Monday, September 24, 2012

Reducing a Slab ot Man to Jelly

Yesterday was a sex filled day, but I'll describe my afternoon in a subsequent entry.  However, after meeting with some work clients (following a lengthy hook up hiatus in between) I had dinner and returned to my room with the expectation of hitting the sack early and just reading.

Early in the morning I'd been on line with a hunky looking guy who I'd hoped to hook up with, but he had practice with his paddling team (read:  crew) and despite my trying to lure him to my hotel for a quickie wasn't free till this evening.  He kept up a steady stream of correspondence wanting to know if I'd be free at 6.  I advised him I needed to get some dinner after working and wouldn't be free till 7:30.

After dinner, having gotten my nut earlier, I was ready to just veg:  play around on Facebook and to read a novel.  But I wrote the guy back and indicated that I had returned to my room.  I was more than half hoping he'd fail to respond.  He did, though, and when I indicated I needed to get up early for work and to end no later than 10 pm said he could be at my place in 20 minutes, but we could late (as it is he has a brutally early morning flight that is leaving as I type this.)  I decided what the hell.

He arrived in 30 minutes, and when I opened the door I was stunned.  His guy is 6' 2" and gorgeous.  Brilliant, perfect, white teeth, beautiful blue eyes, and a broad shouldered hunk.  Goatee, immaculately groomed.  While in his 40s he seemed like a shy boy.   When he pulled off his clothes I saw that while a devoted athlete this guy either was once fat or likes his girl scout cookies; he wears it well under his clothes, but besides defined pecs he has man boobs with enormous nipples, a bit of a gut, and a microscopic cock (his profile says 5", but it looked smaller and it is narrow.  He's hapa, so all the European dna went into his frame, and the Asian into his genitals, it seems...though he was smaller than an Asian guy I've fucked.)  Don't get me wrong though, this guy was a wet dream overall and melted when I started kissing him.

I soon realized if I wanted to get this guy to do anything I wanted I needed to just take my time and to enjoy making out with him --it wasn't hard, I'd like to have a day with him to just do that alone for an hour or so.  Passion is an understatement here; he would have stayed making out if I didn't take control of the situation to go where I needed to go.

When we started to make out while he was still dressed I rubbed his nipples and thought they might be hot spots,  When he as naked and I started to suck them he went nuts:  he kept letting out a series of high pitched moans and thrashed back and forth.  I knew he'd do anything at that point.

I progressed south and started to lick and suck his cock, which he loved, but I could tell the nips gave him more pleasure.  Heading underneath his balls were rich and musky (unfortunately he'd carefully perfumed his pits with deodorant).  I knew I'd like his ass.  Rolling him over I buried my face in it and loved the aroma:  now the boy went nuts.  He was loadly moaning and thrusting into the bed, arching his ass in the air and his legs were flailing.  I was inspired to give it my all and kept at it for easily 15 minutes, pulling his cheeks apart and buring my tongue deep in him.  I got it super wet, and then pushed him back on his side (never appear too eager to push it in/I didn't want to spook him off by rubbing my bare head against it quite yet.  I didn't need to worry.)  We made out some more and I could tell he was on fire.  He sat up and straddled me and grabbed my cock, rubbed the head against his hole and slowly lowered himself down onto hit.  I loved feeling him yield and the cock head passing into his warm spongy gut.  He started to ride up and down it; I let him enjoy the ride before I pushed him onto his back and took charge to give him some serious fucking. Among other things some lube was in order.

I pushed back in, but wrapped my arms around him so I could work his nipples,but he was already lost in having my cock in him.  He wasn't quiet as he moaned "you feel so good in me; fuck me; fuck me!  I love your cock; it feels so good".  I altenated between having him flat on his stomach and getting him on his side:  long strokes, short pokes, pulling out and then quickly reentering.   My cock had no difficulty finding his hole when I pulled out and it was totally dialated to let me back in.  We kept at it for awhile, but I wanted to take a break before going for the final stretch.  And then, despite the room only being lighted by the bathroom light I noticed the sheets were discolored; it didn't look like shit.  I suspected he was bleeding and he was, slightly.   I went to the bathroom and my cock wasn't dirty, but when I used a washcloth to wipe it there was some faint pink.  I returned to the bedroom and he was embarrassed and apologized, saying he didn't play much so that was the issue; I asked him if he was alright and he insisted it was okay, he didn't hurt and wanted me to fuck him again.

At that point I did some quick math:  I figured if I was in trouble the damage was probably done; the guy had listed himself as neg, and I got very vibe from meeting him this wasn't a self destructive or reckless guy. So, I turned off the light again, resumed making out with him, and lubed his ass and my cock.  He insisted on straddling me again, and was very into it.  However, I suspect that was what tore him a bit (especially since we began with just spit).  The angle isn't my favorite and I was feeling too much friction (and this is a big guy) so I got him on his stomach again.

My boy loves getting fucked, and was loudly letting me know it in his high pitched voice.  I told him he was going to make me cum, and he kept moaning "fuck me! fuck me!  I love how your cock feels."  I decided I was getting a green light and let go.  Now I am not a loud, emotive cummer, but he intuitively knew it, or felt the change in my cock now that it was throbbing.  He pushed back hard and started to squeeze his guts and to milk it.  My boy wanted to get bred.

I slowly eased out and we rolled on to our sides; we enjoyed pillow talk but I started to make out with him again and to work his nipples and balls and he started to furiously work his cock and shot to his nipples.  We looked and it was 10 pm.  So, we enjoyed some afterglow and then he rinsed off.

Hopefully he'll be back; despite the tiny cock this guy is a wet dream.  He indicated he has a low sex drive and rarely fucks, but needed his itch scratched.  Well, I hope for an encore before I fly home.