Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Kissing Allowed

After an unintended hiatus (a long, tedious story, not to be discussed here) I have to catch up with a lot of chronicling.  But, the beat goes on (pardon the pun) and a description of yesterday's assignation follows.

The VGL (Very Good Looking) guy of months ago, with whom I've hooked up several times despite the horrific initial dirty butt episode ( nasty!) has been at me the last couple of weeks to reconnect. He's married and on the d/l so his availability is sporadic, though I have found him pretty consistently available on Saturdays -- he's wanted to connect more than I have been available or interested, actually.

These are purely maintenance visits for him.  He likes cock:  wants to suck cock and more importantly to get fucked, but it doesn't involve much beyond that.   As prequel to getting fucked he does love to have his ass eaten, and he does like to have his cock, balls, and taint licked (but then, don't we all?)  But the process is pretty mechanical, and while he's panting and sighing and groaning in pure pleasure the experience is entirely devoid of any passion.

Why do I bother?  Well, quite frankly the guy has an incredible body:  -5% body fat.  Not muscular, but toned:  defined pecs, defined biceps, defined thighs, a flat stomach, beautiful feet, and pits full of thick, dense hair:  woof! I think he works out, but his bod looks like he's a devoted swimmer who is also a regular at the gym and possibly runs as well.  He doesn't have an attractive face, however; it's acne scarred and his wiry greying hair is combed backwards with gel.  When he wears glasses you could imagine him being a librarian or computer programmer (until the clothes come off) especially since he wears comfortable looking suede sneakers, grey polos, and jeans.  Nondescript for sure.  But naked he is a wet dream.  His skin is slightly olive:  I wonder if he has Italian or Middle Eastern heritage/probably the former.

His ass is pretty amazing:  small, compact, taut, with a nice bit of fine hair.  Otherwise he's not very hairy at all, other than dense pubes.  Where he's got hair it's dense and nice. 

Eating his ass is great, but from the time he arrives until you are mopping up and dressing afterwards he mostly whispers:  it's sotto voce sex, though when my body is pressed against and deep inside him he's clearly audible, but an audible whisper "oh, oh, ahhh!  I love your cock!...ah!!!"  He's got a beautiful cock, an inch shorter than mine and thinner, but it's shape and color are simply gorgeous.  It's great to suck, and the balls that frame it are equally nice.  I could imagine him being a superb stud to service a woman, but yesterday I inferred his wife doesn't get any or if she does it's extremely rare.

I couldn't host, but he always indicates that he can "find a place."  My guess is that he is involved in property management of some sort.  Yesterday he indicated he would find a location nearby; I was supposed to see the Arab, but he had nine zillion errands in the morning and would be able mid-afternoon some time.  I don't like to have my day off on hold waiting for "some time" so I went with the bird in hand (a Cock in this case/okay guys I apologize, I simply couldn't resist that pun.)

Well he gave me directions, but in a squirrelly way gave me the wrong condo unit number (he's terrified of my outing him apparently and ignores requests that he text me, and only responds through email, which is tedious.)  So I got to this condo unit cluster and of course the odd numbered units were separated from the even numbered units and you ended up in the wrong pod of even numbered units in a fruitless search for the even numbered units in question.  I was eventually "successful", however, and knocked on a door then answered by a woman.  So I immediately made up a lame excuse and headed to my car and ran into my fb who said "I hope you didn't knock on the door" (duh, of course I did bendeho!) but he led me to the unit he had found for us.

It was weird/full of furniture and dreck, being cleaned out, two bedrooms with beds covered with clothing.  The master bedroom had a water bed and he didn't want to fuck on that, so he found a towel and we played standing and then on the floor (okay, yes it was tawdry.)  He was super worried about our making noise that would draw attention to us from the neighboring units.

He was a bit frenzied and I needed to advise him, when he was naked "don't you want to take your glasses off?"  We awkwardly embraced grasping each others' cocks.  We needed a leader, so I pulled him to me and placed his under mine and started to stroke them together and he started to kiss my shoulder and neck, but almost caught himself.  I noted a progression of sorts in this hook up.  He'd contacted me and indicated he wanted me to cum in his mouth, which really surprised me as my orgasm has always been an after thought (he's a nice guy but once he cums he slips into his nervous "I need to exit quickly" mode.)  However, fear not, I wasn't of the misimpression that his wanting me to spurt in his mouth was emanating from a desire to please me/the desire solely arose (another pun! dammit!) from his need/his fantasy.

Well, after rimming him and sucking him and getting him to suck me, I lubed up and pushed into him (fortunately I thought to bring lube.  Question:  if I hadn't what would we have done?  He seemed pleased and surprised that I had some; it hadn't occurred to him that we'd need some?  To ask if I'd bring it if he didn't have some?)  But it was a nice fuck and his ass felt amazing and I knew that if he'd had let me I would shoot deeply into him at any given moment.  As if he was in my head he murmured "I want your cock in my mouth when I cum."  Okay.  However, I wondered how clean he and it would be.

The fucking was truly great but he wanted me to pull out so he could suck me some more.  As I eased out I told him and wanted to clean it off first.  I'd come prepared with some fancy towelettes (lemon scented, very gay I guess) and they didn't come away dirty.  With no reluctance he slurped my cock into his mouth and sucked me with gusto, but pulled off and said he wanted me to fuck him more and laid on his back with his legs in the air.  I'd discovered his nipples were sensitive and he was grasping my hands to lead me to them and I pushed slowly into him but could tell that that position was really stretching him and I was taking it slow and easy:  the sweet pain he was experiencing was evident and he was thrusting back against me when I'd pause:  he wanted to get fucked.  

Since he's so fit he was able to keep his legs up in the air for along time and I was loving pistoning in and out, but they started to ache and he wanted them down.  I was a bit worried as I started to notice a fishy (!) aroma and didn't want to come out of him suspecting the reason.  I managed to stay in and managed to get him with his legs back up in the air after awhile,  but soon he said he wanted me to cum in his mouth.

When I pulled out I could smell something/my cock didn't look bad but needed to be wiped clean (love those towelettes) and as he moved I noticed a wet, light brown stain on the beach towel.  However, with no reluctance he had the head of my cock in his mouth as I stroked off and took the entire load (but soon spit it into the towel...)

Moments later he wanted me to fuck him some more so he could cum (again gents, please note:  if you don't want the guy to cum inside you, despite the fact that you already are getting lots of his precum if he barebacks you, his cock will continue to have cum in it immediately after he's cum.)  So I used some lube and invited him to straddle me and he eased down on it, grimacing in pain/pleasure and began to vigorously work his cock and a geyser of cum shot out.  This was no stroke story fantasy either; it was real and it was a huge amount of spunk that hit my face, covered my chest, and some was soaking the carpet.   The last time we'd played he'd indicated he hadn't cum in a week; I commented on his amazing discipline and he said "yeah, some times I hold back for weeks to see how long I can go."  Okay, that confirmed that the Mrs. isn't getting much if any.

Well, we both literally mopped up (he had paper towels there/gross but somewhat helpful) and ushered me out saying he'd finish cleaning up.  It did the trick but was like eating a pop tart for breakfast; while it sated the hunger it wasn't a nourishing meal.  However, he did kiss my neck and take my load in his mouth; we might be working up to bacon and eggs.