Saturday, December 8, 2012

Playing Him Like a Fiddle

Last week's married dude with the then dirty butt sent me a couple of emails asking if I'd like to hook up again.  I was mildly surprised as I imagined he might be really freaked about how dirty, awkward, and just plain tawdry our encounter was last Saturday.  However, I'd been really mellow about it and indicated I was willing to host some time.  My read on this is that the guy is married, super discrete, and rarely is invited anywhere to comfortably get fucked.  Also, I do have a nice sized cock.

Anyway, I responded last night that I could probably host today, but wanted to check in with him in the morning.  My boy had a clear itch as I found messages from him at 12:30 a.m. and then again at 9:15 a.m.  It did my ego good.  He offered to meet again at his sister's empty apartment for some mutual sucking if I couldn't host after all (no way; not again...)

The Arab had indicated he'd be free this morning as well.  We keep missing each other, and it's weird because some times he responds to texts and other times he doesn't.  Fair enough; the guy is single and I know he gets other action (a couple of hook ups ago he'd talked about fucking a younger guy in his sling, and when I was showering after we'd played I noticed condom wrappers in the bathroom trash/interesting as the Arab and I have always barebacked...but then, I digress...)  I logged into a4a this morning ~ 9:30 before responding to the buff married dude.  He wasn't on; yesterday I'd texted him without  getting a response, so it never occurred to me to text again (he just left me a message on a4a indicating that he'd been waiting for me to call: go figure.)

Well, I wrote the married dude and we engaged in a bit of email ping pong; it was 9:30 and he wanted to come right over.  I was still in my robe and drinking coffee after having retrieved the paper.  Besides showering, hosting required a bit of house prep; he was talking about coming here to shower first which wasn't thrilling me (I'd offered to let him shower here, but wasn't envisioning it getting that complicated and wasn't enthralled with the thought of him cleaning out in my shower.)  He said he could go home first and shower, which I encouraged him to do; we settled on an hour and a half later.

He showed and it was a bit awkward and mechanical until he stripped and got his glasses off.  This guy needed direction, yet at the same time I didn't want to throw him off.  So I got down and started to suck his dick.  He was fully hard from the start this time, and the guy's cock is actually a nice size besides being the ideal prototype in shape:  7" long, probably 4.5" thick and simply beautifully tapered.  It was a mouthful but very throatable.  I was enjoying it and he was lying back, but it occurred to me I was reversing the roles here and didn't want to mess up what could be a good ongoing thing.  So I pulled off and asked him what he liked to do; he said to suck and to 69.

Well, he sucks well enough and clearly loves my cock.  Getting sucked works for me sometimes, but we are talking a very inhibited dude who doesn't like to kiss/or is afraid to try.  I told him to get on his knees and to suck my cock while I ate his ass; the position didn't allow for my tongue to get in his ass while he sucked me so I was restricted to massaging his anus while he sucked and playing with his balls.  While he was over me I was checking out the long, dense hair in his arm pits (woof) and the fact that he manscapes (lol/I find it hilarious when married guys do that.)  He simply has a very fine body; flat stomach, taut calves, thighs, arms, but not overly muscled.

 He sucked me for awhile but then got up and laid flat on his stomach and murmurred "come on daddy" (there was no conversation up until that point.) So I proceeded to give him a killer rim job, which he was enjoying.  But he started to get vocal when I lined my cock head up against his hole and grasped it with his hand and then pushed back and sighed with alot of pleasure when it penetrated him.  He kept pushing back even though it was just spit and it kept going forward.  I was giving him some short jabs, but eased out, grabbed the lube and prepped his ass and my cock and then started to slide into him.

Okay, this guy loves to have a cock in him; he started to moan and sigh with increasing pleasure and volume the more I pushed into him.  I was taking it easy as I don't think this guy gets fucked too often and I wanted him to enjoy it.  His ass felt great; what I found interesting was how incredibly warm his back was as I pressed my chest against it.   I got to study him and this guy is not good looking/clearly had serious acne for awhile, and has wiry/not attractive receding hair.  Not ugly, but the vgl self image is clearly a function of a nice bod, not a handsome face (now, he's not ugly or anything either.)

I was really doing my utmost to push his buttons, and was pulling back and massaging his prostate with my cock head; he was thrashing and kicking the bed in pleasure and wrapped his calves around mine; it felt hot to feel his feet rubbing against mine as he groaned.  He was grasping the pillows and rocking back and forth.  Eventually I had him on his side; I never completely thrust into him because I could tell when I had about 6" in him he was maxed out; if I'd gone balls keep for some long dicking it would have broken the spell.   He reached for his cock and I told him to hold off/that I'd get him off.

For me the control of fucking this guy was the whole experience; I was really enjoying how he'd abandoned himself and was letting go; he was moaning "I love your big cock in my ass".  It felt great but I didn't feel a load coming up because I was factoring that he wasn't going to let me shoot in him (later when he begged me to cum I asked where and he said "just not in me" confirming that conclusion) and I was dreading what I might find if I pulled out.   He started to moan he was going to cum and I was enjoying the fact that he might shoot his load without touching his dick (I've had guys do that several times, but not in awhile.)   It was pretty clear I was working this guy's prostate and was in a state of pleasant torture. 

I could tell I wasn't going to cum this way:  we weren't kissing, he smelled entirely of bar soap, and I was going to need to pull out, and he was telling me he was getting sore.  So I evaluated the situation for what it was:  I was getting to fuck a  really hot bodied dude, and that was banquet enough.  He started to moan again that I was going to make him cum and I encouraged him to let it go.  He grasped his cock and stroked while I fucked him and then started to spasm.  He wanted me to pull out but I encouraged him to just lie there, to decompress and enjoy the after glow, and then to let me very gradually ease it out.  I did and my cock was clean (whew...of course last week he'd straddled me and shoved down till I was balls deep in him.)  He was ready to jump up and I encouraged him to just lie back for a sec to catch his breath.  However, I also realized this is an inhibited dude, so then quickly said "feel free to jump in the shower".  Once he's shot his load I could see the wheels turning and he was feeling really awkward about the situation; fair enough.  Eventually he'll come to peace with what he needs and what he's doing.

He came out of the shower and I left him alone to dress.  Soon he was out of the bedroom and I walked him to the door; he almost bent over to kiss me but I could see him catch himself mentally.  We shook hands, he thanked me for hosting, and I wished him a nice weekend and encouraged him to keep in touch.  We'll see.

I still haven't cum; the Arab is busy with some function right now and indicates he might be free at 3 but has to leave for work at 5.  Hmm.  I might just need to take matters into hand.

Cuddle Cub

The older bear/cub that I connected with late Saturday was off Wednesday.  I had to work, but had a respectable hiatus before I needed to get home.  So, I arranged to meet him at 5 for task oriented hour or so.

He was clothed this time when I arrived, and seemed shyer than when I last arrived.  But he greeted me with a kiss, shooed his dog away, and led me into the bedroom.  We commenced the awkward process of making out and groping each other while simultaneously attempting to strip.  He draped a quilt over the bedspread and we proceeded to drop onto it naked and to begin to explore.

Since this guy is, allegedly, a relatively novice bottom again I took it s l o w.  He wanted to make out and he's a phenomenal kisser, so it worked for me.  I figured the more we made out and the more foreplay the less tense he'd be and the more he'd relax and his body would willingly accept my cock.

He's chunky, but has a delightful, tight, bubble butt that I really enjoyed eating (okay, let's face it readers:   I like to rim period.)  And, it was great to lightly graze his bod with my fingertips.  His calves and thighs are firm and thick, he has defined biceps, and all have a fine layer of dense, but not too wiry hair.  He's just nice to touch.  He liked having his armpits nuzzled, but while he didn't seem to have deodorant on, they exuded a tremendous aroma of scented soap.  He's quick to jump in the shower after sex, so he's another guy that's hyper about being clean (frankly, I don't think a little sweat is unhygenic, much less toxic.  But then, I like the natural scent of a clean, healthy man.)  Suffice it to say that this guy assures that he is devoid of any possible musk.

Well, he enjoyed sucking my cock; this time I didn't get to his at all (but it's not very big, and not a particular thrill to play with, other than to listen to him sigh with pleasure sucking it.)  I focused my attention on working his nipples and rimming him.  He was super wet from my rimming and I teased his hole with the head of my cock for a long time, and then pressed against him.  It entered, but I realized that for a neophyte that if I pushed it all in he might get gunshy about being fucked (again.)  So I pulled out, grabbed the lube, and then literally glided into him.

Again, I felt like I'd cum immediately.  But he was really enjoying it and was being a power bottom, pushing back and fucking himself with my cock.  Since we were both enjoying it I held off, and then went into that period of wanting to cum and wondering whether the opportunity had passed (when you have limited time this jams your head: you're looking at the clock and thinking, I'd better cum by x o'clock or I won't have time to shower and go home, and then that concern kind of takes control of the situation.)  I managed to will myself back into just enjoying it, and then I felt it build up (full disclosure:  I'd awaken horny as hell, albeit at 5 a.m., and had jerked off that morning.)  What I find fascinating about this guy is that when he felt me cumming, this time again he pushed back hard and wanted it deep in him/no inhibition at all, just pure want/need, and no second guessing afterwards or buzz kill interregations about last hiv/std tests.  He totally lets go (well, so have I.)

While I was fucking him he was attempting to jerk off; I needed to discourage that; a hand stroking his cock between our stomachs totally throws off my concentration.  Perhaps selfish, but I have learned not to let the bottom cum before I do; otherwise in 95% of the situations I won't get to at all.  After I shot, and eased out, he was on his back and I was stroking his balls and sucking his nipples till he shot a nice load (he has big balls that are fun to hold/it's like having a warm, hairy, softball in your hands.)

We just cuddled, and then he got quite conversational, and discovered we shared a couple of John Gare's Six Points of Separation.  I felt badly because I was enjoying his company but also I needed to get practical about the time and to shower so that dogs and cats wouldn't follow me, and to head home.

It was very satisfying; I would like an afternoon of total abandon with this guy.  Hopefully sometime soon; as I left I told him to let me know if he wanted an encore and he responded "you know that I do."