Friday, June 14, 2013


Well, I had today off and I was anxious to get off but wasn't free till late morning.  I'd had tentative plans with a tall young bear/budding fb who I will post about at length in a future entry.  As luck would have it, however, he was called into work.  So I tapped a few other fuck buddies and was pleased when one I hook up with every couple of months wrote back.

The challenge was that I couldn't get there till 11:30 and he needed to make a doctor's appointment at 1:00.  But he wrote back he really wanted to suck my "big dick." Worrying that perhaps he was seeing this as a quick blow and go opportunity I wrote back that I hadn't cum yet and wanted to fuck him and got an "absolutely" response.  I was definitely "down" for it.

I got there on time and we managed to get straight to it with either of us acting rushed.  He's a tall, muscular bear:  big bellied, older and past his prime but not gone to seed yet (pardon the pun.)  We stripped, started to make out and grope each other simultaneously.  He has a big, thick, uncut cock: while not as long as mine his is easily 6 1/2 inches thick and has a huge foreskin.  It is great to press my index finger in past the skin and to massage his nice big head while he begins to ooze precum.  It's great to suck as well and because the skin is so long you need to retract it to get his bare cock head in your mouth.

He quickly coaxed me on to the bed as he has hungry to suck me and grunting with satisfaction noting "I love your big dick" / "great cock" each time he came up for air.  I massaged his huge balls and the outside of his hole while he sucked me.  But soon I wanted him on his knees so that I could eat his ass while he sucked me.  And once that started he began to forget sucking my cock and to groan while I stuck my tongue in his ass and licked his taint.

Last month I took a mental health day and hosted him.  When he arrived he had just gotten out of the shower and his hole tasted almost floral; today at his place it was as it has been all the other times I have eaten him:  very clean, but also with a great man musk that's so good you'd want some in a bottle to shake on food.  I was loving my beard and mustache getting saturated with it (and I am currently enjoying that aroma as I scratch my beard.)

Without saying it we both were conscious of time and he got on his knees, I grabbed the lube and moistened us both with it and eased into him.  What's great about this guy is there is no "okay stop!"  "wait a minute and let me get used to it!"  "slow! stop! okay just a little bit at a time!"  I felt the head pop in; he sighed with satisfaction and while I remained still he pushed back in one thrust until I was deep inside him.   In other words, we got right to business.  From then on it was long strokes with affirmative grunts and comments "amazing"  "it feels so so good deep inside me"  "that's it; right there; deeper!" As I thrust forward he pushed back and he met each grind of my cock with ongoing affirmation.  It was a great fuck.  He then started to moan that he wished he didn't have a doctor's appointment.

His guts were clamped around me and nicely massaging my cock; I didn't want it to end, but knew he would need to get going shortly and I definitely wanted to be sure to cum so I just let it go.   Throughout the fucking his leg kept flinging back, which I love.  It's great when you are deep inside the guy and his leg swings back so that he can press his foot against your ass.   The orgasm was great: it was sustained spasming and it was evident that he could feel me spurting and was enjoying it.  I laid on top of him and slowed my thrusting and I gradually grew softer and felt it pop out.  He kept thanking me, which makes me feel a little awkward as we were fucking each other and he couldn't have enjoyed it more than I did.  Still it does the heart good when the bottom is gushing thanks for the fine fucking you just gave his ass.

When sucking his cock before fucking him I was thinking how much I wanted him to cum in my mouth; I kept thinking I wanted to eat his load all the time I was fucking him.  But, as usual, once I got my nut taking his cum suddenly wasn't attractive to me (he's a guy who can get fucked after cumming, so I should probably reverse it some time to take it when it still seems attractive to me.)  I did encourage him to cum and lightly fingered his balls and sucked his nipple while he vigorously worked his cock; it was amazing how fast he came and it was a substantial load.

Well he wanted to lie back and savor the afterglow but I was conscious of his timetable and soon was sliding my shorts and sandals on and heading to the door.  Without any inhibition he walked me to the door, bare assed naked (I was looking out the window at his neighbors) gave me a peck and wished me well.

I was there 40 minutes!  Damn!  It was task oriented but great.  But like Chinese food, I was hungry for more an hour later.  Unfortunately he's expecting his partner home and they are having company for the weekend.  Hopefully we'll reconnect an upcoming day off and I'll swallow his  juice first.