Saturday, January 11, 2014

Reblazing My Trail

Well, still need to chronicle a number of episodes from the last month or so, but having had some time off surrounding the holidays I was able to reconnect with some fuck buddies who had fallen out of my solar system.

A couple of days ago in my last post I recounted my visit to the sexy bear to the north.  The past two days I managed scratch my itch connecting with two other fuck buddy bears, and have been reapproached a couple of times recently by the aforementioned "vgl muscular" guy; yesterday he wrote "I really want to feel your fat dick in my ass again".  Such poetry.  (However, a couple of other random messages from him about wanting to get fucked and having a place to connect, followed by silence...Honestly I am flattered, but other than his incredibly hot body and watching him spew copious amounts of cum, fucking him is often awkward and unsatisfying experience:  he doesn't kiss, seems relatively absent while I am fucking him, we mechanically jump up/wipe up and dress afterwards, and unless I host it's takes place on the floor of some vacant condo.  But here I am rambling again...)  But, I  admittedly do tend to feel like I haven't maximized a day off unless I have managed to have some quality mansex.

After a several day hiatus with only my hand for company last Friday I logged into the various sites with few bites (it was a week day, duh...) and, being totally horned, even posted on Craig's List.  Now I apparently must be doing something weird with the CL settings because my posting doesn't appear in the regular list, but it was appearing in some new (?) queues when I started to try to figure out where the hell my ad had gone.   Anyway, a furry cub who I have very randomly hooked up with suddenly sent me a text asking if I was horny.  I quickly did the math and figured my CL ad must be somewhere in locate-able cyberspace because that's how this cub and I originally connected (he later confirmed he's seen that morning'sad and I'd prevented him from jerking off to ads.  I guess that's a sort of back handed compliment.)

This guy is cute as hell, early fifties, rounded tummy but firm all over (phenomenal calves) and has a fine covering of fur (but not werewolf like.)  Anyway, he needed time to prep and he was greeting me in his bathrobe two hours later.  As soon as I was in the door he was shyly rubbing my clothed thighs and patting my ass as he led me into the bedroom and hungrily watched me as I stripped.

He advised me he hadn't been fucked since I'd done it last (I was prepared for him to have grown a new hymen -- it was about April) as a subtle means of conveying he wanted me to take it easy (I always do unless the bottom is begging me to piston it in.)  This guy's usual mo is as an incredible cocksucker and this time was no different, though he was really enjoying getting sucked as well (he has a much smaller cock, but it's nice to play with) and went crazy when I started to eat his ass. He has a lovely, furry bubble butt and I got lost in pulling his cheeks apart and feasting on his hole and tongue fucking him.  It's an amazing rush to have a guy thrashing around, gasping, and thrusting his ass back for you to penetrate it with your tongue.  Do it for long enough and the guy will be begging for your cock.  This was no different.

When he asked me to come over he asked me to bring lube (so if you don't get fucked what did you do with the lube I left last time...? Lol.) I slicked up and gently got him slippery and then slowly pressed my cock head against him till it popped in and I then stopped; he gasped with pleasure, but I held it there till he started pushing back.  His ass was nice and snug and I took it easy, but he was incredibly hungry for it (especially for a guy that rarely gets fucked) and I was soon balls deep and he was growling for me to let him have it.  I took it easy but got into fucking him in a rhythmic, but not rough, steady action.  It felt great and I periodically pulled back to partially exit him and reenter to massage his opening and then to only give him 3-4 inches searching for his prostate.  By then he was putty in my hands.  Having all too often focused on hold off cumming to keep the bottom satisfied, only to get past the point of my being able to cum and fucking till the bottom can't take any more, lately I've been letting it go when I feel the first wave coming on; usually about 15 minutes after penetrating the guy.  Though I am not dramatic or vocal (I focus my mental energy on my dick, not my vocal cords when cumming) steady regulars can usually sense when I am shooting my load.  (As they advise me, they can feel my thrusting change, my cock stiffening, and sense when I abrupting hold still that I am spewing it.  Most immediately push back and clamp down.)  However, this guy apparently didn't, though I usually gasp and my breathing changes when I cum.

I eased out of him and rolled onto my side and alternately massaged his balls and stroked his cock and after a few minutes he reached down to his ass and examined his fingers and said "did you cum?"  I responded that I thought he'd known (he seemed to be pushing back to get it) but he didn't.  Reaching back again he then raised his fingers to his nose and said "yeah, I can smell your cum that is dripping out of my ass."

Soon after we were spooning and he pushed back for he to reenter him and then got into some dedicated stroking and shot his load.  I stuck my fingers in the pooled cum and licked them, which seemed to startle him (I'd just left a couple of tablespoons in him, but my tasting his seemed to throw him off.  Go figure.)

This guy is actually pretty cool and interesting, and we laid back and got to bullshitting.  I started to stroke his back and thighs and was hoping he was up for a second round, but didn't get a response (I hate to ask) so after the conversation wound down I got up and started to get dressed.  He walked me to the door, and pecked me on the lips.  Guess I can look forward to a possible encore around St. Patrick's Day or Easter, when he next needs a maintenance call.  Btw, gents, he's a nurse (reference my earlier posting on nurses.)

Well, while on a roll of renewing "acquaintances" after missing each other all summer and fall (granted, half the time it was because I was traveling) the Arab and I connected last Saturday. And, wonder of all wonders, then again this morning!

Now when I connect with him we both fully get lost in the frenzy once we get naked and get to it, but after we cum and chat a bit, it's strictly on to other business.  While we are totally engaged while at it, our encounters are pretty task oriented and once the deed is done it's totally over.  Little afterglow and no trying for a second load.  Both last week and this morning I was in and out (pardon the pun) in 60 minutes or less (and that was including a quick shower.)

It was great to reconnect with him.  He is both hunky and kind of homely; very macho looking, big thick mustache, firm toned, hairy body, rugged but not a handsome man.  However, a warm smile and has an insatiable sexual appetite --until he cums.  Then he detaches and his mind is focused on the next thing.

Each time when I arrived he greeted me naked and we made out for a long time, letting up for me to pull off various articles of clothing.   The minute the jockeys come off, though, he's on his knees sucking my cock.  At a certain point he stands up and places my cock under his balls and makes out some more and then, after a period, non-verbally communicates he hopes I'll suck his cock too.  Then we will find ourselves on the bed entwined.

This morning he was in a pretty passionate mood and we made out for a long time, and took lengthy breaks from sucking each other to make out some more.  I was trying to work out his load, but he wanted to get fucked before cumming.  He was really into having his nips worked and I lightly chewed on them while dry humping him, and he reached down to grasp my cock and press it against his hole; I soon felt myself going into him dry and he was grunting with pleasure.

Actually today he was incredibly passionate.  Typically throughout our encounters he steadily murmurs "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" but today it was pretty intense grunting and groaning and growling that was letting me know he was seriously cranked.

Well after penetrating him I pulled back; it felt good even if dry (he was a bit damp from cleaning out) but despite his eagerness I didn't want a rough fuck that would wear out his ass and my cock simultaneously.  So I rolled him onto his stomach and got into some devoted rimming.  I kept at it for a long time (he has a great ass and is immaculately cleaned out when I arrive) so it was a pleasure to have my tongue probing his moist soft hole; I was genuinely getting about an inch of it into his ass to tongue fuck him and we were both enjoying it.  But by that time I was also dry humping his bed and my cock had other ideas. So I grabbed the "elbow grease" and slattered my cock, moistened his hole and eased in.

Both this morning and and a week ago it was a nice fuck.  He loves to bottom and it was fully working for me; I fucked him for a long time, but knew with confidence I'd give him my load. Ever since he grew secure with my cumming in him he is seriously disappointed if I don't breed him.  Fortunately he's laid off begging for my load while I am fucking him (which totally throws off my concentration and actually has the opposite effect.)  I didn't think about it these past two times and after some quality fucking (today he he wanted a piston fuck) it naturally came on and I just enjoyed letting go.  He knew immediately last week and this morning and grunted with pleasure and pushed back and clamped down as I let it go; I knew not to roll onto my side till he was satisfied that he'd gotten it all.  When I did roll (with him) back so that we were on our respective sides he made sure I was still in him and stroked off.  Knowing my load was in him brought him over the top quickly.  What drives me a little crazy is that before I cum I really want to take a guy's load in my mouth; once I've shot, however, the thought kind of turns me off (but, like Chinese food I am hungry again an hour later.)

Well, today I dispensed with the shower to wait till I got home, and after some chit chat was up and out of there.  Actually I got the impression that today if I'd been interested in a second round he'd have been game.  Perhaps it was because we connected mid morning instead of afternoon.  But, it was still pretty brief; okay perhaps no more than 70 minutes.   But, I left satisfied that I'd reestablished my territory.  And, knowing the Arab, I know he was satisfied feeling it slowly trickle out of his hole for a while after I left.