Monday, July 30, 2012

Wham, Bamm

The Arab and I arranged to connect after work today.  However, I only had a limited amount of time and, at the last minute he had to work as well.  So he invited me over for a quickie.

I actually left work at 4:30  and made it there in record time.  He left the door unlocked and I walked in and found him toweling off.  He was in an incredibly affectionate mood, and we stood and made out for a long time, stroking each other till he dropped to his knees and started to suck me.  However, we were soon making out again and I pushed him to the bed.

Neither of us was in a quickie mood:  he wanted to make out and I was enjoying sucking his cock.  However, we both realized the clock was ticking, so I rolled him over and started eating his ass.  It was great:  he was grunting "fuck, oh fuck" and I wasn't getting tired of it at all.  However, we didn't have alot of time and I was soon in him.

Everything today felt just right:  the fucking was great/he was shoving back and loving it and apparently I was rubbing his prostrate just right because as we moved around he kept warning me I was going to make him cum/I'd been close several times, but respecting his wishes I don't cum in him.  Soon he was vocally spewing a load; I was sure that he would insist that I pull out, but he was loving getting fucked.  I was fully enjoying it, but his lube dries out quickly and the friction was getting stronger.  It felt great, but I was holding back and we had kept fucking for a long time after he shot.  He had kept grunting with pleasure, but I was certain he must be getting sore and asked if he'd like me to pull out.  I eased out and rolled back and he immediately started to suck my cock and then to spit in his hand and to stroke me and wanted to make out.  It took me a long time to cum, but he was determined and kept making out with me and massaging my balls (this guy is a macho hunk and his passion today was breathtaking:  I just lapped it up.)  I explained I'd been holding back while fucking him --  eventually he got me off, but he encouragedme to get tested and to bring him the results so I don't need to hold back.   He clearly wants me to breed him, but is still skittish, a position that I both question and respect.  I know he wants to stay neg, but also it's pretty obvious that a bare cock is oozing precum, so besides volume the difference isn't huge (now, fucking with just spit, which he doesn't mind, is arguably much more of a concern...)

As it is, I get tested at a clinic, where you call in for results and don't get a report card.  Additionally, I try to fly under the radar:  I don't particularly want written test results indicating I am undergoing std testing lying around.  I did, however, for a weird reason that my doctor insisted "just in case" get an hiv test at my regular provider.  Then I did get a result mailed to me, that freaked me out in terms of the potential for compromised confidentiality (especially when I was able to get the same results on line...)

While we were fucking his business called him; he eased off to take the call, but while on hold sucked me while I played with his ass.  After we'd both cum I was concerned about the time, but he wanted to lie back and enjoy the afterglow.  I realized, however, he had 15 minutes to shower again and dress.  As it was, we'd packed in alot in 45 minutes.  I was rinsed and out the door in 10 minutes and home on time.  And, I hadn't delayed him.  As I left I said "keep in touch".  He replied "you know I will."  We've fucked five times; I guess we're close to fuck buddies.