Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not Being Able to Flip the Switch

Last Saturday after work the Arab and I arranged to connect again. I'd bred him on Thursday, but he hadn't gotten off and the plan us for us to fuck and both shoot our loads when we next connected.

I'd had an early start and a long day at work (I'd gotten up brutally early) and was a bit whipped.  Also I'd rubbed one out shortly after waking up, but typically two (or more) loads aren't difficult for me to summon.

Well, we had the standard sex; he's gotten particularly passionate lately and he cooed while we made out and exchanged oral and I ate his ass.  His heating system was on the fritz, so it was kind of funny to fuck under the covers.  He remarked several times that I was oozing precum, which he greedily lapped up while sucking me.

He'd had his day knocked off balance by the heating issue, and I'd just come to him straight from work, and we were enjoyed ourselves but the vibe was a little off.  I got to fucking him which felt good but I wasn't feeling the sensation that connects my cock and balls to let the load travel up and spurt out.  I think it was compounded by his repeatedly begging for my load about the moment I penetrated him. 

It's weird, but for all those years of condoms, and then bare sex -- where I was focusing on not trying to cum because the bottom wants a good long fucking, or I promised him I wouldn't shoot inside him (which is kind of wishful thinking on his part:  once you put your bare cock in the guy he's getting your precum anyway; he might as well enjoy the full load)--  I never had  concerns about or issues with cumming. There have been times when I have not been really enjoying it and haven't cum (that has usually involved my growing soft in the guy and then it staying semi flaccid), but it isn't typically an issue in the past, unless I have cum several times that day (like the night last month when I fucked the jock after spending the day in bed with my Indian fb/however, the jock also interrupted the momentum by telling me not to shoot in him when I was about to let it go...)  Well, now, even if I remain hard as a rock I sometimes find it difficult to flip the switch and to cum.  This seems to be a function of having rubbed one out earlier in the morning and where the bottom starts immediately begging for my load (perhaps I should keep a pair of socks in hand to stuff in his mouth when he does that.)  The begging for the load bit totally throws me off because then I keep focusing on that (will I cum?  will I cum fast enough before he gets too sore?  will I cum too soon?) instead of enjoying the fucking, feeling the rest of his body, and making out -- the things that make my switch flip and allow the load to spurt spontaneously.  Of course, there is the other issue about guys who insist on wanting another position just when you are into your groove and each thrust is making your cock and balls sing and you can sense it's cumming, and then the doofus throws your rhythm off.

Of course, I am also aware that cumming is just the icing on the cake (sorry, I couldn't resist that metaphor, cheesy as it is/now we have a mixed metaphor...)  The journey getting there is the best part, but shooting your load is the reward, sort of the cherry on top of the sundae (okay, I am out of control with these metaphors today:  mea culpa.)  Lately I have been really focusing on enjoying the Arab's big, solid, hairy hunky bod; exploring it alone is banquet enough; I think to myself, damn! this is one hot man toy I am enjoying.

Last week we would have gotten there I think but the Arab rolled over to check the time and was concerned about the sand running out of the hour glass.  I said I was fine, but then I suddenly realized he had to get showered to go to work/I'd assumed he had the day off and was approaching things leisurely.  Hence, his urgency about getting the load.  If I'd realized his time was limited I probably would have approached the sex differently and would have shot.

Anyway, it was all good:  I got him to straddle my very hard cock and he stroked off and shot a huge thick load on my chest.  Actually I really wanted it in my mouth, but our last fuck I'd shot and he hadn't and I knew he likes it best to stroke off riding my cock, so it was only fair.  Unfortunately, by that point he was anxious to get cleaned up for work as he as cutting it close.  He was concerned I hadn't gotten off and disappointed not to get the load (though he would have also expelled it in the toilet to avoid it dripping out of him at work...)

Well, we have an assignation set up this afternoon; I have been a good boy and have not stroked off.  And, I had a little too much to drink last night, so I'd definitely want/need to cum.  I usually find myself horny as a billy goat when I am a bit "hung".