Saturday, October 20, 2012

Feeding His Ass

Just a week ago while away on business I had amazing sex with the jock stud and my Indian pal.  You'd think my itch would have been sufficiently scratched.  But, after returning home I had another couple of nights in Sacramento and while I didn't devote myself to it, I logged in to both Manhunt and a4a and got little interest and no action.  Granted I wasn't free till about 9:30 each night, but I was a bit blown away as usually I am getting lots of hits when I visit there, and and it always seems a waste not to warm up those crisp hotel sheets with some hot mansex.  I was starting to wonder whether I was going to run into a streak of not finding any boody, but I returned home and found the Arab on line. 

He's sent me a steady stream of messages about hooking up, but most of the past month I have been traveling.  I have been anxious to connect with him because he's hot and I want to sustain our fb relationship (i.e. I don't want him to find someone else to scratch his itch.)  Well, I tapped him a message to let him know I'm back (though I'll be in the air again this week...)  He wanted to connect yesterday for a quickie as he works evenings, but at the last minute he didn't have the time (a damn shame as the timing was perfect for me.)  So we arranged to connect this morning; Saturdays don't usually work for me but I was determined to make it work.

Yesterday I got a number of colorful texts from him about my giving him a couple of loads:  wishful thinking.  However, I didn't cum yesterday and thought that even if the time was compressed it might be a possibility.  But the bottom has to be able to take considerable sustained fucking for me to cum twice (or to be both incredibly hot and tight.)

When I arrived there Breeding Ian Jay was again playing on the television (not the Dan Fisk episode, for a change.)  The Arab had just gotten out of the shower and was fresh and clean; we made out for a long time and his mouth and tongue tasted great.  He grinned with pleasure when I walked in and it was hard to get my clothes off as he wanted to kiss and then dropped to his knees to suck my cock.

He really wanted to get fucked, but I wanted to take my time getting there, and gave him a long blow job and savored his cock:  about 6" and thick, but easy to throat.  He almost shot in my throat, so I pulled off because I knew once he came the game would be over.  He was anxious to get me back on his dick but I passified him by pushing him on to his stomach to rim him.

His ass was squeaky clean, and it felt nice and soft against my tongue as I pushed into him; he pulled his cheeks apart and pushed back to get my tongue as far up him as I could.  Today I was in less of a hurry to get into him, because I was focusing on who I was fucking, rather than just pushing my cock into a tight ass.

This guy is a hunk; he's a solid bear with a nice hairy chest, hairy shoulders, and while he's got a belly its firm; he's clearly athletic.  Nice muscular calves and thighs.  I came up for air and was enjoying licking up and down the center of his back and sucking on the back of his neck.  I thought to myself, this is one hot slab of man I am going to fuck, and he's really into me.  I was getting off on enjoying his body and wrapping my arms around him his chest was turning me on at least as much as his anus gripping my cockhead as I teased him.  He was in another place and pushing back; it was clear he hadn't been fucked in awhile and needed it.

The sex was fine, but he's now insatiable about getting bred.  Almost as soon as it was all inside of him he was begging for my load.  At first it was part of the pig talk of sex, but as I kept fucking him he was becoming more and more insistent.

Shooting my load is something I like to have come naturally -- the consequence of lots of stimulation.  Definitely my head has to be in the right place as well or it won't happen.  When a bottom starts begging for my load though it throws me off.  Actually, it's probably the thinking about it that delays me most as I then start to focus on needing to cum and worrying whether or not I will (bottoms take note:  don't nag the top for his load; wait for him to ask you if you want it/if you're ready for it/for him to advise you that it's coming.)

I didn't cum yesterday, and I decided to save it for him this morning, but his calls for me to give him my "hot load" were interrupting my momentum.  I started to get concerned that he's say he couldn't take it any longer because he was getting sore (been there/done that) or that I'd totally be thrown off my game and not be able to cross that line at all.  In my head there is a boundary and I know when I have crossed it into the realm of getting my nut.  It's sort of like a switch suddenly being flipped.  Knowing the potential for not getting there I eased out and took a break to make out with him.  He straddled me for a second time, but I realized that wouldn't get me off.  I had him on his back, but he's really tall, and big and insisted on putting a pillow under his ass, which wasn't the right angle for my cock to get the right stimulation.  I got him back on his stomach and then I felt the momentum build; a couple of times I got distracted by his insistence on feeling that big warm load flooding him (while I like the guy I was tempted to say "please shut up".)  Finally I felt it spurting out into him, and I knew he was getting a major load; he did too from the throbbing of my cock.  We spooned after I came and as we turned onto our sides he started to vigorously stroke.  I'd envisioned taking his load in my mouth while we were fucking, but once I cum the desire to take the bottom's load usually vanishes.  I laid back with my cock barely in him and listened to him cum.  At that point I knew it was over.

He wasn't in a hurry, but soon went to the bathroom (for an abortion, as I've called it.)  Fortunately the expunging of my load wasn't audible (I kind of like to think of the bottom keeping it in him, but imagine if you have to go anywhere and would like to sit in upholstered furniture that isn't a great idea.)  We both were now in our postsex, got other stuff to do modes.

Well, it was fine, I was horny as hell (though it had been less than seven days since my last fuck), but it was definitely just a maintenance fuck.   I looked at my watch as I drove away and about 75 minutes had passed.