Friday, September 28, 2012

I Don't Want to Date

Still away traveling for work.  The day before yesterday in the afternoon after work appointments I was suddenly very horny and was logged on to both Manhunt and Adam4adam hoping to find something.  When you first arrive in a town the guys are all over your ad the first couple of hours you post in that town.  However, if you are staying for a couple of days your ad seems to take on the smell of rancid meat; the bites diminish quickly; they want something new.  And, being here on business when I do get bites it's at 9:30 p.m. and some dude wants to come over in an hour and fuck till 1 a.m.  Well, while not above that, my caution radar goes on about inviting someone I am connecting with for the first time to my room late at night.  And then there is that nagging tendancy to want to be fully awake the following morning, meaning I don't want to fuck till 1:00 a.m. and then get up at 5:30...

Well,  I was as horny as a three balled tomcat even though I'd fucked a fb for a couple of hours the day before (that will be a subsequent entry.) When I got into my hotel, I logged on, but just wanted to catch dinner first and then focus on trolling the sites for some manhole. And, suddenly I got a message from a guy at one of the nearby military bases seriously interested.  He was task oriented, and in short order said he'd like to take my cock up his ass. 

I have ambivaent feelings about military guys:  I see them around and they are usually in macho packs and I picture them beating the shit out of guys looking for cock.  Also, they aren't typically displaying the most civilized behavior and I don't want to deal with anyone who's been drinking or who has been smoking alot: two things I note alot of them doing.  But guys are guys and that macho shit is often a smoke screen, so I try to be open minded.  On one trip years ago I ended up meeting one of the sweetest, hottest, most passionate guys ever (with an absolutely amazing ass and who loved to get fucked) who was a soldier and we fucked for a week straight.  I still miss seeing him.

Anyway, this is a pilot, as it ended up, and his communication was a little odd, which threw me off.  A Latino from the east coast (I later confirmed my conclusion and he is Puerto Rican.)  His pictures, however, were kind of dorky except for a muscular back shot (that manhunt will not allow me to copy and share, alas...)
 I also didn't get 47 messages asking whether I had condoms and insisting only safe sex, though he listed negative.  I liked his directness observing he'd sent me a face shot and wanted to see mine.  He agreed to no cologne or deodorant, and to be cleaned out and then directed me, to shower as well as that was only fair.  Good attitude/I was impressed. Well, next thing I knew we'd arranged to connect at my hotel room after my dinner.

The guy lives on base, so he was also anxious to be hosted, which worked great.  I prefer not to travel, and hotel hook ups are great:  it's like ordering take out, the only challenge is the art of getting the guy's ass out of your room when you are done.  Usually that isn't too much of a problem.

He arrived and I got a brief glimpse of him in the full light; I don't like lots of light in the room when I'm having sex.  However, he is short, and didn't seem overly muscular, though a nice back (yum).  He was a great kisser and peeled off his tee shirt and shorts and proved a typical uncut Latin (though usually Puerto Ricans born in Northeastern US hospitals go under the knife.)  He is passionate, and it was clear this guy needed to be in a safe private place and to enjoy some manluvin'.  A nice dusting of hair across his chest, but his arm pit hair seemed almost as if it was trimmed, though wasn't shaved.

I like to get the guy all relaxed, especially if I hope to get in him bare; if you rush things he's going to be on guard and also to tighten up when you go in and need him to loosen up.  So I took alot of time making out with him; I got the impression he wanted to be touched and I massaged his nice thighs, his feet, his back, and his ass.  He started cooing with pleasure.  His intial stabs with his tongue (tedious) mellowed into long face sucking with me exploring his mouth with my tongue and my seriously sucking his.  Nice.

His cock is about 6", not too thick, quite suckable.  Clean as a whistle, the ride over had allowed some musk to develop in his balls and ass:  nice, fresh man musk that inspired me to lick and suck with abandon and to get my beard saturated with his manscent.  He started to leak, which I truly love.  He was in for the whole program and anxious to make out when I sucked him and ate his ass, and was pleased I was ready and waiting when he pulled up from sucking my cock to make out.  He did a great job throating me. 

I ate his ass for a long time; and as I ate it he started to throb; his body shook and his legs got spastic.  He let out a series of ongoing, steady moans that were really loud; he was really liking it, but I was also concerned about hotel security giving me a call/it was not low volume but it was genuine,not forced (I hate theater.)   So, employing one of my tricks, I pulled him on top of me to make out and, as expected, he grasped my cock and lined it up with his hole and while grasping it impaled himself. 

With some guys spit is enough; I imagine, however, he'd cleaned out to the point where he was dry beyond a tongue's length because it only slid in about three inches before it clamped.  Without any dialog he kept spitting in his hand, pulling off my cock to lube himself and then remounting, struggling to get more in.  Finally I pulled him down, rolled him onto his stomach,  and lubed his ass and my cock and then pushed:  it slid right in.

Okay, the moans were serious, and so was the thrashing and leg throbbing, but he was loving it.  I asked him if he could take it for awhile as I don't cum quickly.  He responded that he wanted me to hold off cumming as long as I could.  And, he kept saying "you are really big."

I kept fucking him for a long time; when I first got him on his stomach I took my time and didn't give him the full shaft until I thought he was ready:  I was carefully gauging it by the volume of his moans, and cries, and periodically checked to see if they were of pleasure or pain (the former.)  After he'd gotten it all/flat on his stomach, I decided it was time for him to take it all and got him on his side and had him pull up his thigh for maximum penetration.  Okay, he was pretty loud, but loving it.  I was well past the second ring.  He asked to put a pillow under his stomach and rolled onto it and I went back for some serious fucking.

After a long time I wanted to cum (actually I was thinking this might be a two load fuck.)  But the noise was distracting, yet I didn't want to kill his pleasure by saying to keep it down.  Finally it started to subside in volume, thought it was pants, and whimpers, and groans.  He kept curling his head back to kiss.

I got him on his back, which sometimes isn't my favorite position.  But he's short and it was easy to hold his legs and to plow him; if he'd not been wearing sandals I'd have sucked his toes while fucking him; it was hot.  This angle did provide my cock some new, and ample, friction:  I knew we'd go for the gold.  So, I let it go and felt it spewing into him:  then the boy showed he knows what to do: I felt his guts clamp down hard on my cock as he squeezed it.  He wanted every drop.  Then he rolled on his back and vigorously stroked off.  I would have liked him to shoot in my mouth, or to have licked it off his stomach and chest, but he seemed kind of obsessive about cleanliness and odor, so I refrained (I wanted to fuck him some more.)  He shot a serious amount and, after a respectful interval, I mopped him up.

At that point he rolled on his side and wanted to chat; it was cool.  He was decompressing and is clearly lonely, and clearly passionate and wants to be held and loved by a man.  I learned he's divorced, yadda yadda yadda.  I am guessing money is the reason he stays on base, though he indicated it's simpler as he doesn't deal with the commute.

My cock was still hard and got harder; he was pretty impressed and freaked that as I spooned him he kept feeling it.  He said he wanted to return and wanted me to save "my love juice" for him, which I said I doubted I could promise.  So he lubed my cock, and his ass and rolled onto his back.  It was feeling good, but the Invisibleman keeps going and he was soon indicating he needed a break because he was sore.  Load number two wanted to escape, so I vigorously stroked while he made out with me and a nice load spewed out (I think he wanted to take it in his mouth/I know he wanted it in his ass, but he was still shy.)

It was past the bedtime I'd told him I needed to maintain, so he rinsed off and left.  He told me he was available much of the weekend and I said we'd need to touch base.

I got a series of messages from him yesterday.  He mentioned he was free last night, and that he was off Saturday and Sunday, so he could stay over both nights, and suggested that we should go to a movie and that I could take him to (read) buy him dinner (say what?!!!)

Well, (a) I don't like any one suggesting that I buy them anything (I guess he is assuming that being older I am his daddy?) and (b) I am not wild about someone inviting himself over night.  Now I have had guys stay over night and the one time I spontaneously did that with a hook up was the Mancub and that did end up being a four night stay over.  But this was a bit sudden, and felt intrusive.  Actually it was a major buzz kill.  I want to have some fun, passionate mansex with a guy, not to date.

I'd actually hoped to fuck him last night; I did write back though and indicate that I had appointments Saturday (true) that made an overnight inappropriate.  He wrote back he could stay Saturday night.  Now, beside not knowing that I want a full night with this guy (though spooning with my arms wrapped around a firm younger military guy does sound hot) and I need to get my shit together to fly home Sunday afternoon.  But also, the assumption bugs me, though I think it's well intentioned and that he's simply socially awkward.  However, I am not wild about kissing, sucking, and putting my bare cock into socially awkward people (like I hate guys who think they have a right to learn your life story just because you fucked them; it sort of flies in the face of NSA, but then, that's an entire other entry...)  I responded I might have a commitment Friday early evening and could be --possibly free--to play (operative term) the coming nights.  I also said I try to fly under the radar and don't want to attract the attention of the hotel staff, especially since I am registered as a single party and stay here often.

The message got through, I think.  Culturally we are coming from different perspectives; this guy is definitely working class Puerto Rican and while very nice and sweet probably doesn't see things through my lens.  And, it's clear he wants a couple of nights out of the barracks (who the hell wouldn't.)  But, I am not taking in boarders and I am not a sugar daddy (I've been known to buy dinner, but I like it to be my choice and hate it even being suggested.)

He responded he needed to get up at 5 a.m. and was sore from our previous gymnastics; then in another message indicated he was resting up for me to fuck him again tonight.  We'll see.  However, gents, when you hook up with a guy be cool:  an overnight should be an invitation, not a request, and offer to go Dutch and maybe he'll pick up the check.  And this is about sex fellas; it if turns into a friendship or relationship, great, but go slow.