Sunday, September 30, 2012

warm, tight, smooth

So early evening yesterday I got several messages from a young dude (well, 28) interested in sucking me off.  He'd approached me when I got in last week and things hadn't worked out.  He was persistent yesterday, and I made it clear I wanted more than a blow job.  He responded that he liked to get fucked.  So, after a combinaton of various forms of technological ping pong (messages on MH, texting, MH chat) I gave him my hotel room.  He was here in less than ten minutes --for real.

When he arrived he looked young, and every bit a dude.  He was all busines --peeled his clothes off instantly, and I got a couple of cursory kisses.  Remembering he'd said he liked a take charge man I pulled him to me and gave him some real man kisses:  I grabbed the back of his head, pulled him to me, and shoved my tongue in his mouth.

Naked, this guy was hot in a different sort of way.  He was thin as hell, no muscle definition (no muscle) and thin arms, legs, and chest and zero body fat.   A really cute ass, and dense hair under his arms and nice low hanging balls.  Initially his cock seemed small but he got to a good size hard.  He also has amazing body temperature, running a couple of degrees warmer than normal.

For all his wanting a take charge man this dude wanted to suck cock, and he was specific about how.  He wanted me on the edge of the bed so he could get on his knees and service me.  A couple of times he asked me to stand up, but I hate being sucked while standing (will do it as part of the initial stripping, kissing, and kneeling when you meet a guy, but I soon get him flat on the mattress.)  He got on his knees and started to suck with intensity (if not the greatest skill; I could give him some real lessons.  He doesn't realize that fast doesn't equate to satisfying for the top.)  He produced an amazing amount of saliva and soon my balls as well as my cock and pubes were soaked.

He asked me how big I am and I shared my perceived length (7.5") but sucking it and then later after I'd fucked him he insisted it had to be at least 8.  Whatever.

I got him up on the bed sucking me and told him to get on his hands and knees in front of me so I could eat his ass while he sucked my cock.  He soon forgot about my cock and was kneeling with my tongue up his ass and sighing with pleasure.  He was soon following my directions with "yes sir".  I was soon rubbing my cock up and down his ass crack and he responded it felt great there and that he was "so wet there."  That was all the code I needed: I put my head against his spincter and applied slow gradual pressure:  it slid in a few inches and stopped about 3-4 inches in where I met resistence. I could tell he enjoyed it, yet it was too much for him:  he was whimpering about its girth.  I eased out, grabbed the lube, handed him his poppers lubed my cock and his hole and then slid right in.

His ass was incredibly hot; so was his body and it was great to wrap my arms around his thin tight frame with my cock buried deep inside him in contrast with the really cool air conditioning.  He sighed about how great my cock felt in his ass:  I told him it was his cock for the night and wanted to know if his ass was mine/he confirmed it was.  I asked if I could make it mine and he said yes.  So, I got into some long strokes and my characteristic short patient jabs to the spincter and he curled his head back to take my tongue in his mouth as I pushed my cock deep into his ass.   He said he needed a break to suck my dick some more, and after I pulled out said "my ass tastes great on your cock".  I think he's been watching alot of porn :-)  But after some sucking he wanted to sit on it, so bracing the room's desk he squatted while I pushed deep inside of him again.

I decided it was time for some serious fucking; we got back on the bed and he straddled me, but I got him on his side and made him pull up his calf and thigh and pushed all the way up:  he moaned terribly and I wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain:  I think it was both but I got to the point where I didn't care.  It felt really great:  my cock was loving it and I was really close to cumming for awhile.  I asked him again if I could make it my ass and he said yes.  However, each tiime I was about to spurt he moved alittle and broke the rhythm.  Finally I held him tight and concentrated on my pleasure.  Earlier in the day it had taken forever to feel it close with the Fireplug; this kid's ass fit perfectly and was smooth but tight enough I knew I'd shoot it whenever I wanted.  He started to moan "cum in my ass, drive it deep into my guts, coat them!"  And, so I did.  It felt great.

He'd indicated he was cleaned out when I asked him before coming over, but he also said "well I haven't eaten anything since this morning."  I suspected the possibility of skid marks, and while it wasn't gross I did need to periodically get up and wash my cock off and to wipe his ass (it was very very faint, but clearly he'd just showered deeply earlier in the day.)  So after cumming I washed off again.  He indicated he wanted to suck some more, but after a minute he decided he wanted it up his ass and turned around and straddled me while he furiously beat off and came in record time.  And, in record time he was back in his jeans and heading out the door.  In all likelihood we won't connect ever again,and it was essentially a maintenance visit for him/he just needed a tune up.  Overall, it was pretty business like.  But it was hot and worked for me as when I woke up this morning I was hard and thinking how fine his ass was wrapped around my cock.  Woof!


I have been coming to Paradise for many years, and about four years ago a short "local" guy came on to me.  He's true Heinz 57:  has every conceivable ethnic background.  I don't exactly recall what got me to invite him over to my hotel room, other than the usual horniness:  it must have been a function of my wanting to get off and him being the available opportunity.

On the surface he's not my type.  He is covered with various tattoos, and his Asian heritage results in a faint scraggly beard and mustache that he typically has partially grown out.  While 5' 6" he weighs 200 lb; however, it's all muscle.  Besides pubes, he's smooth as a baby's ass (a disappointment in that I love hairy guys.)  He wears sleeveless tee shirts, flip flops, and local beachwear shorts:  he doesn't look like he fits in at my hotel at all (by now I wonder whether the bellmen have his destination figured out when he enters the hotel...)

I do clearly recall his disarming upbeat attitude and good nature when he came over the first time we connected.  And, I don't know how we both got there, but it was bareback from the start and he loves marathon sessions that are long and hard:  he particularly likes it when I can cum more than once.  The first time I met him we connected three times in the same week and I remember him saying after I'd shot my last load "I think we're going to have twins."

As I laid on my side after loading him up I found him a great conversationalist.  I haven't got the entire story, but he's a graphic artist, is educated to some degree, and has an incredible zest for life.  A great sense of humor and very playful.  He's also partnered; which means our hook ups when I visit need to be during the day/usually for me that means late afternoon.  However, every time I visit we hook up at least twice, but usually three times in a week's time.  He's painstakingly clean and hook ups require giving him a couple of hours notice as he repeatedly flushes out until he knows that he is only expelling clear water for several rinses.

I particularly like the fact that he doesn't ask intrusive questions, like "have you been getting alot?" or "fuck anyone else yet this trip?" or "when did you last cum" or myriad other questions about my personal life that some tricks feel they have the right to ask before or immediately following your putting your dick in their asses. He's got NSA down.   My pal lives for the moment and minds his own business; I always mind mine.

When we are together he is an insatiable bottom and loves my cock.  However, he has a huge dick (easily as long as mine and thicker):  large, dark brown, and hairy.  This various profiles (MH, a4a, silverdaddies) all list him as a top/versatile.  I suspect that with me he indulges his less frequently seen bottom side.  He more than makes up for it when we're together.

He's passionate and loves to make out, and while getting fucked likes to curl his head back to kiss.  Throughout our fucking he moans, "fuck me, FUCK ME", as well as "big fucking cock, I love your cock!"  During our marathon sessions, and about half way through, he starts begging me to "breed my ass"/ "give me that load!"

This week we were both horned up.  I really enjoy him, but I also wanted something else. But he's dependable, sane, nice, and passionate.  I hadn't seen him in a full year (usually we connect twice a year) and I've gotten messages from him over the past 11 months asking when I'd be back.  He was supposed to come over the afternoon I arrived but ended up with a party he had to go to (hence, I met Whippet Thin).  He was over the next afternoon, and we made up for lost time.  I have found, though, with the same bottom it is usually difficult to produce two loads, even if you will end up producing two or three in one day.  After fucking a guy for a long time he gets pretty loose, and the needed friction for your head is substantially reduced (and you need more friction if you are trying to produce successive loads.)  My pal is usually disappointed because he wants a couple of loads but, besides him loosening up after a power fuck, I usually rub one out first thing the morning before we connect (sorry, I am not good about holding off to give someone a major load; I dependably cum once; I am not up for possible blue balls holding on to a major load because some bottom wants an extra once of sperm in my first load.)

We ended up connecting three days this week; frankly I felt I owed him that, even though it was nice, if not a major wet dream.  He actually postponed our second visit because the pounding I gave him when we first got together left him sore the next day, so he needed recovery time. However, the second day I shot into him while he was straddling me and riding my cock:  that has never happened for me before (exciting him as well as me.) This morning we had a brief (two hours) bon voyage fuck (I had an appointment and he came a couple of hours before I had to jump into the shower and to make myself look presentable.  Once again, after I logged back into a4a later this afternoon there was a message from him thanking me for a great time.  He's definitely sweet, and a great bottom as well as a hunk.  As long as I keep coming here I am going to keep him as part of my routine.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't Want to Date

Still away traveling for work.  The day before yesterday in the afternoon after work appointments I was suddenly very horny and was logged on to both Manhunt and Adam4adam hoping to find something.  When you first arrive in a town the guys are all over your ad the first couple of hours you post in that town.  However, if you are staying for a couple of days your ad seems to take on the smell of rancid meat; the bites diminish quickly; they want something new.  And, being here on business when I do get bites it's at 9:30 p.m. and some dude wants to come over in an hour and fuck till 1 a.m.  Well, while not above that, my caution radar goes on about inviting someone I am connecting with for the first time to my room late at night.  And then there is that nagging tendancy to want to be fully awake the following morning, meaning I don't want to fuck till 1:00 a.m. and then get up at 5:30...

Well,  I was as horny as a three balled tomcat even though I'd fucked a fb for a couple of hours the day before (that will be a subsequent entry.) When I got into my hotel, I logged on, but just wanted to catch dinner first and then focus on trolling the sites for some manhole. And, suddenly I got a message from a guy at one of the nearby military bases seriously interested.  He was task oriented, and in short order said he'd like to take my cock up his ass. 

I have ambivaent feelings about military guys:  I see them around and they are usually in macho packs and I picture them beating the shit out of guys looking for cock.  Also, they aren't typically displaying the most civilized behavior and I don't want to deal with anyone who's been drinking or who has been smoking alot: two things I note alot of them doing.  But guys are guys and that macho shit is often a smoke screen, so I try to be open minded.  On one trip years ago I ended up meeting one of the sweetest, hottest, most passionate guys ever (with an absolutely amazing ass and who loved to get fucked) who was a soldier and we fucked for a week straight.  I still miss seeing him.

Anyway, this is a pilot, as it ended up, and his communication was a little odd, which threw me off.  A Latino from the east coast (I later confirmed my conclusion and he is Puerto Rican.)  His pictures, however, were kind of dorky except for a muscular back shot (that manhunt will not allow me to copy and share, alas...)
 I also didn't get 47 messages asking whether I had condoms and insisting only safe sex, though he listed negative.  I liked his directness observing he'd sent me a face shot and wanted to see mine.  He agreed to no cologne or deodorant, and to be cleaned out and then directed me, to shower as well as that was only fair.  Good attitude/I was impressed. Well, next thing I knew we'd arranged to connect at my hotel room after my dinner.

The guy lives on base, so he was also anxious to be hosted, which worked great.  I prefer not to travel, and hotel hook ups are great:  it's like ordering take out, the only challenge is the art of getting the guy's ass out of your room when you are done.  Usually that isn't too much of a problem.

He arrived and I got a brief glimpse of him in the full light; I don't like lots of light in the room when I'm having sex.  However, he is short, and didn't seem overly muscular, though a nice back (yum).  He was a great kisser and peeled off his tee shirt and shorts and proved a typical uncut Latin (though usually Puerto Ricans born in Northeastern US hospitals go under the knife.)  He is passionate, and it was clear this guy needed to be in a safe private place and to enjoy some manluvin'.  A nice dusting of hair across his chest, but his arm pit hair seemed almost as if it was trimmed, though wasn't shaved.

I like to get the guy all relaxed, especially if I hope to get in him bare; if you rush things he's going to be on guard and also to tighten up when you go in and need him to loosen up.  So I took alot of time making out with him; I got the impression he wanted to be touched and I massaged his nice thighs, his feet, his back, and his ass.  He started cooing with pleasure.  His intial stabs with his tongue (tedious) mellowed into long face sucking with me exploring his mouth with my tongue and my seriously sucking his.  Nice.

His cock is about 6", not too thick, quite suckable.  Clean as a whistle, the ride over had allowed some musk to develop in his balls and ass:  nice, fresh man musk that inspired me to lick and suck with abandon and to get my beard saturated with his manscent.  He started to leak, which I truly love.  He was in for the whole program and anxious to make out when I sucked him and ate his ass, and was pleased I was ready and waiting when he pulled up from sucking my cock to make out.  He did a great job throating me. 

I ate his ass for a long time; and as I ate it he started to throb; his body shook and his legs got spastic.  He let out a series of ongoing, steady moans that were really loud; he was really liking it, but I was also concerned about hotel security giving me a call/it was not low volume but it was genuine,not forced (I hate theater.)   So, employing one of my tricks, I pulled him on top of me to make out and, as expected, he grasped my cock and lined it up with his hole and while grasping it impaled himself. 

With some guys spit is enough; I imagine, however, he'd cleaned out to the point where he was dry beyond a tongue's length because it only slid in about three inches before it clamped.  Without any dialog he kept spitting in his hand, pulling off my cock to lube himself and then remounting, struggling to get more in.  Finally I pulled him down, rolled him onto his stomach,  and lubed his ass and my cock and then pushed:  it slid right in.

Okay, the moans were serious, and so was the thrashing and leg throbbing, but he was loving it.  I asked him if he could take it for awhile as I don't cum quickly.  He responded that he wanted me to hold off cumming as long as I could.  And, he kept saying "you are really big."

I kept fucking him for a long time; when I first got him on his stomach I took my time and didn't give him the full shaft until I thought he was ready:  I was carefully gauging it by the volume of his moans, and cries, and periodically checked to see if they were of pleasure or pain (the former.)  After he'd gotten it all/flat on his stomach, I decided it was time for him to take it all and got him on his side and had him pull up his thigh for maximum penetration.  Okay, he was pretty loud, but loving it.  I was well past the second ring.  He asked to put a pillow under his stomach and rolled onto it and I went back for some serious fucking.

After a long time I wanted to cum (actually I was thinking this might be a two load fuck.)  But the noise was distracting, yet I didn't want to kill his pleasure by saying to keep it down.  Finally it started to subside in volume, thought it was pants, and whimpers, and groans.  He kept curling his head back to kiss.

I got him on his back, which sometimes isn't my favorite position.  But he's short and it was easy to hold his legs and to plow him; if he'd not been wearing sandals I'd have sucked his toes while fucking him; it was hot.  This angle did provide my cock some new, and ample, friction:  I knew we'd go for the gold.  So, I let it go and felt it spewing into him:  then the boy showed he knows what to do: I felt his guts clamp down hard on my cock as he squeezed it.  He wanted every drop.  Then he rolled on his back and vigorously stroked off.  I would have liked him to shoot in my mouth, or to have licked it off his stomach and chest, but he seemed kind of obsessive about cleanliness and odor, so I refrained (I wanted to fuck him some more.)  He shot a serious amount and, after a respectful interval, I mopped him up.

At that point he rolled on his side and wanted to chat; it was cool.  He was decompressing and is clearly lonely, and clearly passionate and wants to be held and loved by a man.  I learned he's divorced, yadda yadda yadda.  I am guessing money is the reason he stays on base, though he indicated it's simpler as he doesn't deal with the commute.

My cock was still hard and got harder; he was pretty impressed and freaked that as I spooned him he kept feeling it.  He said he wanted to return and wanted me to save "my love juice" for him, which I said I doubted I could promise.  So he lubed my cock, and his ass and rolled onto his back.  It was feeling good, but the Invisibleman keeps going and he was soon indicating he needed a break because he was sore.  Load number two wanted to escape, so I vigorously stroked while he made out with me and a nice load spewed out (I think he wanted to take it in his mouth/I know he wanted it in his ass, but he was still shy.)

It was past the bedtime I'd told him I needed to maintain, so he rinsed off and left.  He told me he was available much of the weekend and I said we'd need to touch base.

I got a series of messages from him yesterday.  He mentioned he was free last night, and that he was off Saturday and Sunday, so he could stay over both nights, and suggested that we should go to a movie and that I could take him to (read) buy him dinner (say what?!!!)

Well, (a) I don't like any one suggesting that I buy them anything (I guess he is assuming that being older I am his daddy?) and (b) I am not wild about someone inviting himself over night.  Now I have had guys stay over night and the one time I spontaneously did that with a hook up was the Mancub and that did end up being a four night stay over.  But this was a bit sudden, and felt intrusive.  Actually it was a major buzz kill.  I want to have some fun, passionate mansex with a guy, not to date.

I'd actually hoped to fuck him last night; I did write back though and indicate that I had appointments Saturday (true) that made an overnight inappropriate.  He wrote back he could stay Saturday night.  Now, beside not knowing that I want a full night with this guy (though spooning with my arms wrapped around a firm younger military guy does sound hot) and I need to get my shit together to fly home Sunday afternoon.  But also, the assumption bugs me, though I think it's well intentioned and that he's simply socially awkward.  However, I am not wild about kissing, sucking, and putting my bare cock into socially awkward people (like I hate guys who think they have a right to learn your life story just because you fucked them; it sort of flies in the face of NSA, but then, that's an entire other entry...)  I responded I might have a commitment Friday early evening and could be --possibly free--to play (operative term) the coming nights.  I also said I try to fly under the radar and don't want to attract the attention of the hotel staff, especially since I am registered as a single party and stay here often.

The message got through, I think.  Culturally we are coming from different perspectives; this guy is definitely working class Puerto Rican and while very nice and sweet probably doesn't see things through my lens.  And, it's clear he wants a couple of nights out of the barracks (who the hell wouldn't.)  But, I am not taking in boarders and I am not a sugar daddy (I've been known to buy dinner, but I like it to be my choice and hate it even being suggested.)

He responded he needed to get up at 5 a.m. and was sore from our previous gymnastics; then in another message indicated he was resting up for me to fuck him again tonight.  We'll see.  However, gents, when you hook up with a guy be cool:  an overnight should be an invitation, not a request, and offer to go Dutch and maybe he'll pick up the check.  And this is about sex fellas; it if turns into a friendship or relationship, great, but go slow.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whippet Thin

Arrived at my hotel after a five hour flight on Saturday and, horny as hell, tuned into a4a.  It was midday, and got a few bites, but not as many as late afternoon or early evening bring.  But, one guy checked me out and I liked his jock shot, and wrote back "nice sling shot".  And then the ball started .Click on the image to close
to roll.  He was actually pretty aggressive and gave me his phone number.  We got down to the brass tacks on the phone; he was at a friend's house nearby, but was cleaned out and ready and needed to have his itch scratched.  So, I allowed my dick to think for me and gave him my room number.

He arrived, and I was surprised by how thin he is:  6' 1" and 140 lb.  Thin, thin arms, and a bony chest and tiny bony ass.  A good looking guy with a full trimmed beard.  Southern, with that droll characteristic sarcasm and understatement.  He entered the room and quickly got to business stripping. He was wearing jock type underwear and pulled them off, displaying a nice, average sized unit.  He was soon bending over mine and looked up and said "your ruler is defective; this is well over 7.5" long".  I responded with a trite "better to underpromise and over deliver."

This guy is an excellent kisser and is incredibly responsive.  Nice long hair in his pits, and a nice dusting across his chest and legs; you'd think an otter if he wasn't so incredibly thin.  He'd done a nice job cleaning out and it was a pleasure to give his furry ass a thorough rimming.  I took my time and then rubbed my cock up and down his crack and found him impaling his ass on it; I pushed slightly into him and asked if it was okay; he responded "it feels great". I responded that I meant okay/okay.  He replied, "yeah, I get tested frequently" and with that I pushed all my cock into him and listened to him hiss and sigh and moan with pleasure and the ride began. 

I love a responsive bottom and moved this guy into every conceivable position (when he rode it I found it uncomfortable as the guy is so fucking thin and bony; I soon pushed him onto his back.) With him being so thin I knew my cock was well beyond the second ring and he was getting an amazingly deep fuck; he knew it too and periodically checked to be sure that he was still clean (he was), so I took breaks to ease out and to rim him more (and he knew to keep making out afterwards, one of my rules...)  He was one of those bottoms whose eyes half roll back in his head.  He wanted it rough at times, so I gave him a series of long full shaft pistons followed by slight jabs at the entrance to his hole, followed by unexpected rapid thrusts all the way into him.

Finally I got him on his back and he growled "breed me.  I want to feel that big cock of yours breed this ass."  He stared in my eyes with a steel blue sex intoxicated stare and I let him have it.  As he felt it he bore down hard squeezing my cock.  I gradually eased out.  He was surprisingly passionate and rested in my arms before I pushed back in so that he could stroke himself off.

We both could have kept at it for much longer; I'd made up a dinner appointment before he arrived so that I could get rid of him when I felt the need.  Unfortunately, I would have liked to have given him another load or two, but he was meeting a pal to go to a concert (as it was I made him late.)  He's indicated he might be free again for the remainder of the week I'm here.  I am hoping so; he is truly excellent sex.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reducing a Slab ot Man to Jelly

Yesterday was a sex filled day, but I'll describe my afternoon in a subsequent entry.  However, after meeting with some work clients (following a lengthy hook up hiatus in between) I had dinner and returned to my room with the expectation of hitting the sack early and just reading.

Early in the morning I'd been on line with a hunky looking guy who I'd hoped to hook up with, but he had practice with his paddling team (read:  crew) and despite my trying to lure him to my hotel for a quickie wasn't free till this evening.  He kept up a steady stream of correspondence wanting to know if I'd be free at 6.  I advised him I needed to get some dinner after working and wouldn't be free till 7:30.

After dinner, having gotten my nut earlier, I was ready to just veg:  play around on Facebook and to read a novel.  But I wrote the guy back and indicated that I had returned to my room.  I was more than half hoping he'd fail to respond.  He did, though, and when I indicated I needed to get up early for work and to end no later than 10 pm said he could be at my place in 20 minutes, but we could late (as it is he has a brutally early morning flight that is leaving as I type this.)  I decided what the hell.

He arrived in 30 minutes, and when I opened the door I was stunned.  His guy is 6' 2" and gorgeous.  Brilliant, perfect, white teeth, beautiful blue eyes, and a broad shouldered hunk.  Goatee, immaculately groomed.  While in his 40s he seemed like a shy boy.   When he pulled off his clothes I saw that while a devoted athlete this guy either was once fat or likes his girl scout cookies; he wears it well under his clothes, but besides defined pecs he has man boobs with enormous nipples, a bit of a gut, and a microscopic cock (his profile says 5", but it looked smaller and it is narrow.  He's hapa, so all the European dna went into his frame, and the Asian into his genitals, it seems...though he was smaller than an Asian guy I've fucked.)  Don't get me wrong though, this guy was a wet dream overall and melted when I started kissing him.

I soon realized if I wanted to get this guy to do anything I wanted I needed to just take my time and to enjoy making out with him --it wasn't hard, I'd like to have a day with him to just do that alone for an hour or so.  Passion is an understatement here; he would have stayed making out if I didn't take control of the situation to go where I needed to go.

When we started to make out while he was still dressed I rubbed his nipples and thought they might be hot spots,  When he as naked and I started to suck them he went nuts:  he kept letting out a series of high pitched moans and thrashed back and forth.  I knew he'd do anything at that point.

I progressed south and started to lick and suck his cock, which he loved, but I could tell the nips gave him more pleasure.  Heading underneath his balls were rich and musky (unfortunately he'd carefully perfumed his pits with deodorant).  I knew I'd like his ass.  Rolling him over I buried my face in it and loved the aroma:  now the boy went nuts.  He was loadly moaning and thrusting into the bed, arching his ass in the air and his legs were flailing.  I was inspired to give it my all and kept at it for easily 15 minutes, pulling his cheeks apart and buring my tongue deep in him.  I got it super wet, and then pushed him back on his side (never appear too eager to push it in/I didn't want to spook him off by rubbing my bare head against it quite yet.  I didn't need to worry.)  We made out some more and I could tell he was on fire.  He sat up and straddled me and grabbed my cock, rubbed the head against his hole and slowly lowered himself down onto hit.  I loved feeling him yield and the cock head passing into his warm spongy gut.  He started to ride up and down it; I let him enjoy the ride before I pushed him onto his back and took charge to give him some serious fucking. Among other things some lube was in order.

I pushed back in, but wrapped my arms around him so I could work his nipples,but he was already lost in having my cock in him.  He wasn't quiet as he moaned "you feel so good in me; fuck me; fuck me!  I love your cock; it feels so good".  I altenated between having him flat on his stomach and getting him on his side:  long strokes, short pokes, pulling out and then quickly reentering.   My cock had no difficulty finding his hole when I pulled out and it was totally dialated to let me back in.  We kept at it for awhile, but I wanted to take a break before going for the final stretch.  And then, despite the room only being lighted by the bathroom light I noticed the sheets were discolored; it didn't look like shit.  I suspected he was bleeding and he was, slightly.   I went to the bathroom and my cock wasn't dirty, but when I used a washcloth to wipe it there was some faint pink.  I returned to the bedroom and he was embarrassed and apologized, saying he didn't play much so that was the issue; I asked him if he was alright and he insisted it was okay, he didn't hurt and wanted me to fuck him again.

At that point I did some quick math:  I figured if I was in trouble the damage was probably done; the guy had listed himself as neg, and I got very vibe from meeting him this wasn't a self destructive or reckless guy. So, I turned off the light again, resumed making out with him, and lubed his ass and my cock.  He insisted on straddling me again, and was very into it.  However, I suspect that was what tore him a bit (especially since we began with just spit).  The angle isn't my favorite and I was feeling too much friction (and this is a big guy) so I got him on his stomach again.

My boy loves getting fucked, and was loudly letting me know it in his high pitched voice.  I told him he was going to make me cum, and he kept moaning "fuck me! fuck me!  I love how your cock feels."  I decided I was getting a green light and let go.  Now I am not a loud, emotive cummer, but he intuitively knew it, or felt the change in my cock now that it was throbbing.  He pushed back hard and started to squeeze his guts and to milk it.  My boy wanted to get bred.

I slowly eased out and we rolled on to our sides; we enjoyed pillow talk but I started to make out with him again and to work his nipples and balls and he started to furiously work his cock and shot to his nipples.  We looked and it was 10 pm.  So, we enjoyed some afterglow and then he rinsed off.

Hopefully he'll be back; despite the tiny cock this guy is a wet dream.  He indicated he has a low sex drive and rarely fucks, but needed his itch scratched.  Well, I hope for an encore before I fly home.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Worth staying up for

I was out of town the other day and hosting a function that ended at 9:30.  I was far enough from home to stay over, but had a panoply of meetings the next day, so needed to be up early and was plotting how to avoid rush hour.  However, being an insatiable hound dog, and staying in a nice hotel, I had to check out who was available on a4a.

Actually I got quite a few hits:  don't these guys need to get to work in the morning?  Ah, thinking with their dicks, as was I.  This one fellow was particularly persistent; he really wanted to get fucked, and while I was discouraging about the time, and that I couldn't play till midnight, he assured me he was cleaned out and could be there in 30 minutes.  Also, he looked hot.  So, I gave him my room number.

You always imagine that some idiot is going to assure you he's coming, and then not show, but you'll be up for hours waiting for that possible faint knock on the door and not want hotel security to create a scene.  It's part of my trepidation when agreeing to such late night connections.  However, within 30 minutes I there was a barely audible knock on the door.  When I opened it there was a cute, broad shouldered, slim, mid-40's Latino guy:  stereotypic short trimmed mustache and a "chick" teaser. (Actually much slimmer than his picture.) I ushered him in with pleasure.  He had great poise as after a brief kiss  he put down his phone, keys, and wallet and casually peeled off his clothes.   I liked everything, and the icing on the cake was his long, thick, dark cock and dense pubes:   just what I like.

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There was some prerequisite email about condoms (should I bring some) and I had them laid out with the lube.  He was emphatic about wanting to play safe; I fully respected that.  Once he stripped though we started to make out and were both seriously into sucking face.   His nips were sensitive and we transitioned between him throating my cock and my savoring that nice slab of his.  It was nice and spongy but once I started working it I found it harder to get all the way down my throat.  He was giving off a nice manscent under an (unfortunate) layer of deodorant.  Clearly he was squeaky clean. 

I pulled off his cock and went down to his ass and really worked it with my tongue; I gave it quality attention and pulled his cheeks apart and had my tongue entirely up in him.   He had a nice musky (clean) aroma and was letting out continual little whimpers of pleasure throughout.  I rolled onto my back and pulled him on top of me.  He rubbed his asshole around my cock and I found it easing in; I just played possum and didn't push, didn't ask, didn't encourage, just let him enjoy it.  After easing about three inches into him for a good 10 minutes he then said "we need to use a condom".  I said fine, but let's do more pre-condom stuff first.  So I went back to eating his ass, and sucking his cock, and while he was lying on his back I rubbed my cock up and down his crack; as it rubbed his hole he kept pushing back; again I was not pushing in; I let him take full responsibility.  He again said, we need to use a condom; I said fine and handed him one as I lubed his ass, then his and my cocks.   As he rolled onto his back he tore open the condom, stared at it, and then put it on the night stand.  I asked him if he wanted me to tease him some more and he snidely said, "is that what you call it?"  He put his legs in the air and I gradually pushed my bare cock into him and we went at it. 

As we moved around I realized that he wanted to cum but was also anxious to get me off.  I asked where,and he said "not in me"/no surprise there.  But he worked his own cock hard as he lay on his back while I pushed in and out of him and then spurted out a load.  I eased out and figured it was over, but he really wanted to see me get off.   He stroked me hard, but I needed to stroke it while he made out with me and pressed his warm bod against mine.  I figured the crest for cumming had passed,but then I spurted out a long stream from my navel to my nipps; he said "let me squeeze it to see another spurt" and was disappointed not to have more come out.  It was, nonetheless, impressive.

We enjoyed some brief pillow talk, but it was -- in fact -- now midnight.  I needed to be up at 6 and he did as well.  I will be back in his town in a couple of weeks and we are considering a rematch.  However, I have to say, much as I dragged the next day, it was worth it.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's been a seemingly long hiatus (2 weeks?  3 weeks?) since I last got laid.  The Arab is horny as hell, but our planets have not been able to get into the same orbit.  His social schedule has not synced with my opportunities to connect.  Lately I have gotten several valentines from the Piano Man, but his opportunities for getting away are as random as mine though he's bemoaned the "need to get my dick back up his ass."  I share that sentiment; we almost connected yesterday but at the last minute he and his partner ended up with a family commitment.  So it goes.

I haven't seen the mancub in months; he lives ~70 miles northwest so it's not convenient for either of us.  I noticed his a4a profile had vanished, but was relieved to find he still (for the time being) has one on Manhunt.  He responded that changes were afoot and gave me an email address where I could contact him.  Much has changed; leaving one partner, has a new partner, moving into the city.  Wow.  In the flurry of email ping pong I gathered that he'd be unavailable beginning October 1 for a while and then when and where were yet to be determined; "bummer"...Then I got a message from him asking if I could host today.  Well, I rarely to never host, but for him I will, and have.  Today was a good opportunity, so I said sure.  However, it wasn't till this morning I got a definite yes.  He's normally a nocturnal creature, so to learn he was awake and showered at 11 a.m. stunned me.  Still he had other stuff to get done, so he only arrived here early afternoon.

Since I only had a few hours we needed to be task oriented.  When he walked in he pulled out my cock and began to suck it and then we started to make out.  He asked if I wanted to smoke some weed, but at that point I was cranked up and wanted him naked.  I put the dog outside while he went into the bedroom and stripped; then let the dog back in and closed the bedroom door.

He knows I am totally aroused by his manscent; usually it's great but sometimes it's just sour.  Today was one of those deep, rich, musky days -- strong, but pleasant.  His breath wasn't sour but wasn't sweet, which was a negative, but I focused on the odors that pushed my buttons.  I regretted we didn't have more time because I would have liked to have focused on licking his pits out (actually I would have liked to have savored exploring him for a long time:  he's doughy with muscle underneath, and has a fine dusting of dense hair across his legs, arms and chest.  He also has an incredible ass hole, which I love to rim.  Alas,  today wasn't a time for leisurely exploration.)

He laid back on the edge of the bed, grabbed some elbow grease and lubed his ass and my cock.  Now this is a boy who loves to get fucked, but when I went in, slowly, he started to spasm.  I eased out and he grabbed some poppers and then was ready for me to slide all the way up inside him.  I don't enjoy fucking standing up, but he'd just driven 70 miles and I was focused on his pleasure.

However, my cock started to "dictate" and we both got in the middle of the bed.  It was truly good, as usual.  He was grunting and loving it and he was then nice and tight.  I like a mellow fuck but he wanted long fast thrusts, and that was much of what I gave him.  His facial expressions were half my pleasure; he clearly needed a good hard fuck.  Like a clock we went around through all the positions; we got back to my favorite with him on his side and me having maximum penetration when I let it go; we'd been fucking for about 25 minutes (for real; it had been hard to hold back but I recognize that it's hard to work up the second load so I try to delay the first.)  We laid back, nuzzled, and he caught me up on his life for about 20 minutes.  He'd been wearing a jock and I told him it was time to get it off him. 

This was an odd day in that he remained soft and I had to suck him for awhile to get him hard, but once it engorged he lubed my dick and straddled me.  Being ridden isn't my favorite position, but it felt great/more importantly he was loving it and was letting out loud moans (which caused the dog to come to the bedroom door and whine with anxiety.)  I hadn't said it, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and when I asked if he was close I felt him suddenly start spurting a huge load onto my chest and belly (damn the luck.)  He massaged it into my skin and I licked his fingers and then he bent down to kiss me.

He dismounted and I was hard as a rock; he was game to be fucked again but I was ready to go for awhile, his ass was now loose,  and soon after he started to complain about being sore (a:  the long fast strokes; he had just cum.)  We laid on our sides and enjoyed some frottage, but I wanted in again.  He was willing, but soon was asking if I was close.  Since he wanted the load, I stroked and he rolled on his stomach pulling his cheeks apart:  he wanted the load in him.  It felt like a porn flick as I gave him a cream pie and then pushed it in.

It was good, but too damned short, even though we went at it for more than two hours. I was spoiled three years ago when I met him; he was single/I was at a conference, and we fucked and slept together for four nights.  He's got a new bf, and they plan to move in together.  I haven't a clue whether it will be open or not, but thought it crass to ask right now:  it's up to him to indicate.  Whether this will be the last time or not, the sex with him has been consistently amazing.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fucking with Abandon

I have taken a bit of a hiatus:  two weeks since some manhole, and it seemed like an eternity.  However, the weekends go by rapidly and despite the ongoing nibbles from a4a, Manhunt, and SD I just didn't want to devote the required energy and patience to the inherent back and forth email ping pong (however, if I wanted to travel into the City guys were ready to connect immediately:  almost two hours travel time round trip for a likely 60 minutes of sex isn't the best use of a day off -- all things considered, much as I love to fuck.

The Mexican guy to the north contacted me several times; however, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Frankly, I did the math and figured that rubbing one out to good porn was more satisfying.  His insistent messages varied between pleading ("please!  I only need 30 mintues!") and hectoring.  I was quickly reminded why I stopped communicating with him two years ago.  He does seem to get it that it may never happen again.  I suspect this isn't his first (or second) such experience.  It can't be possible that he realizes how obnoxious he is, but I have tried to be gracious.  It would be like pulling the wings off a fly to point out that his personality is why I am not coming back to fuck him.

The Arab was away on vacation; I try to keep it cool with him and to not be at all clingy, though the sex with him is great.  After finally breeding him I was uncertain whether he'd keep in touch; he seemed to struggle processing having passed that boundary.  However, I logged in one night two weeks ago and, very horny, he wrote saying he wished I was with him and that he couldn't wait for me to fuck him again as soon as he got home.   Later in the week he wrote again and said we needed to connect asap as he needed my cock.  So, I mellowed out about finding something new knowing I'd have a fulfilling experience when he got home. 

I advised him I'd be free this afternoon, and he responded that we needed to fuck for a couple of hours.  I was psyched about fucking him, but factoring my limited free time I didn't know if I wanted to make an afternoon of it.

Last night and this morning he kept up a steady stream of messages --highly unusual for him./he's usually pretty cryptic.  He let me know he was very anxious to feel me cum inside him again., which only heightened the excitement for me.  I arrived at this house today and we followed the same ritual:  his door was unlocked and, again, the TIM video "Breeding Ian Jay" was playing (how is it that I always arrive during the Dan Fisk scene, which I really want to watch?)

The Arab was very passionate and I really decided to take my time and to get into it. While making out he was grunting with pleasure and I was laughing inside thinking this guy was sounding like the hot bear he is.  While I love to have my cock sucked I was really focused on sucking his-- once his precum started to flow while we were kissing. Today I actually spent more time today sucking than rimming him, though I made a concentrated effort to tongue fuck him for awhile.  As I alternated lying on top of him he positioned my cock head so I could thrust against his hole:  we came to a frenzied point where I needed to put it in.

After last time's experience I didn't want to use lube, though I noted some Boy Butter (not for the condom set) and vaseline on his night table.  I HATE vaseline and would have refused to use it; there was no way I'd stick my tongue in his ass, or want him to suck my cock afterwards if we used that for lube.  I spit alot of saliva on to his hole after getting it really wet by rimming him.  He was hesitant and asked for lube, but I gradually penetrated him, pushed a couple of inches in, pulled back and forth a few times, and then pulled out and rimmed him some more and spit on his hole.  I did this several times and he was soon pushing back to get the entire cock in him.

Today was interesting as well as hot:  he did most of the fucking/pushing his ass back to impale it on my cock and to squeeze it with his guts.  He kept moaning that he wanted me to explode inside him.  The fucking kept up for a long time but, knowing I didn't need to hold back, I focused on enjoying the rest of it:  sucking the back of his neck, licking the inside of his ear, massaging and pinching his nipples.  It was hot.  When I felt it cumming I made an effort to let him know:  he got really animated, pushing back on my cock and squeezing it all the time I was cumming and for a long time afterwards by clenching his ass.  Finally I rolled on to my side and he started to vigorously stroke off.

I knew when he started stroking it was going to be over; that was okay with me as I figured I'd be less frenzied the rest of the afternoon.  We laid back enjoying the mutual afterglow and then he got up and went to the bathroom.  I was a little grossed out as he didn't close the door and I could hear him shitting out (well expelling) my load into the toilet.  I usually don't shoot big loads but he insisted it was major, and said how nice it was feeling the warmth spurt into him. 

Not liking to overstate my welcome I sensed it was time to book; I asked if I could shower ("of course") and after some safe, mundane chit chat while I dressed and headed to the door I left.  When I came home I had a message from him noting how nice it had been (we started out with him being pretty laconic.)  I agreed and responded that next time I need to plant two loads in him. I checked my watch as I drove away and noted, that in total, it was under 60 minutes.  Guess it scratched the itch but can't say that it was nourishing.