Thursday, November 29, 2012

Make Me Your Boy

Well, it's been a cyber week, with alot of guys coming on to me who want me to respond in graphic detail what I'd do if I got them with their asses up in the air.  I am sympathetic to an extent, and some days tempted to indulge their fantasies.  But, I quickly figure out it's not going anywhere.  It's usually okay, but some times they want to drag it out with incessant email back and forth that simply gets tiring.

One guy, who before today I would have put in that category, started coming on to me strong on five days ago.  Normally I would have dismissed it, as he's been coming on to me for nearly two years offering to suck me.  But there was a greater sense of urgency and specificity in these messages:  his roomates would be out of town till Tuesday (heretofore he's come on to me and the windows of opportunity have been fairly ridiculous as well as random) and he gave me a pretty good idea where he lives, which is remarkably close to my house.  Still I didn't think it would go anywhere.

This morning I woke up and at 5:30 a.m. had a live message (well he was still on and had just written it) on a4a.  I thought to myself that maybe this wouldn't be bullshit.  So I checked in with him periodically during the day.  I haven't given in to a mobile device, but I am damn glad he has.

The downside was that he wasn't going to be available till 7 p.m., trapping me in my office (unless I  wanted to head home, chill for a half hour, and then head out.)  Well I have a shitload of work to do, but I also didn't want to put 11 hours into my office and then have the dude flake.  Earlier in the day I asked for his specific address and he responded he'd give it to me when he got home; I wasn't having that.  He compromised and said he'd give it to me just when he was leaving work:  fair enough, he didn't want me to flake.

Well, I got the address and due to the crappy weather added on some time and then arrived at his house/nice neighborhood/okayish house.  I retrieved condoms and lube from my trunk, just in case.  He met me in bikini briefs and said he still needed to shower.  He is as cute as a bug's ear.  He's Asian American, 5' 7" and very defined.  He's in his mid 30s (okay what is with all these guys in their 30s who have roomates?  I'd live in a cheaper place before I'd do that.)

He was out of the shower quickly diminishing my hopes and leading me to think this was just going to be a blow job.  He'd been coming on to me for months wanting to suck me, but in the last couple of days when I asked he let me know he likes to get fucked.  Before heading to the shower he asked me to strip, and I noticed on the night table Gun Oil.  I did the math and thought "this guy probably wants it bare!"  However, operative logic is to take things s l o w l y not to spook the guy.

When he came out he was forthright about kissing.  Nice busy arm pits, and big nipples atop defined pecs.  I was liking this.  He immediately got on his knees and greedily started sucking my cock.  I pulled him up and he said let's get on the bed.  Horizontal I started to suck his dick and balls and he was loving it. (amazing how much larger a cock can Click on the image to closelook in pics; his is pretty small, actually.)

  He growled "suck my cock" which threw me off.  I don't like to serve, I like to collaborate.  However, I let it go.  He went nuts when I pushed his legs back and licked his hole, and then I pushed him on his stomach and got my tongue in him.  It was nice, he loved it, and when I came up for air he asked me if I wanted him on his side.   I decided to see where it would go and let him lead.

He sucked me some more, and then got on his side with my cock between his legs.  Then he got the lube and lubed his dick, and my cock and rubbed his ass up and down against my cock head, and then grasped it to rub it against his hole. He moaned, "tease it! tease it!" but pushed against me hard; I pushed back and felt it start to penetrate him and he let me know that was what he wanted by starting to moan but murmuring "it's tight." I can take a hint (aka opportunity) and started to push in and his breathing and grunts of pleasure were all the affirmation I needed. 

Now I've shared before I love fucking short men, and this guy was great.  We continued with him on his side and him cranking his head back to urgently kiss.  He had a hard, determined look in his eyes.  I pulled out and pushed him on his back. 

While I worried he'd get sore from that position he was aggressive and loving it.  As I reentered him he asked if his boy ass was what I wanted.  Responding yes, I asked if he liked my cock and he said "hell yeah, I've wanted this cock for years." And then he said what every top loves to hear:  "I could use this every night."  I asked him if I could make him my boy/he wanted to know how I'd do it, so I just came out and said "by breeding your ass."  He thrust back and said "do it!"

Well I was almost there, and then he needed to let his legs down, and then said "try to cum if you can now, I'm getting sore."  I was direct and shared he'd almost gotten it but he interrupted my rhythm.  I went back in and could feel there was little lube, but I was determined.  I pushed him on his side made him pull up his thigh, and swatted away his hands when he wanted to rub my chest or to pinch my nipples.  He wanted to come with me, but I pushed his hand away from his cock:  it was distracting me.  I just focused on cumming and when I started to spurt he thrust back hard and growled again "don't stop fucking me.  Keep fucking me while I cum."  Mercifully he came quickly (some guys take forever to stroke off) and was hungry to kiss.  He then told me I'd shot alot, which astonished me as I beat off this morning.

I got up to clean up and dress, but rubbed his now covered crotch and kissed him prompting him to  ask if I wanted another round.  If I could have definitely gone for another, but if he was getting sore before I knew he wouldn't survive a second round and it would take me at least 20 minutes to cum again.  So, I just asked when his roommates were returning (four days from now.)  Of course he's not free Saturday, when I have all the time in the world, but I might have "to go shopping" on Sunday when he's home. 

When I walked in my door I wrote back when and said I wanted more, since he's now my boy how  about Sunday at 1 p.m.  Like a good boy he responded "yes sir!"