my lips after throating it and pulling back hard with my lips clamped together and working his shaft as my head went up and down on him.  It wasn't long (thank God, because I can't keep sucking forever, it gets tedious) and he started to thrash and I felt ongoing spurts into my mouth (probably eight sizeable ones.)  Normally I don't swallow after I've cum but in this case I wanted it, and he pulled me to him and explored my mouth with his tongue to get a taste.

Well, at that point I was looking at 6 hours of sleep if I was lucky; he was very gracious and knew he should go.  We reluctantly separated and took breaks to grasp and grope each other as he dressed and we hugged and made out at the door.  I then learned he'd left the keys with the concierge downstairs; man this guy was serious.  One of those wonderful evenings, probably never to be repeated but definitely indelibly etched on my memory.