Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Bear was Hungry for Honey

Well, if not cheesy, that is an admittedly saccarine title for this post.  However, it is a pretty accurate description of a hot time with the bear I have been hooking up with lately.  He's been cycling on Saturdays, so unavailable recently, but we both were free on the MLK Monday and he was more than willing to host.  Again he greeted me at the door and we passionately kissed, but he was wired for sound; a teeshirt and going commando under his sweats, which I discovered as my finger slid down into his crack; he cooed with the foreshadowing of what was coming. He'd been up much of the night with a dry cough (of which he'd forewarned me) but didn't call it off because he was anxious for me to breed him. He lead me into the bedroom and I pulled down his sweats and dropped to my knees and seriously sucked his cock/he pulled me up for a hiatus and returned the favor.  Finally I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, thrusting my rigid cock under his balls and my tongue into his mouth.
He is really fleshy, but is also an athletic guy, which is hot in a bearish way.  Great pecs and nipples, but his nips aren't wired to his cock (damn the luck, because they are just the kind you want to suck.)  Anyway, it was an encore of the previous two passionate fucks, but this time pushing into him I'd rimmed him so much that we didn't need any lube.  And, after a nice long time fucking he was clearly in my head and  murmurred "you know you want to..." which made my load spontaneously start spurting into him.  It was fine, and he thrust back and squeezed as hard as he could.

We cuddled and were soon back at it again/he'd started out wearing a cock ring and I gave him serious oral before and afterwards, but at a certain point he took off the ring and said "this probably won't happen."  Unfortunately it didn't; but he was up late the night before and I think that had more to do with him not being able to cum than anything else --I sure gave it the college try (I should have taken it in my mouth last time...damn the luck!)  However, he wasn't looking to get off/he was looking for as many loads as I'd give him.

For the next hour+ we kept at it, with a couple of breaks/each time it was coming on he's want to shift position (grrr.). I should have used some lube the first time as he actually was getting sore (heretofore he's made it seem like we could keep fucking all afternoon) but after I applied some he was eager to keep going and I felt it coming on again.  Again, he intuited it was coming and told me he wanted more of my seed in his ass just before I thrust deeper and held still while my cock throbbed. He loved it.

We spooned and bullshitted and I pondered whether we should try for three, but I had stuff to do.  Unlike the first time this was good solid sex, but not spectacular sex/hopefully my enthusiasm isn't burning off.  Probably little risk of that as our orbits aren't due to intersect again any time soon.