Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cum in Me!

The Arab and I have kept missing each other. He has a house guest who is inconveniently present whenever I happen to be available.  Today, however, he invited him to go out for awhile (directed him, probably) as we both had a hiatus when we were free this afternoon.  He's traveling out of the area for a week, so I wanted to make sure I availed myself of this small window of opportunity:  my colleagues were astonished when I walked out, only 5 minutes after work offically ended (despite arriving my usual 35 to 45 minutes early:  but then, those who watch never note when you arrive early...that's a granted, even when they usually arrive late or exactly on time.  But, I digress...)

I arrived at his place and the door was locked; he was in the shower cleaning out.  This was a nip and tuck afternoon/he had some fancy dinner he was going to that meant we'd need to be task oriented.  Nonetheless, we leisurely made out when I arrived and then he dropped to his knees and gave me concentrated head.  Sex is so much better when it's passionate and you aren't nagged toward the end objective.

Without nagging each other we were mindful of our time constraints. However, that made us seemingly unconcerned about the time.  However, wanting to reach the end objective, after some mutual sucking I pushed him back on the bed and started to eat his ass.

It's cute, but a bit distracting as when he's enjoying it he barks repeatedly "fuck. Fuck.  Fuck!  FUCK.  FUCK!!!"  He pulled his ass cheeks apart encouraging me to push my tongue deep into him and, so, I did. I wanted to get to the main course, but I also wanted him to really enjoy it.

By this time he was plenty wet, but insisted on lubing my cock and his ass with alot of lube.  And then he straddled and slid down on me.  It went in quickly:  too quickly.  There was NO friction.  He was loving it:  I was apparently regularly hitting his prostate:  watching his eyes roll back and then bulge was great.  Actually I don't like to be ridden, but put up with it because the bottom is supposed to have fun also.  But, it's a position where I can't possibly cum:  probably gravity in action.  I need to be on top (as well as the top) and it needs to spurt down, to work. Then, quite surprisingly, he started to moan how wonderful it would feel if I would shoot in his ass right then.  I was attributing this to his "wish" list.  He was cooing how he needed my cock, how he'd needed to get fucked.

While he has a stupendous house, it was hot as hell.  Sweat was dripping off him, and I was feeling overly warm.  I got him on his stomach and then on his side and then on his side.  Again, he mentioned how he wished I could cum in him.  Then, later, how great it would be to feel my hot load squirting into him.  I was assuming he was meaning, as before, if I gave him a written test result.  But we kept at it; I kept assuming he meant "if".  Suddenly he was crying out "don't concentrate on holding back!  Give me your load!  I want to feel you cum!"  Okay, knock me over with a feather...

At that point there were alot of things going on:
-- I was sorry I'd chosen to rub one out when I woke up, never assuming he'd want me to breed him
-- it was hot as hell, and it's hard for me to cum when I am over heated (and often hard for me to stay hard)
-- there was too much fucking lube on my dick and in his ass and there was no friction.

I kept at it, and kept at it, and kept at it...wanting to mark his ass --finally-- as my territory.  However, it wasn't happening.

Typically he begs me to take a break: tonight he wanted to get fucked, and to get fucked hard and to get continually fucked.  Finally, he mentioned needing a break.  I was relieved, and as I pulled out I wiped the lube off my dick and his ass, advising him he was too wet (and, too loose/it felt like he'd been fucked or used a dildo recently.)  I mentioned it was hot (sweat was dropping off him onto me/I'd normally like that if my dick wasn't overheated) and recognizing my point he dismounted to check the air conditioning. 

We alternated between him riding me and my mounting him with him on his stomach.  He was groanning and moaning and I later learned he'd shot a load while on his stomach as I was fucking him.

I figured it wouldn't happen.  He said, "next time no lube!"  (duh!  If I eat your ass for 15 minutes, and you want me to breed you, good idea...).  He murmurred, "we need a relaxed day when I am off and we can fuck for several hours."  Well, sex is always better when you aren't staring at an hour glass.

I  then wiped off my cock again, and his ass, but pushed him back and told him to lie on his back and to raise his legs.  It was a bit drier, though very wet, but he was loving the angle.  Then I leaned over to kiss him.  We began to passionately kiss as I pistoned in and out of him and then I felt my load rising.  He was begging me to cum, and had been asking why I hadn't, and then I felt it building.   I am not vocal, but I started to sigh, my cock engorged more, and suddenly it was throbbing and a load was spurting into him.  He was both thrilled to see me cum, but simultaneously freaked.  I eased out and saw a transformation across his face: but he began to vigorously stroke and shot an amazing second load that matted the hair surrounding his navel (had I not cum I probably would have licked it out...)  He muttered, I can't believe I did that/I knew he really meant, I can't believe I let you cum in me.  Later, he said "I hope you're clean."  I confirmed that I was confident that I am.

We both wanted me to cum in him.  We'd both been wanting it for some time.  And, it was time.  We'd reached the point and we were now processing what had actually happened.  He'd let go; I'd finally marked him.  He also must have recognized the ongoing opportunities to back out as it took me forever to cum, with several occasions when I eased out to rest, to cool down, to get drier.

He needed to go to his fancy dinner; I needed to get home.  I showered; he was sweet, but reserved. I could see that the reality of his letting me actually fulfill his fantasy was jamming his head.  He again said "I hope I haven't anything to worry about."  I assured him that he didn't (I refrained from noting you shouldn't bareback period if that is your paranoia...)

It was sweet; I hope this doesn't freak him out. I need to tap him a reassuring valentine.    This is one sweet, big, passionate, smart, slab of man and I want to continue fucking him.  Woof!

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