Sunday, September 30, 2012

warm, tight, smooth

So early evening yesterday I got several messages from a young dude (well, 28) interested in sucking me off.  He'd approached me when I got in last week and things hadn't worked out.  He was persistent yesterday, and I made it clear I wanted more than a blow job.  He responded that he liked to get fucked.  So, after a combinaton of various forms of technological ping pong (messages on MH, texting, MH chat) I gave him my hotel room.  He was here in less than ten minutes --for real.

When he arrived he looked young, and every bit a dude.  He was all busines --peeled his clothes off instantly, and I got a couple of cursory kisses.  Remembering he'd said he liked a take charge man I pulled him to me and gave him some real man kisses:  I grabbed the back of his head, pulled him to me, and shoved my tongue in his mouth.

Naked, this guy was hot in a different sort of way.  He was thin as hell, no muscle definition (no muscle) and thin arms, legs, and chest and zero body fat.   A really cute ass, and dense hair under his arms and nice low hanging balls.  Initially his cock seemed small but he got to a good size hard.  He also has amazing body temperature, running a couple of degrees warmer than normal.

For all his wanting a take charge man this dude wanted to suck cock, and he was specific about how.  He wanted me on the edge of the bed so he could get on his knees and service me.  A couple of times he asked me to stand up, but I hate being sucked while standing (will do it as part of the initial stripping, kissing, and kneeling when you meet a guy, but I soon get him flat on the mattress.)  He got on his knees and started to suck with intensity (if not the greatest skill; I could give him some real lessons.  He doesn't realize that fast doesn't equate to satisfying for the top.)  He produced an amazing amount of saliva and soon my balls as well as my cock and pubes were soaked.

He asked me how big I am and I shared my perceived length (7.5") but sucking it and then later after I'd fucked him he insisted it had to be at least 8.  Whatever.

I got him up on the bed sucking me and told him to get on his hands and knees in front of me so I could eat his ass while he sucked my cock.  He soon forgot about my cock and was kneeling with my tongue up his ass and sighing with pleasure.  He was soon following my directions with "yes sir".  I was soon rubbing my cock up and down his ass crack and he responded it felt great there and that he was "so wet there."  That was all the code I needed: I put my head against his spincter and applied slow gradual pressure:  it slid in a few inches and stopped about 3-4 inches in where I met resistence. I could tell he enjoyed it, yet it was too much for him:  he was whimpering about its girth.  I eased out, grabbed the lube, handed him his poppers lubed my cock and his hole and then slid right in.

His ass was incredibly hot; so was his body and it was great to wrap my arms around his thin tight frame with my cock buried deep inside him in contrast with the really cool air conditioning.  He sighed about how great my cock felt in his ass:  I told him it was his cock for the night and wanted to know if his ass was mine/he confirmed it was.  I asked if I could make it mine and he said yes.  So, I got into some long strokes and my characteristic short patient jabs to the spincter and he curled his head back to take my tongue in his mouth as I pushed my cock deep into his ass.   He said he needed a break to suck my dick some more, and after I pulled out said "my ass tastes great on your cock".  I think he's been watching alot of porn :-)  But after some sucking he wanted to sit on it, so bracing the room's desk he squatted while I pushed deep inside of him again.

I decided it was time for some serious fucking; we got back on the bed and he straddled me, but I got him on his side and made him pull up his calf and thigh and pushed all the way up:  he moaned terribly and I wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain:  I think it was both but I got to the point where I didn't care.  It felt really great:  my cock was loving it and I was really close to cumming for awhile.  I asked him again if I could make it my ass and he said yes.  However, each tiime I was about to spurt he moved alittle and broke the rhythm.  Finally I held him tight and concentrated on my pleasure.  Earlier in the day it had taken forever to feel it close with the Fireplug; this kid's ass fit perfectly and was smooth but tight enough I knew I'd shoot it whenever I wanted.  He started to moan "cum in my ass, drive it deep into my guts, coat them!"  And, so I did.  It felt great.

He'd indicated he was cleaned out when I asked him before coming over, but he also said "well I haven't eaten anything since this morning."  I suspected the possibility of skid marks, and while it wasn't gross I did need to periodically get up and wash my cock off and to wipe his ass (it was very very faint, but clearly he'd just showered deeply earlier in the day.)  So after cumming I washed off again.  He indicated he wanted to suck some more, but after a minute he decided he wanted it up his ass and turned around and straddled me while he furiously beat off and came in record time.  And, in record time he was back in his jeans and heading out the door.  In all likelihood we won't connect ever again,and it was essentially a maintenance visit for him/he just needed a tune up.  Overall, it was pretty business like.  But it was hot and worked for me as when I woke up this morning I was hard and thinking how fine his ass was wrapped around my cock.  Woof!


I have been coming to Paradise for many years, and about four years ago a short "local" guy came on to me.  He's true Heinz 57:  has every conceivable ethnic background.  I don't exactly recall what got me to invite him over to my hotel room, other than the usual horniness:  it must have been a function of my wanting to get off and him being the available opportunity.

On the surface he's not my type.  He is covered with various tattoos, and his Asian heritage results in a faint scraggly beard and mustache that he typically has partially grown out.  While 5' 6" he weighs 200 lb; however, it's all muscle.  Besides pubes, he's smooth as a baby's ass (a disappointment in that I love hairy guys.)  He wears sleeveless tee shirts, flip flops, and local beachwear shorts:  he doesn't look like he fits in at my hotel at all (by now I wonder whether the bellmen have his destination figured out when he enters the hotel...)

I do clearly recall his disarming upbeat attitude and good nature when he came over the first time we connected.  And, I don't know how we both got there, but it was bareback from the start and he loves marathon sessions that are long and hard:  he particularly likes it when I can cum more than once.  The first time I met him we connected three times in the same week and I remember him saying after I'd shot my last load "I think we're going to have twins."

As I laid on my side after loading him up I found him a great conversationalist.  I haven't got the entire story, but he's a graphic artist, is educated to some degree, and has an incredible zest for life.  A great sense of humor and very playful.  He's also partnered; which means our hook ups when I visit need to be during the day/usually for me that means late afternoon.  However, every time I visit we hook up at least twice, but usually three times in a week's time.  He's painstakingly clean and hook ups require giving him a couple of hours notice as he repeatedly flushes out until he knows that he is only expelling clear water for several rinses.

I particularly like the fact that he doesn't ask intrusive questions, like "have you been getting alot?" or "fuck anyone else yet this trip?" or "when did you last cum" or myriad other questions about my personal life that some tricks feel they have the right to ask before or immediately following your putting your dick in their asses. He's got NSA down.   My pal lives for the moment and minds his own business; I always mind mine.

When we are together he is an insatiable bottom and loves my cock.  However, he has a huge dick (easily as long as mine and thicker):  large, dark brown, and hairy.  This various profiles (MH, a4a, silverdaddies) all list him as a top/versatile.  I suspect that with me he indulges his less frequently seen bottom side.  He more than makes up for it when we're together.

He's passionate and loves to make out, and while getting fucked likes to curl his head back to kiss.  Throughout our fucking he moans, "fuck me, FUCK ME", as well as "big fucking cock, I love your cock!"  During our marathon sessions, and about half way through, he starts begging me to "breed my ass"/ "give me that load!"

This week we were both horned up.  I really enjoy him, but I also wanted something else. But he's dependable, sane, nice, and passionate.  I hadn't seen him in a full year (usually we connect twice a year) and I've gotten messages from him over the past 11 months asking when I'd be back.  He was supposed to come over the afternoon I arrived but ended up with a party he had to go to (hence, I met Whippet Thin).  He was over the next afternoon, and we made up for lost time.  I have found, though, with the same bottom it is usually difficult to produce two loads, even if you will end up producing two or three in one day.  After fucking a guy for a long time he gets pretty loose, and the needed friction for your head is substantially reduced (and you need more friction if you are trying to produce successive loads.)  My pal is usually disappointed because he wants a couple of loads but, besides him loosening up after a power fuck, I usually rub one out first thing the morning before we connect (sorry, I am not good about holding off to give someone a major load; I dependably cum once; I am not up for possible blue balls holding on to a major load because some bottom wants an extra once of sperm in my first load.)

We ended up connecting three days this week; frankly I felt I owed him that, even though it was nice, if not a major wet dream.  He actually postponed our second visit because the pounding I gave him when we first got together left him sore the next day, so he needed recovery time. However, the second day I shot into him while he was straddling me and riding my cock:  that has never happened for me before (exciting him as well as me.) This morning we had a brief (two hours) bon voyage fuck (I had an appointment and he came a couple of hours before I had to jump into the shower and to make myself look presentable.  Once again, after I logged back into a4a later this afternoon there was a message from him thanking me for a great time.  He's definitely sweet, and a great bottom as well as a hunk.  As long as I keep coming here I am going to keep him as part of my routine.