Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Three's a Charm

I was recently approached on BBRT by a local guy.  It was out of the blue, and there are very few local guys on there, and those that are seem like guys I wouldn't connect with anyway.  But, for some reason I got a really good vibe from this guy.  Then when on a4a I recognized the same pics and realized we'd been checking each other out for awhile.

His a4a profile described him as mostly a top, which is the reason I didn't approach him.  But when he wrote me on BBRT he indicated that he wanted to bottom and to get bred.  I later asked him how he chose to trust to approach me and he said it was his gut instinct (yeah, another regrettable pun there.)  While alot of it didn't seem plausible (hadn't bottomed in six years, wanted me to break him in) the bs detector wasn't flashing because other thinks did seem right:  specific neg test date and his profiles were consistent and accurate (well, he shaved 2 years off his age on one, but that is quite forgiveable, though he seemed older than either of them when we met.)  It didn't seem like he was trying to hide anything (well, he had his pics locked, but unlocked them for me when I sent mine.) He also asked me alot of questions and demonstrated some caution, which I found reassuring.

When we decided to connect we both wanted to right away, but we both had out of town company and neither of us could host.  His company left yesterday morning and I was hot to get there early.  He lives in a town to the north, easy drive on back roads (though thinking with my cock each traffic light was maddening.)  When he opened the door he was and wasn't what I expected.  He'd sent a pic of a jock like guy in a baseball cap and football jersey.  This guy was clearly a gay guy in touch with his feminine side.  The two aren't mutually exclusive (I learned he is an athlete), but it did throw me off a second.  Tall, fleshy, cute, and very chatty; all good things.  I was mentally prepared for a dude, however, like the Italian stallion last week.  Actually it made me much more comfortable.

This guy is a passionate kisser (the paisan didn't kiss at all.) We stood in the living room and kissed and groped and he quickly led me into the bedroom.  As we stripped I saw he was pretty juicy/a  fleshy guy, but one who wears it well.  Nice medium fur, and assured me he'd followed my instructions to refrain from cologne or deodorant (though we kept at it for a long time, this guy does not produce noticeable man musk.)  He had a leather jockstrap on (with a zipper) which he said he fantasized about wearing while getting fucked.  Fortunately he took it off (he said he wanted to put it on later, but it was completely forgotten) as well as a cock ring (I like flesh to flesh, not alot of crap in the way.)

I had time, and he wasn't in a rush, so we spent alot of time making out, stroking, and feeling each other up.  It was nice and mellow though he's vocal/loud, though it didn't distract me.  For awhile I wanted the running commentary to stop, but as I think about it I suspect that was initial nervousness.  As I dressed at the end he remarked "wow, I am just processing this" (meaning his choosing to bottom and to get bred.)  He liked me burrowing my face into his pits, and his having 3" of height on me it was nice to have him craddle my face in his pit while I was fucking him.

Well, soon I needed to go south.  At first I was surprised that his cock didn't seem that big, but it eventually rose to the occasion and got big, thoughClick on the image to close I have some length on him there.  Apparently I was doing a good job from the stream of moans and groans and his remarking "you really know what you are doing!"  He took direction well, and I soon had him on his stomach.

He loved getting his ass eaten, and told me he couldn't remember when it had happened last, and couldn't remember enjoying it more.  I went at it a long time and then started to tease him with my cock head.  He pushed back and it gradually went in; he was cooing, but said we'd need some lube and got out some Gun Oil.  However, I got back to rimming him some more and teasing him and as it went in he kept pushing back and said he wanted it all.  Soon I was balls deep and he was grinding against me in pleasure saying "God it feels so good, and without lube!"  We got to fucking and eventually I pulled out to put a small amount on my cock;  he really didn't want it, but I knew it would make for smoother plowing.

This defined a good fuck; we went at it a long time, and varied between him on his stomach and his side, but we were both really passionate and made out throughout it.  I was licking his back and sucking on the back of his neck and poking my tongue into his ears and he was incredibly responsive.  I decided I was going to cum at least once and did; no worries there.  I didn't feel rushed and he wasn't begging me to give it to him.  But when I came he knew it and thrust back and was feeling pretty triumphant/he'd passed some boundary in his head.  We rolled onto our sides with me still in him and spooned as I grasped his cock and stroked him.  I was soon on my knees sucking hiim but wouldn't let him cum because he wanted it again and I knew I could cum again/I was certain if he shot the game would be over.

We were both incredibly comfortable, into each other, and totally let go. We were making out and he sucked my cock (it really fires me up when a guy sucks me after I fuck him) and he was psyched when I resumed rimming him/he definitely smelled yeasty from my cum.  Soon I was in him again.

He told me how good I was, but I laughed and said he was doing the fucking; much of the time I was still and he was pushing back and grinding and squeezing me to fuck himself with my cock.  He laughed and said "how was I fooling myself that I am a top?" and "I can't believe I waited six years for this..."  It was hot, and it was passionate and we were both into some serious fucking.  He could sense it when I came again/again there was this sense of triumph he had getting me off again and being seeded.

Well I tried to get him off, but his moment had passed.  I'd been there two hours at that point and was thinking I should get rolling, but I was determined to get him to cum.  However, we were soon making out and he said he didn't care about cumming but that he'd like me back in him.  We started fucking again and we both worked up an incredible sweat; his back was soaked and it was running into his crack and it was an audible fuck:  you could hear the moisture as I thrust in and out and of our bodies moving together.  And damn, if I didn't shoot a third load; it was awesome.

Okay, we tried again to get him off, but it wasn't to be. He was cool with that.  Yet, at that point we both would have gladly spent the day in bed and continued, but I didn't want to push my luck and needed to get home.  As we both dressed I was amazed and relieved:  looking at him, my cock, and the bed we didn't get messy and he didn't get raw (I was conscious to take it easy...)

It's always great when you get home and find a message; you then don't assume it was just in your head that it was a great time and you allow yourself to think it will actually happen again.  Well there was one in my email and then we went back and forth in a4a planning for an encore.  Damn it was hot!