Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleeping with Him

Friday night I thought I was going to connect with my Indian fuck buddy.  However, I was at dinner with a couple of pals and despite my saying I'd be done no earlier than 10 p.m. I found a message he posted on MH at 8:15 asking if I was back from dinner yet.  He was logged off Manhunt, but nonetheless I left him a response there, and both called and texted him.  No response; I was hoping that he wasn't turning into a flake/he'd said that Sunday that he wanted to connect with me again during my visit. He's somewhat inscrutible, but each time we connect he gets more affectionate (which I like) so I was hoping this wasn't coming to an end.  I was disappointed because, based on the connection earlier in the week, I was going to encourage him to sleep over. (he'd warned me that he snores; it was a risk I was more than willing to take.)  Alas, no go.  So I defaulted to the less than satisfying hook up with the RN.

Saturday I woke up, checked MH and saw he hadn't yet opened my message.  I had late morning business appointments and in the middle of one my phone went off.  I got back to the hotel and had a message on MH from him indicating he's called.  He was very apologetic that the night before he'd falled asleep before I returned. When, I called him back and he said he'd be there by two, but needed to go home to shower unless he could at my hotel (duh, of course it was...however, later I found the spent Fleet enema syringe in my bathroom, which actually made me laugh/he was trying to be discreet and it was considerate.  Many guys think probing with their fingers will get the job done/it definitely doesn't.)

Well, he arrived, pecked me on the lips, stripped and shyly disappeared into the bathroom.  I stripped and got into bed and, clean, slipped in beside me.  He really is quite lovely:  small, but a defined body, a nice fan of hair across his chest, big nipples, a head of ringlets, and a lovely carmel complexion. 

Again, he turned his back to me and pushed back against me. He wanted to be held, and held tightly.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close and sucked on the back of his neck.  We laid there like that, with my cock hard as hell pushed underneath his balls.  I grasped his cock and felt it drip precum.  It felt great and I took it slow, but eventually I needed to get my cock rubbing up and down his crack.  After about 20 minutes we were passionately at it, with mutual sucking, making out, and my tongue fucking him till he was begging me to push my cock into him.  And, again, he wanted me to push up as deep as I could get into him and to leave it there while we simply spooned.  But, eventually we got to fucking and he begged me to cum in him saying he wanted to feel my warm cum deep in him.  (He'd shared that I was the only guy he barebacked with/certainly the only one allowed to breed him.  However,  since the get go we've fucked bareback, though it was only last fall he allowed me to cum in him...)

After I came I kept my arms wrapped around him; he wanted to spoon and I felt completely relaxed.  I very gently gave him short thrusts and was feeling very very mellow.  I gradually fell asleep, while hard and deep in him, still giving short thrusts while dozing/I was sort of in limbo stage between consciousness and unconsciousness, but know I was out for awhile.  I actually woke up when I heard soft snoring coming from him.  We both came to full consciousness and without saying it out loud we were equally thrilled that we'd ended up nesting.  I was feeling incredibly relaxed and rested.

We went at it again, and he begged me to shoot another load in him, saying he wanted to feel the warm wetness.  However, I'd rubbed one out when I woke up, not expecting to see him, and after the preceding fuck my cock wasn't going to give it up inside him.  I dismounted, and we made out and got into mutual stroking and the kissing got me off.  I was surprised that he quickly bent over and sucked my cum wet cock into his mouth and then went to make out with me.  I think we passed some benchmark this week.

The whole time we were together he kept moaning and saying he wishes I lived in the area, as he wants to be mine.  He asked about my travel itinerary and was giving thought to meeting me whereever I travel (alas, I don't travel that much any more, relatively speaking.)

I looked at the clock, and we'd spent most of the afternoon in bed; over three hours had passed.  Since I had dinner plans I needed to send him packing and felt like a cad as I don't think he ever came.  He didn't seem disappointed, though.  Leaving he said he'd try to come over this morning before I checked out to fly home.  However, though I got up early my boy wasn't on MH.  He clearly likes to catch his zzzs.  I packed, and had breakfast and was ready to jump in the shower when he called and wanted to come over.  It was an hour before I was leaving and I thought with my head instead of my cock for perhaps the first time in seven days and said, with considerable regret, there wasn't time.  He asked when I'd be back and I sadly indicated midwinter. 

Okay this guy has a crush on me, and the feeling is mutual.  It's definitely not going anywhere, but there is a connection and its sweet.  I like being a pig, but I also like times taking it slow and being passionate.  The distance is serendipity as this, too, could be a relationship that could easily get out of control.

Jock Wet Dream

Remember the hot football stud that you lusted after in high school?  The one with the broad shoulders, well defined pecs and biceps, the one who you furtively glanced at because you didn't want him to see you checking you out for fear of being called a homo or worse, getting punched?  Late last night he came to my room to get fucked.

When I lived here we were regular fuck buddies.  He's married, but hosted (initally with the weird stipulation that I not look at pictures in the hallway of he and his wife, and entering their bedroom  finding the photographs frames down, and him spraying air freshener in the room while I was getting dressed.)  We began condoms only, and then late in our fuckbuddydom went bare, with the agreement I wouldn't cum in him.  He used to live fairly close to my house, and then in the last 18 months I lived here he moved to a location ironically closer to my house, but also close to his relatives who were prone for dropping by-- so he couldn't host.

I kept him tagged as a Manhunt buddy and after I moved, and started to return to the area for business and I could host in a hotel, we resumed our hook ups.  He works in town and works late (hospitality industry) and some of my trips haven't worked for him, or for me.  However, we have connected several times in the last couple of years and each time has been intense.

He has a body you could bounce a quarter off; last winter when I came here he emerged from the shower and lying in bed I was stunned by his silouette as he stood sideways:  male jock model material.   A nice fan of hair covers his body:  not too much, but enough to define his muscles and to make him especially hot.  He has a big thick (but not attractive) cock, that is hard to get down your throat when it is hard.  And, he has a hard, hairy, muscular bubble butt that he loves to have fucked.  Fortunately for me he likes big dicked, daddy bear types.

Last night he sent me a message on MH; I'd just spent an afternoon in bed with my Indian friend and had cum two times with him (after rubbing out one when I woke up.)  My cock was "tender" and I was still brewing more cum, so knew it was unlikely I'd be able to shoot a load.  But, cumming is the icing on the cake and I knew I wanted to get naked with this beefcake again.  While I'd just returned from dinner, and it was late and I needed to get up at a decent hour (actually I was thinking of getting up really early to find a last hotel fuck in the morning) I knew this was going to be worth it, despite knowing that I'd get to bed super late.

I responded to him and got an instant response.  He was at work and wanted to come over.  He said it would be a couple of hours; in the meantime he sent me a text about every 17 minutes telling me his cock was hard thinking about me and he couldn't wait to get over.  I stripped, got into bed, and napped (albeit, awakened every 17 minutes by his frenzied texts.)

Finally a text arrived saying he was parking and to get naked (had already done that); I heard a soft knock in the door and in he walked.  Okay, he was even butcher and hotter than last time I saw him.  He has shaved his head and has a dense full beard.  His blue eyes were gleaming with incredible lust.  I pulled him to me and he pushed his tongue in my mouth and pulled my robe open and grasped my cock.   Immediately he fell to his knees and started to suck my cock; I wrapped my hands around his bald head, and it was hot feeling it bob back and forth on me getting me wet.  He then stood to make out some more;  I groped him and with one hand he pulled his pants open while stroking my cock.

He needed to shower, and then joined me in bed.  He wanted to make out and as we ground our hard cocks against each other he told me that he was glad I didn't live closer as it would be real trouble for him.  He bent down and gave me serious head and then I was soon on his cock as well (I got it down about 3/4 of the way as it was fully engorged).  I licked down and sucked his balls and massaged his hole with one finger while squeezing his nipples.  Then I made him roll over.

His ass was ambrosia:  his balls, cock, and ass were really musky despite the shower.  Incredible manscent; I was in heaven as this defines mansex:  fully appreciating a hot man:  his muscles, his scent, his cock, his balls, his tight ass and us grunting with satisfaction and just wanting to fuck and suck as only men can, taking our pleasure from each other.  My beard was saturated with his scent (after he left I refused to shower, and I am jumping in to clean up in a moment and regretting that I'll end up washing him out.)

I lined up my cock head against his hole and while I'd had my tongue deep in him for a long time, he was tight.  He wanted it but I was forcing it and he wasn't enjoying it, so I grabbed the lube.  Suddenly it slid all the way in.

We kept at it for a long time, a very long time.  A long standing agreement has been for me not to cum in him, but two hook ups ago he wanted my load, but it being a similar late night following an earlier hook up I couldn't deliver.  Last night he asked me a couple of times if I was ready to cum, and I mentioned I was holding back so as not to cum in him.  He responded "oh yeah; guess you shouldn't".  I guess I could have done it without him minding before then,  but at that point I'd reestablished the boundary.  And, I knew I wouldn't be able to shoot one outside of him.  When I started fucking him my depleted balls were ready to shoot what they could, but after the ongoing fucking my cockhead was getting desensitized as well as sore.

While fucking him he grunted he was going to cum; I had told him to hold off because after the bottom cums you usually can't fuck him any more; he responded that that sounded like a challenge.  After he spurted, I pulled out and sucked his cock into my mouth; now that it had softened a little I was actually able to throat it.  He was ecstatic, and my beard was saturated with his load:  it smelled great:  sweat, musk, cum --mansex.  But he wanted me back in him and we made out and  fucked for a long time afterwards, and he admitted it was different to get fucked after cumming and, finally, that he was actually getting sore.  He was "sorely" disappointed that he didn't get to see me cum.

Well if was late; it wasn't quite two hours, but damn close. He pulled on his clothes, we made out at the door, and he reluctantly left.  I ended up getting a short night's sleep but am now hard as hell and ready to shoot that load that wouldn't cum when he was anxious to see, and I stink of his sweat, and musk.  I hope like hell that his schedule and mine will intersect again when I next visit.  He is right though; it would be a bad thing if I lived here as it would get totally out of control.  He's definitely my wet dream cum true.