Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Greedy Bottoms

Writing recent entries I alluded to frustrating sex late this winter that I was going to chronicle.  Having a moment to reflect I am going to flashback to that here.

Following my hook up with my Southern CA Boy in late January, which while initially satisfying resulted in my picking up a lingering cold from him, I arranged to hook up with him again on a subsequent trip down.  Each time we plan to connect he tells me he wants to spend the night with me, which never works out and, in all honesty, usually ends up as a relief for me.  The one time it didn't (prove a relief) was when I added another night to the trip and he ended up being sick and almost flaked entirely.  Then I'd actually looked forward to repeatedly fucking and sucking him all night and a lazy following morning with him in bed.  So much for well laid plans (admittedly cheesy pun there.)

Well in late February I made a cameo appearance back in Orange County and arranged to meet my boy at the hotel where I usually stay ("our place", so to speak.)  As luck would have it my late afternoon flight was delayed/he responded "no problem" as he was going to have dinner with his folks.  So I mellowed out with a glass of wine on the plane, another over dinner, and got naked and climbed into bed, following his direction to leave the door open (which required my placing a piece of paper over the lock, which did creep me out a tad as any lunatic could get into the room.)  Having spent the day in my office before flying down I was bushed, and with the wine I ended up zonking out.  I was abruptly awakened, however, when the door pushed open and there he was.

He quickly stripped and climbed into bed with me and we made out and sucked each other but he was there for the main course:  he wanted to be be fucked and bred --several times.

Now, for a period of time I was taking forever to shoot my load, even when barebacking.  Usually it was a function of the bottom begging for my load from the moment of penetration and nagging me throughout the fucking to seed him right then.  Cumming is like dessert, or the icing on the cake (okay that was a terrible metaphor.)  I like to enjoy fucking:  feeling the guy's tight, moist hole grasping my cock, the friction of his ass rubbing against my cockhead, and a throbbing connection starting between my balls and my cock head resulting in a load eventually pulsing up my shaft after alot of mutually pleasurable stimulation before hand .  It normally doesn't require any encouragement, and knowing how to satisfy a hot bottom I usually try to delay shooting my load,and not allowing the possibility to take over as soon as I feel it impending.

If I am tired, however, or if I am not feeling 100% well or "perky" sometimes getting my nut takes awhile.  Now my So Cal boy has typically gotten two loads from me each time we've connected (he'd have gotten a third if our mutual schedules had allowed.)  This time I was enjoying the fucking but he started to nag me to breed him from the time I pushed into him "daddy I want your sperm!"  (Okay, for some reason sperm, being a clinical term, doesn't jive with the psychic atmosphere when barebacking a guy and wanting to leave your claim by depositing a load deep inside him.  Then, not sufficiently distracted he then started to say to me "I want you to make me pregnant!  I want to have your baby daddy!"  Now, I am really not into the roleplaying scene, and have "played along" with this guy's daddy thing because he is cute, and a passionate, amazing bottom with a tight ass and a nice, meaty uncut cock.  But this  definitely crossed the line for me and hearing that I mentally threw up a little in my mouth.  (Years and years ago when fucking a big muscular stud/wearing a condom, he demanded that I say "now you're pregnant!" when I came.  A definite buzz kill.)

Now fucking the boy was an effort; I stayed hard, but I was distracted and his further nagging had me frustrated and wanting to cum just to get him to stop nagging, not as the pleasurable anticipated conclusion to hot intimacy.   As it continued to take longer to get there, I needed to pull out and to take a few breaks.  He started to get sulky, which irritated me.  Finally I was back in him and my load pulsed out, which was a relief not a pleasure.   The ending didn't leave either of us satisfied and he was soon out of bed and getting dressed saying he needed to go eat (interestingly, whenever he cums he gets voraciously hungry.)  I wasn't sorry to have him leave but asked "I thought you were having dinner with your folks.  ?"  He'd indicated that it hadn't worked out as he wanted to get ready (i.e. cleaned out) to see me.  It was a brusque ending.

Subsequent experiences with the Arab (sorry guys, if you don't recognize who these fuckbuddies of mine are, you'll have to drilldown and read my earlier blog entries/both these guys are well chronicled) he was also nagged me for my loads from the start (ironic as for the first year and a half he and he was paranoid about my cumming in him/now getting bred is what it's all about for him when we hook up.)  The result was that while I stayed hard and fucked the hell out of him, the only way I could orgasm was by stroking off afterwards.  For most bottoms at least half the experience seems to be their desire to see the top cum, at least as much as getting stretched out by a big cock.

For awhile I worried about whether I could still cum through fucking.  But during later hook ups with other guys I had no trouble cumming while fucking (e.g. the Ricecake asked the last two times I fucked him "you're cumming already?!"  I wasn't about to risk holding back and then taking another twenty minutes to shoot.)  With other guys as well, either wearing a condom or bare I've had no problem giving up my load.

My So Cal boy has seen me on line since my return home and several times has indicated he's looking forward to daddy fucking him again.  I am due to return to So Cal in two weeks, and am staying at "our place."  I want to reconnect with him, but might need to keep a pair of socks handy to stuff in his mouth when I am fucking him.