Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guys Who Don't Kiss

A couple of hours ago I had a guy come on to me on a4a.  There wasn't a face pic, so I asked him to forward one to my email and he replied that I'd fucked him before.  I looked at the stats and couldn't place him:  Latino, medium to short height, and chunky from the math I did looking at his profile.  Then suddenly I asked him if he was from Argentina.  He replied yes.

Two years ago, and last year (he indicated nine months ago, but I know it was much longer ago than that) I went to his apartment to connect with him.  The second time I was clearly very horny as the first time was underwhelming (and, if I remember correctly, extremely hurried on my part.)  He insisted condoms only, refused to kiss, and refused to be sucked (he wanted a "man" to fuck him.)  He was pleasant on the eyes and had a nice beefy ass.  My balls were full and I wanted to drop a load after a dry spell.  Part of the deal was spanking his ass, which I find tedious.  And, he moaned and whined that I made him hurt.  And, he wanted it again, desperately.  I seem to recall when I withdrew the condom was dirty and I am also pretty sure I needed to stroke off.  What I do remember correctly was that he brought in paper towels for me to wipe off with and to wrap the condom in/no kleenex, and apparently no washcloths. 

Well, an apparent glutton for punishment, I went back.  I had more time to spare, but it was an equally empty experience.  I did eat his ass a bit, and rubbed his spincter with my cock head, which freaked him out.  I seem to recall needing to use two condoms (not simultaneously) and again the paper towels.  Besides not being kissed, he doesn't like his pits licked; he does, however, like to suck, but does it poorly.

Since then he has regularly approached me to return.  I have made up lame excuses; I am terrible at saying I am not really interested any longer.  It seems incredibly insensitive to tell a guy who you've fucked "sorry, it just wasn't good and I don't want to do it again."  I employ the more subtle approach; I simply indicate I am too busy.  Most guys get the hint, though I can't say that I've experienced that much bad sex (and, it goes 360; I have had a fair share of guys not back for an encore with me either.)

Well, my Argentinian friend really wanted to get fucked by me. He asked if I had condoms when he established that I remembered him.  So I laid out some conditions that I was sure were deal breakers for him:

--kissing was a must
--he had to let me suck his cock
--no condoms (but I assured him that I wouldn't cum inside him)

What followed was tedious and ridiculous negotiation.  First he'd let me suck him (how generous.)  Then he agreed to no condoms, with the stipulation I wouldn't shoot in him (that astonished me.)  Alot of this was complicated by the fact that his written English is not good (this guy allegedly works in San Francisco for a national corporation, so this astonishes me if it's true.)

However, kissing was absolutely out.  He wouldn't budge.  And, I declined.

I actually would have gone over if he'd agreed to kiss.  And, I would have worn a condom if he'd agreed to kiss.  But, I decided a while ago I simply would rather beat off than have sex without kissing.

On a4a at the same time was a very hot muscular  bottom who I have fucked about five times.  Each time was either without kissing or with dry pecking.  He doesn't like to be kissed, but does like to be barebacked (provided you don't cum inside him.)  And, over the past two years he has begged me to come over to fuck him again,and I've come up with lame excuses.  He finally was direct and asked if I was no longer interested and to which I replied I would be if he wanted to kiss, but I knew he didn't like to (he also smokes alot of pot, which I don't mind, but has referenced snorting meth and I have seen him online in the middle of the night during my bouts of insomnia.   Meth is nasty shit and I want no part of it; it also explains why he was flaccid the entire time I fucked him.)  Well I have gotten a few messsages from him indicating he'd do whatever I wanted (let me cum in him/kiss) but he's also  asked me to join him for three ways (on other occasions.)  I've responded I need to know number three before I'll partake (not always true, but meth users are often careless in myriad other ways.  I don't want to expand my boundaries in that fashion.)

Back when I lived in the Northwest there was a young bottom I used to fuck.  He was insistent on condoms (which I understood) and wanted his ass rimmed for eons.  He'd suck me when he was ready to (he does like to get his cock sucked) and after I'd fucked him for awhile he'd decide at a certain point to stroke off whether I'd cum or not.  He absolutely refused to kiss, he said he found it too intimate.  Okay, that is some weird psychology there.  Well he was young, chunky but cutish, and had a nice ass.  But I like interactive sex and hate to be in the role of just servicing anyone, which I clearly was doing.  We connected many times, actually, but this was several years ago and I was glad to be getting some and getting something safe.  But, it was empty, and I finally stopped going back. He was quite persistent in approaching me, but I was always "busy".  On subsequent business trips to the region he will invariably reach out to me on MH, but I am simply not interested.  It was all on his terms, and my pleasure was at best a secondary consideration for him.  He wanted his ass rimmed to his satisfaction and my nice, big, wrapped cock to massage his prostrate until he was ready to cum.  Then I could hurry up, rinse, and leave.  No thanks.

I have gotten to the point (thank God) that if it isn't entirely satisfying I don't go back.  And, I won't schedule a first time unless I've established that kissing is a  must.  Sex for me is about intimacy; two men enjoying being naked with another man and exploring each others's bodies and giving each other pleasure.  Otherwise, I might as well stay home and stroke to porn.  It's no less satisfying than being asked to serve some other dude.

Friday, October 26, 2012

"Dolche" not "Caliente"

Traveled to Miami for work, but had an incredibly time compressed schedule.  The night I got in was opportune for a hook up, but I hadn't strategized to set something definite up before traveling here (on other trips I have had the first trick lined up and confirmed well in advance) which reflected some indifference on my part:  if it happened, it happened.

Well that night, a week night, I got a number of bites on a4a and MH, but it involved a considerable amount of message ping pong.  To an extent it was interesting and even fun, but knowing some guys are just game players (which is extremely tiring and even boring) I lost interest.  I wanted to get a decent night's sleep as I hadn't prior to traveling and had left home brutally early for an inhumanely early flight.  Therefore I deflected some of the bites from noctural creatures (and they are fraught with added potential peril...) but then, depsite being really tired, my body was on Left Coast time and refused to let me fall asleep (guess I should have downed some drinks with dinner; better yet, I should have invited one of the nocturnal dudes over.)

Night two I ended up staying out and imbibing with colleagues and crashed/I'd have been much smarter to have retired to my room early and hooked up.  Last night, then, provided my sole opportunity, and I got into my room mid evening after dinner with another colleague.

A fifty something guy had approached me on SD and we had some nice email exchange.  He had written me late afternoon and encouraged me to give him a ring, and he was interested and willing to come, despite some horrific storm weather here (doesn't FL seem to always be in the eye of some storm?  But, I digress...)  I asked him on the phone what he wanted to do, which flummoxed him. He wanted to see where it went:  he established he was neg, and when I indicated I was a top he shared that he didn't go with a label, which I inferred to mean that he'd bottom.

He arrived in about 50 minutes (I was assuming this would be a bust) and is a tall, nice looking Latino guy, who I am guessing is of Cuban extraction.  I immediately discovered that his nipples are his hot spot.  His cock throbbed and actually moved when I touched them.  He is also a very passionate kisser, but one who moves around:  he didn't get into prolonged exploration of your mouth with his tongue or tongue sucking.  However, he gave out little whimpers of pleasure as we made out and I worked his nipples.

As with many Latins he has a great uncut cock.  It is as long as mine (perhaps longer) but not as thick, so I was able to throat it.  I was enjoying sucking him and he was enjoying getting sucked:  I quickly determined he'd be quite satisfied to have me suck him off (he'd given some preliminary attention to my cock and balls, and returned to them as we explored each other.)  I wasn't interested in just a mutual blow job, but I also didn't want to seem in a hurry.  He was very into licking me all up and down my chest as well as my neck.  He cooed with pleasure when I stuck my tongue in his ear to explore it and returned the favor.  I exercised lots of patience before deciding he was ready to be rolled over and to have his ass rimmed.

He was clean (I worried since he got here relatively quickly after I contacted him, not leaving alot of time to flush out).  While he liked it, I could tell he wasn't as passionate about getting his ass eaten as getting sucked and his nipples worked (I reached up to work his nips while chowing down on his ass, which got him more engaged and psyched.)  I then licked up his ass and began to tease him with my cock, which he was cool with and clearly pleased.  I tried to push in (I think I was in, but didn't know it) and then went down and rimmed him some more.  I tried again and again wasn't sure and didn't know whether he needed more moisture, so I grabbed the lube and after applying some to his ass and my cock being a bit more forceful about going in he then said "let me get on my side" and pulled up his thigh.  I slid in deeply and we both enjoyed it. 

He was okay with getting fucked, but wanted to get on his back and grabbed a pillow to lift his ass.  We went at it, but he needed me to ease out/I reentered and we made out while I fucked him.  I asked how long he could take it, asking if he wanted me to cum. His response was not long, and that he didn't want me to cum in him (alas, because I could feel that it would and in a reasonable amount of time that wouldn't leave him sore and raw.)  However, he wanted to stroke off while I was fucking him, and I needed to stop him a couple of times as he was ready to spurt and he hadn't been here long.

I had failed to realize (establish) that I like sex to be for over an hour and to get close and then to cool down and to keep rotating.  He seemed to think we'd done the fucking and now it was time to dismount and to stroke off. ( I have to remember that for some guys that fucking is only part of the experience and not necessarily the conclusion.  For me, you gradually work up to fucking as it is the acme of m2m sex.)

We made out more (which he loved) and licked and stroked each other's bodies.   He has a great touch and is quite passionate and attentive.  But, he wanted to get rid of  that load.  He tried straddling me to stroke off, but didn't like the position (and the gymnastics got me semi-flaccid.)  I quickly figured this is a guy who it would be better with in a second encounter.  I went down on him as he worked his cock, which he liked, but he pulled me up as he was getting close (I quickly discerned he's be disturbed if I wanted him to shoot in my mouth...).  He wanted me to stroke him while we made out and he made high pitched squeaks of pleasure (it was good, though reading it sounds like it was weird.)  His load came out, but he insisted I keep stroking him till it was thoroughly milked, and he loved it when I stroked his balls and he wanted to continue to make out.

I assumed he'd be done, but he wanted to see me cum and wanted to continue to make out and to stroke me.  Knowing how my body works, I assumed my cumming would be a lost cause, but the switch was flipped and I was into it and found myself yielding to the moment and cumming. 

We had a few minutes of chat (he wanted to know about my flight home, etc.) and then he indicated he wanted to rinse off.  He was soon dressed, offered a thank you and a peck on the lips (jeez man, I just had my dick up your ass, suddenly we are getting formal?) and was out the door.  I looked at the cock: an hour had passed.

It was okay:  I can check Miami off on the hook up map (and maybe Cuba:  not sure that I have hooked up with a Cuban before, though I have with several hot Puerto Ricans.)  It got the job done, but there was little afterglow.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeding His Ass

Just a week ago while away on business I had amazing sex with the jock stud and my Indian pal.  You'd think my itch would have been sufficiently scratched.  But, after returning home I had another couple of nights in Sacramento and while I didn't devote myself to it, I logged in to both Manhunt and a4a and got little interest and no action.  Granted I wasn't free till about 9:30 each night, but I was a bit blown away as usually I am getting lots of hits when I visit there, and and it always seems a waste not to warm up those crisp hotel sheets with some hot mansex.  I was starting to wonder whether I was going to run into a streak of not finding any boody, but I returned home and found the Arab on line. 

He's sent me a steady stream of messages about hooking up, but most of the past month I have been traveling.  I have been anxious to connect with him because he's hot and I want to sustain our fb relationship (i.e. I don't want him to find someone else to scratch his itch.)  Well, I tapped him a message to let him know I'm back (though I'll be in the air again this week...)  He wanted to connect yesterday for a quickie as he works evenings, but at the last minute he didn't have the time (a damn shame as the timing was perfect for me.)  So we arranged to connect this morning; Saturdays don't usually work for me but I was determined to make it work.

Yesterday I got a number of colorful texts from him about my giving him a couple of loads:  wishful thinking.  However, I didn't cum yesterday and thought that even if the time was compressed it might be a possibility.  But the bottom has to be able to take considerable sustained fucking for me to cum twice (or to be both incredibly hot and tight.)

When I arrived there Breeding Ian Jay was again playing on the television (not the Dan Fisk episode, for a change.)  The Arab had just gotten out of the shower and was fresh and clean; we made out for a long time and his mouth and tongue tasted great.  He grinned with pleasure when I walked in and it was hard to get my clothes off as he wanted to kiss and then dropped to his knees to suck my cock.

He really wanted to get fucked, but I wanted to take my time getting there, and gave him a long blow job and savored his cock:  about 6" and thick, but easy to throat.  He almost shot in my throat, so I pulled off because I knew once he came the game would be over.  He was anxious to get me back on his dick but I passified him by pushing him on to his stomach to rim him.

His ass was squeaky clean, and it felt nice and soft against my tongue as I pushed into him; he pulled his cheeks apart and pushed back to get my tongue as far up him as I could.  Today I was in less of a hurry to get into him, because I was focusing on who I was fucking, rather than just pushing my cock into a tight ass.

This guy is a hunk; he's a solid bear with a nice hairy chest, hairy shoulders, and while he's got a belly its firm; he's clearly athletic.  Nice muscular calves and thighs.  I came up for air and was enjoying licking up and down the center of his back and sucking on the back of his neck.  I thought to myself, this is one hot slab of man I am going to fuck, and he's really into me.  I was getting off on enjoying his body and wrapping my arms around him his chest was turning me on at least as much as his anus gripping my cockhead as I teased him.  He was in another place and pushing back; it was clear he hadn't been fucked in awhile and needed it.

The sex was fine, but he's now insatiable about getting bred.  Almost as soon as it was all inside of him he was begging for my load.  At first it was part of the pig talk of sex, but as I kept fucking him he was becoming more and more insistent.

Shooting my load is something I like to have come naturally -- the consequence of lots of stimulation.  Definitely my head has to be in the right place as well or it won't happen.  When a bottom starts begging for my load though it throws me off.  Actually, it's probably the thinking about it that delays me most as I then start to focus on needing to cum and worrying whether or not I will (bottoms take note:  don't nag the top for his load; wait for him to ask you if you want it/if you're ready for it/for him to advise you that it's coming.)

I didn't cum yesterday, and I decided to save it for him this morning, but his calls for me to give him my "hot load" were interrupting my momentum.  I started to get concerned that he's say he couldn't take it any longer because he was getting sore (been there/done that) or that I'd totally be thrown off my game and not be able to cross that line at all.  In my head there is a boundary and I know when I have crossed it into the realm of getting my nut.  It's sort of like a switch suddenly being flipped.  Knowing the potential for not getting there I eased out and took a break to make out with him.  He straddled me for a second time, but I realized that wouldn't get me off.  I had him on his back, but he's really tall, and big and insisted on putting a pillow under his ass, which wasn't the right angle for my cock to get the right stimulation.  I got him back on his stomach and then I felt the momentum build; a couple of times I got distracted by his insistence on feeling that big warm load flooding him (while I like the guy I was tempted to say "please shut up".)  Finally I felt it spurting out into him, and I knew he was getting a major load; he did too from the throbbing of my cock.  We spooned after I came and as we turned onto our sides he started to vigorously stroke.  I'd envisioned taking his load in my mouth while we were fucking, but once I cum the desire to take the bottom's load usually vanishes.  I laid back with my cock barely in him and listened to him cum.  At that point I knew it was over.

He wasn't in a hurry, but soon went to the bathroom (for an abortion, as I've called it.)  Fortunately the expunging of my load wasn't audible (I kind of like to think of the bottom keeping it in him, but imagine if you have to go anywhere and would like to sit in upholstered furniture that isn't a great idea.)  We both were now in our postsex, got other stuff to do modes.

Well, it was fine, I was horny as hell (though it had been less than seven days since my last fuck), but it was definitely just a maintenance fuck.   I looked at my watch as I drove away and about 75 minutes had passed.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleeping with Him

Friday night I thought I was going to connect with my Indian fuck buddy.  However, I was at dinner with a couple of pals and despite my saying I'd be done no earlier than 10 p.m. I found a message he posted on MH at 8:15 asking if I was back from dinner yet.  He was logged off Manhunt, but nonetheless I left him a response there, and both called and texted him.  No response; I was hoping that he wasn't turning into a flake/he'd said that Sunday that he wanted to connect with me again during my visit. He's somewhat inscrutible, but each time we connect he gets more affectionate (which I like) so I was hoping this wasn't coming to an end.  I was disappointed because, based on the connection earlier in the week, I was going to encourage him to sleep over. (he'd warned me that he snores; it was a risk I was more than willing to take.)  Alas, no go.  So I defaulted to the less than satisfying hook up with the RN.

Saturday I woke up, checked MH and saw he hadn't yet opened my message.  I had late morning business appointments and in the middle of one my phone went off.  I got back to the hotel and had a message on MH from him indicating he's called.  He was very apologetic that the night before he'd falled asleep before I returned. When, I called him back and he said he'd be there by two, but needed to go home to shower unless he could at my hotel (duh, of course it was...however, later I found the spent Fleet enema syringe in my bathroom, which actually made me laugh/he was trying to be discreet and it was considerate.  Many guys think probing with their fingers will get the job done/it definitely doesn't.)

Well, he arrived, pecked me on the lips, stripped and shyly disappeared into the bathroom.  I stripped and got into bed and, clean, slipped in beside me.  He really is quite lovely:  small, but a defined body, a nice fan of hair across his chest, big nipples, a head of ringlets, and a lovely carmel complexion. 

Again, he turned his back to me and pushed back against me. He wanted to be held, and held tightly.  I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close and sucked on the back of his neck.  We laid there like that, with my cock hard as hell pushed underneath his balls.  I grasped his cock and felt it drip precum.  It felt great and I took it slow, but eventually I needed to get my cock rubbing up and down his crack.  After about 20 minutes we were passionately at it, with mutual sucking, making out, and my tongue fucking him till he was begging me to push my cock into him.  And, again, he wanted me to push up as deep as I could get into him and to leave it there while we simply spooned.  But, eventually we got to fucking and he begged me to cum in him saying he wanted to feel my warm cum deep in him.  (He'd shared that I was the only guy he barebacked with/certainly the only one allowed to breed him.  However,  since the get go we've fucked bareback, though it was only last fall he allowed me to cum in him...)

After I came I kept my arms wrapped around him; he wanted to spoon and I felt completely relaxed.  I very gently gave him short thrusts and was feeling very very mellow.  I gradually fell asleep, while hard and deep in him, still giving short thrusts while dozing/I was sort of in limbo stage between consciousness and unconsciousness, but know I was out for awhile.  I actually woke up when I heard soft snoring coming from him.  We both came to full consciousness and without saying it out loud we were equally thrilled that we'd ended up nesting.  I was feeling incredibly relaxed and rested.

We went at it again, and he begged me to shoot another load in him, saying he wanted to feel the warm wetness.  However, I'd rubbed one out when I woke up, not expecting to see him, and after the preceding fuck my cock wasn't going to give it up inside him.  I dismounted, and we made out and got into mutual stroking and the kissing got me off.  I was surprised that he quickly bent over and sucked my cum wet cock into his mouth and then went to make out with me.  I think we passed some benchmark this week.

The whole time we were together he kept moaning and saying he wishes I lived in the area, as he wants to be mine.  He asked about my travel itinerary and was giving thought to meeting me whereever I travel (alas, I don't travel that much any more, relatively speaking.)

I looked at the clock, and we'd spent most of the afternoon in bed; over three hours had passed.  Since I had dinner plans I needed to send him packing and felt like a cad as I don't think he ever came.  He didn't seem disappointed, though.  Leaving he said he'd try to come over this morning before I checked out to fly home.  However, though I got up early my boy wasn't on MH.  He clearly likes to catch his zzzs.  I packed, and had breakfast and was ready to jump in the shower when he called and wanted to come over.  It was an hour before I was leaving and I thought with my head instead of my cock for perhaps the first time in seven days and said, with considerable regret, there wasn't time.  He asked when I'd be back and I sadly indicated midwinter. 

Okay this guy has a crush on me, and the feeling is mutual.  It's definitely not going anywhere, but there is a connection and its sweet.  I like being a pig, but I also like times taking it slow and being passionate.  The distance is serendipity as this, too, could be a relationship that could easily get out of control.

Jock Wet Dream

Remember the hot football stud that you lusted after in high school?  The one with the broad shoulders, well defined pecs and biceps, the one who you furtively glanced at because you didn't want him to see you checking you out for fear of being called a homo or worse, getting punched?  Late last night he came to my room to get fucked.

When I lived here we were regular fuck buddies.  He's married, but hosted (initally with the weird stipulation that I not look at pictures in the hallway of he and his wife, and entering their bedroom  finding the photographs frames down, and him spraying air freshener in the room while I was getting dressed.)  We began condoms only, and then late in our fuckbuddydom went bare, with the agreement I wouldn't cum in him.  He used to live fairly close to my house, and then in the last 18 months I lived here he moved to a location ironically closer to my house, but also close to his relatives who were prone for dropping by-- so he couldn't host.

I kept him tagged as a Manhunt buddy and after I moved, and started to return to the area for business and I could host in a hotel, we resumed our hook ups.  He works in town and works late (hospitality industry) and some of my trips haven't worked for him, or for me.  However, we have connected several times in the last couple of years and each time has been intense.

He has a body you could bounce a quarter off; last winter when I came here he emerged from the shower and lying in bed I was stunned by his silouette as he stood sideways:  male jock model material.   A nice fan of hair covers his body:  not too much, but enough to define his muscles and to make him especially hot.  He has a big thick (but not attractive) cock, that is hard to get down your throat when it is hard.  And, he has a hard, hairy, muscular bubble butt that he loves to have fucked.  Fortunately for me he likes big dicked, daddy bear types.

Last night he sent me a message on MH; I'd just spent an afternoon in bed with my Indian friend and had cum two times with him (after rubbing out one when I woke up.)  My cock was "tender" and I was still brewing more cum, so knew it was unlikely I'd be able to shoot a load.  But, cumming is the icing on the cake and I knew I wanted to get naked with this beefcake again.  While I'd just returned from dinner, and it was late and I needed to get up at a decent hour (actually I was thinking of getting up really early to find a last hotel fuck in the morning) I knew this was going to be worth it, despite knowing that I'd get to bed super late.

I responded to him and got an instant response.  He was at work and wanted to come over.  He said it would be a couple of hours; in the meantime he sent me a text about every 17 minutes telling me his cock was hard thinking about me and he couldn't wait to get over.  I stripped, got into bed, and napped (albeit, awakened every 17 minutes by his frenzied texts.)

Finally a text arrived saying he was parking and to get naked (had already done that); I heard a soft knock in the door and in he walked.  Okay, he was even butcher and hotter than last time I saw him.  He has shaved his head and has a dense full beard.  His blue eyes were gleaming with incredible lust.  I pulled him to me and he pushed his tongue in my mouth and pulled my robe open and grasped my cock.   Immediately he fell to his knees and started to suck my cock; I wrapped my hands around his bald head, and it was hot feeling it bob back and forth on me getting me wet.  He then stood to make out some more;  I groped him and with one hand he pulled his pants open while stroking my cock.

He needed to shower, and then joined me in bed.  He wanted to make out and as we ground our hard cocks against each other he told me that he was glad I didn't live closer as it would be real trouble for him.  He bent down and gave me serious head and then I was soon on his cock as well (I got it down about 3/4 of the way as it was fully engorged).  I licked down and sucked his balls and massaged his hole with one finger while squeezing his nipples.  Then I made him roll over.

His ass was ambrosia:  his balls, cock, and ass were really musky despite the shower.  Incredible manscent; I was in heaven as this defines mansex:  fully appreciating a hot man:  his muscles, his scent, his cock, his balls, his tight ass and us grunting with satisfaction and just wanting to fuck and suck as only men can, taking our pleasure from each other.  My beard was saturated with his scent (after he left I refused to shower, and I am jumping in to clean up in a moment and regretting that I'll end up washing him out.)

I lined up my cock head against his hole and while I'd had my tongue deep in him for a long time, he was tight.  He wanted it but I was forcing it and he wasn't enjoying it, so I grabbed the lube.  Suddenly it slid all the way in.

We kept at it for a long time, a very long time.  A long standing agreement has been for me not to cum in him, but two hook ups ago he wanted my load, but it being a similar late night following an earlier hook up I couldn't deliver.  Last night he asked me a couple of times if I was ready to cum, and I mentioned I was holding back so as not to cum in him.  He responded "oh yeah; guess you shouldn't".  I guess I could have done it without him minding before then,  but at that point I'd reestablished the boundary.  And, I knew I wouldn't be able to shoot one outside of him.  When I started fucking him my depleted balls were ready to shoot what they could, but after the ongoing fucking my cockhead was getting desensitized as well as sore.

While fucking him he grunted he was going to cum; I had told him to hold off because after the bottom cums you usually can't fuck him any more; he responded that that sounded like a challenge.  After he spurted, I pulled out and sucked his cock into my mouth; now that it had softened a little I was actually able to throat it.  He was ecstatic, and my beard was saturated with his load:  it smelled great:  sweat, musk, cum --mansex.  But he wanted me back in him and we made out and  fucked for a long time afterwards, and he admitted it was different to get fucked after cumming and, finally, that he was actually getting sore.  He was "sorely" disappointed that he didn't get to see me cum.

Well if was late; it wasn't quite two hours, but damn close. He pulled on his clothes, we made out at the door, and he reluctantly left.  I ended up getting a short night's sleep but am now hard as hell and ready to shoot that load that wouldn't cum when he was anxious to see, and I stink of his sweat, and musk.  I hope like hell that his schedule and mine will intersect again when I next visit.  He is right though; it would be a bad thing if I lived here as it would get totally out of control.  He's definitely my wet dream cum true.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Bare RN

Last night I got in late from being out to dinner with friends and had a message from a former hook up on MH.  I was cool about the overture:  last year I was here on business and invited this guy over; he's an RN and in his late 20s.  A bit nelly:  nice bear cub body (thick, dense and l o n g pit hair) and a nice dense covering of hair across his torso, but a high pitched voice and a tad queeny.   Apparently has been athletic as he has broad developed shoulders, and while bearish it's solid.  A disappointingly small cock (short/narrow:  about 5").  None of those are necessarily disqualifications --either separately or in combination.  However, he was a bit of an asshole the last time we connected.

He came over, we got to making out, and some oral, and he prematurely spewed a huge load all over himself and was mortified.  I was cool with it, but the typical bottom thing went into play:  once the bottom cums the game is over (it is rare that a bottom can keep getting fucked after he cums, and when you find one throw a net over his head, as he's a definite keeper.)  He was in a hurry to dress and bolt, but left indicating he wanted to come back over during the remainder of my stay -- and then he ignored my messages on MH, which fried me as if anything I should have been put out.

Well, I have noticed during the last couple of trips here he's checked out my profile. I imagined he was one of those who forgets hook ups, even where he's been an asshole.  He's sent me a couple of "hi" messages in recent trips to which I have responded monosyllabically.

So yesterday, he was more persistent. I got several messages from him sharing how horny he was, how nice my cock looks, etc.  I wrote back and reminded him we'd connected before and noted I thought he'd forgotten.  He responded that he remembered me as a really nice guy (nice that I didn't say fuck off would be more like it.)  However, he mentioned he really needed a good fucking.  Last night I was thinking with my dick at that point:  it was late though, and I needed to get a good night's sleep.  He asked if I had condoms and lube, which made me think of two nights ago and I didn't want a condom encore.  But then in a subsequent message he indicated we could enjoy my rubbing my bare cock against his asshole.  Well, I was doing the math and figured this guy wanted it natural; it was worth the effort.  He wanted to jump in the car then, but I asked if he was cleaned out  and I responded that it would require 30 minutes for him to get clean (I didn't want a repeat of the brown experience earlier this week.)  This guy said he could be clean in 10; I told him I'd prefer that he took his time as I like to be clean and to rim the guy.  Anyway,  he douched twice and was en route. 

It was late and I decided to nap, but 20 minutes later I was awakened by a knock on the door.  He was soon naked (sandals and traveling commando).  I'd forgotten (or never experienced) him as a passionate kisser and he kept stroking his cock, making me swat his hand away to warn him "don't cum".  He assured me he wouldn't.

I gave him a serious rimming (he was squeaky clean) and I positioned my head against his hole and started to press against it and to pull back, slightly slipping in; when I was about two inches in I knew he wanted it all that way; he whispered "use some lube".  I did and it was soon way up in him.

We fucked a long time; I wish I could say it was great:  it wasn't, but it was okay.  He thrashed and just when I got a good rhythm going he'd move to the right or left or try to move onto his stomach.  We established that I was neg and recently tested, but after agreeing not to cum in him, he kept asking me if I was neg (tedious/buzz kill).   He was also really loud, and it was after midnight and I didn't want to have hotel security call (at a certain point being loud is a form of theater in my opinion.  Grunting, sighing, moaning are all understandable, but the decible level can be controlled.)  He really wanted me to cum, but in his mouth.  Why do guys think other guys can cum on demand?  Anyway, it required alot of stroking and making out (which he did well) and finally I shot; he was on my cock sucking it and I had to push him off (guess what! another guy's cock gets sensitive after orgasm!)  A plus was that he bent to kiss me after taking my load, and some of it glistened on his cheek.

I got him to start stroking, and he did spew quite the volume of spooge, requiring serious mop up (I had cum, which killed my incentive to take it in my mouth, besides the fact that he really wasn't floating my boat.)  After shooting he asked if he could doze for 10 minutes, but after he initially fell asleep I woke him; I was damned and determined that this wasn't going to be an overnight.  He had murmurred several times while I was fucking him that he's like to come back again before I leave; hmmm.  I'd say that his failure to lower his voice, when standing in hallway outside my room at 12:45 kind of sealed it (like did it occur to him that people might be asleep in the adjacent rooms?  How do you say clueless?)  It was kind of him to come over, and I am flattered by his trust, but I think once (well, I guess this would qualify as one and a half times...sorta) was enough.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gloving Up

The other night it was mid-evening and I needed to get up early.  I was horny as hell and didn't want to waste another night in a hotel room being celibate, so I invited over a Latino bear I'd been in contact with the other night.  He was pretty emphatic about "safe only" and wanting to know if I had condoms and lube.  So I went into it with the expectation that I'd need to wrap up.

When he arrived he was chubby and mostly smooth, but with wiry hair on his legs and ass.  He'd just gotten out of the shower, but he had a nice musky balls and ass.  His cock has an amazing foreskin (seemed like 2") but is on the small side.  Of course, like most smaller men (in my experience) he dripped a river of precum, which I love.

Hope springs eternal, however, and I employed every trick in the book to try to make him want me to slide into him unwrapped.  Actually after very very very patiently making out with him (sucking his nipples, eating his pits, and licking the inside of his ears had him reduced to jello) and after a long, relentless rim job I had him soaking and was massaging his pucker with my cock head.  If I was an asshole I'd have just slipped it in and then dealt with the reaction, but I wanted him to want it and to give me the green light to go there.  He wanted it alright, but I held back enough to make sure it was his choice.  He asked for a condom, and so I said let's keep doing everything precondom for awhile.  When I had him back on his stomach and was against his hole he grabbed the condom and I complied with his wishes.

Perhaps it was the amount of action I got early in the week with the James Taylor look alike and the Indian, perhaps it was that I failed to put lube in the condom, but rather than just being a blah, dull feeling, wearing a condom actually was abrasive.  He was loving it when I went in and I tried to build up a good feeling, but I couldn't get past a slight stinging.  I finally pulled out and asked for the two of us to stroke off.  He was close and, again like other short guys in my experience, shot a geyser of cum.  It was hot.  However, I wasn't in the mood any more and can't summon a load on demand.  I told him I was okay and invited him to clean up and leave as we both had to get up early.

I am wondering (and a tad concerned) that I might now be ruined for getting off with condoms, or even enjoying them.  For many years that was all I did, and I had no issue spewing my load into one.  Now, however, after mostly fucking bare for years it's super difficult to stay hard in one, much less to work up a load and to shoot into one.  I guess I'll have to let a load build up for several days and, when it's making my eyeballs bulge, then see whether it will spurt out inside a condom.  I actually hope I can go back there as alot of the time I'd like to make it with guys who only play safe, or I'd like to play safe until I can build up a trust relationship with the guy in encore sessions.  However, nothing beats skin to skin (pardon the pun.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tall, Lean,and Sinewy

Well, today I connected with a4a with an ongoing fb I haven't seen in six months and broke my run of short guys.  This fellow is 6' 3" and 185 lb.  Taut, lean, toned, muscular calves and thighs, clean shaven.  He's 50 and looks like James Taylor's twin (he was less than thrilled when I shared that once; I didn't think it was an unfavorable comparison...)

He lists himself as a top/I've only known him as a bottom.  He's partnered and I think I allow him to experience his bottom side.  He has a decent sized cock, though at 6" it looks puny on a guy his height.  It's also on the narrow side, but most guys would be quite proud of it and I am sure that bottoms thoroughly enjoy it.  However, he wants a big cock when he strays from the reservation (he's partnered with another guy) and I guess mine scratches that itch for him.

We've connected several times the past two years during my business trips.  The sex is good, but having my cock in him is secondary (and surprisingly bare/we have never discussed condoms, though he lists safe sex only in his profile, but then so do most guys).  He's incredibly passionate, and when we get together the first 15 to 20 minutes is just making out and hugging.  His is a body you like to explore:  nice fan of chest hair across the top of his chest, baby down hair on his back, and wiry hair on his thighs and calves/dense hair in his pits.  Nice nipples, but they aren't wired.  Anyway, entwining your limbs with this hunk and making out with him, feeling his hard cock grinding against you while you grind against him is banquet enough.  And, he's focused on working his tongue into my mouth when he isn't sucking mine into his.   But then, he's a great bottom as well.

He arrived grinning like a young boy and jumped in the shower; he looked shy when he came out and jumped under the covers.

Today I took it slow; it might have been better sex if I'd run the show, but I wanted to see where he took it.  After I ate his ass for a long time I pulled him on top of me and he sat up and positioned my cock against his hole and lowered himself.  He isn't vocal; you get a sense of his pleasure or initial discomfort from changes in his breathing.  He dismounted, grabbed the lube, and slicked up my cock and his ass and slid down part way.  He ended up repeating this operation several times till he bottomed out and I was deep inside him.  He kept still for a long time growing accustomed to it, and then focused on using his muscles to grasp my cock while he slightly moved.  Eventually I got him to pull up a bit so that I could thrust up and pull down.  However, most of our time was spent with him straddling me and bending down to kiss me.  This isn't my favorite position, but I was getting off on seeing him pleasure himself with my cock.

Eventually I wanted to change positions and got him on his stomach and on his sides.  We were really enjoying it when he wanted to get on his back.  I reentered him and it felt great; after I started to call the shots my cock was loving it and I was continually close to shooting.  However, he wanted to get some more lube and then we discovered that I'd finally stirred him up and we both needed to jump up and clean (read:  buzz kill.)  We returned to the bed and I eventually got hard again and he wanted to sit on it.  He wanted to move around more, but I had a feeling it was going to continually come out dirty, so I encouraged him to get off (note:  committed guys who usually top do not clean out well at home, perhaps because they don't know how or because they don't want to arouse the suspicion of the partner who is typically the bottom.)  Anyway,  I encouraged him to jerk off while fucking himself with my cock:  he produced an amazing load (and when he eased off, as I imagined, it required my running into the bathroom to clean off my cock again.)

He was anxious to see me cum, but it took forever after the various cleaning episodes (getting dirty kind of leaves me indifferent to cumming...the moment passes.)  However, he stroked my balls and passionately made out with me coaxing my load to emerge.  It both provided closure and pleasure for him.  He immediately zonked out and for about 15 minutes his head rested on my chest while he enjoyed a cat nap.  It was amazing how heavy his head was, but it was sweet and mostly comfortable (he was holding my balls while sleeping) and I didn't wake him up.  Eventually he suddenly awoke and was initially awkward about it:  well it was no problem for me.

Soon he was in in the shower, and then changed into his gym gear:  his alibi was set as he was heading to the gym, would reshower there, and his routine would remain unbroken.  Works for me. 

Hopefully I'll see him again.  I chose to connect with him and blew off last night's flake.  Better a bird in hand...

Monday, October 8, 2012

"The" Test

So, today I went in for my six month std/hiv panel.  I am pretty regular about this, but I always feel a rushing of my pulse and other symptoms of severe anxiety when I go for the tests.

Since I don't want my doctor in my business (much less the judgmental attitude) I go to a public clinic.  Frankly I have more confidence in the std clinic as they are dealing with every conceivable itieration of infection, and they are more tolerant/open minded. 

While I am tame used to the typical clientele (and, some are quite exotic, almost like gazelles or peacocks:  one with pierced cheeks, as well as lips, with Bozo the clown red hair and orange sneakers, was doing his utmost to be noticed, while feigning being put out that anyone would be checking him out.  Another broad shouldered skinny dude, with gold high tops, had his jeans so low that they not only were showing off the happy trail but the pubes proper/underneath his massive Rolling Stones tongue belt buckle.)  Most others give ferret like glances to each other, as we all hope we won't see anyone who we know outside this situation.  It's outing yourself in so many ways.  The staff enjoy dealing with me but are clearly puzzled by this showered, carefully groomed guy in a jacket and tie, who brings a book to read, and who responds with multisyllabic words and polite conversaton, liberally sprinkled with please and thank you responses at the customary times as in civil conversation.

However, despite my being seemingly milk toast here, I tone it down when I fill out the on-line survey.  I remembered a recent blog entry by Rawtop where he indicated some verbal ping pong with a clinician about his having had ~30 recent new partners.  Wanting to avoid such superfluous discussion I indicated I'd had three partners in the last six months.  Still, indicating that I "sometimes wear condoms" caused the computer program to freak out and I got a multitude of messages advising me I needed to be tested every three months and asking if I wanted regular mail, email, or text messages (none thank you...)  I was bracing myself for some new, Taliban like cross examination.  However, it was pretty mellow.

The clinicians I dealt with today were mellow and cool; they were also both guys.  I prefer dealing with guys (the second one was actually pretty hot, and I was sneaking glances at his junk:  I know, sick, as I was there being tested.)  No lectures, no mock horror, no unsolicited or unwanted advice. (The women tend to lay on the "you know we worry about men not wearing condoms and really encourage you to do so."  "Do you have someone to talk with if the results aren't favorable?  How do you expect to respond if you get a positive result?  Do you inquire about your partners' status?  Do you advise them of yours?)  Actually the two guys today both noted that I only top and were relaxed about the likelihood of bad news despite my condomless frolics (had I been truly upfront, however, the tone probably would have changed).  Frankly I think they were relieved to deal with someone so (seemingly) tame.

Lately I have been peeing a tremendous amount (possibly due to drinking copious amounts of water, and not drinking any alcohol the last six weeks) but after reading a sobering article in the New Yorker on the new strain of resistent gonorrea I decided I didn't want to get the results a week from now when I am back home and then to find another clinic to get some antibiotics.  So, I told another white lie and said a partner had tested positive for chlamydia.  The physician's assistant offered to check my cock out when I said I hadn't had any discharges, but advised me he was going to treat me anyway, so I decided to pass (no thrill in having a married physician's assistant check out my cock with elastic gloved hands.)  I found four azithromycin pills in my hand and was handed a cup of water.  It's been a year since I was on antibiotics, so I figured if there was nothing to worry about it might kill some more benign, but possibly vexing, unwelcome foreign travelers in my system.

Since I like immediate gratification to assuage any uncertainty I asked for a rapid test.  Different worker (different title, different payroll) administered that.  They tell you that it requires 20 minutes.  However, after swishing my blood and 10 minutes of small talk he pointed out the meter and said "see that?  It says negative/its going to stay that way.  If it was positive it would have indicated that after three to five minutes.  No point in keeping you here."  However, wrapping up the paperwork, and collecting my stuff, it was another five minutes.  He gave it a cursory second glance and said "we're done, you're free to go."

An interesting afternoon: I went to check out and the cashier said today it was just voluntary:  normally it's at least $100.  So, I gave him $40/it would have been unconscionable to give any less.

Actually I am pretty relieved; I have had some nagging uncertainty floating in my head from the guy I fucked in one of the Frightening Friday blog entries; his squirrelness had me mistrusting anything he said and he was too eager to get fucked bare and bred.  And, you never know whether those who say they are neg actually are, or when the hell they last got tested (well, I ask, but while folks tend to be honest 85% of the time there are some who lie or conveniently represent things...after all, a hard dick has no conscience.)

Of course, now I am as horny as hell and want some ass.  Thought I had something lined up, but he flaked (he's too tired, has to get up early tomorrow.  Boo hoo!  Then why the fuck did you lean on me to keep tonight open for you dickhead?)  However, I, too need to hit the sack soon, and Monday nights do then to be when horny boys keep their asses home.  Damn the luck/but entirely understandable.  Frankly, no one could lure me out on a Monday night unless I was on vacation.  I am only interested because I am in a hotel.  (Btw, in all honesty I am probably going to give tonight's appointment another shot tomorrow, not that I am going to hold out for him exclusively.) 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stay Inside Me

Traveling again and back in my old stomping grounds I looked up my Indian friend.  As luck would have it I was able to reach him today shortly after I got settled in my hotel.  It's a Sunday, so we both had some flexibility in our schedules.

He arrived early and was his usual not especially communicative initial self --ran to the bathroom, came out, and started to peel off some clothes in an awkward fashion.  However, he pulled me to him and we started to kiss and grabbed my cock:  I was instantly hard and felt his straining against his shorts.  As we made out I worked my hand inside the back of his shorts and worked my finger down his crack.  He soon pulled them off and then dashed across the room and pulled the covers back and dove into bed, pulling the sheets and blankets over him.  I knew what he wanted to do.

I seem to be having a string of short guys, which is just fine as far as I'm concerned (frankly I like them best for a multitude of reasons/provided they enjoy my cock tickling their tonsils as I push deep inside their asses.)  This fellow is 5' 7"; probably has a 26" waist.  Nice broad shoulders/tapered waist, and large mahogany nipples.  His ass is about as cute as they come; two melons halves that are deep carmel; he's varying shades of carmel:  some deeper/some lighter, all over, with a signficant, uncut, black cock.

Well I knew what he wanted because this guy is a cuddler and he is also passionate in a low key/slow to start way.  Once he gets going, however, he can't get close enough to me. 

It was clear tonight he wanted to be held --held for a long time.  And that meant wrapping my arms around him and spooning stomach to his back, with my cock wedged between his thighs.  I knew to take it slow:  we had plenty of time and I caught  his vibe.  He wanted it mellow.  I gave him all the time he needed and sucked on the back of his neck, rubbed my beard on his face and under his chin, and sucked on his back.  After about 20 minutes he popped up, pulled the sheets back, and started to suck my cock.  I pushed him on his stomach and ate his ass for awhile, then pushed him over to suck his cock.  He'd been oozing copious amounts of precum and the bottom sheet was damp underneath him (no exaggeration) and I worked my finger under his hood as we made out and desperately wanted to lick it from the tap.  However, I was cool, not wanting to break the spell;  I knew I needed to take it s l o w.  We cuddled for awhile longer, but he rolled on his stomach and said he wanted me deep inside him.

I decided I wanted to just use spit, and rimming him had gotten him really wet.  I spit in my hand and applied more spit, and then gradually eased in.  He was super tight, and it took a while, but he yielded and I got all the way in.  He was loving it but there was alot of friction and I knew I could blow any minute.  He pushed back and as I pulled slightly backwards he said "stay inside me".  I didn't initially follow him, and he kept repeating it as I would start to fuck, then I found as I pulled back he vigorously shoved back against my cock.  I got the message and buried myself deep in him, wrapped my arms around him, positioned so our feet were touching, and licked his ears and the back of his neck. This went on for a long time; I'd rub his chest and work his nipples and he'd sigh and say "I love having you deep in me...stay inside me.  I'd like to keep you inside me all night." 

Being patient paid off:  he soon was encouraging me to fuck him and he loosened up and it felt moist enough.  I can fuck for a long time, and once the initial couple of minutes sensation that I could spurt any second, the moment passes and then it takes forever for me to cum.  This was such a night, and it was great but I sawed in and out of him for a long long time.  Finally I felt it cum and he shoved back as hard as he could and clamped down on me and squeezed my cock with all his power.  It felt great and I think he did get a decent load.   Again, he said "stay inside me" and I laid with him and sucked his neck and grew more flaccid, but never quite left his ass.    Eventually I got him on his side and playing with his cock and moving about I did pop out.  He wanted it back in and pressing against his back as we made out I grew hard again.

He asked me if I had lube, and we started again.  He told me he wanted me to cum in him again, but it was a classic case of eyes bigger than his ass.  I got inside him and started a rhythm, but he realized he was sore:   I pulled out, and three additional times he tried to take it (the boy wanted that load) but when he kept asking me "are you close?" I eased out saying "I won't cum fast and you'll just get sore".

I encouraged him to stroke off and it was quite the wet scene, though he said he'd cum this morning (full disclosure:   I'd rubbed one out at 7 a.m. also.)

He's classic:  once he cums and decompresses for a few minutes, he wants to get rolling.  The  passion is forgotten and the pragmatic kicks in/it's like a light switch.  However, the whole time we were fucking he kept telling me how he wished I lived here, how he wishes he could see me more, how he wishes I was his (aw shucks.)  But, on a more immediate note he asked "are you here till Friday?" and was thrilled when I said that was actually staying a bit longer.  It will happen again this week, of that I am certain.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boy Butt Loves His Daddy

Okay, I am coming to terms with what I just wrote for the title.  I normally don't role play, and the actual thought of incest makes me weak.  However, Boy Butt (from June) and I reconnected last night, and I got into the role play --at least to keep him cranked, even if my heart wasn't into the fantasy --because I am really into him.

We have been in contact since we originally connected during a business trip I had to Orange County back in June.   Since then he's regularly contacted me on a4a and asked when I was returning to So Cal.  Well, I knew I'd have business in LA but didn't want to suggest he drive all the way up.  I didn't need to ask; he made it clear that he'd make the trip if I was that close.

He's been pretty anxious, and I was due to arrive last night.  Not sure of my flight reservation I updated him on two nights ago and indicated that last night's flight would arrive on Tuesday at 6:30; I simply specified I was getting in at 6:30 (having written the night before I was arriving Tuesday.)  He jumped into the car and drove an hour north, and then sent me a series of frantic messages on a4a, texts, and phone calls.  I wasn't in a position to take the calls and was horrified when I logged on to a4a to realize he'd driven up here.  We'd had a fuck up when we were originally supposed to connect, and I was sure that this experience would snuff the relationship; it didn't.  He was pissed/frustrated with himself, but did drive up last night and we arrived simultaneously at the hotel; I needed to have him hang in his car while I checked in.

He arrived in my room, and has this cool dude/macho veneer.  He was in shorts, sandals, and a tee shirt.  However, once the door closed he wanted to kiss and groaned when we began and thrust his crotch against mine:  I instantly got hard, making him steadily groan.  I was still in a jacket and tie, which he started to yank at to get off.  I was grasping his firm bubble butt and worked my hands into his shorts and worked my finger down the crack.  We were both on fire and I was worried because we both wanted to get to fucking but I wanted it to last.  I needn't have worried.

He is disarmingly short when standing; about 5' 6"; he doesn't suggest his height at all when he's in bed.  Again, I was astonished by his cock:  it's not as long as mine, but it's as thick and relative to his height it's huge.  It's one of those cocks you enjoy holding:  large, spongy, good heft.  It's a pleasure playing with his low hanging balls/one hanging lower than the other.   Once we were naked I was runing my hands up and down his back and massaging his shoulders.  While his chest is narrow a and smooth, he has wiry hair on his muscular thighs and calves and balls, and dense thick hair in pits and pubes that I enjoy exploring.  We both were anxious to get into bed and were soon rolling around on it.

Well, repeat sessions typically pale in comparison with the first time.  But, this was intense.  It's incredible being with some one as responsive; you know when you are hitting the good spots for him, but just touching him gets him moaning.  His volume was serious, but I decided the hell with it:  it was 8 p.m., we were in a hotel, and we weren't rocking the bed or pounding on the walls.

It took alot of restraint for me to not just push into him:  he positioned himself so that my cock head was resting against his hole and he made it clear he was anxious to have me push in; actually I did a little and it was hard to pull back and keep him from being disappointed.  But I'd decided this was going to be an evening and I really wanted to enjoy it.  I flipped him onto his back and gave his ass quality attention with my tongue till he was soaking.  Still I didn't want to go in; I rolled him over and gave him a serious blowjob.  He kept pulling me up to kiss and worked his way down to suck me.  This guy is good:  he had no trouble throating me; soon my pubes were soaked and his spit was running down my balls.  I kept putting the breaks on; rolling him over, rimming him some more, rolling him back, eating his cock, with making out in between.  We both in a frenzy state.  Finally I got him on his hands and knees with him sucking me while I tongue fucked him.  He was soon straddling me and sliding down on my cock.  He decided he wanted to keep it to spit, which feels great but also allows alot more skin to skin friction.  However, he insisted I must be producing alot of precum.  He remained totally clean the entire time we fucked and wasn't bleeding, so it was either spit or precum.

He has seriously amazing control of his guts: he really squeezed and milked my cock the entire time we fucked. It felt amazing, but since we last connected in June, and we won't see each other again till I am back in January, I held off cumming.  He started to say "I love you Dad"; "am I your favorite?'  "I want Daddy's seed".  He periodically moaned this when not telling me my cock was the perfect size and how much he loves it.  I loosened up and called him my boy and said that daddy loves his boy.  He responded that daddy needed to make his boy's ass his again.

Overall he's a small guy:  his waist can't be more than 28", if that, and based on his height I knew my cock was seriously deep inside him.   He kept bending down to kiss me and I laid back and let him fuck himself with my cock for a long time.  But I wanted him on his stomach so I could control the action.  We tried every position, but I found he liked it best when I kept to shorter jabs, pulling out till just three inches was inside him, massaging his prostate with the head of my cock.  He didn't get too loose, and it continued to feel great.  While it might sound like bullshit, we kept at it for nearly two hours before I allowed myself to cum.  He asked if we could get him on his back, but I wanted to strive to give him two loads and know that the likelihood of a second load requires my waiting to get him on his back for there to be enough friction.  When I did cum the first time his eyes widened as he could feel it:  he could feel my cock spasm and throb and it continued for awhile and he insisted it was giving him alot of cum.  While I wanted to believe this, I doubted until later when there was ample evidence.  He said "you made my ass yours daddy!"

We rolled onto our sides and with my cock still in him he furiously stroked and clamped down hard on me as he came. It was sweet and we spooned and decompressed.  I checked out the clock and it was closing on 10 p.m.  This time we learned a little bit more about each other:  he's got considerable education, and is really sweet and gives up the macho/cool shit when he gets to know you (well, I guess you kind of get to know a guy in a certain way alot when you have your cock up his ass.)

For another half hour we enjoyed some pillow talk, but he periodically stroked my body and I his, and we started to kiss and I instantly got hard.  I started to eat his ass, which was clean and despite cumming in him didn't smell or taste like cum (note:  I was deep in him.)  We were soon rolling around, and I had him on his stomach and we rotated between sucking, and fucking, and making out.  However, we got to the point that he was on his back. 

Bottoms usually respond amazingly when you have them on their backs; he was no exception.  His eyes widened and we locked eyes and worked together.  I started to smell cum, and he remarked about it as well.  Drilling him on his back got the cum moving and with each backstroke I was pulling it with me.  It smelled great and it really turned us both on.  Still I questioned a second load cumming but then we started to make out and I could feel it rising.  He was blown away when he felt it spurt into him.  I pulled back a little to let him stroke his own cock, but it took him some time to get his nut. 

At that point it was well past 11:30 and he had an hour drive home.  He pulled himself together and dressed and we kept hugging and kissing; it was hard to let go, we both wanted it to last longer.

Today my cock is a bit tender, but each throb feels great.  On Saturday I got an incredible piece of ass, but it was mechanical.  With my boy here, there is passion as well as intense sex, and certainty we are going to connect whenever possible.  Damn!  Here I am now wishing the months away till I return.